10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Management Information Systems

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Technology and information are two of the most important challenges and opportunities for companies. Businesses and organizations utilize and manipulate systems, technologies, platforms, and software to conduct data analysis and make data more useful and accessible. They must develop and apply management strategies depending on the information systems programs being utilized.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Management Information Systems - fact

It is possible to develop, implement, protect, and operate such systems after completing an online Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems!

Did you know that MIS bachelor’s degree graduates enjoy high placement rates? Recent data show the United States has over 16,446 MIS professionals, with vacancies still rising as employers seek well-educated and highly trained experts.

The Lowdown

An understanding of how information technology plays a role in a company can be gained from studying for an online MIS bachelor’s degree. Usually, an interdisciplinary program emphasizes the correlation between information technology and business practices.

There are no typically in-person requirements for online programs, but some may offer study abroad or experiential learning opportunities that develop a student’s business, tech, and soft skills.


Secure a job in some of the most established businesses and information technology companies with an online Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems!

We help you make the right decision with our list of the best online MIS degree programs. Each online program was handpicked based on these factors:

Please visit our Methodology page to learn more about our college and online program selection process.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Management Information Systems

Ottawa University

Ottawa University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems (Hybrid)

Ottawa University delivers its Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems degree in a hybrid format. This degree is perfect for those who want to land a job in the information technology and business sectors.

Online students learn the basics and beyond of software, networks, and information management within organizations. They also enhance their critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Students also gain the ability to utilize information systems effectively, efficiently, and responsibly in organizations, with an understanding of the critical role that Information Management plays in a global economy.

You have the option to choose from these four concentrations:

As an information systems manager or specialist, part of your responsibilities is helping the organization define its technical and business goals with the help of technology.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Tuition costs can be kept low by transferring credits. This is made possible with this online degree at Ottawa University. They also offer eight-week accelerated terms to reduce the time it takes to complete your course. 

Did You Know?

Computer and information system managers understand business practices as computer systems become increasingly integrated with almost anything in businesses.

The skills they need to interact with employees and others inside and outside their organizations are interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. All these skills are helpful during and after their online bachelor’s degree in management information systems is completed. 

University of Illinois Springfield

University of Illinois Springfield

Online BS in Management Information Systems (Hybrid)

The University of Illinois Springfield is happy to offer students their Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems degrees. This online degree program is designed to equip professionals with the technical expertise and organizational skills they need to solve business problems.

Students can take the courses completely online or combine them with in-person lectures. 

Aside from providing foundational knowledge in Computer Science, this program also focuses on the management side of business operations.

Students are taught to provide solutions to management information issues by combining their computing and organizational knowledge. They are expected to help bridge the gap between technical and business experts.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The online format is designed to allow students to engage in fun and interactive online learning communities. The curriculum of the online degree is the same as that of the on-campus degree. But the best thing is that you can access resources and helpful tools to make your online study easier.

Did You Know?

Upon entering the program, students must contact the department for initial advice on planning a course that meets their interests and degree requirements. A degree Audit System is also required to verify compliance with degree requirements throughout the college career.

Academic and career advisors are at students’ perusal to help them make better decisions.

University of Houston-Downtown

University of Houston-Downtown

Online BS in Management Information Systems (Hybrid)

The Marilyn Davies College of Business at the University of Houston Downtown comes with an online Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Management Information Systems. Like most other bachelor’s degrees, you need to complete 120 credits. 

These are the core courses to expect in this online degree:

As for electives, you can broaden your tech and soft skills with these courses:

Students can complete a field experience as an elective course. Most students can graduate from this program after four years.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Educators and computer professionals developed a national model curriculum in the Bachelor of Business in Management Information Systems program at UHD.

Hence, the curriculum prepares students for a lifetime of learning and growth in various careers in information technology, such as information systems consultant, database administrator, systems analyst, computer programmer, and knowledge systems specialist.

Did You Know?

Computer specialists and information systems professionals have endorsed the model curriculum. Specifically, it is backed by the Association for Information Systems. 

University of Minnesota Crookston

University of Minnesota Crookston

Online BS in Management Information Systems

If you’re ready to manage the organization’s infrastructure and operations, you may be fit to become a management information systems specialist! Enroll in the University of Minnesota Crookston’s online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management.

In this course, students will also learn how to assist organizations with network and IT management systems as they master new technologies. 

Throughout this program, you will gain hands-on experience developing solutions for businesses from an IT perspective. Since this combines business and computer studies, you can explore different job opportunities from a wide range of industries.

The information technology professional must also demonstrate an understanding of finance, marketing, and management responsibilities. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

You will integrate new, advanced computer technology into an organization’s infrastructure. This is part of what you will learn in this online bachelor’s in information systems management degree.

This online degree will expose you to new technologies and problem-solving skills. There will be a variety of programming languages and application software that you will learn how to use. 

Did You Know?

There is a friendly transfer policy at the University of Minnesota Crookston. The more college courses you have completed, the quicker you’ll be able to graduate, the easier the course transfers will be, and the more courses you have left.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University

BS in Management Information Systems (Hybrid)

You can earn your BS in Management Information Systems on campus or online at Bellevue University. This accelerated degree was designed specifically for IT professionals who want to learn more about industry trends without missing a beat in their careers.

This online degree strengthens your business and management skills and broadens your understanding of industry trends.

For graduates, this online degree will help you earn business knowledge and real-world applications through internships and other experiential activities.

In the MIS major, you will learn about information technology, information systems management, interpersonal communication, and project management, making you an irreplaceable IT leader.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Their online courses allow you to take them on your schedule without missing opportunities for serious discussion and sharing insights with professors and classmates. For busy students, this accelerated cohort program simplifies their study experience.

Did You Know?

During your MIS degree program, you will take one class at a time in eight-week terms and get to know a consistent group of peers. You’ll gain knowledge and share expertise from various backgrounds through the accelerated cohort path.

Minot State University

Minot State University

Online BS in Management Information Systems

The Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems offered online at Minot State University is structured perfectly for online learners. This online degree includes general education, business core, and major coursework.

The course covers topics like IT infrastructure, technology management, and e-commerce. You will need to complete a final capstone project to wrap up your undergraduate degree.

Students who graduate with a Management Information technology degree possess excellent interpersonal and management skills and are organized, detail-oriented, and analytical. 

As a graduate of an MIS program, here are the job positions that you can apply for:

A degree in management information systems at Minot State prepares students to design, prepare, and analyze the best technology for businesses. Expect to enroll in the following core courses:

What Makes this Program Unique:

You’ll gain real-world experience through internships as an online MIS major. Employers often initiate internships, but you can also look for and develop your opportunities.

There are several types of internships, including full-time, part-time, and project-based. You can learn a lot from internships, and some offer permanent positions.

Did You Know?

Students at Minot State can enhance their skills and gain a greater understanding of business by joining one of the seven student-run business clubs and organizations. They could witness numerous business-related events around the country or in international settings.

Western Governors University

Western Governor’s University

Online BS in Management Information Systems

This online Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology Management offered at Western Governors University is the perfect tool in your arsenal as you join business or IT sectors. This online degree program includes coursework in business, leadership, and networking.

It will be essential for you to integrate business and technology strategies to help organizations effectively use technology.

A business and IT background will set you apart from competitors and make you a valuable team player. By completing this bachelor’s degree program, you will be prepared for successful careers in information technology management roles in every industry.

With a software engineering background, graduates become prepared to meet the needs of businesses by earning an online technology management degree, helping them overcome software delays and system failures and impacting their bottom line significantly. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

A degree in IT management from WGU can increase your earning potential and improve your career prospects. Personalized Degree Plans are available for online students, setting this program apart.

Your Degree Plan is a detailed outline of the courses you must complete to graduate. The Degree Plan also details your program’s learning resources and assessments. 

Did You Know?

WGU works with various educational organizations to provide high-quality and effective learning resources. Your course may incorporate a variety of these types to create a unique learning experience.

Some free resources you can take advantage of are free study guides, virtual laboratories, E-textbooks, online modules, and online simulations. Learning resources are usually included in your tuition. 

Colorado State University Global Campus

Colorado State University Global

Online BS in Management Information Systems & Business Analytics

The online Bachelor’s in MIS and Business Analytics at CSU Global requires 120 credits comprising general courses, core business courses, and electives. Colorado State University offers 100% online learning so that you can juggle academics with other obligations.

To succeed in the saturated field of business and information technology, an MIS and Business Analytics degree is all you need. 

This online degree program will help you become a data-driven organization leader.

If you are passionate about helping organizations define and maintain their identities, create efficient information systems, and help them attain long-term goals, you can work as an information systems manager in the future. 

Up to 90 credits may be transferred to CSU Global. Furthermore, there are various specializations that you can choose from, depending on your career and personal goals.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The BS in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics online degree program at CSU Global prepares you for organizational leadership positions. You can make better decisions for organizations in any industry by mastering system design, data management, and business analytics. 

Did You Know?

It is extremely common for CSU Global’s online Bachelor of MIS and Business Analytics graduates to work in their field after graduation. Upon graduation, you will be trained to have a job as a systems administrator, business analyst, or information systems manager. 

Columbia College

Columbia College

Online Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

Columbia College’s Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems program includes online and night classes.

This online program combines business principles with computer databases, programming, and networking. This course will improve your understanding of software development, data analytics, networking, software systems, web programming, and project management.

Aside from technical skills, you will be able to sharpen your soft and business skills in economics, finance, statistics, communication, marketing, and management. You can add electives that contribute more to your skill set, depending on your interests.

Students admitted to the college automatically transfer credits without paying a fee.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Employers must hire professionals skilled at coordinating and managing information systems, including networks and databases. These are the main focus of an online bachelor’s degree in management information systems at Columbia College.

Did You Know?

The online management information systems bachelor’s degree at Columbia College teaches students how to design and utilize business technologies. There is a strong emphasis on database design and software development, as well as foundational business topics covered in the coursework.

Practical and theoretical applications are combined actively by students, and they engage in hands-on learning experiences.

Alternatively, the curriculum can be pursued as a minor online if students wish to change their majors.

Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Systems Technology and Information Management

Dallas Baptist University proudly offers its online Bachelor of Business Administration in Systems Technology and Information Management. This is the perfect online degree for those who want to combine information technology and business.

This bachelor’s degree program provides students with the skills necessary to work effectively with today’s business software and technology. 

By pursuing this degree program, students will gain knowledge and skills for adapting to the ever-changing world of information systems. A strong emphasis is placed on problem-solving, critical thinking, and recognizing innovative opportunities in the coursework.

Students who graduate with this degree will have the opportunity to pursue a challenging and unique career, as the world of information technology is rapidly changing. This profession always has something interesting and new to learn because of its dynamic nature. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

In the Systems Technology and Information Management Major at Dallas Baptist University, students learn how to manage technology using biblical values, ethical practices, and ethical decision-making.

This program emphasizes technical skills and knowledge acquisition and improves Christian values. They come with high-quality online instruction and faith integration, ensuring that you will be a well-rounded person who can contribute to communities and industries after graduation. 

Did You Know?

By providing students with an outstanding, Christ-centered education in these fields, students will become ethical leaders in the global information technology and business sectors. Their staff and instructors help students apply theory while serving others’ needs. T

he school’s mission is to teach students how to navigate the technological world of business using the latest research while applying Christian learning and ideas.

Courses to Expect in an Online Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems Degree

Courses to Expect in an Online Bachelor's in Management Information Systems Degree

Business Statistics

The course teaches students how to use statistics to solve common business problems. Business statistics provide managers with data so they can make informed decisions rather than relying on intuition alone to make successful decisions. 

Database Management

As you enroll in the database management course, you’ll be introduced to the languages, applications, and programming that go into designing and maintaining business databases. This course teaches students to maintain, secure, and use databases.

Project Management

This course focuses on planning a project efficiently. Project management is a general course that is essential in information technology and business. This tackles the project’s goals, scope, timelines, and budget. Also, expect to learn some common management practices and principles.

Systems Analysis and Design

This course teaches students how to design and develop information systems for specific organizations. You will need to understand business objectives first and decide what information systems strategies are best. 


This course focuses on identifying and protecting against computer threats and data breaches. Every company will need staff who are adept or familiar with cyber security. In this course, online students become proficient in protecting networks, computers, and data from attacks, damage, and unauthorized access through technologies, processes, and practices.

Career Pathways after Graduating with an Online Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems Degree

Operations Research Analyst

An operations research analyst’s primary role is to improve organizations’ operations and decision-making processes using data analytics. They identify issues and opportunities through studying and analyzing data, research methods, and business studies.

They mostly work in the supply chain, finance, or production departments.

Database Administrators

The role of database administrators is to manage data and make that data available to users. A database administrator creates and maintains database systems, creates data backups, and tests databases to ensure they function correctly.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts determine consumer preference for products and services. Being part of the marketing team, they have access to data and information, and in turn, they can propose the best information management system in the market strategies. 

Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst looks for inefficiencies in an organization’s computer systems and opportunities for improvement. Once they detect loopholes and bottlenecks, they find solutions to resolve them.

Career Pathways after Graduating with an Online Bachelor's in Management Information Systems Degree

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coding courses or topics part of the online Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems coursework?

There is a common misconception that Management Information Systems degrees revolve around the tech side and involve coding and programming. However, programming is only a small component of their curriculum, and many MIS jobs do not require programming skills.

While it’s a plus to have great coding skills, management information systems managers can still contribute significantly to their companies without top-notch coding skills.

Are Management Information Systems majors in high demand?

Data and database management professionals are in high demand today! The rapid growth of technology dependence among businesses has resulted in the need for management information systems professionals.

In fact, federal data forecast that computer and information systems managers will have a 15% job growth in the next decade. 

How much money do Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems graduates make?

Pursuing a career in the computer industry with a Bachelor of Management Information Systems is possible. But at the same time, there are also a lot of business occupations as possible career pathways in this online degree.

Computer and information systems managers can earn $164,070 yearly on average. But do note that many other factors can affect or influence salaries and pay.

Summary Points

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