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Earning an online degree may sound daunting. Students who are contemplating enrolling in an online class often wonder, “Is an on-campus class setting the same as that of an online class”?

Today, more than 6 million students in the US are enrolled in at least one online class. This number is on steady growth by the day because of the many benefits of virtual learning!

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The latest study by the Society for Human Resource Management discloses that 46% of company workforces use virtual teams and this will increase in the years beyond. The number has increased significantly to 159%, with roughly 4.7 million workers virtually working at least half the time.

Therefore, we can conclude that learning online is helpful and necessary to prepare students and professionals alike to shift toward virtual work. Thus, the innovation of more online resources for college students.

So what is an online course like?

An online course needs just as much effort as that of an on-ground setting. Meaning, that the amount of time you spend studying online is the same as the time you devote to on-campus schooling. The only major difference is the flexibility.

For as long as you can meet your deadlines and have steady communication with your classmates and instructors, it does not matter when or where you can fulfill your requirements.

Every week, your class lecturer expects you to take these actions yourself:

The Benefits of Online Learning

Self-paced learning and added flexibility. Not all people can say they have the luxury of time to commit to work and have a full-time course simultaneously. Those who are still juggling work and school can take advantage of the flexibility that online programs provide. When you earn your degree online, you learn on your schedule.

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Demonstrated self-motivation. When you earn your degree online, this demonstrates how driven and motivated you are to complete your schooling, sans the need to go to school physically.

Documentation. The information a student needs and obtains is safely secured in an online database. From training materials to email, live discussions, and collaborations, students can access all these documents quickly, thus saving a lot of valuable time.

Access to expertise. There are some specialized degree courses available in an online education setup that you cannot find in conventional on-campus learning. Online classes typically allow the sharing of expertise. From there, more people can gain access to learning that may not be available in specific geographic locations.

Today, online classes have considerably taken education to a whole new level. Not only is it accessible and very convenient, but these methods of learning have made the whole process of schooling more motivating and memorable.

With online classes, the need to find the best online resources plays an integral role. From paid to free online resources, the choices are endless. While every student has different preferences when choosing the resources they want to integrate with their schooling, there are some universally amazing online tools you can find helpful.

Here are 100 of the greatest online resources every college student should try. These are categorized based on a specified field:

Academic Writing and Research
Online Courses
Free Work Tools
Health Websites
Money Management
Grammar Resources
Reference Management
Exam Practice
Student Life
Social Awareness

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Academic Writing and Research

Harvard College Writing Center (Strategies for Essay Writing)

This website provides a free and extensive online resource for college students who need help with essay writing on any subject. Not only do you get guidance on writing killer essays, but you also enjoy useful advice and guidance.

You get tips on proper comprehension of your assignment instructions to understand what you need to complete in the essay, proofreading, and even editing techniques and procedures.  

Purdue OWL

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is where you can find hundreds of instructional materials and writing resources. Community members, students, and even users worldwide can utilize this free service website to assist with your many writing projects.

Trainers and instructors can also gather materials from the site for their in-class or out-of-class instruction. The ultimate goal of Purdue OWL is to assist everybody who wishes to enhance their writing skills regardless of their skill levels.

Using English for Academic Purposes for Students in Higher Education (UEfAP)

Here, you can find different activities to reinforce techniques and rules in work editing and proofreading. EAP (English for Academic Purposes) refers to the English language and the practices associated with it. Its primary purpose is to help students learn the cultural and linguistic practices associated with working or studying through the medium of English.

EAP is a branch of English Language Teaching. It is goal-directed in that; students are not just trying to learn the English language just for the sake of it, but because there is a need for them to use English in their academic or professional lives.


Experts and scholars in their respective fields write and submit articles on their respective topics. These articles are peer-reviewed and published only after they pass stringent publishing criteria. Scholar experts around the world maintain this open-access encyclopedia.

Inspired by Wikipedia, this online resource aims to provide in-depth scholarly treatment of various topics in the fields of sciences, including biological, physical, social, and behavioral science, as well as mathematics.

Google Scholar

As college students go through college life, research requirements have become very rigorous. Gone were those days when you could easily access a website and cite it as the research source. College professors today expect more from their students.

This is where Google Scholar comes in very handy. This online resource is an amazing reference to utilize because anybody can access papers submitted to all databases on the web.

Library of Congress

This library is deemed the world’s biggest library, housing millions of recordings, books, maps, manuscripts, newspapers, and photographs. The Library of Congress is the US Congress’ research arm and the home of the US Copyright Office.

You can find and access diverse sources of knowledge to inspire, inform, and engage you in your creative and intellectual endeavors. For those who wish to embark on projects that require historical analysis, the LOC is the key to finding the best information suitable for your subject material.


If you love e-versions of your favorite books, then Scribd is one resource you should consider. At a measly $9 monthly membership, you get to gain access to practically every book you can ever think of.

As you go through a book, the program informs you how many pages are still left, and the estimated time it takes to finish a chapter, and when needed, you can just bookmark the page where you left off and save it for later.


This is a student success hub that serves everybody who works their way to improve their lives through education. Bartleby’s services and products are created to advance student outcomes and success by offering learning pathways according to your schedules and student demands.

This platform currently has three offerings: Bartleby Learn, Bartleby Research, and Bartleby Write. All the works you can find in the database are from those who have made history in the education system.


Here, students can work together as a group and gather information or research online. Sources can be organized collaboratively and can be synced and cited on the same platform.

What is great about Zotero is that you can share your research with multiple users so they can update or add information or new sources to the file continuously. This helps streamline the whole process of research among group members.


If you are looking for academic journals, books, encyclopedias, web pages, and a lot more with a user-friendly interface, Refseek is your perfect choice.

This search engine is created for students who wish to avoid superfluous sources with keywords, and instead, want to get only the relevant and proper content. All the academic contents in this search engine tool are prioritized, and advertisements and commercial results are regularly weeded out.


This site allows you to save and easily access research references. If needed, you can even have the content annotated through a PDF format. You can organize your research papers and work together with other peers, publicly or privately.

All the citations and bibliographies in the platform are automatically generated in different forms of your choosing. With a few clicks, you can directly add papers from your browsers or import any documents from your computer.

Public Library of Science (PLOS)

PLOS is a non-profit research organization that publishes several open-access publications. PLOS, in addition to publishing its own research, is an outspoken supporter of open-access education.

If you like the search engines and databases we’ve mentioned here, visit the rest of the PLOS website to learn more about their effort to make information more accessible.

Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar is an academic search engine that is “intelligent.” It prioritizes the most critical research using machine learning, making it easier to find relevant literature. In its own words, Semantic Scholar “cuts through the clutter” by using influential citations, pictures, and critical keywords.


WorldWideScience is a global academic search engine that gives users access to national and international scientific resources. One intriguing feature is that it provides automated translation, allowing users to translate their search results into the language of their choice.

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

SSRN is a database for social science and humanities research, including 846,589 research articles from 426,107 academics in 30 fields. The majority of them are free. However, some may require you to register as a member (which is also free).

E-Theses Online Service (EThOS)

EThOS is a database of over 500,000 doctoral theses maintained by the British Library. More than half of them are free, either directly through EThOS or through a connection to a university website.


The NCBI, part of the US National Library of Medicine, maintains the PubMed search engine. It contains almost 29 million biomedical research citations from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. PubChem, a comparison search engine for chemical scientific research that is similarly free to use, is likewise maintained by the NCBI.

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)

BASE is another academic search engine that provides access to over 140 million documents from over 6,000 sources. Around 60% of these documents are open access, and you may narrow down the results to just view research that is freely available online.

Online Courses

Edx is the perfect resource for fresh college graduates or just anyone who wishes to learn new things. Once you create an account, you can access thousands of online courses of various subjects at most major institutions in the US. And the best part? These are all free! Enroll in your preferred course and get instant access to homework assignments and lectures.


Saylor Academy online allows you to earn credits towards your degree, learn new skills, or advance your career at your own pace. The site is dedicated to an “open educational system” through its free online students all around the world.

With more than 90 courses, you can take online classes for free and even earn certificates of completion every time you complete your course. One feature here is that some of their courses allow you to earn college credits at accredited partner colleges.

MIT Open Courseware

This site has a database full of contents for practically every course the university offers. And because the contents are continually updated and available, anybody who wishes to gain access, no matter where the location is, can utilize this website. After accessing these courses, you get to learn on your own using your study materials at your leisure.

Open University

If you’re thinking about changing careers or you simply wish to break free from those conventional studies, this is the perfect tool to take advantage of.

With the platform, no prerequisites are needed. As long as you are bent on completing a course, and you can go at your own pace, reaching that career you’ve always dreamt of is as easy as a few clicks on your computer. 

Academic Earth

This website provides free online college course access from top universities and is dedicated to open education. All the courses offered are specifically chosen and placed on its database to guarantee the best quality for its users.

This platform stands out among all the other websites because of its database loaded with free original videos on different subjects. This equips learners for real-world application as it is framed outside an academic setting.


This platform has connections and course licenses with organizations and universities all across the globe. Because of these partnerships, the database provides anybody with online courses, as it helps to link students to financial aid. As a user, you can learn at your own pace and have the chance to interact with your peers to encourage interactive learning development.


Lynda is perhaps the most well-known and well-established site on our list., founded in 1995, offers hundreds of online courses in fields such as business, technology, and design. You may also go through their video lessons, which professionals in the field present.

What distinguishes from other online learning sites is its hands-on approach to learning, which not only makes it simpler to study but also makes putting what you’ve learned into practice a snap.’s mobile app is one area where it falls behind its competitors. is primarily a paid learning platform, a deal-breaker for some users who may have to settle for a few free courses.


That is not a mistake. YouTube is more than just a website to view cat videos and music videos. YouTube is an excellent resource for learning new skills.

You can quickly locate many fantastic instructional videos on YouTube by just typing what you want to learn into the search box, and it will return hundreds of relevant results. Subscribe to some proper educational channels and keep an eye out for new videos to help you gain a deeper understanding of any of your chosen subjects.


Udemy may help you advance your abilities, whether you provide SEO services or work as a website developer or designer for a web design business. The quality of the courses varies, as do the prices, which can occasionally be on the upper end of the scale. The good news is that it also includes some free courses.

Its comprehensive language assistance makes it an excellent platform for international students. Udemy has over 60,000 courses to select from, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Furthermore, you may learn at your own speed, giving you the independence that digital learners want.


Join a growing community of more than 11 million learners and learn from some of the industry’s greatest professionals. Business, technology, marketing, health, humanities, mathematics, and science are just a few available fields.

Alison provides thorough degrees that cover each topic in-depth and help you become an expert in that particular sector for people interested in learning more about it.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent platform for high school and college students since it focuses on building a firm foundation to build their careers. Thanks to its extensive library of video lessons, you may learn computing, physics, mathematics, economics, and humanities at your speed.

To get a thorough understanding of a subject, watch videos and take quizzes. Khan Academy, backed by Google and Bill and Melinda Gates, has quickly become one of the most popular learning platforms among young pupils.

Open Culture

The scruffiness of the open culture website may leave you bewildered at first. However, it is more than makes up for it with a wealth of valuable information. It’s a treasure trove of information, with everything from online courses to audiobooks, movies, and eBooks.

It also informs students about upcoming classes and boasts enough information to keep you occupied for years. The materials are nicely organized into categories, making it simple to find the information you need.

Open Yale Courses

Are you a student who can’t afford to pay the high tuition charged by prestigious universities? If that’s the case, don’t worry: the world’s most reputable colleges are progressively making their course materials available to the general public.

Thanks to Yale’s Open Yale Courses, you may now access all of Yale’s learning materials without ever leaving your room. These Yale free courses might provide you with a wealth of information that you will appreciate.

Free Work Tools


This is similar to Dropbox, where you can access and present their presentations from practically any location at any given time, minus the hassle of utilizing valuable space on your computer or email inbox.

Unlike traditional presentation apps that are often static and blocky, Prezi allows you full functional control over animation, performance, and design. To have that professional and inspiring presentation, you need not hire graphic designers. Prezi is enough.

Google Docs

This is another favorite, especially for group projects. Multiple people can edit documents simultaneously, and you can see these changes in real-time.

All the users viewing a document are assigned colored cursors so that everybody can see who changes what. These changes are automatically saved. Thus there are no risks of losing your work. Google Docs also feature easy functionality. You can edit or create documents in a breeze.

Open Office

The Apache Open Office is a software suite that allows you to use spreadsheets, graphics, word processing, and the like. You can use the program on any computer, something perfect, especially with some issues with Microsoft Word not coming with Macbook computers. The program is free, thus helping you complete your assignments without shelling out more of your money.

Google Sheets

This free online tool allows you to create online sheets easily. You can share this with your peers and allow them to make changes to the spreadsheet. You can find several templates to help you easily streamline your whole document. Accessing the file is also very easy, as you can do this wherever you are. If needed, these spreadsheets can also be converted into Excel sheets for easy offline sharing.


Do you see yourself accused of academic dishonesty? With the convenience of online resources, creating a completely original project or paper tends to be challenging. But with Copyscape, this tool allows you to upload your document and identify where your unoriginal content lies. Before you submit your assignment, make sure you run it on Copyscape to guarantee that your work is cited and referenced accurately, especially if something is borrowed.


When you need total control of your file sharing and utilization, this tool is the best choice. Dropbox is designed to streamline processes: from sharing massive files to ensuring accessibility to practically anywhere in the world so long as there is an internet connection. You can also securely save photos, and presentations, and upload or share your documents with people for simultaneous editing.

Google Calendar

Of all the lists so far, Google Calendar is the most underrated tool. Through its synchronization capabilities, you can never miss your alerts and deadlines. Do you have a video presentation in the coming week? Make a study schedule and set a reminder for study time and for your exam itself. All these alerts can be synced with your iOS devices simultaneously. You will get your schedules organized, whether you’re using your iPhone or Macbook.


Combine Google Calendar and Dropbox, and you got yourself Todoist—it’s the functionalities of file sharing, and universal synchronization rolled into one. This free work tool is perfect for shared tasks or group projects, and it shares these tasks on practically every device imaginable.

Users can also access projects or calendars, and you can even leave notes for everybody to see. In short, you can complete your task virtually almost anywhere. 


This free mind-mapping software is written in Java that helps students make mind maps. Freemind is a premier, high-productivity tool perfect for students, regardless of the field they are doing. Whether you want to create a new program or write a new paper, this online resource is available for free to guide you through the whole process and help you get organized.


This is perfect for those who appreciate and use technology but also see their data or notes conveniently. Think of Evernote as a workspace on a big screen. Popular features of this app include a web clipper, multi-device sync, search handwriting, document scanning, notebooks and tags, and PDF and document search.

Sugar Sync

Gone are the days of worrying that you’d lose your files when your computer crashes or your device gets stolen. With Sugar Sync, all your data is stored in an online data storage that you can easily access from any of your connected devices. You can even update or universally save your files in real time. With its automatic file syncing feature, you can automatically sync as many folders as you like.


This is probably the coolest bookmarking platform you can find. If you come across articles, games, videos, or the like, and you wish to save these for later, Pocket is the tool you need. You can save practically anything online or via social media apps and easily access these to any connected device, no matter where your location is. And the best part? You don’t need the internet to access those you saved in your “pocket.”


This is a very powerful app that lets you use it as your school planner. iHomework is perfect for saving your exam dates, course schedules, homework assignments, instructions, and readings, all in one single application. All the documents and files you save in the program are accessible through iCloud, thus, minimizing your fear of losing those critical data. The app is also a great help for proofreading your work.

Google Drive

We adore Google Workplace (previously G Suitework-from-home ) software! Although Google Sheets might learn something from Excel, we all utilize Google Docs as a collaboration tool daily—especially our content writers.


The calendar tool does not spend time going back and forth playing scheduling ping pong, making it simple to locate a time that works for everyone. Calendly looks for open slots and provides an invitation link after linking your schedule and creating a new appointment.

Participants can choose from a variety of time windows by visiting this website. You may also put your availability on your website and allow people to book sessions with you—perfect for coaches, online companies, and other professionals.


Trello is a free remote work application that we like to use for project management. You may use this application to organize projects, measure progress, and give tasks to your team for simple cooperation. Thanks to the visual drag-and-drop interface, it’s simple to keep track of what your team is up to while organizing and prioritizing tasks.


The Serene software for Mac is a work-at-home application that allows you to focus on a single job while eliminating any distractions. Make to-do lists in your calendar to help you organize your day. Then, utilizing their built-in phone mute, app, and website blocker, set the session timer for some time of your choosing and avoid losing attention. The software creators also give concentration music options if you work better with background music.


Nirvana is a free project management tool that will help you organize and prioritize your to-do list. Nirvana uses a tag system to bring your following actionable activities into focus without allowing you to get sidetracked by low-priority chores in the future.


With the assistance of a virtual tree, Forest encourages you to leave your phone alone. Open the Forest app and plant a seed whenever you want to concentrate on your task. The seed will develop into a happy little tree if your phone is left alone. Your tree will wither and die if you exit the app halfway through (no one wants to be a tree murderer, right?).


Krisp assists you in drowning out any surrounding noises (kids, pets, construction, etc.). Krisp also integrates with over 600 apps, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. You will be able to hear and be heard no matter where your virtual meeting takes place.

Health Websites


This site is a leading medical search tool where you can find quick answers to health issues. Also, a disease verification site, WebMD, is ideal for students in the scientific fields who are constantly required to present certain human ailments and even solve case studies. It holds a lot of information in the health and medical field, all of which are verified from authoritative sources.

 American Sexual Health Association

It’s disheartening to note that a lot of students are not made aware of proper sex education for them to make more mature decisions. Because many social groups are strongly opposed to sex education in a classroom setting, only a few coming-of-age students understand the nuances and risks of sex. Thankfully, this site teaches students about healthy sexual practices and how to stay away from the adverse effects of sex.


Dr. Eric Topol, one of the world’s top scientists and “analytic superstars,” leads, which is unquestionably the go-to portal for doctors and medical professionals. It is, however, also a precious resource for “ordinary” ePatients.

Medscape is a trusted source for any health-related information, with articles, the latest medical news, clinical trial coverage, and drug development updates. Furthermore, the organization offers education to physicians and other health workers.

Smart Patients

This is a page for community lovers: has a vibrant online circle where patients, families, and carers can learn about therapies, clinical trials, and the newest science from one another. Founded 25 years ago as a cancer patient empowerment and community tool, the site now provides excellent information for those afflicted by a wide range of conditions.

Medline Plus

The United States National Library of Medicine’s online area provides easy-to-understand information in English and Spanish for patients, carers, friends, and families.

With approximately 7 million volumes, periodicals, studies, technical reports, microfilms, and some of the oldest medical works, the National Library of Medicine is the world’s most extensive medical library.

This free online pharmaceutical encyclopedia provides drug information to patients and healthcare professionals. The page details the drug’s usage, adverse effects, and potential interactions with other medications to assist patients in better understanding how medicines operate.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a major medical center in the United States, focusing on integrated patient care, education, and research. Their website includes extensive information about medical illnesses and disorders, which may be found by browsing through their Disease & Conditions descriptions or using the Symptom Checker to characterize the sickness.


Orphanet is a database dedicated to information about rare diseases and orphan medicines (so uncommon drugs that only a few pharmaceutical companies are interested in researching them).


Medgadget is the leading source of information on medical technologies, with the most up-to-date information on healthcare technology, trends, and research. It is one of the world’s most viewed and reputable websites on the subject, written by MDs and biomedical engineers.

Their sponsored publications are always explicitly labeled as such, and the editorial process is open, making them a reliable source of first-hand medical knowledge.

Individuals and families can use this English/Spanish site as a resource for wellness and prevention. is designed to be a resource for healthcare professionals in the United States to send patients to for information on prevention and well-being.

Money Management

Simple Visa

With this Simple Visa card, you can take your fund allocation and organization to the next level. You need not worry anymore about how much money you have left, or what bills you need to pay at a given time. This plan is a virtual banking option.

With just a single click, you can access your funds and set them to create folders automatically. Whether you are saving up or paying your bills, this simple money management tool speaks for its name and is something every college student should have.

There is a growing number of college students who need help paying for their education, especially now that tuition fees are increasing every year. Thus, the Federal government provided a resource for funding a student’s education. One of the most popular tools used by college students is

Here, you can find several tools to help you with the step-by-step process and guidelines for applying for a grant. Since the funding is generally based on need and income, this site will help you find out all the necessary information needed for federal aid.

This site brings together all your bills, accounts, and more so you can easily manage them in a single dashboard. All your financial history and transactions are put into one program. It makes it easier to check your balances, loans, credit scores, etc. You can also view all your expenses and bills here and even create your budget on the platform.


This platform is highly important, especially among young adults who are thrown into the real world without enough preparation. Financial literacy is extremely important. Understanding it earlier can help you stay away from financial issues in the long run. Cashcourse has guides and tools for students to help them make intelligent decisions about their financial situations. To avoid getting tied up with debt, sign up for free now.

Save the Student

If you want to gain access to the newest articles about how to get, save, and spend your money efficiently in college, then this platform is the perfect one for you. Learn all you need to know about balancing and getting a job as you go through college. To get the best advice on how you can save a bit of money in the long term, this platform is no doubt the Holy Grail of every college student’s financial literacy and freedom.


Upwork. It is never fun to be a broke college student. Everything you need during college life somehow requires you to shell out a minimal fee now and then. Upwork is a great way to earn while you’re in college. This database virtually hires freelancers to do and complete jobs and tasks. While the site does not make you rich from completing different tasks, you can still earn a few couple hundred dollars.


There are hundreds of jobs you can find online. However, getting started with your job, and hunting tends to get overwhelming because of the options you have. Indeed it is a site where you can find jobs easily. Through its simple and effective search setting and design, navigating through the site is relatively easy. Just enter your desired job and find postings that are real-time all across the globe. 


Everybody knows Craigslist. Maybe you have even used it. This site is an amazing resource, especially for college students who are not only looking for cheap finds but also searching for jobs and gigs. A lot of college students have secured part-time jobs via Craigslist. Whether you are looking for jobs, appliances, or just about anything you can make use of just for a semester, Craigslist is your perfect resource to consider.


This website is for those looking for internships, volunteer opportunities, or entry-level jobs. Through Glassdoor, you get to see how their employees rank companies, plus you get to have an in-depth understanding of a company’s hiring procedure. From the duration of the hiring process, to how complicated it may get, Glassdoor will help you steer your career path towards the right direction.

Grammar Resources


Editing your papers using spelling and grammar checkers on word processors will not do justice to your papers. Grammarly goes beyond that by locating surface errors and pointing out structural issues. Meaning, that you will no longer have to worry about whether you are correctly using the active and passive voice of your sentence or think about your subject-verb agreement. Grammarly covers all those areas.

Daily Writing Tips

This site will check how effective your communication is through writing and help you become stronger by the day. Writing experts run this blog site. Their goal is to provide critical but helpful daily articles that discuss proper writing. From grammar to punctuation, spelling to sentence construction, you can find helpful tips and techniques about these from Daily Writing Tips.

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

Writing is extremely hard to master because of so many (and sometimes contradicting) punctuation and grammar rules, style, or structure. This website provides tiny bite-sized tips and tricks to help you improve your writing style. Plus, you get to remember basic grammar rules because of the many memory tricks and games you can learn from the site.

Global English Editing

This is a company that offers professional online editing and proofreading services. They specifically specialize in academic writing. As students, professional editors can help you edit and proofread your essays, journal articles, dissertations, thesis, and other academic articles. This site’s standalone proofreading services allow you to receive all the benefits of professional editors going over your work, sans the need to pay for the higher rates of editing.

Reference Management

Citation Machine

This tool builds citations for you. Simply choose the writing style you need (MLA, APA, etc.) before you insert the source title or URL. Citation Machine will then index that source and give you in-text citations and bibliographic entries from your provided source. You can then use these citations in your paper. It’s simple and leaves you less worried about whether you’ve properly cited or not your references.


This is a bibliography-maker website that automatically updates and fills for you. Worry no more about the tedious task of building the bibliography yourself, thanks to Bibme. Apart from that, this online referencing tool also offers formatting in MLA, Chicago, APA, or Harvard styles. Just simply choose your preferred style that you wish the citations to be created in, identify your references, and add them to your bibliography, before you finally download them once you are done finding everything you need.

Cite This for Me

As the name suggests, this resource tool enables you to search your references and click to add to a formatted bibliography automatically. No tedious work to do, no setting up of citations to worry about, and you can just export everything with a few clicks.

Dictionaries uses strong vocabulary to help you amp up those academic papers and get that “A” you’ve desired for the longest time. This online dictionary tool is a perfect option for those who need to practice improving their essay-writing abilities by incorporating eloquent vocabulary into an article.

This works similarly to a thesaurus. You can use this online resource tool if you think you have a very limited vocabulary. is perfect for your group projects and oral presentation preparations because not only does it help you build your vocabulary further, but this will also ensure that you know what exactly you mean with the words you’re using. That way, you won’t get caught off guard when asked. 

The Free Dictionary—Idioms

If you are into creative writing, as well as other forms of expressive art, having a strong background in idioms is very critical. As you develop characters, establish a setting, understand the sayings within that area, and know how injecting the right idioms can significantly help improve your writing. You can create a stronger body of work. This online dictionary tool is free and provides meanings of Australian, American, and British idioms.


While you can find several online tools to use as dictionaries, Merriam-Webster stands out on top. This site is the most widely used and trusted among all dictionaries, and you can find almost all the professionally accepted definitions in this tool.

Exam Practice


This is a super fun and interesting online exam practice tool. Here, you can create your own flashcards that are then automated to test your knowledge randomly as you prepare for your big exam. What’s interesting about this is that you can also take flashcard tests from other people around the world and give ample time for your brain to exercise.

Open Study

Experts say the most effective way of studying is when it is a collaborative process and completed among your peers. This site is an online community of students studying together and can even chat with each other to help reinforce ideas and topics.

Wolfram Alpha

If you have problems with Math, this platform is the best online resource. From the easiest math questions to a full-blown equation, there is nothing that this platform cannot solve. Plus, not only are you given solutions, but there is also a step-by-step outline of how the solution was found. With this program, you can be a calculus genius in no time.

Khan Academy

This site is very helpful, especially if you feel like you need reinforcement after your class. This website offers tutorials for students who require more help with certain concepts and subjects. They also offer free videos where you get to learn in-depth information on certain topics to help you understand the most complicated problems in the easiest way possible.


This website, with more than 1 million college student users, has all the functionality you find on smaller websites. You can rate your professors and even check future ratings to help you create your schedule. The site also provides millions of flashcards and study tests to prepare you for your upcoming exams.

Study Blue

You can effectively learn from your co-students and peers because of the common materials you use. Thus, one of the best ways to study is to take advantage of this platform where you can collaborate with other students in learning similar topics so you can help each other out. You can also take their notes or create quizzes and flashcards to share and get access online.


This is a cheat sheet builder that allows you to make and upload cheat sheets that people can use so they can pass their exams. On the site, you can gain access to thousands of cheat sheets that other college students also created for practically any subject imaginable. With more than 3,500 free cheat sheets, quick references, and revision aids, this website is perfect for helping you prepare for your big exams.


If you are always procrastinating completing assignments or tasks because you can’t keep yourself from paying visits to certain websites, then you are not alone. Hundreds of college students have a problem with getting their attention focused, especially when doing online reviews. Thankfully, Keepmeout is a website that helps you stay away from your favorite sites until you are done working.  

Stack Exchange

This is a perfect website for college students who love asking questions and being provided with answers. Students and experts alike like to use this site to throw in practically any type of question: from math, science, history, the human body, and a lot more. Readers can answer questions, while experts vote for the correct answer and are placed on top of the list.

Student Life


This is a cheaper alternative for college students with English majors. Audible makes reading more interesting and interactive. Reading hundreds of pages a day can get exhausting at some point. With Audible, you can find books online and have them read aloud. Thus, you are still engaged in the story without the physical stress of having to read them aloud.

Student Recipes

College students tend to stuff themselves with fast food. However, you can cook great meals. With this site, you can explore the many recipes that are quick, simple, easy to make, and cheap. Access more than thousands of recipes to try out. That way, you won’t have to worry about eating unhealthy fast food.

Before you start scouting for classes for your next semester, visit this gold mine of a website for students. Here, you can check how professors are rated by their previous students. It also has several pages that show how students and universities rate their instructors in different departments. As you go through the comments, you get to find out which professors to avoid.

Sleepy Time

Use this tool if you wish to determine how much sleep you have to account for. Whether you are tracking your sleeping time to help you get organized, or if it’s your finals week, Sleepy Time allows you to fully take advantage of a proper sleep schedule to obtain maximum energy. Accordingly, the site wakes you up in between your sleep cycles, and not during them.


This is a web application that is perfect for creating habits. With this tool, you are inspired to create habits to have your tasks completed via an integrated video game concept. The goal is simple: you make a list of your daily tasks that you need to accomplish, and as each task is done, you can win money and have it cashed out for rewards.

Student Rate

For those who love online shopping without breaking the bank, Student Rate is the perfect site. This is filled with coupons that you can use for your shopping. The site editors find deals across the web for college students. All the coupons are available and uploaded on this site. Upon availing, simply confirm your student status to activate your coupon.


Whether you are scouting for cheap textbooks, a tutor, or even an internship, this resource should be on your list. Get help with your homework through one-on-one tutoring, access cheap concert tickets for your study break, or even browse for internship opportunities to further your career after you graduate. All these, you can find at the Chegg website.


While you can find a hundred coupons out there, what makes Unidays stand out is its focus on high-demand stores and name brands. You can find coupon codes for college students for Missguided, ASOS, Apple, Perry Ellis, American Apparel, and a lot more. Even on a tight college student budget, you can still live like a diva! After all, nobody knows that you only shelled out $100 for your branded shirt, right?

Huffington Post College

There are so many things you need to learn about college life. Especially during your freshmen years, adjusting can be quite a challenge. Good thing there is the Huffington Post College site. Here, you can find anything and everything you need to know about college. Several articles talk about the many experiences of being a college student. From discussions about college loans to finding the right college for your major, this website has it all.

Fitness Blenders

This website was created by a couple who dedicate 100% of their time to making appropriate videos for those who cannot afford or cannot find the luxury of time to go to the gym. This site is completely free, thus making it a perfect option for college students. Videos are broken down by intensity, period, target area, etc. Thus, if you’re very busy with school with only 10 minutes to spare, you still can get the right fitness routines with maximum results.

College Info Geek

Successfully navigating and finishing higher education unscathed, is in itself, an accomplishment. It needs finesse and sheer determination. This is one website that gives you all the college hacks you need to survive your college years. From survival tips to guides on how to efficiently navigate your way in higher education, you need to check this site to learn, so learn a whole lot more.

Bright Knowledge

This website is created for college students primarily as a guide to college education, career, and student life. This guide helps you work your way through college until you pursue your career and build a stable lifestyle for yourself. You are provided with tips and steps according to your unique path so you can easily get what you are pursuing. You don’t have to feel alone and lost in your journey towards adulthood. Let this site help you walk with you every step of the way.

Swap Textbooks

College books are expensive. Instead of buying new ones every school year, let the University Store help you find the best deals online. It features a tool designed to help you take your used books and have them traded online with other used books. Meaning, you will no longer have to spend on new books in your upcoming semester. Just look for the one you need for your new school year and swap it with someone.

College Board

This is a non-profit site that aims to help college students successfully work their way to college. They have helpful tips and practical guides needed for college pathways. Plus, they also provide advice on how you can start your college life properly. For those who wish to take major exams like the ACT, SAT, GRE, and the like, this website is the right route to take to ensure you are prepared for these exams.


For your late-night hunger needs, but you don’t have a car on campus, Grubhub is your lifesaver. This is your go-to site when you need to look for food at any given time of day. Simply go to their site, enter your location, and you will be directed to a list of restaurants within your vicinity. Choose your order and delivery option, as well as the time you wish your food to be delivered. Then your food is on its way in no time.


If your course involves the constant reading of novels and books, head on to Fullbooks’ website. As its name implies, this site has thousands of novels in full text, regularly uploaded and free for anyone to access. Just type in your book title in the search box and enjoy reading to your heart’s content.


Studies show that music can help improve your brain’s performance. Pandora is an online radio you can use while you are completing your tasks or doing your homework. You can search for a song or an artist, create that as a station, and it automatically suggests more stations similar to your setting. To help you get into your study mode, make sure to take advantage of music from Pandora.


Most college students aren’t blessed with excess money in their wallets. With studentbeans, you can find discounts that can help you stretch that meager college budget. The site provides hundreds of student discounts that you can access after you create an account. From food chains to major retailers, you can find a bunch of discounts that can help you make the most of your monthly allowance.


College students can take advantage of this amazing source. If you think you know everything about life because you’re already in college, think again. For instance, you’ve never done taxes before, right? You can find helpful guides on the site to help you understand the whole process. WikiHow is generally simple, short, and sweet.

Social Awareness

ELIXHER Magazine

This is the perfect source for queer ladies of color who wish to stay updated and connected to the relevant event. The blogs mainly discuss women’s grasping of their placement in society and sexualities. If you wish to learn more about your identity and have been dreaming of living a more genuine life, visit this website to understand better what this is all about.

Everyday Feminism

Most colleges often operate in patriarchal pretense and misogynist mindsets. Thus, it is critical to at least have a literate that teaches you how you can be more inclusive and less problematic. This site has several tools for enlightenment. Through its analysis, this helps you develop a clearer perspective on social dynamics.


This site is dedicated to the LGBT people’s rights in the US. For college students, the campus may not be that affirming. Thus, this resource is very helpful in achieving a healthy mind. Members of this group advocate for the accommodation of specific needs for underprivileged students to guarantee academic equity.

The Safe Zone Project

This is a free resource open to everybody. The content of this site isn’t copyrighted, so anybody can alter the resources and accommodate their requirements. This website is designed to create a haven for on-campus LGBT college students. It provides relevant tools and information in promoting solidarity and campus pride. You can also find several materials to help non-LGBT people to become better allies.


A Good Break for Students

College Humor

While you need to be extra serious with your college education, it doesn’t have to be boring. As you take a break from doing your homework and studying, why not engage in something fun that you can relate to?

This page is where you can find hundreds of jokes centered on different college experiences. The contents are engaging and relevant, and this will surely relieve you from the stress of beating your deadlines.

Do you have plans for studying abroad but can’t seem to have a grasp as to where to start? This website helps you find the best programs based on specific criteria. You can also get helpful tips so you can seamlessly navigate the whole application process. If needed, there are online experts to answer your questions.  


If you’re looking for an alternative to watching TV that is budget-friendly, Hulu is your choice. Especially when your favorite TV shows come but you don’t have a TV nearby, missing that series could be something worse to ever happen to you. Hulu has several uploaded episodes from your most loved TV shows one day after they are aired on TV. Want a commercial-free viewing experience? You can, with a minimal fee, that is.


This video streaming app is perfect for those who love to binge-watch during weekends or breaks. College life can be tiring at some point, and what better way to relax than to watch movies right in your comfort? Netflix has a database full of movies from practically any genre. 


Over the past decade, Buzzfeed has become a leading source of online entertainment and news. You can find lots of fun videos to stir your interest play some games to challenge your mind, or even read content just to waste time. Buzzfeed also comes with a dedicated page where people can submit their content and engage with the social community. Because there are practically thousands of contents here, you will never be bored when you have nothing to do.  


This is a nice social media platform that you should try because of its multifaceted nature. From social justice to pop culture, photography, and practically any niche you can think about, Tumblr has it all for you. You can build a following on this platform, create a page that reflects your personality, read blogs, or just enjoy music; all these you can do with this platform to help you at least release some of the tension brought about by college life.



TED Talks

This is an amazing online resource where you can find different lectures all around the world shared by experts and world leaders in a multitude of fields. Before a lecturer goes onstage, a committee is there to approve their ‘talk’ to ensure mastery of the subject matter.

TED talks are perfect for those who are studying humanities and need subject reinforcements. Just search for your topic of interest and find the one that aligns with the topic you’re looking for.


There are instances when you need a speck of inspiration to help you do your research on certain topics. Wikipedia is the perfect resource for that. This is an online encyclopedia that may be updated and edited by users around the world. The pages are filled with references and sources so you can gather more information from there.


For your outlining needs, or if you simply wish to refresh your knowledge before you make your presentation, Sparknotes can help you with that. This online tool is where you can find dissected readings broken down into smaller subtopics so you can easily discuss the plot, themes, character developments, or chapter summaries.

The Economist

It’s very rare to see millennials reading or watching the news anymore. So how do you keep up with the latest news? The Economist is one of the most reliable websites because of the way the news is delivered: short, in-depth, but direct to the point.


From local to international news, college students must stay in the know now and then. BBC is a reliable website to gain quick knowledge of what is happening around you. You don’t have to watch every news station or read the newspaper to stay updated. Checking out BBC is enough to get you covered.

Joe’s Goal

This website allows you to create a customized goal-tracking sheet to help improve your productivity rate. You can enter different categories for the goals you want to get done in a week. As the week progresses, simply check your accomplished goal. A week later, you get to have a clear vision of your productivity. This is a good way to push yourself to do even more to become more productive the whole week.

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