What skills do I develop with a degree in Biology?

The vast concentration of Biology will give you a broader intellectual experience and helps you prepare for graduate and professional students. Having a degree in biology will also help improve your project skills from research to investigation to analysis and communication. 

Skills in Biology - Element 1

Research and Quantitative Skills

  • Defining problems
  • Curating experiments
  • Using laboratory equipment
  • Utilizing computers for simulation
  • Conducting research
  • Taking notes of observations
  • Transcribing results
  • Using statistical tests to come up with outcomes
  • Doing statistical reports

Communication Skills

  • Drafting research proposals
  • Participating in teams
  • Summarizing findings of a research
  • Elaborating complex things for both non-technical and technical audiences
  • Creating graphs, charts, and other forms of visual aides
  • Providing results in writing and orally
  • Presenting other explanations

Investigative Skills

  • Identifying problems
  • Balancing risks
  • Defining potential or expected results
  • Checking specimens
  • Compiling information

Analytical Skills

  • Studying problem components
  • Reasoning/Justifying logically
  • Categorizing data
  • Organizing information/ideas
  • Creating projections
  • Observing the effects of phenomena
Skills in Biology - Element 2

As a Biology degree student, expect to develop your technical and general skills to apply to a wide range of jobs in health care, science, government, business, or education. Say, for instance, your ability to smoothly conduct an investigation and perform analysis can be useful whether you are a teacher, a college administrator, a history museum curator, or even as a director of biomedical communications. 

In most cases, employers will normally look for individuals who can show excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong work ethics, initiative, and teamwork and interpersonal skills. Going for a degree in Biology can give you all the necessary skills needed to become successful in your future career in time. 

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