Is Biology the right degree of choice for me?

Determining your college major is a critical decision you need to make. Thankfully, there are several tools available today to help you weigh your options and find the best major and concentration so that, ultimately, you can land a suitable career that harnesses your strengths and helps you meet your personal and professional objectives. 


Interested in Science?

By this time, maybe you have already fixed your heart into joining the field of science. However, that area is very broad, and finding the right major might seem like a feat. You can find several options out there, but you also need to consider several other things.

For starters, here are three critical questions you should ask yourself:

If you answer these questions with “biology” in mind, then the degree is, no doubt, a fit. A biology degree is very versatile and great on its own and can also propel you into a Master’s program soon. 

The Study of Biology

Biology is the study of organisms. Thus, if you are keen on learning more about humans and how they and other living organisms work, then biology is a good degree option. Also, biology is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re blessed with a strong stomach or are not mortified when talking about dissections and stuff, go for a biology degree.

Keep in mind, though, that dissecting is a whole piece of coursework. Along with a strong stomach, you will also have to constantly deal with strange smells and horrible lab activities at some point. 

Biology is also a good degree for you if you have plans of pursuing a medical career. Biology is a good preparatory course for medicine. If there are plans of pursuing a degree in the medical field soon, enroll in biology.

After all, learning how human bodies work and understanding anatomy is just the start of a budding future as a medical physician.

Math & Science… A Must!

Another reason to take up biology is if you love math and science during your high school years. Some people are amazing in their English classes. Others excel in art subjects. But if you find that you do very well with math and science, it’s wise to enroll in biology.

Science and math are very critical components that make up a biology course. So, if you believe that you are excellent in these subjects, enroll in Biology.

Summary Points

Finally, a degree in Biology is perfect for you if you are someone who loves challenging coursework. Keep in mind that enrolling in Biology is not easy at all. Imagine the long hours you have to spend in the lab or the never-ending new vocabulary to memorize.

If you feel like you are up for the challenge and know that the more challenging things are, the more you are motivated, without a doubt, Biology is a perfect option for you. 

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