What Qualities and Skills are Needed for Data Analytics Work?

Because companies understand how data analysts can help them in their database, they need these tech professionals to help them meet their data. However, data analysts need specific skills to make them excel in their position. If you wish to become a part of this lucrative career, here are some of the qualities and skills you need to become a successful data analyst.


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This is a computing and spreadsheet tool designed to handle massive sets of data. Structured Query Language (SQL) processes details quickly than the usual spreadsheet software we know. Because SQL is a tool most commonly used by data analysts, you must be knowledgeable and skilled in the tool. 


Although more data analysts prefer SQL, it’s still best to know the traditional spreadsheet tools. There are still some companies that prefer their data sets or reports present in the traditional spreadsheet tools.

Statistical Programming Languages.

Some data analysts prefer using statistical programming languages such as Python or R in analyzing large data sets. As a data analyst, you must be familiar with the different data analysis programs to prepare for whatever your company wants to incorporate with their data. 

Critical Thinking.

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Most companies assign data analysts to collect and interpret data for a particular purpose. To know what data you will collect and how you will process it to get the needed information is a critical thinking skill that you should develop. 

Data Visualization.

After gathering, analyzing, and compiling data, you are expected to share your findings with your company. It helps you know how to make easy-to-comprehend data analysis visualization because you can’t expect all your colleagues to speak your language. Charts and graphs are good visuals to help your co-workers understand the data you’re trying to show clearly and quickly. 

Public Speaking.

As a data analyst, it’s also your job to present your analysis. Aside from compiling your findings clearly, you should also explain these verbally and in writing so that everybody will understand the data you’re sharing.

Machine Learning.

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Some companies utilize highly technical machines to help them complete their tasks. This means that their data analyst should have the necessary knowledge of how machines work. In recent years, artificial intelligence has advanced technology considerably. Thus, it’s wise to develop a machine learning skill as a data analyst. 

Data Warehousing.

The process of organizing the system and creating virtual storage for a company’s data is called data warehousing and is managed by a data analyst. As an analyst, your task is to monitor these data and maintain the necessary access and safeguards.

Communication Skills.

As a data analyst, part of your job is communicating with the company’s stakeholders, colleagues, and IT representatives. Therefore, written and verbal communication skills are vital for a data analyst.

Problem Solving Skills.

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You will come across technical issues as a data analyst at some point. To establish effective data solutions for the company’s stakeholders, you should have the right problem-solving skills. 

Data analytics may be the right career for you. However, you need to gain the necessary skills to succeed in this field. After, the rewards of this career won’t come if you lack the skills and qualities required.