5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Engineering Management

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Combine your engineering acumen with business or management expertise with an online Bachelor’s in Engineering Management. The coursework covers business management and engineering concepts, producing graduates who build and manage projects effectively.

Online Degrees in Engineering Management - fact

You can work in practically any industry with an engineering management degree. Most electrical managers work in office settings, industrial plants, or research engineering laboratories.

The Labor Statistics Bureau foresees a 4% job growth for architectural and engineering management opportunities.

The Lowdown

Online Engineering Management programs combine business management with engineering studies. Students must complete management courses, including economics, supply chain management, human resource management, business, finance, and marketing. They also become adept in technical operations management.


As a future engineering manager, you must acquire the best formal education! And it all starts with choosing the best online Engineering Management degrees.

Each of the Engineering Management degree programs on our list meets these criteria:

Read our Methodology for details.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Engineering Management

Arizona State University 

Arizona State University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Engineering Management

Arizona State University offers an online BS in Engineering – Engineering Management concentration that combines engineering science and design principles with the basics of organizational management and business administration. Working in engineering management requires you to link operational advancements with business operations. 

Engineers can also conduct experiments in addition to analyzing and interpreting data. They do this to determine the most effective methods for achieving their objectives within their limitations.

This online Engineering Management degree focuses on developing skills that will help you better manage engineering teams and professionals.

What’s Unique About this Program:

The goal of engineering management is to improve technological and scientific procedures. Students grow their technical engineering knowledge while completing Management Theories and Business Analytics courses.

With sufficient Engineering Management training, graduates become competent in the technical and engineering administration components of the job across various industries.

Did You Know?

This bachelor’s degree can be obtained through an Accelerated Master’s program. It is possible to earn a master’s degree within a year of completing an undergraduate degree once you’re qualified. This allows you to gain advanced knowledge in your field while saving time and money.

Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Management Systems

The Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Management Systems program at Arkansas State University provides a thorough understanding of several technology programs, such as Primavera, Office Suite, Master Project, and similar programming languages.

Through this program, you will learn the skills to set an example for others to follow and work with different teams to develop new, more efficient methods to accomplish your goals.

There are 120 credit hours in this program. Your course selection should be guided by your advisor and according to your degree plan. The electives can be chosen from any courses offered if the prerequisites are met.

This degree allows you to transfer credits, too, so it’s best to seek advice from your advisor.

What’s Unique About this Program:

The BS in Engineering Management Systems curriculum will provide an understanding of several technology programs for closely monitoring engineering activities and tasks.

As an engineering manager, it will be your responsibility to set an example for others to follow, and you will collaborate with different teams to plan innovative, more effective ways to work and succeed. All of these will be covered in this curriculum.

Finally, the STEM-based abilities you can develop in this online program will help you arrive at different engineering or management positions after graduation. 

Did You Know?

This Engineering Management program is taught by seasoned professors, so students enjoy all the benefits of in-person training. This type of business and technology management program focuses on all the elements needed to develop and manage a project from start to finish.

University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina - Palmetto College

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Technology Management

It is possible to earn an online through Palmetto College’s Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology Management at the University of South Carolina. Students with an associate degree in Engineering Technology can complete their bachelor’s degree at the University of South Carolina by adding management skills. 

Students with associate degrees can usually complete the program in two years with 124 credit hours. Applicants must have a 2.0 GPA and an associate’s degree. Transfers from four-year institutions are not restricted; however, you must complete at least 31 hours before transferring.

What’s Unique About this Program:

This Engineering Technology Management program offered at the University of South Carolina aims for graduates to become managers and leaders in diverse industries and work settings after three to five years of technical work.

After graduation, they can work as quality managers, operations administrators, superior engineers, industrial engineers, or technicians. 

Did You Know?

This 2+2 program allows students of Engineering Technology to combine management skills as soon as they graduate from this online bachelor’s in engineering technology management. 

Indiana State University

Indiana State University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Technology Management

Indiana State University caters to management and engineering enthusiasts with its Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology Management through online settings. This program is open to students with an associate’s degree in engineering technology or a closely related field who wish to transfer online.

Through this program, engineering and technology managers can enhance their analytical, collaboration, leadership, and decision-making capabilities.

Some of the sample topics covered in this online degree are the following:

An engineering manager’s leadership and management skills are combined with their prior training and professional experience.

A degree in engineering technology management can increase an individual’s technical proficiency and prepare them to interact with organizational constituents effectively. All these and other training are provided in this online degree.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Those who complete an online engineering technology management degree program can become managers of engineering and technical experts.

Graduates can fulfill this role by combining their technical skills from their associate’s degree in engineering technology with their technical management and leadership skills.

Did You Know?

To manage complicated operations and projects from inception to conclusion, engineering managers combine their technical expertise in problem-solving with their managerial skills in organization, administration, and planning. 

University of the Virgin Islands

University of the Virgin Islands - Online Degree Programs

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Management Technology

A BS in Engineering Management Technology is available from the University of the Virgin Islands. Your engineering management career will be launched or advanced with this online program. 

Expect to take up the following core courses:

You can evaluate and make important engineering technology management decisions thoroughly. If you can transfer credits and take more classes each term, the online Bachelor’s degree program in Engineering Management Technology may be completed quickly.

One hundred twenty credits are required to finish this online degree. 

What’s Unique About this Program:

The BS in Engineering Management Technology prepares you for various tech-related careers. Those who qualify can also receive financial aid and scholarships from the University of the Virgin Islands. Classes are held in 8-week formats. 

Did You Know?

There are diverse employment opportunities in this engineering field. However, the primary industries needing engineering managers are technology firms, healthcare companies, government agencies, and private manufacturers.

Tips to Become an Engineering Manager

Obtaining the position of engineering manager requires first success as an engineer. Many engineering managers are engineers themselves or at least have prior education or experience in engineering or management.

Your engineering experience will influence your technical and managerial judgments as an engineering manager. But to become an engineering manager, here are some helpful tips:

Acquire a bachelor’s degree.

After finishing high school, the next stage is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in engineering management or any other engineering degree. Many amateur engineers work their way up until they get promoted to managerial roles.

Engineering expertise is necessary in the civil, mechanical, environmental, computer, chemical, industrial, or biomedical sectors.

But before anything else, acquiring a bachelor’s degree is essential. Select a program that has received accreditation from the ABET to ensure you obtain a valuable engineering degree.

Gain practical work experience.

Experience is the best teacher. While you may have acquired a good education from the best engineering schools, it is equally important to gain actual work experience. Participating in campus groups or internships is one of the finest ways to acquire meaningful professional experience in engineering.

Additionally, you might work in a lab, providing you firsthand experience with actual business problems. The key is to shadow someone, learn from a mentor, and maximize your learning experiences to become a good engineering manager in the future.

Enroll in a master’s degree in engineering management.

You can be eligible for a master’s program in engineering management after earning a bachelor’s degree and gaining some work experience. A master’s degree will usually help you access managerial positions in engineering.

In your master’s degree classes, for instance, you will tackle project management, financial planning, organizational development, and strategic planning courses.

Obtain your state’s engineering license.

The next step is to work toward obtaining a state engineering license, a legal document that authorizes engineers to operate inside the boundaries of a particular state.

State-specific and engineering-specific licensing requirements differ but generally call for an engineering degree from an approved university, a passing score on the foundations of an engineering exam, and prior engineering experience.

Before starting working in their selected state, engineers may need to submit their license application as a formal petition with supporting papers.

Consider earning a certification in professional engineering management.

Certificates are strong instruments to remain competitive among a pool of strong applicants. Obtaining a professional engineering management certification may be the final step in becoming an engineering manager, which is unnecessary for this career.

The qualification demonstrates your commitment to enhancing your management, technical professional, or engineering abilities. You can establish credibility in advanced engineering management by obtaining a professional engineering management certification.

Possible Careers for Engineering Management Graduates

Getting a degree in Engineering Management offers a special opportunity in a fascinating and constantly evolving field. If you have a degree in engineering management, you can lead teams of engineers on a wide range of challenging and rewarding technological projects.

Here are some of the possible careers that await you as engineering management graduates:

Project Manager

A project engineer is a person who oversees the technical staff on engineering plans within a company, ensuring that projects are completed well within time, within the assigned budget, and within the project stipulations.

You need soft skills such as communication, leadership, organization, and decision-making skills to maintain good workflows and professional relationships within the team. You will need an MBA in engineering management to qualify for these positions.

Operations Manager

In the field of human resources, operations managers hold advanced positions. In engineering, they are the leaders that make engineering operations smooth and seamless. Operati

on managers are responsible for optimizing a company’s processes and protocols regarding productivity, quality, and costs. You must train staff, manage tasks, and ensure everything is okay. 

Architectural Project Manager

An architectural project manager leads building design processes. The architectural project manager develops the building plans, ensures the building meets federal and regional standards, and communicates with every professional involved in the construction and design of the building.

There are diverse work settings that are available for architectural project managers. 

Systems Analyst

Having acquired a bachelor’s degree in engineering management, you can seek a career as a systems analyst. A cost analyst is a specialist who examines a company’s costs and how it uses its resources before producing a report that will help management make the right choices.

System analysts analyze and design information technology to address business issues.

Technical Manager

A technical manager is someone with well-developed technical abilities and an extensive social network. These professionals are required to perform tasks usually undertaken by the technical efficiency department and ensure that all systems within the company’s internal functions are up-to-date.

They provide further support for diagnostics and other related issues with the device.

Business Analyst

A business analyst evaluates an organization’s structures and procedures like a systems analyst. A business analyst, however, specializes less in technology than a systems analyst. Their emphasis is more geared towards business processes.

They assess business operations, budgets, and other concerns. However, they may need to analyze technical aspects if it concerns the entire business. 

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers cover the physical elements of a construction project. A building project’s structural components include the foundation, arches, and beams, all of which structural engineers should design and handle.

The structural engineer can oversee construction sites, evaluate various structural components’ weight loads, and obtain necessary permissions before work begins.

Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineers usually use research techniques, put materials through testing, and develop the infrastructure needed to produce nuclear energy. These engineering management positions entail developing and evaluating medical diagnosis and treatment tools. 

IT Manager

While information technology is a bit far from engineering, engineering management becomes adept in computer hardware or software through the courses included in programs. One possible work to pursue is to become an IT manager.

To ensure efficient operations, they streamline, control, and procure all information system-related equipment, tools, and processes for IT-based organizations.

Automation Engineer

In contemporary settings, many industries are now relying on automation. Automation engineers manage the processes and equipment connected to automation, which refers to technological systems that run with little or no human intervention.

Automation experts assist customers in various industries to reduce computing flaws, fix issues, and streamline software development.

Technical Advisor

Finally, you can work as a technical advisor after graduating from an engineering management degree. IT systems are usually developed or modified by a technical consultant. They may work as independent contractors or get employed by IT firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Management in Engineering?

The field of engineering management combines corporate management and engineering understanding. It combines the business’s administrative and organizational procedures with engineering’s technical problem-solving abilities.

Engineering managers successfully analyze, plan, and delegate projects requiring in-depth technical know-how and exact leadership.

They must work under demanding circumstances and meet deadlines and financial restrictions.

What can Engineering Management majors do?

You can pursue diverse occupations with Engineering Management degrees. You must decide which one best suits your interests. You will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities required to lead a complete project or operate in a team.

After all, engineering management expertise is useful across numerous sectors, including manufacturing, real estate, transportation, construction, and business administration.

Is an Engineering Management degree a STEM degree?

Engineering management is a STEM degree because engineering is a STEM field. The Engineering Management bachelor’s degree program covers science, technology, engineering, and math topics. 

How long does earning an online Bachelor’s in Engineering Management take?

A 16-week semester and full-time enrollment should allow you to complete your engineering management bachelor’s degree in four years. You might be able to complete your education more quickly if you enroll for a full academic year.

Furthermore, a few programs offer eight weeks or fewer terms, giving you a chance to complete your degree program more quickly. However, if you study part-time, you are expected to delay your program completion. 

Summary Points

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