5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Environmental Management in 2023

If you are passionate about positively impacting the planet through environmental conservation and sustainability, you should consider looking into online degrees in Environmental Management.

Online Degrees in Environment Management - fact

By pursuing this degree, you can comprehensively understand environmental principles, sustainable practices and effective resource management. You also acquire the competencies to address critical global challenges, including climate change, pollution and natural resource depletion.

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In short, you’re not just empowered to pursue your passion; you can also make a well-informed decision and implement effective and efficient sustainability strategies while armed with hard facts, data-driven insights and a profound understanding of environmental management principles.

Environmental Management degree programs provide students the skills that make them versatile in any work setting engaged in environmental sustainability and management in government agencies, non-profit organizations, corporate sustainability roles and environmental consulting. With this degree, graduates have the expertise to lead initiatives, develop policies and make a meaningful contribution to a greener and more sustainable world.

The Lowdown

An online Bachelor in Environment Management program is comparable to a traditional on-campus program, especially when offered by a prestigious school with institutional accreditation approved by a relevant, well-recognized organization. Both degree programs cover a range of essential courses like environmental policies, conservation strategies and innovative solutions for sustainable development.

Students will also be able to engage with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and form a network of professionals who share the same dedication to improving the environment.


Some universities and colleges nationwide offer online environmental management degree programs. To make your search more convenient, we have generated a list of educational institutions offering those programs based on certain criteria.

In essence, each of the best Environmental Management degree programs has the following features:

  • Offers courses in completely online or in hybrid formats,
  • Has a comprehensive curriculum covering essential foundational concepts in environmental science, sustainability and management,
  • Incorporates up-to-date industry practices and trends to ensure students are prepared for evolving environmental issues,
  • Employs faculty members with professional experience in the field,
  • Prepares students for certifications relevant to Environmental Management,
  • Offered by an institution with accreditation from a trusted accrediting organization.

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5 Best Online Bachelor’s in Environmental Management Programs

University of Florida

University of Florida

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management (Online)

The University of Florida offers its online BS in Environmental Management program that provides students with a strong knowledge base in agricultural ecology, soil science, water resources, hydrology and pest management. It is an interdisciplinary studies program concentrating on environmental management in agriculture and natural resources.

Developed by the University’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and delivered through UF Online, this Environmental Management program molds students into employable graduates ready to work in government agencies, agricultural producers and consulting companies engaged in upholding sustainable environment.

The program requires 120 credits toward graduation. Some of the courses the students will take are:

  • Agricultural Ecology    
  • Soil Microbial Ecology
  • Natural Resource Ecology
  • Environmental Hydrology: Principles and Issues
  • Natural Resource Policy and Economics
  • Environmental Nutrient Management

SACSCOC or the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges granted the University of Florida institutional accreditation.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Florida residents can enjoy a much lower tuition rate compared to non-Florida residents. Also, UF Online tuition for residents in the state is at 75% of the regular state tuition.

Did You Know?

Applicants who have missing prerequisites for admission in this degree may participate in the UF Online Ready program if they’re qualified, where they take the necessary courses in UF Online to complete their prerequisites.

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University

Online Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management

The online BS in Environmental Management offered by Columbia Southern University equips students with the necessary technology, theory and strategies to mold them into environmental professionals ready to make a change for the betterment of the planet.

This Environmental Management online degree program requires students to complete 120 credits toward graduation, including 30 credits of General Education courses and 36 credit hours of Major Courses such as the following:

  • Environmental Law
  • Waste Management
  • Air Quality
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Issues
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Introduction to Workplace Safety
  • Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health

The SACSCOC accredits the University to award degrees at all levels. It is also an institutional member of the American Council on Education or ACE and a National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements or NC-SARA participant.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Textbooks, eTextbooks and other course materials are provided without cost to students for a more affordable, high-quality education.

Students can transfer up to 90 credits toward admission.

The University offers students several pay-as-you-learn options, including paying the tuition in full, monthly, weekly or bi-weekly.

Did You Know?

CSU continues to uphold the Quality Matters (QM) standards in their online courses, reflecting the University’s commitment to providing learners with high-caliber education.

Companies and organizations can participate in the University’s Learning Partner program, which can help enhance the education of their members and families. The benefits of being a partner in this program include 10% tuition discounts and exclusive scholarship opportunities.

Lynn University

Lynn University

BS in Environmental Policy and Management (Online)

Lynn University offers a 100% online BS in Environmental Policy and Management degree program that equips students with the skills, knowledge and tools to improve the world by solving global environmental issues. This degree program combines practical sciences and arts to give learners a solid foundation that raises their credibility and expands their career opportunities.

This undergraduate Environmental Management degree online program requires 120 credits toward graduation, including 33 credits of Core Courses and 45 credits of Major Courses. Some of these courses include:

  • Environmental Research in Practice
  • Environmental Risk and Public Health
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Global Environmental Politics and Justice
  • Global Management
  • Human Environment Interactions
  • \ Wildlife Conservation

The Florida-based University holds Southern Association of Colleges &  Schools Commission accreditation.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The curriculum prepares students for the real-world global economy through exposure to an international community, culture and careers.

Exemplary academic advisors and faculty offer one-on-one mentoring and support, which are made possible with a student-faculty ratio of 18:1.

Each learner is assigned a student success manager to assist with the program, from course registration to success tracking.

Did You Know?

Apple has acknowledged the University as a distinguished institution for its school environment and its consistent drive to innovate in learning approaches and teaching methods.

The University has also been ranked as among the country’s Best Online Bachelor’s Programs and Best Value according to U.S. News & World Report.

Purdue Global

Purdue Global

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Policy and Management (0nline)

With its Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management online degree program, Purdue Global molds students into environmental and sustainability specialists who can view the world from a wider vantage point and adopt a broader perspective when making decisions for the betterment of communities and the planet.

The program requires students to complete 180 credits (or 120 semester credits), including 45 from Core and 85 from Major courses.

The Higher Learning Commission, or HLC, has granted regional accreditation to Purdue Global.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students can add the Business Foundations concentration to their B.S. in Environmental Policy and Management degree to strengthen their competencies for management roles.

The curriculum is delivered by commendable faculty members who have real-world industry experience. They are holders of advanced degrees, and most of them have doctorate designations.

Accelerated Master’s Degree Option is available with this program, allowing students to complete both their Bachelor’s and Master’s programs quicker and at a lower tuition cost.

An optional internship is available for students who want hands-on experience in real-world industry settings while earning their bachelor’s degree.

Did You Know?

The Three-Week Trial allows potential students to try Purdue Global courses without tuition obligation to determine if online learning is right.

A 25% discount on tuition is available for international students outside the United States.

University of Central Missouri

University of Central Missouri

Occupational Safety, BS – Environmental Management Option (Hybrid)

All courses in the Occupational Safety, BS – Environmental Management Option degree program from the University of Central Missouri are available online, with some also available in hybrid formats. The program is also for full-time and part-time students and can be completed in an average of four years.

This degree program provides a unique perspective to students considering Environment Management degrees, as it combines multiple disciplines to equip learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure workplace safety while addressing environmental concerns. In short, graduates become safety professionals who can protect people while preventing environmental and workplace harm.

The degree program has received accreditation by the Applied & Natural Science Accreditation Commission of ABET. It is also a Qualified Academic Program (QAP) in the safety, health and environmental (SH&E) field through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP).

Furthermore, the University’s accreditation is endorsed by the Higher Learning Commission.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Graduates from this degree program are eligible for the Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP) designation.

Did You Know?

The University has consistently received top rankings and recognition from various organizations.

 UCM is an online university in Missouri with its own airport.

Is a Bachelor in Environment Management Degree Worth It?

If environmental sustainability and conservation is your passion, a Bachelor in Environmental Management degree is worth it. Especially when you obtain your degree from a reputable school, you can be confident that you have the right skills and knowledge to impact the planet positively.

On another note, the road ahead is paved with opportunities for Environmental Management Bachelor’s degree holders when it comes to employment, considering the following reports from the Labor Statistics Bureau:

Another reason an Environmental Management degree is worth pursuing is the emergence of trends in environmental sustainability. Below are some of them:

  • The adoption of renewable power sources continues to rise as more countries speed up their deployment, driven by decreasing costs and increasing emphasis on decarbonization.
  • Regenerative agricultural practices gained attention for their potential to restore soil health, sequester carbon and enhance food security.
  • Governments, industries and consumers continue to address plastic pollution through bans, recycling initiatives and increased awareness.
  • Businesses shifted towards eco-friendly packaging solutions to reduce waste and environmental impact, driven by consumer demand for sustainable products.

As you can see, a Bachelor in Environmental Management degree is worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bachelor in Environmental Management program address real-world environmental challenges?

The ideal curriculum for this Bachelor’s program should be designed to provide practical solutions to real-world environmental challenges. It should include case studies, fieldwork and hands-on projects that simulate actual scenarios, allowing you to work on environmental impact assessments, pollution prevention strategies, air quality management, and similar sustainability management plans, as well as environmental health and conservation projects.

An Environment Management degree program with internships and collaborations with industry partners is also perfect for students who want to gain exposure to the challenges faced by professionals in the field.

Students are highly advised to research the curriculum of the degree program they’re considering, especially when they want to become environmental management professionals with the knowledge and confidence to deal with pressing environmental issues in their careers and make a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable world.

What potential transferable skills can students gain from a Bachelor’s program in Environmental Management?

Here are some valuable transferable skills gained from the degree program that make graduates more adaptable to a wide range of careers:

  • Communication skills acquired through presenting findings and conveying complex environmental concepts are beneficial in any role that involves teamwork and delivering information to a wide range of key audiences.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are applicable in decision-making across industries.
  • Research and data analysis abilities are essential in roles requiring evidence-based insights.
  • Project management and organization skills developed through managing sustainability initiatives can benefit you in any project-based profession.

What networking opportunities are available for students in the online program?

Despite not being physically present on campus, online students in the Environmental Management Bachelor program can still connect with professionals and peers in various ways.

  • The school may organize or facilitate virtual guest lectures, webinars and online workshops where students can interact with industry experts and seasoned professionals to gain insights into the industry.
  • The curriculum may include internships, cooperative education experiences and field trips to serve as valuable networking opportunities.
  • Dedicated online platforms or discussion boards may allow students to engage in discussions, share experiences and ask questions.
  • Virtual networking events may also be organized where students and alumni from around the world can connect.
  • Some schools may also encourage networking through social media groups and professional networking platforms to connect with professionals in the field.
  • Some programs maintain alumni networks or partnerships with relevant organizations to facilitate connections that can lead to mentorship, job opportunities and collaborations in environmental management.

Summary Points

  • A Bachelor in Environmental Management equips students with a thorough comprehension of environmental principles, effective resource management, and sustainable practices to have the capabilities to address global concerns like natural resource depletion, pollution, and climate change.
  • The curriculum for the Environmental Management degree program may differ from one institution to another, and thus, students are advised to research the program of their choice to ensure enrollment with the institution that aligns with their educational and career goals.
  • The future is bright for Environmental Management graduates, considering the forecasted employment growth for environmental specialists and related jobs from 2021 to 2031.

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