5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Software Engineering in 2023

Most businesses today rely on computer systems and technology, collectively using about 1.31 million new business applications—from invoicing to marketing—collectively! The gaming software industry is at its peak, too, with consumers spending at least $56 billion on video games.

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Consequently, companies that develop, build, or run these programs and applications seek the expertise of software engineers! The Labor Statistics Bureau is foreseeing a 25% job growth in the demand for software developers and quality assurance analysts.

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Software engineers are expected to possess the ability to solve challenging programming problems and build software systems and applications. They often concentrate on specific areas like game development or mobile app development.

The Lowdown

A subfield of Computer Science, Software Engineering integrates the concepts of engineering, programming, mechanics, and software architecture. Software Engineering majors acquire programming languages and develop general attributes such as creativity, analysis, attention to detail, and problem-solving, which companies find attractive.


Are you considering a degree in Bachelor’s in Software Engineering online? Let us help you choose an undergraduate program of the highest quality!

Simplify your search! Each online Software Engineering program on our list was selected based on these factors:

  • Available online or combined with in-person classes, enabling students to complete their coursework conveniently,
  • Covers the many facets of the discipline, including operating systems, software, applications, and network systems components, 
  • Features Software Engineering degree online curricula designed by software engineers and information technology experts, 
  • Strongly emphasizes soft skills such as leadership, communication, analysis, classroom management, instructional skills, decision-making abilities, and problem-solving abilities,
  • Taught by professional software engineers with substantial experience in the field and contribution to the discipline,
  • Offers financial assistance for eligible online undergraduates, including federal aid, scholarships, transfer credits, veteran benefits, student loans, and grants,
  • Obtained regional accreditation and programmatic approvals from academic agencies that establish the standards of academic instruction for Software Engineering online bachelor programs or online learning in general.

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Best Online Bachelor’s in Software Engineering Programs

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Western Governors University welcomes all kinds of learners with their online Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering. With the help of this online degree, you can develop a cutting-edge job while increasing your earning potential and prospects for promotion. The BS was created with advice from industry professionals.

You will build a strong foundation in software engineering and enhance your coding skills. At the same time, you’ll brush up on the following technical skill sets:

  • Web Development
  • Software Programming
  • UX Design
  • Web Scripting
  • Mobile Application Creation
  • Software Quality Assurance

WGU’s online bachelor’s degree embed program has several industry-recognized certifications in the curriculum. Even before you finish your degree, you can get these certificates and begin to open doors for yourself. Making you a superb enterprise-level software engineer is the main goal of this training.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Professionals created WGU’s Bachelor’s in Software Engineering to address the needs of a quick-paced, constantly-evolving field. It deepens students’ theoretical understanding and enhances their practical expertise in this field.. Students also learn the best practices in data management, systems and services, scripting, networking and security, and programming.

Did You Know?

Three of the top industry certifications are included in this online curriculum for software engineering, helping you improve your resume even before you graduate.

New England Institute of Technology

New England Institute of Technology

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

The web-based Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering degree is available at the New England Institute of Technology. This online degree allows students to explore programming languages, especially object-oriented ones, and gain a deeper understanding of the design, development, and implementation of databases, webs, and mobile applications.

During the final two terms of the software engineering program, students can choose between experiencing other kinds of learning activities or going through additional courses. Every student is also required to have the senior project, a design project developed in collaboration with faculty members that allows students to apply the knowledge they have gained throughout their software engineering education to a particular topic.

What Makes this Program Unique:

One of the unique features of this online degree in software engineering is the option to have a cooperative learning experience. These opportunities—which may be paid or unpaid—let students work off campus for an organization where they can hone their technical abilities while earning college credit. The final two terms of the bachelor’s degree program are typically, and when possible, spent working for the same company.

Did You Know?

After completing the software engineering program, students will be prepared to apply for jobs as system developers, software analysts, database specialists, software engineers, software quality assurance specialists, web programmers, or web developers. In addition, students can continue their education by earning a Master of Science (MS) in Information Technology.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science: Software Engineering

Southern New Hampshire University offers the web-based online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science – Software Engineering concentration. In this online degree, you will learn the fundamentals and principles of software engineering, which will help you get the skills and experience you need.

As a student in this software engineering program, you will design and develop computer software while solving real-world problems. A software engineering concentration will require you to demonstrate your ability to apply sound user experience principles through devising a portfolio. Furthermore, you’ll be trained to secure coding practices as you progress toward graduation.

What Makes this Program Unique:

In addition to their decades of experience, SNHU’s expert faculty exhibit strong leadership in their professional careers and classrooms. Graduates who gain this experience will be better prepared for success in a field that’s always changing through courses and curricula designed to support that success. As you accelerate your learning, you’ll be more exposed to the trends in systems architecture and be familiar with engineering codes. 

Did You Know?

You’ll acquire the specialized math, science, and engineering abilities you’ll need for career success in the courses within this online bachelor’s software engineering program, which emphasizes the design and development of computer software.

Penn State World Campus

PennState World Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Penn State’s Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering can be taken online through their World Campus. In this online degree, students will have an intensive foundation in software engineering through a combination of studying theories, practical applications, and design projects.

To give students a thorough understanding of the subject and to prepare graduates for the workforce or further study, the undergraduate curriculum combines engineering concepts, computer skills, project leadership, and software development.

The courses in this Software Engineering program allow students to strengthen their communication and problem-solving abilities and teamwork abilities. Furthermore, you will be exposed to learning modern tools for creating web applications or software for embedded systems.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The course combines a narrowly focused curriculum with a flexible, convenient online format, allowing you to keep up with your professional responsibilities while earning a respected credential. It is provided in collaboration with Penn State Behrend’s School of Engineering.

When you earn your online degree from Penn State World Campus, you will receive a fully accredited program delivered by highly regarded faculty members, an outstanding team of professionals ready to assist and provide a collaborative learning environment. Classes involve a meaningful interaction between faculty and classmates, and the opportunity to join the Penn State community for the first time.

Did You Know?

As part of the program, you will also be taught skills necessary to participate effectively in business practices and team dynamics in an organization and positively impact them. During your senior year, you can work with your peers to design, plan, manage, and implement a software system as part of an industry-sponsored capstone course series.

St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

By obtaining an online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering degree at St. Cloud State University, you can acquire skills in engineering principles, software programming, and launching software projects, preparing you to enter the workforce or further your education.

As you progress through the program, you will develop communication, critical thinking, and professional skills relevant to the industry.

You get strong problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills from the curriculum. This online software engineering degree will also introduce modern tools for developing mobile and online applications, software security, and big data analytics.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Collaboration with industry has led to developing the Software Engineering curriculum incorporating the best technological practices. Another best feature of this online degree is its following a project-based curriculum, making it unique. Get ready to tackle courses such as methodologies, paradigms, patterns, and technologies related to software engineering.   

Did You Know?

St. Cloud State University offers a lot of student organizations to join. For instance, they have the Math Club, the Student Organization for Software Engineering, Computer Science Club, Information Technology Club, and Video Game Development Club.

Software Engineering vs. Computer Engineering: What's the Difference?

Software Engineering vs. Computer Engineering: What’s the Difference?

As prospective students search for the best online degree involving technical engineering, two common and popular majors—Computer Engineering and Software Engineering—are often the top choices.

Hardware Engineering refers to the circuit boards and electronics that make up computers. The design and development of the electronic parts that go into computers is the focus of a degree in computer engineering, whereas the creation of the software that will eventually operate on that hardware is the focus of a degree in software engineering.

Computer engineers frequently study electrical engineering, programming, and electronics. While computer programmers and software engineers seem never to leave their workstations, computer engineers spend a lot of time in labs building electronics. Meanwhile, software engineering is more about learning programming and coding languages to develop software programs, web and mobile applications. 

Benefits of Earning an Online Bachelor’s in Software Engineering

Learn various programming languages.

Learners must build strong computer programming skills because web developer occupations revolve around scripting, network configuration and coding. Students learn about fundamental data types, programming styles, and self-documenting code through laboratory practice and classroom discussion. Programmers design and implement solutions based on their knowledge of programming.

Enjoy a high salary.

One good reason to go into the software engineering field is its return on investment in salaries. In the US, $107,704 is considered a good starting salary for software engineers! But it’s worth noting that the starting salary for a competitive job will depend on the location and cost of living.

Experience job security and high demand.

The general public needs the services of software engineering experts to meet the ever-growing social challenges since these professionals create software applications to address specific societal concerns or problems. Software engineers have a high level of job security because the area of software engineering is large and expanding with many career prospects. Such engineers are in high demand because of their knowledge and abilities.

In practice, every sector requires its type of software and engineers who are qualified to develop it. With the world’s digitalization and switch to online, software engineers will be in greater demand. Software engineering is a terrific choice when searching for a professional position with a bright future.

Get access to unlimited opportunities.

Software Engineering offers numerous opportunities, with software developers and software engineers from the top schools in the country being approached and hired by local, national, and global companies! Some countries that do may offer higher pay due to a shortage of technically skilled, well-educated software engineers. 

Find a promising software engineering career pathway.

Another good reason to pursue software engineering is the anticipation of our future. With Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, cyber security, and robots with custom languages on the rise, software engineers are seen as important and indispensable contributors to the field! The software engineering profession is expected to be involved in various new procedures.

Have fun with software engineering projects.

Within their sector, software engineers frequently specialize in creating software applications. They carry on tasks that excite or interest them. For instance, a software engineer interested in the financial sector might focus solely on creating software for Fintech applications. Industries use software engineers to enhance their processes and provide cutting-edge job possibilities for them.

Possible Jobs to Get After Graduating from an Online Bachelor's in Software Engineering

Possible Jobs to Get After Graduating from an Online Bachelor’s in Software Engineering

Computer Hardware Engineer

Researchers, designers, and computer hardware developers focus on the technical details of products. Computer hardware engineers usually design blueprints and schematics for computer hardware and other electrical equipment. They typically work for major mobile, web, or computer technologies firms. While some engineers may collaborate with software engineers to better understand how new technologies interact, others may concentrate solely on research and development.

Full-Stack Developer

Front-stack developers create software that is both front and back end. These experts design the user experience and interaction designs for web applications and the database and server-side control software.

Web Designer

Websites that engage users and consumers are conceptualized and built by web designers. Designers create multimedia online promotions with clients to bolster a business’s brand. Some web designers are also in charge of running websites regularly.

UX Designer

From a user’s standpoint, these experts increase the usability and efficiency of software and hardware. To establish the product’s objectives, they work with designers, programmers, engineers, and project managers. Wireframes are created by UX designers, who also test prototypes and hold focus groups. When necessary, they alter their products.

Computer Systems Manager

The majority of computer systems management specialties include instruction in the creation of several computer applications. They are in charge of using and implementing numerous apps and technologies, which they delegate to the entire team.

Information Systems Analyst

Information security analysts usually work in the information systems department. These professionals assess a business’s security configuration and requirements and offer recommendations for improvement. Analysts may monitor systems to evaluate risk and find potential weaknesses. They might also give training so a member of the internal team can take over, or they might install and implement the required security programs.

Computer Support Specialist

The network division of an organization employs customer support specialists. To find and fix issues, they evaluate computer systems. Additionally, they build backup files to help with disaster recovery and carry out regular maintenance to enhance system efficiency. These experts can also teach brand-new users and assist clients in correcting typical mistakes.

Network Systems Administrator

Network systems administrators supervise their organization’s daily operations of the networked computer systems. They might collaborate with the leadership to upgrade IT requirements, installing new software and hardware as necessary. These experts also monitor cyberattacks, allow access to new users, and enforce network security regulations.

Software Developer

Software developers can choose between two main subfields, similar to web developers. Application developers create task-specific software for desktops and mobile devices. On the other hand, another kind of systems developer designs the user interface controls for common electronics and the underlying software that makes it possible for computers to function as intended.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers construct the security networks and systems the IT architects, consultants, and management have devised. They set up and test apps and development tools, enhancing performance and conducting troubleshooting as required. Their main goal is to ensure top cybersecurity standards for the entire organization. 

Tips to Become a Software Engineer

There is a great deal of study and learning involved in software engineering. But aside from acquiring an online bachelor’s degree in software engineering, there are many other steps to becoming a software engineer. Consider the tips below:

Consider enrolling in boot camps.

The purpose of boot camps is to provide an intensive training program that develops the technical skills to land a job as a software engineer. It usually takes twenty to thirty weeks for a boot camp to complete. Additional and more exhaustive lessons on the Software Engineering industry could be acquired from these programs besides your undergraduate degree online. Most programs are project-based, and you can showcase your work to potential employers.

Develop healthy study habits (because Engineering is no walk in the park)!

Lifelong learners are usually the ones that succeed in their craft. For your studies to be successful and solidified, you must learn how to learn effectively, regardless of your educational background and learning style. Acing your Software Engineering courses will help you, as a software engineer, pick up new things quicker and make them stick. After all, there is always something to learn on the job in this profession.

Collaborate with fellow learners and experts in the industry.

Most projects or job descriptions in software engineering require collaboration with other key people. You’ll often work with system analysts, fellow engineers, and programmers. You’ll develop an application or software while gathering information and studying or monitoring progress.

Familiarize yourself with data structures and algorithms.

Data structures and algorithms will likely come up frequently when you interview for software engineering jobs. While coding and programming skills are almost a given for software engineers, many employers today seek engineers who are also adept in data structures and algorithms.

Acquiring a solid understanding of these topics will help you write more scalable and maintainable code and address problems more efficiently and effectively.

How long does finishing an Online Bachelor's in Software Engineering take?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does finishing an Online Bachelor’s in Software Engineering take?

Programs differ in how long it takes to complete an online degree in software engineering. However, most bachelor’s degrees, including those in software engineering, need four years for full-time students to finish. Part-time students who study at their own pace will take longer to complete the degree. However, there are accelerated options with quicker graduation dates for those who want to expedite their program.

What can graduates expect from an online Bachelor’s in Software Engineering?

Software Engineering degree programs online allow graduates to work in the development and engineering of software. By taking this online program, you’ll tackle several courses related to computer programming languages, cybersecurity, software design, and computer networks. In this course, students learn about engineering principles and how to evaluate usability.

In most cases, online software engineering degrees require a full-time commitment of four years and 120 credits. These programs include introductory courses in computer programming languages, software engineering techniques, and human-computer interaction design.

Is an online Bachelor’s in Software Engineering difficult for students to learn?

There could be different answers to this question, depending on the person. But in summary, most students would tell you that software engineering is a bit more challenging than other non-computer programs, but it would be easier and lighter than traditional engineering degrees.

Software development program students and graduates are problem solvers. Basic software development knowledge is not difficult to acquire, but those who have math difficulty or are not natural problem solvers may find it difficult.

Why pursue a software engineering career?

The field of software engineering combines opportunity with flexibility. Depending on their interests and skills, professionals in the field of software engineering can pursue careers in information technologies, computer systems design, mobile development, or project management. 

Software engineers find work in a wide variety of industries. Researchers, programmers, and sales teams can all collaborate and work together to improve business operations daily. In many cases, these engineers need to be able to deal with problems analytically and solve them quickly. They frequently rely on sophisticated computer systems and programming expertise.

Summary Points

  • Understanding Software Program Development and Engineering can lead to professions as a project manager, sales representative, or in developer relations. After all, being able to create software makes it possible for you to work for a variety of businesses.
  • Online Software Engineering programs result in fantastic careers that present the flexibility, autonomy, good income, and healthy work-life balance many workers can only dream of! You will have various career options as a software engineer, so you should be able to find something that suits your preferences.
  • Ultimately, a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering is demanding, but it ensures you’ll have a great career as soon as you complete the program!

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