10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Social Science

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If you’re curious about society and how people interact daily, Social Science is an ideal field of study to explore. The Social Sciences are interdisciplinary fields that study how society works and how human behavior influences the environment.

Social Science disciplines health, education, business, and other areas of life to improve people’s lives. Social dynamics can be measured and studied in different contexts. You will discover and explore how social relationships work.

Online Degrees in Social Science - fact

By studying for an online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, you’ll learn the empirical research methods and data relevant to analyzing and assessing relationships, culture, and societal issues. Such findings and observations can be used by authorities, research firms, social groups, legislators, and local governments.

Unsurprisingly, Social Science degrees are among the most sought-after in the country today. The Labor Statistics Bureau says at least 4 million people are employed in the Social Science field.

The Lowdown

The occupations for life, physical, and Social Science are expected to grow by 4-16% in the next decade. It’s time to select the best online bachelor’s program in Social Science to equip you for the most in-demand roles today.

Students can pursue various specialties to prepare them for various careers, such as Social Science research. There is no limit to the range of careers graduates can take on, including those in business, academia, human resources, and even health care.


Acquire Social Science skills, learn alongside industry experts, and build your network early in college. We curated today’s best programs from top-rated colleges to help you select the best online Social Science degree! Each Social Science online degree program was picked with the following factors in mind:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Social Science Programs

University of Washington

University of Washington

Online Bachelor of Arts – Integrated Social Sciences

Choose a learning institution to help you achieve your goals and transform your life by attending the University of Washington’s Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences online program. By studying the Social Sciences, you can understand how complex organizations, societies, and their interactions work, interact, and change. 

Today’s workplace and essential job skills are changing rapidly, and you will be able to adapt by honing your skills with a Social Sciences degree at the University of Washington. Furthermore, you may stumble upon a passion that transforms your life.

Courses for the BA in Integrated Social Sciences cover various Social Science specialties. Topics regarding the social structures in both modern and historical societies are covered. 

What’s Unique About the Program:

Students in the program investigate and gain an understanding of the interactions between various groups and communities. Benefit from the state-of-the-art curricula by participating in the Portfolio Seminar in Integrated Social Sciences and high-quality courses.

Finally, after your studies, you will present your knowledge in the Integrated Social Sciences Capstone project.

Did You Know?

It is crucial to remember that to fulfill degree requirements, you must pass one course from each of the seven thematic areas of investigation. While part-time students can need three to four years, full-time students often complete their degrees in 1-2 years.

New York University

New York University - School of Professional Studies

Online Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

The New York University Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences is offered by the School of Professional Studies at New York University. Imagine how this online degree can make your resume stand out and give you the intellectual curiosity, knowledge, and abilities to start or enhance your profession.

Graduates of Social Science programs can pursue careers in various sectors, including law, finance, management, government, social work, psychology, education, and economics. A capstone project and internship are two requirements for completing this online Social Science degree. 

What’s Unique About the Program:

Whether you are sure about the career path you want to take or are unsure, the Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences can give you an NYU education that suits your needs. See how the world is changing due to trends and practices that will be covered in your courses.

This online program has partnered with a wide range of employers who can provide internships so they can help you earn more real-life Social Science experiences. 

Did You Know?

With a Social Science degree, graduates have numerous employment options. Graduates work for various employers, including large corporations and non-profit organizations.

Further, a Social Science bachelor’s degree is every undergraduate’s springboard for graduate study.

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Online Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences

The online BS in Social Sciences program is available at the University of Central Florida. This online degree aims to train learners to comprehend human societies and associations. At UCF Online, you can customize a degree program to fit your interests.

You will be taught Statistics and research techniques, along with improving your analytical and critical thinking skills.

In this online program, you will be prepared to comprehend and apply different approaches in the multidisciplinary field of Social Sciences. The entire degree requires a total of 120 credits. At the end of the program, students can distinguish and address social issues from various angles. 

What’s Unique About the Program:

Learning to think critically, solve problems, and evaluate data is considered useful skills in numerous professional settings. This unique program will train you to investigate complicated social issues from several perspectives to develop a comprehensive grasp of human society.

Did You Know?

With a deeper understanding of human behavior, you will be prepared for a variety of areas with your Social Science degree. You have numerous career options, including journalism, human resources, social work, and more. 

Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Integrated Social Science

Analyze the relationships between institutions and people in society by learning the online Bachelor of Science in Integrated Social Sciences degree program offered at Pennsylvania State University. This online degree is a good option if you are unsure what field to pursue or want to build on your prior knowledge.

In the integrated Social Sciences, people and institutions interact with each other. The content, theories, and methods of the Social Sciences are all included in one Bachelor of Science in Integrated Social Sciences program. 

Some of the courses tackled in this program are:

An undergraduate degree in Integrated Social Sciences requires a minimum of 120 credits. The final step is for students to create a portfolio for their capstone project.

Students at Penn State will have the opportunity to study with renowned professors from the College of Liberal Arts, one of the top liberal arts schools in the world.

What’s Unique About the Program:

As an integrated Social Science student, you can gain a wide range of skills, including knowledge development and presentation skills, system and process implementation skills, critical thinking skills, and theory application.

This degree program is ideal for those who have paused their studies and are deciding to jump back into attending a bachelor’s program.

Did You Know?

The program comes with financial aid options available for online students. You can qualify for scholarships or choose among their payment choices. They also offer support to veteran and military personnel and their families.

Dickinson State University

Dickinson State University

Online Bachelor of Arts: Composite Social Science

Dickinson State University’s Social Sciences Department fosters students’ appreciation for global cultures. Among its Social Sciences degrees, it offers the Bachelor of Arts in Composite Social Science online degree. 

The teachers and staff in the Department of Social Sciences at Dickinson State University are a team of experts prepared to aid students in comprehending and appreciating the different parts of the Social Sciences.

At Dickinson State University, students will gain familiarity with the instruments utilized to create economic and governmental policies by retaining the knowledge taught by faculty in the Social Sciences.

By studying world civilizations, the US, the structure of government, political discourse, and other Social Science topics, students will be guided in examining and weighing potential solutions to problems.

What’s Unique About the Program:

Students will develop knowledge and analytical and critical thinking skills through familiarity with the materials and methodology taught in the Social Sciences. Instructors encourage students to actively engage in the social and political affairs of the United States and the global community.

The undergraduate program’s opportunities and activities allow students to participate in articulating social issues creatively and informally, which can develop a lifelong interest in the Social Sciences. They will also prepare students for graduate school and further professional development.

Did You Know?

Each student who enrolls in a Social Science course at Dickinson State University will learn about and develop an appreciation for American and global cultural heritage.

They will also actively participate in the social and political affairs of the United States and the global community, develop a lifelong interest in the Social Sciences, and communicate about social issues.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Social Science

Embrace perspectives from anthropology, psychology, behavioral sciences, and sociology when you enroll at the University of Maryland Global Campus’ online Bachelor’s in Social Science. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to hone in and concentrate on one of these areas to broaden your professional expertise. 

The curriculum mixes theories with real-world applications and useful skills. Their curriculum is crafted in collaboration with their cream-of-the-crop professors and industry professionals.

To graduate, students must complete 120 credits. A high school diploma or an equivalent is required for applicants to be eligible for the program. 

What’s Unique About the Program:

The University of Maryland Global Campus Social Science online degree will train you to convey Social Science concepts effectively. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to examine the relationship between micro and macro factors in communities.

You’ll be exposed to real problems and will examine them from diversity and global multiculturalism perspectives.

Did You Know?

Up to your allowed course load, you can pursue multiple courses simultaneously. A prerequisite and follow-up course can be taken in a different session. Your plan will be particular to you and based on certain elements, such as the number of credits you transfer to this program.

Troy University

Troy University

Online Bachelor of Science in Social Science

The College of Arts and Sciences at Troy University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Social Science degree program. Most students are enrolled in the college, which also offers the university’s top degree program for research missions.

The Social Science major at Troy University will equip you to comprehend society and contribute meaningfully. You will be honed to develop your technology skills and improve your soft skills like interdisciplinary thinking, problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking.

A Social Science degree will teach you to use data analytics to examine society’s problems, identify improvements, and suggest solutions. As a result of this course, you will be able to communicate effectively and analyze the needs of individuals and communities.

To develop the capacity to assess complex social problems and seek practical solutions, you will need to understand, accept, and appreciate diversity, social issues, and worldwide multicultural perspectives. All this training and more are included in this Social Science degree at Troy University.

What’s Unique About the Program:

This Social Science degree is a great option if you want to pursue a second degree in education and qualify for teacher certification in Alabama. Students must complete the General Social Science concentration to benefit from the 58-hour Accelerated Law curriculum, another pathway to pursue in the Social Science field.

Students must also enroll in additional upper-division courses at Troy by their junior year to be eligible for the program. Each partnering university has its entrance standards that must be met before admission is granted.

Did You Know?

For interested Social Science students, you can take advantage of Troy’s helpful resources, such as libraries, student success centers, and scholarships, and seek help and assistance from their admissions staff.

California State University at Chico

California State University at Chico - Professional and Continuing Education

Online Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

Social scientists study individuals and groups within society. If you want to have this career, you may begin by choosing to enroll in an online Bachelor of Arts in Social Science offered by California State University at Chico. 

As a Social Science major, students will gain a broad understanding of how people interact in society. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary educational opportunities are available through the Social Science Program. The major has two options, and all classes are delivered entirely online.

This program requires a senior capstone project and satisfies the University’s graduation requirement for writing proficiency. Some courses rotate on a two-year cycle.

What’s Unique About the Program:

Several specializations are available in the BA in Social Science, allowing you to focus your studies on a field you are passionate about. These include Career and Life Planning, Anthropology, Child Development, Community Organizing for Social Change, Gerontology, Family Relations, and Environmental Planning. 

Did You Know?

You might have to complete additional general education prerequisites to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. All Chico State students must complete nine units of upper-division Pathways coursework. You can find suitable online Pathways courses with the help of their Social Science advisors.

Washington State University

Washington State University Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Social Science

Students who pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences online at Washington State University can tailor their education to fit their professional and personal goals.

This is a flexible option for working adults. The program is very flexible and lets students personalize their educational journey. It rigorously adheres to an interdisciplinary curriculum while emphasizing Social Science courses.

Students can select from various concentrations, study numerous subjects, and frequently take advantage of transfer credits, emphasizing viewing the world through the perspective of the Social Sciences. 

What’s Unique About the Program:

In this online degree, you can focus on your areas of interest and choose from various concentrations. Learn valuable information and acquire marketable skills so that you can choose various occupations once you graduate.

The College of Arts and Sciences at WSU has a knowledgeable and qualified faculty and is ready to assist you with your professional journey.

Did You Know?

The WSU’s fully online bachelor’s in Social Sciences program equips students with transferable abilities employers desire, such as analytical and critical thinking, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication.

Once you graduate, your degree will give you access to various professions in the corporate, government, law enforcement, social services, and public service sectors. The degree also offers a strong basis for pursuing higher education, too.

Great Basin College

Great Basin College

Online Bachelor of Science in Social Science

Students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science at Great Basin College can earn knowledge and education in four major aspects: history, political science, anthropology, and psychology.

Students’ knowledge base is widened while their communication and critical thinking skills are improved by courses in these and other fields. Thanks to its obligatory capstone course, it provides opportunities to build skills, form relationships, and apply newly learned information to professional tasks. T

he program’s instructors provide a wide selection of courses covering a variety of interests. 

Some of the topics concluded in the program are:

Online courses are available for the capstone course and all prerequisites for the BA in Social Science. These degrees can now be earned online, giving students the flexibility they need to succeed academically and professionally.

What’s Unique About the Program:

Each program’s instructor is a well-trained, experienced academician with many years of practice. There is an internship requirement, and this is the perfect learning opportunity for working adults seeking to advance their careers.

Furthermore, the successful student will have a skill set after finishing that they can use in graduate or professional school. 

Did You Know?

The Social Science programs at GBC prepare students for careers in environmental consulting, education, psychology, counseling, sociology, human resources, and archaeology. Some have advanced in their current positions in government, non-profit, and business organizations. 

As part of a liberal arts education, a major in Social Science is often included. The Social Sciences are more interested in how systems have been created and operated in the past and present than the natural sciences, which are more concerned with natural systems like biology or chemistry.

Communication Studies

For those who want to pursue communication careers, it’s best to specialize in communication studies. The field of communication studies straddles the social and humanities. Students of this curriculum investigate how individuals interact with one another and how they communicate with one another.


Anthropology is the study of human development. There are a few ways to focus more narrowly on this large field; for instance, you could specialize in archaeology or cultural anthropology.   


For those who love to study the economy and the financial aspects, specializing in economics is a good pathway. Students majoring in economics examine the operation of regional, governmental, and global economic systems and subjects like wealth and resources.

Depending on your program, some will focus on and entail quantitative research techniques.

Criminal Justice

Students who major in criminal justice go deeply into the legal system and spend time learning about the psychology of criminal behavior. The major frequently combines a variety of perspectives, such as history, psychology, and communications.  

Environmental Studies

Studies on the environment pay particular attention to how society affects environmental problems, including resource scarcity and climate change as well as other environmental problems. 

International Relations

Students majoring in international relations examine how various nations interact with one another on a cultural, political, economic, or other systemic level. You will experience studying different subtopics about the environment, national security, human rights, or global health within the wide study of international relations. 


Geography studies the interaction between the natural and built worlds. The primary draws on the physical, natural, and mathematical sciences. Geospatial representation and analysis coursework may also be included in some programs.   

How to Become a Successful Social Scientist

Known as social scientists, they usually specialize in studying society, social interactions, and human relationships. Politics, religion, or economics are among the areas of study that social scientists specialize in.

Research and monitoring social interactions are key tasks for social scientists to test theories and draw conclusions. Social scientists may research in the field or at a university if they work in academia. Otherwise, they can work in research centers, government offices, or social advocacy organizations.

No matter what career you pursue, here are some invaluable tips to make you a successful social scientist:

Get educated. 

To become a social scientist, one must earn an appropriate bachelor’s degree, preferably in Social Science. Academic careers can prepare you for successful research since they rely heavily on research.

There are many fields of concentration to choose from in Social Science, and it’s wise to choose one that fits your passion and interest. 

Select a Social Science career path.

Depending on your degree of education, you may have various professional options after graduation in Social Science. Choosing your specialization in Social Science may influence the career path you want to pursue.

Consider your beliefs and professional ambitions when choosing what to pursue with your education and expertise. The good news is you can use your knowledge and training as a social scientist in several ways.

Consider proceeding to higher or continuing education.

You might consider getting an advanced degree in sociology or Social Sciences if you wish to work in academia or as a professional scientist. With graduate and doctoral degrees, you can devote more time to studies and focus on a specialized field of research.

Whether your goal is to get promoted to upper positions in the government or the field of academia and research, higher education, like a Ph.D. or doctorate, may be necessary. 

Gain experience.

There are many ways to gain experience. For starters, Social Science bachelor’s degrees usually come with internships and capstone projects that can expose you to real work settings. Join research teams or support instructors in the classroom when you find a job.

Teaching assistantships and collaborations with seasoned researchers are frequently available to graduate students. You can refine your area of interest and become eligible for more advanced opportunities by gaining research and professional experience.

Hone and develop your social scientist abilities.

Your bachelor’s degree journey is your training ground to develop your social scientist skills. There are many other ways to hone your abilities. Self-study and continuously learning through available resources online and books and research.

As you pursue your studies and gain experience, develop abilities to help you in your career. 

Make your CV appealing.

Constantly update the details in your CV or resume. Adapt your resume to your desired position by reflecting on your education, skills, and experience. You can use specific job descriptions as a guide when writing your CV.

It would help to check out the demands and requirements of Social Science industry employers and design your CV that meets these. 

Advantages of Learning a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science

Become good citizens.

People gain a deeper understanding of their environment and communities by studying Social Science. Since Social Science is about moral development, students will continue to learn the essence of being a good citizen no matter where they live.

The skills they earn in a bachelor’s degree in Social Science can help them solve problems for everyday issues. Such skills are needed in communities and organizations where they’re a part. 

Increase cultural awareness.

Social studies lessons offer students numerous opportunities to learn about various cultures. After learning about the differences, many people realize how humans should respect each other’s cultures and embrace similarities and common grounds.

Through movies, interactive maps, and talks, teachers can help students better understand other cultures and have meaningful interactions in the future.

Learn from history.

Many students develop an understanding of and respect for the past due to studying world history and Social Science. Studying the past allows students to understand better how history shaped the modern world. And through this, people will be able to build a brighter future. 

Stay on top of social trends.

Many social studies programs emphasize economics, cultural diversity, or societal changes, creating an environment suited to debating current international affairs. Students can get a more comprehensive grasp of their government and the governments of other nations by discussing current events in social studies class.

Current events, such as elections and economic changes, allow teachers to demonstrate civility and respect for others in assessing and debating opposing ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Social Science Bachelor’s degree worthwhile?

For many professionals, a bachelor’s degree in Social Science is worthwhile. Because they offer the chance to study people and cultures, Social Science’s many subfields are frequently found to be attractive to students.

Whether you have a passion for political science, psychology, or economics, majoring in Social Science can be a good choice.

The Labor Statistics Bureau also forecasts plenty of job prospects in the Social Sciences over the following ten years. Life, physical, and Social Science occupations are predicted to rise by 5-7%, which aligns with the national average for job growth.

What can you do with a degree in Social Science?

Graduates in the Social Sciences are qualified for a range of entry-level positions in their field. For instance, some people hold technical or educational positions in museums. Other people work as researchers’ assistants for historians, political scientists, or sociologists. Possession of a teaching credential makes teaching in public schools possible.

For instance, these graduates might instruct high school economics or middle school history. Many graduates of Social Science fields work in the public sector or community development, possibly as social workers or legislative assistants.

Others work in the commercial world as public relations or marketing specialists.

Why pursue a Social Science Bachelor’s degree online?

The drive to understand the world is innate in humans. To improve it as a place to live, people must try to comprehend it. After all, humanity is one and all related to each other. Social institutions are composed of people with a shared history, culture, way of living, and thinking.

By pursuing an online bachelor’s in Social Science, people can understand better and unveil the complex issues in different societies.

How long does it take to complete a Bachelor of Social Science online?

An online Social Science degree can be completed anytime, depending on the student. Full-time online bachelor’s in Social Science program students finish it after completing 120 credits or four years. Nevertheless, depending on your situation, you might complete the course for a shorter or longer period.

You may study at your own pace when you sign up for an online course, which is a benefit. You won’t encounter issues like being unable to enroll in a class because there are no more openings.

All you have to do is choose a program that offers flexibility and convenience so you can finish your online degree at your own pace. 

Summary Points

Additional Information: