5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Retail and Sales Management in 2023

One of the United States’ largest industries, the retail industry, directly employs 32 million people. And even as eCommerce takes the world by storm, physical stores are here to stay, according to research. Physical store retail managers do work that is just as important as those in online retail and sales.

Online Degrees in Retail and Sales Management - fact

Individuals who see themselves succeeding in merchandising, marketing & sales, advertising, campaigning, and marketing can pursue careers in Retail Management.

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An online bachelor’s degree in Retail and Sales Management is essentially about enhancing an organization’s internal processes, involving inventory management, handling staff, and operating stores and warehouses.

The Lowdown

Retail employers look for candidates with a wide range of transferable skills, are adaptable, and have a deep understanding of the industry. With a Bachelor’s in Retail and Sales Management degree online, graduates become experts in the nuts and bolts of the job. Consequently, they become prepared to do retail or sales manager work in local and international companies.


Many business schools offer a Retail Management program, but only a handful deliver online or blended programs.

We compiled five reputable colleges offering the best Bachelor’s in Retail Management online programs. Every school or program on this ranking meets these criteria:

  • Offered as a 100% online or hybrid undergraduate degree,
  • Consists of rigorous coursework focusing on supply chain, logistics, consumer behavior, and other courses relevant to Retail and Sales Management,
  • Creates a pathway toward a master’s degree in Business or other related studies,
  • Prepares graduates for a variety of work environments should they choose retail employment or entrepreneurship,
  • Features professors who are leaders in the retail industry, have substantial experience in the field, and are part of strong business and retail networks worldwide,
  • Offers tuition assistance, offering grants, loans, scholarships, transfer credit programs, and other financial aid options to eligible students, 
  • Regionally accredited, and recognized by industry agencies (e.g., Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).

More information on our ranking process can be found on our Methodology page.

5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Retail and Sales Management

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business: Retail Management

Arizona State University offers its online Bachelor of Arts in Business: Retail Management program, intended for students who are enthusiasts in retail and sales. Retail management strategies executed flawlessly provide seamless buying experiences for customers. This is the main reason why small, medium, and large retail companies need skilled retail managers. In addition to developing a comprehensive business background, you will gain an understanding of key industry strategies, and this online degree is useful for future company leaders.

Retail management could be the perfect concentration for you if you’re interested in shaping consumer experiences. A career in retail is a challenging and rewarding one, and this program provides you with the necessary skills to succeed in any retail organization, no matter how small or large the business scope is.

Professionals in the retail industry use retail management techniques to facilitate easy, enjoyable customer interactions. This role involves supervising retail operations at every level, from managing staff to addressing compliance, sustainability, and marketing requirements.

You will gain valuable knowledge of important retail industry trends and topics in this online bachelor’s degree.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The retail management concentration at Arizona State University provides you with valuable business knowledge and coursework covering pertinent retail topics and trends. By providing an outstanding customer experience, retail management can contribute to repeat business, referrals, and the reputation of the brand. The benefit of a retail management degree concentration is that you’ll acquire a thorough knowledge of key strategies used in the industry. 

Did You Know?

By taking this online Bachelor’s in Retail Management at Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business, you can rest assured that you’re part of a department that’s one of the best business schools in the country.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration: Retail and Sales Management

Online business administration degrees from Oregon State University prepare you for global challenges by providing innovative solutions. They offer an online Bachelor’s in Retail Management that helps you gain specialized knowledge of marketing and management strategies relevant to the retail sector. Throughout the online coursework, students learn how to attract customers to the store and meet their needs.

In this online program, you will be trained to become a retail manager. Business operations must be efficient and profitable for a company to be successful, and employees should perform efficiently and effectively. A store manager is responsible for coordinating the store’s activities, overseeing sales, resolving problems, and coordinating employee schedules. With Ecampus, students can major in retail management online. Retail management courses cover retail management, logistics, consumer behavior, and supply chain strategy courses.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Oregon State University is dedicated to ensuring your success. Due to this, OSU Ecampus students are able to access important resources, such as tutoring, library services, and success coaching to make online study as collaborative and rewarding as possible. It is possible for students to combine an online course with an in-person course at Oregon State’s Portland campus if they so choose.

Did You Know?
  • Throughout the program, classes are developed by Oregon State’s renowned faculty, whose expertise, research, and passion are known around the world.
  • According to US News & World Report, Oregon State Ecampus consistently ranks among the nation’s best providers of online education.
  • OSU does not award different diplomas to on-campus and off-campus students.

University of Houston

University of Houston

Online Bachelor of Science – Retailing & Consumer Science (Hybrid)

The Bachelor of Science in Retailing & Consumer Science program is offered at the University of Houston. It can be completed fully online or in combination with in-person classes. This is the best undergraduate program that focuses on consumer and retailing understanding. Among its focus areas are sales, branding, customer service, retailing, e-commerce, and technology. Business success depends on meeting customer demands.

This online curriculum aims to prepare professionals who are capable of integrating consumer and merchandising knowledge and applying it to technology-based consumer practices in merchandising, sales, and retail management.

What Makes this Program Unique:

An associate degree or some work experience is required to complete the professional studies option. Students gain additional knowledge in the areas of sales, merchandising, marketing, consumer science, and retail management.

Did You Know?

After graduation, RCS graduates will be equipped with market-driven and merchandising skills that prospective employers will find attractive. Most graduates are able to land professional careers after graduation. The University of Houston’s online degree helps mid-career professionals advance their careers.

American Public University

American Public University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Retail Management

The American Public University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Retail Management degree prepares graduates for careers in retail and sales management. The program combines theoretical concepts with hands-on application to build soft skills that are most in-demand by employers and businesses today. For instance, with this degree, you can brush more on your managerial, sales, leadership, and decision-making skills.

A bachelor’s degree in Retail Management from American Public University will prepare you for a career in various sectors like merchandising, warehouse, retail, and marketing firms. Furthermore, APU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Retail Management is an advanced program that focuses on communication, leadership, interpersonal, managerial, critical thinking, and human resource skills that will also help you climb up higher and better positions. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

With an online Retail Management degree from APU, you will surely advance in your career. Land your dream position in the company that you’ve always dreamed of. The best part of this online Bachelor’s in Retail Management is that you can save more since there are no application fees and they allow for more transfer credits. 

Did You Know?

There is a retail management professional student organization and a student program sponsored by the National Retail Federation for those interested in learning more about the retail industry and collaborating with others.

Strayer University

Strayer University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Retail and Sales Management

An online BS in Business Administration – Retail Management is available through Strayer University. Retail management does not require a degree, but the expert-led education that Strayer provides will equip you with the skills necessary for success. Expect to be well-versed in topics such as merchandising, retail operations management, logistics, marketing, and human resources when you study for this online bachelor’s degree. 

During your retail management degree program, you’ll gain an understanding of how retail works and how it can be improved. In this online program, you will analyze consumer behavior, marketing communication principles, cost and pricing analysis, and supply chain configuration to develop strategic management plans.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Strayer University credits are expressed in quarter hours, which determine the duration of the overall program. Class size is determined by the course objectives and the teaching demands of a particular subject. However, what’s good about Strayer University is that they aim to reduce the ratio of students to instructors. 

Did You Know?

The required courses and overall tuition may be reduced if you transfer credits from another institution to Strayer University. Through Strayer University, more than 500 organizations offer discounted education programs to their employees, including corporations and community colleges. You may qualify for Career Pathways programs through your employer if it is a Corporate Alliance Partner.

Courses in an Online Bachelor's in Retail and Sales Management

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in Retail and Sales Management

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications tackles social media, digital marketing, print ads, word of mouth, and other branding strategies. It teaches students how to choose communication channels to advertise their brand, products, and services.

Business Logistics Management

Logistics is a main part of any retail business. Supply chains in retailing and marketing are taught in business logistics management courses. You will learn about logistics channels, forecasting, and management of inbound and outbound logistic practices. 

Strategic Market Pricing

Retail and sales encompasses market pricing, and ensuring that it remains competitive in the market. During this course, students examine various factors involved in pricing decisions. Prospective students will study pricing and cost analysis. You will be exposed to diverse pricing methods and strategies. 

Consumer Behavior

This course teaches students how to analyze consumer behavior. Consumer behavior is an important component in retail and sales management. This is often used for target marketing. 

Retail Management

Retail operations, including online and in-store sales, are examined in this course. The course focuses on retail management, merchandising, and ensuring consistency with branding and image.

Possible Careers for Graduates of Online Bachelor’s in Retail and Sales Management

Human Resources Managers

The retail and sales industry or department entails people management. One of the valid careers to pursue after graduating with an online Bachelor’s in Retail Management is to be a human resource manager. They are responsible for recruiting and interviewing new employees. Their responsibility is to oversee the administrative functions of a company or organization. They guide and support the needs of employees in the company.

Product Development Managers

Product development managers analyze market data to identify and meet customer needs through the right products. Product development managers need to be creative and forward-thinking. 

Merchandise Planners

Merchandise planners need to devise effective merchandise strategies to increase profits. Their main job roles are to organize stocks, manage inventory, apply first-in-first-out strategies, and devise promotional strategies to control merchandise. They usually meet with staff to receive input to update their sales forecasts. 

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Managers of advertising, promotions, and marketing plan different strategies for attracting customers to their products and services. As a manager, you’ll be in charge to establish marketing plans, use marketing funds wisely, and choose the best strategies.

Sales Managers

The sales manager oversees the sales team. Their responsibilities include developing training programs, analyzing sales data, and setting team goals. They manage several salespeople under them and ensure that each and every one meets their key performance index.

What occupations should Bachelor's in Retail and Sales Management students pursue?

Frequently Asked Questions

What occupations should Bachelor’s in Retail and Sales Management students pursue?

Bachelor’s degrees in Retail And Sales Management typically lead to careers as retail store managers, human resources managers, and merchandise planners. Fortunately, there are many more positions that you can pursue after completing an online bachelor’s in retail and sales management. For instance, there are also graduates who work as retail managers, sales managers, or assistant store managers.

Some go into product development and research. Graduates of business administration programs with a concentration in retail and sales management can work in the financial sector as an accountant or financial analyst. And if you have the talent for marketing, you can focus on working as a marketing manager, marketing consultant, or marketing analyst. 

Is an online Bachelor’s in Retail and Sales Management worth it?

While some students may hesitate to become a generalist, earning an online Bachelor’s in Retail and Sales Management lets you become a jack of all trades, but still enable you to specialize in retail particularly. Most students find a bachelor’s degree in retail and sales management worthwhile. It costs $38,320 on average for students from public schools in the state to enroll in the program. 

Retail managers usually earn an average annual income of $54,771, according to Indeed. You’ll earn a different return from your investment depending on what school you choose and what job you land after graduation. If you expect to become a sales manager after graduation, you’ll recoup your investment faster.

Is there anything you should consider when choosing an online degree?

Naturally, you’ll need to check their curriculum and coursework, as well as their available resources for online learners. You should also check their student service, library, and online learning systems.

After all, these will enhance your academic experience and enable you to progress. If you are looking for a career advisor or internship program to gain real-world experience, then you should look for services such as career advising or internship programs. 

Is an online bachelor’s degree in Retail Management going to boost your career?

Definitely, yes it will. The retail industry offers a multitude of career opportunities for those with a Bachelor’s in Retail Management. For students who want to climb the career ladder, acquiring a diploma in retail and sales management enables them to qualify for leadership and top management positions in your current company. 

A web-based Bachelor’s in Retail & Sales Management also exposes students to the legal scope of retail businesses. 

Summary Points

  • An online bachelor’s degree in Retail and Sales Management emphasizes retail management skills. The program may cover issues in human resources, marketing, supply chain management, merchandising, and branding.
  • Those with a degree in Retail Management may become store managers, merchandise managers, and district managers.
  • Students majoring in Retail Management are often provided with job placement assistance and professional development support from alumni as they prepare to graduate.

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