5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Paralegal

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If you want a career that involves helping others, one of the best degrees is an online Bachelor’s in Paralegal. Those with a passion for helping others and an interest in the legal system would be well suited for a career in Paralegal Studies.

Working in different areas outside of the courtroom as a paralegal is possible. Hospitals, corporations, and real estate can all hire paralegals. Furthermore, you can apply for jobs like tax preparer, claims adjuster, legal administrator, liaison, real estate paralegal, or nursing paralegal.  

Online Degrees in Paralegal - fact

A paralegal or legal assistant conducts legal research, manages files, and creates papers under the supervision of an attorney. They also assist attorneys in preparing for trials, hearings, and business meetings. Full-time students can complete On-campus and online programs in about four years. After completion, rest assured you’ll find a job in this growing field. After all, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a growth of 14% in this field for the next decade. 

With self-paced or accelerated programs, you can complete some online paralegal programs in just three years. Students with strong paralegal programs are well-organized and have excellent communication skills. It is also advantageous to read, research, and pay attention to details in addition to multitasking, and all these skills can be honed when enrolled in an online Paralegal degree.

The Lowdown

Those who wish to work within the legal system may find becoming a paralegal to be a rewarding career path. The mission of this online degree is to provide you with as much information as possible about the paralegal profession so that you can better understand the career, its requirements, and its associated responsibilities.

To become a paralegal, you must meet set education and ethical standards first. And enrolling in the best online bachelor of Law and Paralegal Studies following your associate degree is a solid step towards achieving your personal and professional goals.


Choosing the right online Paralegal education matters. And if you have a rank list to rely on, it is easier to find an excellent program for you!

We considered the following features in putting together a list of the best online Paralegal Studies programs and schools:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Paralegal

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University - Online

Online Bachelor’s in Paralegal

As a result of paralegals, the legal system becomes more efficient and productive. Students can start in the paralegal field by enrolling in the 100% Online Paralegal Science Bachelor’s degree available at Eastern Kentucky University. In addition to a solid legal foundation, students graduate from the program with a thorough knowledge of the liberal arts.

Because it will take up to 90 hours of transfer credits, this paralegal program from EKU is a fantastic option for transfer students. 

Some of the topics covered in this degree are the following:

Graduates of the program are offered job placement assistance to help them succeed in their careers. The American Bar Association has approved EKU’s Online Paralegal Program. This online program is designed to produce excellent results for paralegal students.

What Makes this Program Unique:

A Paralegal specialty course will only be recognized at EKU if the American Bar Association has approved it. There must be a close match in content and learning objectives between the transferred paralegal specialty course and the comparable paralegal specialty course at EKU. As part of the transfer process, the paralegal program director reviews each request, confirms that the paralegal program has been approved by the ABA, and compares the previous course description with the proposed course to determine if it meets the transfer requirements.

To verify the course content and ABA approval of a transfer course, the paralegal program director may ask the student to submit course syllabi, assignments, or other documentation. This program does not award credit based on portfolios or tests.

Did You Know?

The paralegal program at Eastern Kentucky University is one of around 260 that have obtained ABA approval out of more than 1,000 paralegal programs nationwide. ABA-approved programs must undergo a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they comply with the stringent requirements for program quality set out by the ABA.

Due to the large number of applicants for this sector, there is a significant need for paralegal positions. Those with a degree or post-baccalaureate certificate from an ABA-approved college like Eastern Kentucky University will have the finest work chances. 

Kent State University

Kent State University

Online Bachelor’s in Paralegal

The Kent Campus of Kent State University has made its Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies program available. A paralegal studies minor is also available to students pursuing a four-year baccalaureate degree.

An interdisciplinary program, Paralegal Studies is offered thru the College of Arts and Sciences. It combines a liberal arts foundation with legal specialty courses to give graduates analytical and legal research skills, knowledge of the legal system, communication skills, and practical hands-on experience. 

All legal specialty electives except Patent Law are available online and in traditional formats to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Integrated into the curriculum are both the theoretical knowledge and the communication skills required for success.

Students are equipped for success whether they remain general paralegals or pursue a specific area of expertise. Along with the writing ability needed for legal assistants, they are taught analytical skills and critical thinking. By emphasizing current legal issues heavily, the Paralegal Studies curriculum prepares students to enter the industry confidently.

What Makes this Program Unique:

In this online degree, students prepare for employment as attorneys in law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. Online students will learn about creating legal documents, maintaining and organizing files, and researching the law. As future paralegals, you should be equipped to assist with lawyers for trials. 

Did You Know?

A paralegal can be either a generalist or a specialist, depending on the area of law in which they practice. KSU takes pleasure in having original coursework pertinent to the legal industry’s most recent problems.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Online Bachelor’s in Paralegal Studies

With Liberty’s Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Paralegal Studies, you can begin advancing your legal career immediately and land a paralegal job. Pursue a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies at Liberty to achieve your dreams of helping others achieve justice. 

The paralegal assists attorneys in doing their work more effectively by performing necessary activities. Your duties as a paralegal will include conducting legal research, creating legal documents, assisting clients, reviewing a case’s details, and studying and applying the laws and policies. Paralegals improve the processes for trials and court hearings. Defending the law would be difficult without paralegals.

Whether you are a paralegal professional or a legal assistant, your role is crucial – and an online paralegal degree from Liberty University can make a significant contribution to both firms and clients.

What Makes this Program Unique:

A bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies will help you develop into a skilled paralegal professional by giving you a deeper understanding of the law. This online degree can prepare you to enter several graduate schools or become a paralegal supervisor in various fields. An undergraduate degree in paralegal studies can give students a competitive edge and allow them to acquire a higher position in their current company. 

Did You Know?

Liberty’s online paralegal degree program is one of the first. In addition to learning the fundamental concepts that guide the government, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the range of legal fields practiced today, as well as practical legal writing and research skills essential for success in your career. Because of their solid academic foundation, adaptable online structure, and emphasis on faith, paralegal studies will give you the tools to graduate and complete the program easily. 

William Woods University

William Woods University

Online Bachelor’s in Paralegal Studies

Whether you want to go to law school or pursue a career as an independent individual, the legal professions offer both intellectual challenges and financial rewards. William Woods University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies has been offered for four decades. This online degree can prepare you for various positions and industries through the convenience and adaptability of online education. 

Your instructors will help you along the way with a challenging and challenging program. You’ll be able to share your knowledge and hone the strategies and abilities you will use once you graduate by working online with your peers. Students in the legal field will study substantive and procedural law in the context of the types of legal fact patterns they may encounter.

The course material seeks to give students a strong foundation in legal knowledge, critical thinking skills, business ethical understanding, and communication and interpersonal skills. They all enhance your ability to conduct yourself professionally in the legal industry.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Although the course material is online, students can still collaborate with peers and engage in a fictitious law office practice. The American legal system, offering legal services, using computers for legal purposes, and performing legal investigations and interviews are all study topics in this online degree. William Woods counsels students to focus on academics and cultivate a desire for knowledge.

Did You Know?

The William Woods online education program consistently ranks among the finest in the nation. Their flexible, 8-week courses provide start-and-stop flexibility, difficult content, and an educational environment focused on serving others. Additionally, they have affordable tuition. 

Tulane University

Tulane University - School of Professional Advancement

Bachelor of Arts – Legal Studies (and Paralegal Certificate) Online

The Tulane School of Professional Advancement’s BA in General Legal Studies and Paralegal Certificate program will prepare students to work as paralegals or prepare them for law school. The General Legal Studies program meets the rigorous standards and high caliber that the ABA and legal employers seek. Besides learning legal research, writing, and analyzing skills, students will also become proficient with law office technology. The curriculum ends with a practicum course integrating office internships with career-related classroom instruction.

Students with a BA in General Legal Studies can enter the workforce right away or continue to graduate school. Students learn research, writing, analysis techniques, and legal office tools. Through a practicum component and an internship in an office environment, students can get real-world experience. Furthermore, this event offers top-notch instructors. Attorneys and paralegals instruct classes to guarantee that all course material is up-to-date and immediately applicable to the legal disciplines.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Tulane academic advisors can assist you in determining which courses are eligible for transfer and guide you through the transfer process. They may consider those that came from accredited universities or colleges. Bachelor’s degrees at Tulane can accept a maximum of 60 transfer credits. Paralegal programs not approved by the ABA are not recognized as transfer credits.

Did You Know?

All courses are taught by practicing lawyers and paralegals with first-hand knowledge of the legal system in diverse practice areas, allowing students quick and direct access to professional networks. Through small class sizes and collaborative learning opportunities, students can build strong relationships with instructors and peers, which can help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Courses Taken in an Online Bachelor's in Paralegal

Courses Taken in an Online Bachelor’s in Paralegal

Essential Skills for Paralegals

In this course, students study the legal system, including legal language. Students review actual court cases to prepare for client interviews and the categorization of the evidence. They also learn how to do legal research and draft summonses.

Legal Ethics

With Legal Ethics, students typically study lawyers’ and paralegals’ responsibilities. The topics discussed include pro bono work, access to justice, attorney-client interactions, conflicts of interest, and confidentiality.

Contract Law

This contract law course will help students learn what promises are enforceable under the law and why they are enforced. The course material includes extensive coverage of the fundamental theories, principles, and concepts of contract law.

The Legal Environment

In the legal environment, students learn the core skills needed to work in law offices, including maintaining client files and sorting all law documents. Professors also teach students how to access court records at the state and federal levels.


This course covers the policies and practices for recovering losses resulting from harm caused to a person’s property, assets, and other interests. Students learn the principles of tort claims as well as potential defenses.

Legal Systems and Terminology

This introductory course in paralegal teaches students the essentials of the legal system, including how to summarize, examine, and file court cases. The course covers the legal language that paralegals and attorneys regularly use. 

Introduction to Paralegal Studies

This course introduces students to American law and the role of paralegals in the American justice system. The Introduction to Paralegal Studies discusses the organization of the civil and criminal justice systems, state and federal court structures, research and writing methodologies, and other topics.

Civil Litigation

The Civil Litigation course covers all aspects of civil procedure, including evidence, appeals, and pleadings. During the program, students learn how to perform legal procedures law firms and government agencies require.

Possible Jobs for Paralegal Graduates

Paralegals and Legal Assistants

Legal assistants and paralegals carry out their responsibilities under the supervision of attorneys. They investigate the case’s circumstances, seek relevant legislation, arrange papers, gather evidence, and provide reports. Even though only California governs paralegals, anybody can take the test to become a registered paralegal.

Office Manager

One of the most versatile works is to be an office manager. These professionals oversee various duties, employees, and outside contractors to ensure the efficient operation of an office. Office managers are in charge of administrative tasks. By earning a bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies, people can develop the communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills necessary to be successful office managers.

License Clerk

The government frequently employs court clerks, municipal clerks, and licensing clerks. They often work for a court in the judicial branch and frequently have secretarial experience. They commonly use word processing software. Therefore, they must be quick on the keyboard. 

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

Secretaries and administrative assistants answer phones, perform simple bookkeeping, maintain databases and files, edit documents, and plan staff meetings. They write laws, memos, and reports. They also organize timetables and make appointment plans. 

Legal Analyst

Legal analysts—who typically hold a bachelor’s degree—study the cases that their firms take on to assist a lawyer or legal team. They could be required to travel and put in a lot of overtime while assisting with complicated situations. They must be knowledgeable about both the law and the judicial process.

How long does it take to finish an online Paralegal undergraduate program?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to finish an online Paralegal undergraduate program?

Students can finish an online paralegal bachelor’s degree in at least three years. Typically though, most students finish it in four years. However, your bachelor’s education duration can be influenced by the number of credits you enroll in per semester. You have the Liberty to finish an online Bachelor’s in Paralegal at your own pace. But you can take credits during summer breaks if you want to expedite it. 

What can I do with a paralegal studies bachelor’s degree?

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, you can work as a litigation paralegal, corporate paralegal, or legal assistant. Additionally, you can return to school to earn a higher degree. Either enroll in law school or get a master’s degree in legal studies to become a lawyer.

Is a Paralegal Studies program at the bachelor’s level worthwhile?

The cost of your program and the expected salary you will receive after graduation play a significant role in determining if an online degree is worthwhile. But many graduates with a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies go on to successful and rewarding professions in the legal sector.

Are students who major in Paralegal Studies in demand?

There is a greater need for paralegals and legal assistants. Between 2021 and 2031, these jobs are expected to grow by 14%, adding more than 45,000 new employees, says the country’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Summary Points

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