5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Organizational Psychology

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Psychology is a broad field that studies human minds and behaviors. But this main industry can have different subsets, one of which is Organizational Psychology. It is usually referred to as industrial-organizational Psychology and utilizes the study of human behavior to dissect ways to increase the effectiveness of an organization.

Online Degrees in Organizational Psychology - fact

For prospective students who enjoy the study of industrial psychology and business at the same time, enrolling in an online Bachelor of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology program is the answer!

To shape corporate culture, increase productivity, and more, Organizational Psychology is essential. In this branch of psychology, people are studied as individuals and as groups within organizations, often in workplace settings. As an organizational psychologist, you will need to design policies and programs usually used for recruiting and training employees.

Federal data from the Labor Statistics Bureau says that psychologists will have a 6% job growth in the next decade. Specializing in specific studies such as Industrial-Organizational Psychology will open more doors of opportunities along the way.

The Lowdown

A focus on organizational operation and management are the core topics in an Industrial Organizational Psychology degree. This degree program is often pursued by students interested in how people behave in the workplace.

This Psychology specialization utilizes psychological theories to improve workplace productivity, communication, employee satisfaction, effective training, and worker selection processes.


Be an expert in employee performance and operational efficiency. Learn the ropes with an online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology degree!

Our list of the five best online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology features some of today’s top undergraduate programs in the country! Each program on our list was picked with these criteria in mind:

Read our Methodology to learn more.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology Programs

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Make your workplace more productive and healthy through the expertise you acquire from an online BS in Psychology – Concentration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Louisiana State University.

This online degree combines interdisciplinary studies, psychology methods, and business practices to explore how individuals behave in business and organizational settings.

Students learn the fundamentals of company operations and analyze organizational behavior using psychological theories and methods. Often becoming human resources professionals and training and development managers, graduates learn to inspire employees, train newbies, and gain access to departments to increase productivity.

Students of Online Organizational Psychology programs demonstrate knowledge of basic research methods in psychology, such as research design and data analysis.

This online Industrial and Organizational Psychology degree also allows you to synchronously connect with professors and peers in real-time through their cutting-edge online learning system.

What’s Unique About this Program:

You will be matched with a personal coach from the moment you apply to the moment you graduate. With a psychology degree online focused on industrial and Organizational Psychology, graduates will learn how psychology relates to businesses and organizations.

Did You Know?

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial or Organizational Psychology

An online Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial or Organizational Psychology is available at Purdue University Global Campus. This online degree is designed to give you a broader understanding of psychology concerning business and organizational settings.

It consists of core coursework as the basis for a business psychology degree and a supplement of targeted industrial and organizational courses.

A few of the numerous business responsibilities that might profit from psychological insight include managing and inspiring talent in the workplace, developing leadership abilities, and evaluating an organization to increase its effectiveness. 

Some of the topics being discussed in this online bachelor’s program in industrial or Organizational Psychology are the following:

What’s Unique About this Program:
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Rider University

Rider University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Psychology

Rider University offers an online BA in Organizational Psychology program that examines human behavior and how it impacts organizations. This Organizational Psychology program allows students to earn skills and credentials.

If you want to climb your career ladder, this is the right flexible degree that doesn’t disrupt your other commitments. Those looking for a career in Management, Business, and Psychology or those transitioning into the field are encouraged to take this course. 

Rider distinguishes itself from other universities by offering you a variety of experiences, even in online settings. You might be eligible for reduced tuition at Rider and certificate programs available to university partners.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Students enjoy flexible financing options, enabling them to pay for their online courses and accelerate undergraduate degree completion in as fast as two years. Working adults gain extensive academic support and advising.

Did You Know?

Students with an associate degree can seamlessly transition to a bachelor’s degree. Up to 72 credits from a previous program, as applicable, may be transferred toward the degree. College credit may also be granted for prior learning.

Concordia University Irvine

Concordia University Irvine - Townsend Institute

Online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Psychology

With a focus on understanding human behavior and helping employees in the workplace, Concordia University Irvine’s online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Psychology will help you accomplish your academic goals. This online degree is an online program that is both versatile and a standout.

To advance in your career, you’ll first learn skills that will benefit you. You will also discover how to improve the performance of organizations.

This degree can be a crucial step toward your professional development or a specialized position in the human resources department. This is the place where you can grow as a future employee and as a person.

As you progress through the course, you’ll have numerous assignments where you apply what you’re learning to your personal or professional lives. In live classrooms and discussion boards, students engage with their classmates and faculty to discuss their growth.

What’s Unique About this Program:

This online organizational degree comes with hands-on experiences that will greatly impact your bachelor’s education. You’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from Dr. John Townsend, himself, the creator of this program.

They integrate science and data with other institute experts and contributors to create a relational learning environment. In no time, you can apply psychology to any institution you work for. And you’ll develop your leadership skills and learn how to enhance your performance.

Did You Know?

The Townsend Institute at Concordia University Irvine was established by best-selling author and prominent Christian thinker Dr. John Townsend and unites Christians from all over the nation and from all walks of life.

Dr. Townsend has been changing lives for years with the help of the faculty, fellows, and staff of the Institute.

University of Massachusetts Global

University of Massachusetts Global

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Major in Organizational Psychology

Start being an organization asset by earning an online BA in Psychology – Concentration in Organizational Psychology offered at the University of Massachusetts Global.

Organizational Psychology is a solid concentration in their psychology programs. You will be guided by scholars and practitioners with field experience as you explore your career options. Their faculty will assist you in conducting fieldwork, research, or finding the right courses. 

The Organizational Concentration is ideal for psychology students who want to use their degree professionally. With this emphasis, students gain the skills to apply theoretical viewpoints in various professional settings.

Graduates can then train and evaluate current employees or discern the right candidates for job openings. 

What’s Unique About this Program:

This online Organizational Psychology degree allows students to apply psychological theories to real-life situations. You’ll learn to analyze behavioral science research methodology and statistics.

You can examine and learn to understand the psychological principles of human behavior. This program comes with faculty who are scholars and practitioners who will be your guides throughout.

Students can become members of the Psychology Club and other student organizations that provide additional networking opportunities and resources.

Did You Know?

Prepare yourself for a graduate psychology education at UMass Global and beyond with a program that will fast-track your journey toward a master’s degree.

Job Description of an Organizational Psychologist

To pave a career in Organizational Psychology, it’s important to understand exactly what this job entails. In a nutshell, an industrial-organizational psychologist helps businesses become more effective by understanding human behavior.

Because of them, business owners can improve their systems for hiring, training, and evaluating personnel in organizational structures.

Additionally, they develop policies and initiatives to improve staff morale.

Many organizations need professionals who can dissect their workforce’s behaviors. Industrial-organizational psychologists come into the picture as they observe, assess, and create programs that improve workflows and work cultures.

Independent consultants in industrial-organizational Psychology assist private companies with various organizational challenges. They can be a member of the human resource department in larger organizations.

Interviewing staff to understand their requirements, spotting chances to improve productivity, and assisting the Human Resources department with candidate screening are all duties of an industrial-organizational psychologist.

Ultimately, you will collaborate with department managers and other decision-makers to increase our organization’s efficiency and boost employee happiness.

Some other responsibilities include the following:

The Organizational Psychologist’s Field of Expertise

Emotional intelligence is a skill that the top industrial-organizational psychologists have in plenty. And it’s something that modern employers need today. They can identify their feelings or trust their judgment.

To identify problems inside an organization, organizational psychologists must also use soft skills like critical thinking and communication skills. 

Some other things that are required from organizational psychologists are their abilities to innovate and organize systems. They must be dynamic and adaptable.

In addition to the issue for which they are contracted, practitioners often discover other problems that must be addressed. As contracted services last only for a limited time, external practitioners must adapt easily.

Finally, these specialized psychologists should be strong data analysts, as improvements within an organization are the measure of successful performance. They have to communicate and work effectively, as this position requires working with others.

Reasons to Study Organizational Psychology

Build Effective Team

Industrial psychologists’ job is to understand why employees are motivated or what sparks de-motivation internally. Individuals or businesses can benefit from these professionals’ suggestions for improving productivity.

By creating a sense of community, fostering cohesion, and fostering a sense of belonging, as well as boosting morale and inspiring hard work, they can build effective teams with the right members. 

Open to Diverse Opportunities

In the coming years, more positions for industrial-organizational psychologists will likely be created as companies strive to streamline their operations. The field offers excellent job opportunities in a variety of work settings.

Among the many careers you can pursue are those in corporate businesses, private industries, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Help in Shaping Corporate Culture

Corporate culture can be understood and influenced by Organizational Psychology. An organizational psychologist can assist managers in comprehending the existing culture of their firm through observation and data analysis.

They can then assist in determining whether that culture is consistent with the objectives and values established by the firm. 

Train Employees Better

Unfortunately, many businesses lose more money than you think due to employee turnover and costly training sessions. All these extra costs can be mediated by hiring the proper candidates in the first place.

Once you have shaped the organization’s culture to fit its objectives and values, you can use it as a recruiting tool. Organizational Psychology can help you select candidates and shape your recruitment methods.

Qualify for Clinical Requirements

Students must research state licensing requirements, but many states do not require industrial-organizational psychologists to be licensed. Those studying industrial-organizational Psychology online can qualify for clinical requirements if they proceed to higher studies. 

This is because you can get the same quality of education with a traditional bachelor’s degree in Organizational Psychology. If an employer does require licensure, students can still complete their bachelor’s degree online before enrolling in graduate school at a traditional university, where they can satisfy any clinical requirements.

Tips to Become a Successful Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Industrial-organizational psychologists must meet a few requirements before they can begin working. Education and training can help develop several hard and soft skills required for this position. Consider the following tips to become successful in Organizational Psychology:

Know your passion for psychology.

Whether you’re deciding on a job or what bachelor’s degree to take, setting your goals first is paramount. Discover what field in psychology you’re more passionate and interested in. Discovering these things would make it easier for you to get things in order.

An industrial organization is a field that appeals to people who enjoy a challenge and are always looking for new solutions to old problems. Make sure you’re ready to navigate the field before your preparations for entering it. 

Grow your work experiences.

Although not all academic institutions require internships for Organizational Psychology degrees, they will help you get practical experience. Explore internships as well! Another way to grow experience is to shadow an organizational psychologist or join research groups and firms.

All these experiences can soon help you when you’re finally applying for a real job.

Apply for licenses and certificates in Organizational Psychology.

Getting a state license is not required for most industrial-organizational psychologists seeking work in organizational development. It may, however, be necessary for you to obtain a license to practice psychology in a clinical setting.

To determine whether a license is needed, you may research your state’s requirements before applying for licensure. After all, licenses and certificates enhance your CV or resume.

Acquire a bachelor’s degree in Psychology Education.

One concrete step towards being an industrial-organizational psychologist is to finish a bachelor’s degree.

Whether you choose an online bachelor’s degree in Organizational Psychology or other psychology majors, make sure that there are foundational classes in social psychology, statistics, and psychological principles that come with it.

Take part in a study group related to psychology and get advice from professors and business mentors to better understand the field. You will reap the benefits later if you build your foundation here.

Consider proceeding to a master’s degree.

After finishing a bachelor’s degree, it makes sense to proceed to higher education. For students who are interested in becoming industrial-organizational psychologists in the private sector, a master’s degree is typically required.

Some students may complete a Master’s in Business Administration instead of a Master’s in Organizational Psychology for this position. But either pathway will help you achieve your professional goals even more.

A graduate student will complete courses in leadership psychology, organizational structure, and other disciplines that help them apply the necessary frameworks to the workplace. More than anything, your skills and knowledge bank will grow in-depth because of your master’s degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are financial aid options available for online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology majors?

If you are worried about the costs of an online Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology, you don’t have to. If you meet the requirements, the government offers student aid programs that could help you pay for a college education.

Grants and loans are two examples of this assistance. Your state might also have money available for you.

To receive government aid, complete the FAFSA at your university first. You can also apply for scholarships if you need further help. You might be given a one-time or recurring donation from these programs to help with some of your education costs.

Some businesses also provide financial aid for education. Seek assistance from the Human Resources division in your place of employment or reach out to the financial aid office at your college.

Is there a demand for industrial or organizational psychologists?

The number of jobs in Industrial-Organizational Psychology is growing at the same rate as the national average for all occupations. The key is taking as many statistical analysis and quantitative methods courses as possible to make yourself more attractive to potential employers.

You may be able to differentiate yourself from others in your field if you have that knowledge.

Where do organizational psychologists typically work?

Opportunities for employment in several fields and businesses are available for organizational psychologists. Many professionals operate as organizational development managers or human resources specialists in the business sector. You can work within colleges or universities if you want to enter the academic field.

Another option is to work for governmental organizations. Lastly, you may accept freelancing projects as an individual contractor and help private and public entities derive their organizational goals. 

Summary Points

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