5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Mobile Development

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According to Zippia, approximately 92% of the US population—or roughly 307 million people—own a smartphone! Two-thirds of Americans believe their smartphones have improved their lives but admit they are being used “too much.”

There’s no arguing that because almost everything can be accessed simply by browsing the internet through your mobile gadget!

Online Degrees in Mobile Development - fact

Now’s the best time to join the mobile industry. The staggering number of people becoming glued to their mobile screens calls for experts who can resolve their problems, meet their demands, or answer their needs. Often, the solutions come in the form of programs and applications.

By earning an online bachelor’s degree in Mobile App Development, graduates become exposed to the developments and innovations that cater to a massive market. Mobile Development majors typically study Computer Science, Programing Language, and Software Development.

The Lowdown

Mobile Development involves developing mobile-compatible web pages and apps as part of the web and software development process. Online Bachelor of Science degrees in Mobile Development can be offered as BS degrees in Information Technologies or computer-related fields with a concentration in Mobile Applications.

Expect to hone your technical skills in computers, information security, web development, user interface design, coding, and application development!


Equip yourself with the essential skills to make a successful Mobile Development professional! An online bachelor’s in this field focuses on shaping a student’s technical aptitude in the field of computers and web applications and blending them with the soft skills that employers typically expect.

Today, many Information Technology universities and colleges offer online Mobile App Development program options. To help you decide right, we compiled the country’s top-rated schools offering outstanding online Mobile Development bachelor’s programs.

Every college and online program was chosen using these criteria:

Please read our Methodology that discusses our school and program selection in greater detail.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Mobile Development

ECPI University

ECPI University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer & Information Science – Major in Software Development (Mobile Development Track)

One of the best Mobile Development schools in the US is ECPI University. They offer an online BS in Computer and Information Science – Software Development – Mobile Development Track program for online students. 

Project management skills are taught, as well as writing computer programs, creating interesting websites, using databases, and installing and maintaining a computer network. While assisting customers and clients with technical problems, students learn excellent customer service skills. All these skills are crucial among modern employers and IT companies today.

What Makes this Program Unique:

In order to replicate the on-campus experience online, advanced simulation software and multiple communication channels are used. They offer convenience without sacrificing engagement in a highly engaging online learning environment.

This allows you to fit your classes into your busy schedule while keeping other commitments. Through their accelerated schedule, you can graduate in as little as 2.5 years with a BS in Computer and Information Science with Mobile Development concentration.

Did You Know?

After you finish this online degree, you can expect to be well-versed in using cloud computing tools. You will create mobile applications for accessing databases within an organization. You can create secure mobile solutions through object-oriented programming.

DeVry University

DeVry University

Online Bachelor of Science in Web and Mobile Application Development

Enroll in DeVry University’s Bachelor’s Degree with a Specialization in Web and Mobile Application Development. The techniques you need to build web and mobile applications for all industries are taught in this course. Designed for today’s Internet of Things economy, DeVry’s online Web and Mobile Application Development specialization degree program integrates a variety of their tech curriculum. 

This online degree emphasizes software development skills for creating user experiences online and on mobile devices. As well as building websites and designing responsive content, this may include software for consumer apps as well as mobile enterprise solutions.

In addition to learning about cross-platform operating systems, their expert faculty will help you integrate your designs and applications into the Internet of Things.

What Makes this Program Unique:

With DeVry’s specialization in Web and Mobile Application Development, you’ll learn the fundamentals of web and mobile application development. All the professors will prepare you to launch your career by sharpening those skills and giving you the professional experience you need.

Did You Know?

Your technology program includes a complimentary laptop. This is their way of supporting online learners to be effective in their online studies. Utilize cloud-based tools designed to help you get the experience you need with DeVry’s Internet of Things projects wherever you are.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology – Web and Mobile Programming

Gain the skills required to meet the rising demand for web developers by enrolling in a BS in Information Technology – Web & Mobile Programming offered at Liberty University. You’ll be taught by experienced faculty who have long tenure and expertise in the industry.

You’ll gain experience in many different areas with a BSIT degree. You can brush up on your software development, internet architecture, networking, and database management knowledge and skills. 

You will learn all kinds of programming, including for mobile devices, with this online degree. Software and content development for the web sets this curriculum apart from other IT cognates. Developing applications for the web and mobile settings will be much easier with the Web and Mobile concentration.

What Makes this Program Unique:

During the program, students will develop solutions to current industry problems through a capstone project. One of my recent projects involved developing a portable security application that finds system vulnerabilities and a cloud application that makes intelligent decisions by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Did You Know?

After graduation, there are many jobs that you can work for. You could become a network engineer, software developer, systems administrator, or database administrator.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University

Online Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development

The Online Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development curriculum offered at Full Sail University prepares online students for the rapidly changing world of mobile application development. Software-based mobile solutions will be studied, created, and discussed in this program.

All of which will benefit all facets of industries like healthcare, private corporations, governments, and end-consumers. This curriculum is designed to provide an overview of programming languages, computer-science methodologies, and software design skills. 

Through the course of the degree program, you will participate in a variety of Mobile Development projects. With these projects, learners will be able to differentiate between small programming projects and large enterprise software systems.

You will also gain skills in creating your own smartphone application through this hands-on curriculum.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Full Sail’s online bachelor’s in mobile development’s objective is to prepare you for entry-level industry positions as a mobile application developer by providing you with focused knowledge of Mobile Development and usability concepts.

This program will help you acquire technical proficiency and creative development skills, as well as critical-thinking skills that will enable you to excel at Mobile Development and grow professionally.

Did You Know?

The knowledge of the appropriate communication strategies and business models will enable you to create your own software-application project.

Ball State University

Ball State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Web and Mobile App Development

Ball State University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Web and Mobile App Development concentration degree. With this online degree, you can specialize in dynamic software development for mobile devices or web browsers, one of the most in-demand specialties.

Students learn how to design and deploy web-based and mobile-based applications using user-centered design methods with an emphasis on effective user interfaces. This is the best concentration to pick if you want to pave careers in programming, software, or full-stack development. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

There are core courses related to Computer Science that are covered in this online degree. For instance, you will learn about computer algorithms, programming fundamentals, software engineering, data structures, agile development, and object-oriented programming.

Did You Know?

Eighty percent of Ball State students qualify for financial aid. Online students have the opportunity to apply for two scholarships through the Department of Computer Science.

Tips to Become a Mobile Developer

Tips to Become a Mobile Developer

You should be aware of certain crucial aspects when building your app, regardless of whether you work independently or for a company. Here are some helpful pointers that can guide you to become a mobile developer after graduation:

Enroll in an Online Bachelor’s in Mobile Development

The education requirements for mobile application developers vary depending on your career goals. However, in usual cases, many students would prefer to enroll in a BS in Mobile Development. Many others would also go for information technology, computer science, or computer engineering.

Now, mobile app development can also be studied without a degree using a variety of routes such as online resources, boot camps, accelerated courses, and self-study. 

Choose your specialization.

The next step is to choose your specialty. Mobiles use different operating systems, so choose one to specialize in. For instance, you can choose between iOS or Android. The two can be chosen and later transitioned. You can factor in the operating system that is commonly used in your geographic and go for that, as it may entail more opportunities.

But, basically, both Android and iOS account for a similar market share in the US. Those interested in technology and early adopters tend to prefer iOS. Different programming languages differentiate Android from iOS. Java is primarily used in Android coding, while Objective-C or Swift is most commonly used in iOS development. 

Learn coding.

Coding is an important skill and a step in becoming a reliable mobile developer. Learn how to code cleanly when working on complex projects in the Mobile Development sector. Codes are necessary to read and manage as the project grows.

Start marketing.

The number of end users you reach will determine how well your app performs. Good products may not succeed because they are not properly marketed, whereas others – which aren’t quite as good – become extremely successful because they are well marketed.

As a mobile developer, you need to become good at marketing. It’s essential to have a well-conceived marketing plan for your mobile app if you want it to maximize its potential.

Your app can reach thousands or even millions of downloads if your marketing plan is executed properly. But also do note that prior to starting marketing campaigns, your mobile application must be ready and capable of running smoothly with all the necessary features.

Marketing will only be effective after the completion phase.

Master programming languages.

One programming language can limit a developer’s career options and income potential significantly, especially when technology is evolving so rapidly. Maintaining an awareness of what’s going on in the industry is more important than sticking with Android or iOS only. Your mobile app development skills will be greatly enhanced if you learn another programming language.

Aim to become an expert in at least one new programming language each year. Having diverse programming languages will keep you ahead of the competition among other mobile developers.

Prepare your Portfolio.

Portfolios should showcase the work that a Mobile Developer has done with mobile applications. Ideally, a portfolio would include case studies that illustrate how an application is built from start to finish.

Whether you participated in a project or initiated a mobile project yourself, you can send out your portfolio once applying for big tech companies. Create your resume and attach your portfolio during applications. 

Maintain Consistency.

Lastly, maintaining consistency is crucial for mobile developers. Each concept should be learned day by day, and you should remain consistent. Every programming language takes time to master, so you must learn each topic carefully and stay consistent over time.

Careers for Online Bachelor's in Mobile Development Graduates

Careers for Online Bachelor’s in Mobile Development Graduates

Web Developer

A website developer designs, creates, tests, and maintains a website. User experience testing, HTML, and web design are necessary skills for these professionals.

Search engine optimization is used by some web developers to increase the performance of their sites. You can be employed in a tech company or work as a freelancer web developer.

Lead Software Engineer

A lead software engineer is responsible for overseeing the development, testing, and release of software. They may manage teams of other software engineers and set goals for the software launches and projects. They hold updates and meetings for every software engineer on the team.

Mobile Application Developer

The development of mobile applications is done on a variety of platforms by mobile application developers. Mastering some programming languages like HTML or Java is helpful in this career.

You will oversee the testing and maintaining of software applications.

Application Developer

App developers make software that can run on mobile operating systems Android, iOS, and Windows. Application developers also test and update applications once they are created.

Mobile Engineer

The mobile engineer designs, develops, and implements mobile software. Android and iOS are two operating systems they often specialize in. Using data-driven insights, they develop programs and apps that meet user needs.

iOS Developer

Apple’s iOS operating system is used in many mobile devices. iOS developers design and develop apps for these devices. It is their responsibility to design, code, test, and maintain the base application, as well as fix application bugs and implement application updates.

Android Developer

Apps powered by Android are developed by Android developers. As the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem has been observed, developers must ensure their applications are compatible with multiple Android versions and devices.

Courses in Online Bachelor’s in Mobile Development Degree Programs

Mobile User Experience

In this course, students learn UX design theories and design and test apps that optimize user experience.

Software Engineering

Students who study software engineering learn how to construct functional and nonfunctional software systems. Furthermore, students gain problem-solving and analytical skills that will help them in their careers.

Java Programming

Students learn about the many uses of Java programming through Java programming coursework. This is a programming language course useful for mobile developers. Students use this course to develop mobile applications, software, and system programs.

Programming Logic

Programming techniques are the main focus of the programming logic course. Languages, algorithms, and flowcharts are among the topics students learn about when learning programming.

Object-oriented and event-driven programming are explored in this coursework, exposing students to the tools and techniques through actual programming projects and activities.  

UX/UI Design

Websites, applications, and software are examples of digital products requiring UX UI Design. Every mobile developer should understand the value of UX/UI design. Creating user-friendly and intuitive designs is the goal of the UX/UI Design course.

Software Reverse Engineering

Software reverse engineering involves extracting information about a software system’s design and implementation. This course explores the methodologies and tools used in reverse engineering software and why people do it.

Cross-Platform App Development

Emphasizing Windows Mobile apps and web apps, Cross-Platform App Development course teaches students the know-how of using several platforms for creating applications for mobiles. 

Mobile Interface Design

A course in mobile user interface design teaches students how to use tools and techniques for mobile user interfaces. They create their own pages using all the features for good mobile interfaces. Students need to learn about using colors, typography, and mobile graphics.

Valuable Skills for Mobile Development Graduates

Mobile Development

Mobile Development skills is a tech skill that is combined with other skills, such as programming or project management when working on mobile applications. 

Programming Language

Mobile Development entails the application of programming languages. Developers of mobile apps should have extensive programming skills like Java, C++, and HTML. It can make a developer more attractive to employers if they are proficient in programming languages in order to create working mobile applications.

Sharpening your programming language skillset will help you land any job, not only in the field of mobile development.

User Interface Design

You can design simple, aesthetic, and functional application interfaces for users if you have efficient user interface design skills. A software’s user interface can also be made more functional and compatible with other programs by focusing on its design and functionality. You can contribute better to the design team when you have creative and artistic perspectives for user interface design.

Back-End Computing

Knowing back-end computing is always helpful for solving issues that are related to the system or coding. Along with coding skills, back-end computing skills are supplementary to mobile development. Through this tech skill, you can easily identify discrepancies in the framework, broken links, and compromised security.

Internet of Things

Expertise in mobile app development, including IoT expertise and knowledge of device security and connectivity, is usually required for mobile developers. Learning this skill can aid in developing more complex apps. Internet of Things capabilities are often emphasized in these programs, which usually require a deep understanding of development principles and system security knowledge.

Data Storage

Mobile developers are often required to handle large amounts of data. Knowing how to store data is essential for mobile developers. Keeping information up to date and knowing which ones to delete are important parts of data storage skills. After all, mobile and some devices have limited data storage capacities. 

Analytical Skills

Analytical thinking is a crucial soft skill for mobile developers. By identifying their customers’ needs, mobile developers can create apps that fulfill those needs. When designing new apps and fixing existing code, mobile developers use analytical thinking methods.


It’s essential that mobile app developers understand how to keep mobile apps safe and secure in today’s time when sensitive information is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Cybersecurity skills are important for mobile developers. You can develop apps that function efficiently if you mitigate the risks of cyberattacks.

Having an understanding of cybersecurity will give you an edge when applying for jobs in today’s world. This skill is useful in and outside of the information technology sectors. 

What is an online Bachelor's in Mobile Development?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online Bachelor’s in Mobile Development?

Mobile Development involves developing mobile-compatible web pages and apps as part of the web and software development process. Similar to their online counterparts, an online bachelor’s in Mobile Development typically requires 120 credit hours.

Typical topics include business, web and mobile design, and software courses, as well as electives and a capstone project. Many online colleges and universities offer this program. And because of their cutting-edge learning systems online, many online learners prefer it more so than their on-campus formats. 

What do students learn in an online Bachelor’s in Mobile Development program?

Often, students gain advanced knowledge of mobile computing and software development through specializations in mobile application development within information technology and computer science programs.

When trying to obtain a degree in Mobile Development, expect to study core courses such as information security, computer programming, user interaction, and software development.

Coursework on computer languages and coding introduces students to the design, development, and testing of. They also acquire knowledge of computer systems, platforms, networks, and databases as they assess the value, usefulness, and need for mobile applications.

To prepare students for careers in mobile application development, many programs include capstone or internship classes.

What can graduates do with an online Web and Mobile Apps Development degree?

Developing mobile applications is a part of the specialized area of software development. In mobile development, you will experience creating mobile-compatible software, applications, and websites.

On the software development side, there are many different kinds of apps that can be developed. Developing mobile apps does not have a set career path, so you need to be self-motivated and able to adapt to changing technologies.

You can work as a software engineer, application developer, game developer, and many other computer-related jobs. As long as you continuously develop your Mobile Development skills, you can land various jobs in the computer and mobile industry.

Summary Points

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