5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Health Education in 2023

One of the most important factors that improve people’s lives is good health. Different entities, families, individuals, and all nations benefit from health promotion. People’s quality of life is enhanced by health promotion, and it also reduces premature deaths. If you want to contribute to this field, it’s time to explore the health education sector. 

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A bachelor’s degree in Health Education earned online can give students the skills they need to take on entry-level positions. Students become prepared to create health promotion programs and assess their efficacy for a variety of audiences.

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Their ultimate responsibility is to bring about good change through health education by using their skills to investigate public health in both mental and physical contexts.

The Lowdown

Education, medicine, and public relations are all part of the field of health education. Coordination, management, and assessment of health promotion programs can be learned in an online bachelor’s in health education. As a result of this online degree, graduates will be trained to help people make healthier decisions and promote good health to the public. Health jobs can be pursued both in the public and private sectors.


Choosing top-quality colleges and universities with a competent faculty of instructors is a crucial step toward becoming a specialist in Health Education. Each online Health Education program on our list made it to our list because they stand out with these attributes:

  • Delivers online and blended learning formats, giving online students the liberty to complete their degree program conveniently,
  • Features comprehensive Health Education coursework on the fundamentals of Health Education, as designed by experts in the sector,
  • Prepares students for a master’s degree program, and a range of career options, including health education, healthcare, and other related fields,
  • Provides students opportunities to build their networks, exposing them to join different organizations and clubs, 
  • Emphasizes the development of soft skills like critical thinking, analytical skills, collaboration, and instruction skills,
  • Taught by professors or instructors with comprehensive expertise in the field,
  • Offers federal aid programs, as well as transfer credit programs and financial assistance options, such as scholarships, grants, and special discounts,
  • Approved by major accrediting agencies, underscoring its compliance with the academic standards.

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5 Best Online Degrees in Health Education

Arizona State University

Arizona State University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Education

The first step to becoming a public health educator is to get a bachelor’s degree in Public Health Education at Arizona State University. It prepares students for Health Education credentialing for entry-level positions at community hospitals, private hospitals, health agencies, and schools. The prerequisite to take the CHES exam is a bachelor’s degree. For certain professions in public health education, the CHES designation may be necessary. This online degree comes with a six-credit internship program. 

There are 120 credits in this degree, and each course lasts 7.5 weeks. The goal of all courses and classes is to address the issues facing Certified Health Education Specialists. These specialists work in ensuring good public health education. Communities, schools, corporations, and other groups undergo changes as a result of health education programs. 

What’s Unique About this Program:

An internship or any other in-person courses are not required of online students. You have a number of options for fulfilling the experiential learning requirement for the degree program. You can either complete a project, work as a teaching assistant, or take up an online experiential learning course.

However, there are ways to meet the criterion for experiential learning in person, such as through an internship, a project for the community, or a study abroad trip. You would have the chance to network and collaborate with qualified public health educators using these possibilities.

Did You Know?

You can pursue the Master Certified Health Education Specialist distinction once you have held the Certified Health Education Specialist title for five years. A certified diabetes educator may also be qualified as a master-certified health education specialist.

You can develop your career in public health education and become eligible for higher-paying employment with the aid of these certifications. You can also think about pursuing more education. You can become qualified for managerial and senior jobs in the industry with a master’s in public health.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Online Bachelor of Science – Public Health Education: Health Studies

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers a BS in Public Health Education with a focus in Health Studies. This online degree is designed to prepare students for work in the health sector as well as for graduate studies. It is possible for students with time or place limitations to complete their undergraduate degrees online without moving near the UNC Greensboro campus with the Health Studies Online specialization.

By teaching students to critically consider the causes of health issues and analyze solutions from an intersectional perspective, the Online BS Public Health – Health Studies strengthens their ability to promote health equity while giving them a solid grounding in public health.

Here are some core courses to expect in this online Public Health Education degree:

  • Environmental health
  • Gender and health
  • Epidemiology
  • Public health disorders

This degree requires 120 credits for completion. The health seminar culminates in a capstone course in the final semester.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Students looking for a non-professional degree to supplement their current professional or employment experiences can choose the online emphasis in health studies. Students seeking admission to the Health Studies Online concentration may only apply to the major after receiving an associate degree. 

Did You Know?

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro students join clubs and organizations related to public health and they all offer virtual appointments for online students to use. Other tools offered by UNCG are also available to online students.

University of Florida

University of Florida - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Education

The University of Florida offers an online BS in Health Education degree that offers students the opportunity to focus on specific areas of study in health studies, community, clinical, or workplace settings. The Bachelor of Science in Health Teaching degree program at UF Online focuses on diversity and culturally competent health teaching approaches. This will prepare them for related industry jobs or graduate programs. During the senior year, a 15-credit internship is required.

Before enrolling, a certain preparatory program must already have been completed. The 120-credit program allows students to choose from any of these fundamental courses:

  • Women’s health
  • Minority health issues
  • Global health trends
What’s Unique About this Program:

Students participating in the Health Education program can pursue a variety of core courses that satisfy both college and general degree requirements. Along with this online degree, you’ll have the experience to take specialized courses. Furthermore, this health education degree comes with an internship requirement.

Did You Know?

This undergraduate program offers the door to a wide range of exciting and satisfying occupations as well as a special chance to improve the world. Many common health issues can be avoided or under control with the right health education programs.

Touro University Worldwide

Touro University Worldwide

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Sciences – Concentration in Health Education Online

To meet the growing issues of today, Touro University offers an online BS in Health Sciences – Health Education. This online degree emphasizes an introduction to health promotion and community health education.

To improve health outcomes, the Health Education concentration integrates the physical, biological, social, and behavioral sciences. Professionals who want to work in the health industry can now apply for a degree program offered by Touro University Worldwide.

Each course lasts eight weeks and consists of 120 credits. Because there are fewer students enrolled in this program, educators can advocate for a more customized teaching style. Prior to enrolling, students must fulfill a prerequisite credit requirement.

Students might choose to have their credits transferred in order to hasten the learning process. While full-time students can finish this course in three years, part-time students can do it in seven years.

What’s Unique About this Program:

TUW’s health science degree program responds to student demand. Up to 90 semester credits can be transferred by students, maximizing prior learning and speeding up degree completion. The health sciences program places a strong emphasis on the needs of the students.

You get more one-on-one time with your professor because class sizes are smaller. You can expect the instructors to apply hands-on teaching methods. Each professor at TUW is carefully chosen based on their credentials and commitment to teaching.

Did You Know?

Graduates will be qualified to take the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing’s nationally recognized Certified Health Education Specialist exam. After completing the program, graduates may apply for entry-level healthcare positions or graduate degrees in a relevant subject. 

Walden University

Walden University

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Studies

Walden University promotes its online Bachelor of Science in Health Studies program to those who want to go into the health education sector. This online degree aids students in comprehending the rules, processes, and structure of the American healthcare system.

In your community, neighborhood, and family, you’re deeply committed to improving people’s quality of life. This BS in Health Studies program will empower you to improve people’s health behaviors.

Personalize your course of study and even start working on your master’s degree earlier.

Students with prior educational experience may transfer as much as 135 credits to accelerate their program completion. Depending on the student’s learning speed, it will take four to seven years to complete this 180-credit program.

What’s Unique About this Program:

With Walden’s BS in Health Studies degree, you acquire the skill to assist others in establishing a better future. Graduates of this health education degree are ready for jobs with greater responsibility in nonclinical industries including public health and health education. Apply what you have learned right away to advance your career or have a bigger effect at work.

Did You Know?

Working adults like you have new opportunities thanks to Walden Undergraduate Academy, which also makes getting a degree more attainable than ever. Before you begin your online bachelor’s program, this committed learning experience has an additional layer of support to help you develop your academic abilities and confidence.

Additionally, you’ll be qualified for unique discounts that could lower the cost of your bachelor’s degree.

Possible Jobs to Pursue in Health Education

Nutritionists and Dietitians

After graduating from an online Health Education bachelor’s program, you qualify for entry-level positions in the nutrition and diet sectors. You may pursue certifications or higher studies and finally practice as a dietician or nutritionist.

Dietitians and nutritionists instruct their patients on how to manage pre-existing conditions and enhance their health by eating better meals. They might be employed internally by nonprofits, government organizations, or business wellness divisions. Additionally, they can run their own business and see specific clients.

Health Education Specialists

Specialists in health education create courses and resources for the general public. Additionally, these experts could assess the success of programs and manage other employees in their departments.

Health Education Professor

Although professors need to have licensure to teach, an online bachelor’s in health education is a solid background for health studies. These experts create curricula for health education programs in middle and high schools that include a range of significant subjects. Additionally, they might collaborate with the physical education teacher to create joint programming based on state guidelines and learning outcome rubrics.

Health Promotion Coordinator

Coordinators of health promotion promote wellness among people and communities in a range of contexts. They might design new regulations to promote healthy habits, offer literature on making healthier decisions, and develop community and neighborhood projects.

Soft Skills Necessary to Succeed in Health Education Sector

It takes more than a top-notch degree program or practical experience to succeed in the healthcare industry. Employers of healthcare professionals are interested in more than just your clinical skills when reviewing your resume. You should also work on enhancing your so-called soft skills, which are sometimes referred to as personality skills. These are the character traits you employ to shape and improve the way you interact with and relate to patients, coworkers, and peers.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Healthcare professionals must be willing to work as a team. As you work in the health field, you’ll have to work with many people from health departments and other sub-departments. Collaborating with many team members is necessary to provide patient care. It’s crucial that you understand the importance of working with your colleagues for the benefit of the patient.

Stress Reduction

Working in the healthcare industry can take a toll on some people. Having to deal with that much pressure is tough. A lack of stress-management skills can lead to burnout for healthcare professionals. When one is burnt out and loses interest in their work, they feel worn out. Hence, health education professionals should know how to handle stress and high-pressure circumstances. 


Flexibility is another necessary soft skill for health educators. No matter where you have to teach health topics, you need to be adaptive to environments and audiences. You must be adaptive in order to handle or apply changes in health education programs and curriculums. 

Instruction Skills

Professionals in health education must have good instruction skills. It’s valuable to utilize teaching strategies like questioning tactics. By using this approach, students develop critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills – all key components of active learning. 


Professionals in the health education sector should be confident in their craft. You have a positive view of yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses well. Communicate assertively, set realistic expectations, and handle criticism well. As you grow in the health education sector, you should be able to grow your trust and confidence in yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How valuable is a bachelor’s degree in Health Education?

For those who wish to assist others in making healthy decisions that can enhance their quality of life, earning a bachelor’s degree in health education online can be a terrific alternative. Graduates from these programs may be prepared to pursue further study or apply for entry-level positions. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in health education are qualified for numerous roles in for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. For students who wish to have career possibilities after graduation, this flexible degree makes sense.

How quickly can students finish the online bachelor’s program in Health Education?

The majority of online bachelor’s degree programs in health education have a 120- or 180-credit curriculum. The degree can typically be completed in four years by a full-time student. If you hold an associate’s degree, previously earned college credits, or have work experience, you may qualify for the accelerated curriculum in colleges. You can take advantage of transfer credits too to expedite graduation and save tuition costs. 

Are majors in Health Education in demand?

There are many professions and occupations that health education graduates can pursue. For one, you can become a health education specialist or a community health worker. In this field, the Labor Statistics bureau forecasts a 12% job growth or 16,000 openings for health education specialists and community health workers.

Summary Points

  • With an online Bachelor’s in Health Education degree online, you learn the skills to succeed in today’s health-related careers, such as communication, program assessment, and health promotion.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Health Education earned online can give students the skills they need to take on entry-level positions in a range of settings and fields. Students get ready to create health promotion programs and assess their efficacy for a variety of audiences.
  • Professionals with online degrees in Health Education deliver top-notch medical care and instruction. Students who pursue an online health education degree improve their interpersonal communication abilities and statistical analysis skills.

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