5 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Public Safety Administration

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One of the crucial branches of public safety is Public Safety Administration. While public safety personnel work the front lines to safeguard their communities, public safety administrators design plans, resources, and teams to meet their community’s needs.

Online Degrees in Public Safety Administration - fact

Public Safety professionals in diverse departments and fields. Professionals in public safety support governments and national security initiatives. They are professionals in this dangerous world where threats come from anywhere, and attacks often elude recognized security precautions.

A Public Safety Administration degree provides the education and training needed to pursue many round-the-clock professions in and out of the public safety sector, including law enforcement, disaster management, fire inspection, homeland security, the criminal justice system, and emergency response while also learning Public Safety Administration ethics. They also qualify for administrative positions as operations managers and emergency management directors in a federal emergency management agency.

The Lowdown

Public Safety Administration programs provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and procedures of public safety. This bachelor’s program prepares students for various frontline and managerial positions in the industry.


Select the best online Public Safety Administration bachelor’s degree program! Check out our list of the top online Public Safety degrees that the nation’s top schools offer. Each selection was made based on these factors: 

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Public Safety Administration

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Online Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration

The University of Maryland Global Campus’s Online Public Safety Administration Bachelor’s Degree program gives you a solid understanding of the many aspects of Public Safety Administration. The topics covered in this curriculum are legal and professional foundations for public safety, risk management, liability, and mitigation.

Moreover, you will examine moral decision-making procedures and determine what makes an outstanding leader in public safety. A total of 120 credit hours is required for completion of this program. The courses will teach you about the program’s scholarly and practical uses. The University of Maryland’s Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration program prepares students for careers as first responders and in Public Safety Administration.

What Makes this Program Unique:

One of the best things students love about this online degree is that you can take multiple courses simultaneously. But you can’t take a course without having taken its prerequisites. Your plan will depend on several. You can work with your academic advisor to devise an effective schedule and course load. 

Did You Know?

This curriculum will help you get ready for a leadership role in first responder organizations. After graduation, you can work in a firefighting department, emergency management, medical treatment, public security, or law enforcement. If you have previously held a position in public safety and want to advance your skills, this program is right for you.

St. Petersburg College

St. Petersburg College

Online Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration

St. Petersburg College offers an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety Administration. If you are already a professional in public safety, this online program can help you become a leader. Proceed with this online Bachelor’s degree once you have already acquired an early study in public safety, like a graduate certificate or an associate degree. It is perfect for transfer students who have completed at least 60 transferable undergraduate credits. To complete the curriculum, students must complete 120 credit hours. 

Students will achieve competencies in managing internal organizational issues, understanding finances and budgets, developing strategic goals, creating and evaluating programs, and optimizing human resources after completing this program. This Public Safety Administration can educate and prepare you for entry-level positions in industrial security, law enforcement, emergency management, prisons, fire services, or emergency medical services.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Administration online program allows you to select programs based on your prior experience, skills, or qualifications. There are sub-concentrations that you can choose as you complete your degree. These are Fire Science, Criminal Justice, Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Did You Know?

Requirements concerning state authorization for distance learning restrict Arkansas, Alabama, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Nevada residents from enrolling in St. Petersburg College’s online Health Science classes.

Franklin University

Franklin University

Online Bachelor’s in Public Safety Management and Leadership

Many academic institutions have altered their emphasis on developing public safety leaders, including Franklin University. Franklin University’s 100% Online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management & Leadership focuses on hands-on training with theories. Franklin’s online degree is a foundation upon which you can build your knowledge and expertise in response, investigation, enforcement, and prevention in public safety. 

Bachelor’s degrees can aid your career progression as a public safety first responder. Franklin University’s Public Safety Management & Leadership degree completion program is transfer-friendly, so you will save time and money for your academics. Whether your career aspirations are to eventually teach or move into a leadership role, a bachelor’s degree enhances your work experience and sets you apart from the competition. Eventually, you’ll use your degree to enter your chosen industry, such as public safety, law enforcement, legal compliance, firefighting, or emergency medical services.

What Makes this Program Unique:

One thing that sets Franklin apart from the rest is that they accept technical credit from an Associate Degree in any related studies like Corrections, Law Enforcement, Fire Safety, Criminal Justice, or Criminology. The advanced topics in emergency management, threat evaluation, security planning, and risk management are all covered in their modern and effective public safety program. Regardless of your area of expertise, a Franklin bachelor’s degree in public safety management and leadership will help your agency and boost your career mobility.

Did You Know?

In addition to being an accredited, nonprofit school, Franklin was built specifically to meet adult learners’ needs. Their easy transfer process, academic adviser team, and flexible course schedule will make your transition into being a Franklin student much easier.

Eastern Florida State College

Eastern Florida State College

Online Bachelor’s in Public Safety Management

Eastern Florida State College’s Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management prepares students well for management and leadership roles in public safety organizations. The program is ideal for those with public administration, law enforcement, emergency management, corrections, crime scene technology, criminal justice, or fire science backgrounds.

Professionals in public safety who want to rise to supervisory roles will find the degree ideal. Students need to finish 60 more credits to graduate. The course material in this online program equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to make better decisions in emergency management, human resources, communication, homeland security, and disaster preparedness. They can develop decision-making, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Those with an associate degree or higher level of education from an accredited regional college can apply for this online degree. Transferring AAS degree holders into the BAS program should consult an academic adviser to determine their curriculum’s optimal transferability. Admissions for Bachelor’s degrees follow the usual procedures. Applicants for this degree can also apply for financial aid. You should meet with your academic advisor to organize and plan your customized curriculum.

Did You Know?

Even though the Public Safety Management concentration is available 100% online, classes in the Bachelor’s program may fill up quickly when registration opens. To complete a degree with a designated 100% online option, students must register early to ensure a spot in their preferred online course offerings.

Neumann University

Neumann University

Online Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration

The web-based Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration program at Neumann University focuses on enhancing public safety in various settings by providing an overview of a special administrative environment through an expedited online degree completion program.

A Bachelor of Public Safety Administration program is available at Neumann University for individuals looking to complete their degrees and enter the Public Safety field. Seven weeks are allocated to each session. For admission, applicants must have 60 to 90 transferable credits or a GPA of 2.0 or higher from a police, firefighter, or EMS program.

What Makes this Program Unique:

At Neumann University, the Public Safety Administration Bachelor’s degree program is designed for adults in emergency medical, fire services, criminal justice, or law enforcement. This expedited degree completion program offers a fundamental understanding of a unique administrative setting, emphasizing the skills needed to handle issues in public safety organizations.

Did You Know?

The specialized field of study known as Public Safety Administration focuses on developing and perfecting the abilities necessary to deal with issues in Public Safety Administration systems. After graduation, you’ll land emergency management, firefighting, homeland security, and public safety jobs.

Courses in an Online Bachelor's in Public Safety Administration

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration

Managerial Finance

The training reviews crucial financial skills for managers in non-financial sectors, such as public safety. The course begins with an overview of financial analysis and continues with topics such as financial management, capital investment decisions, and finance decisions. The time value of money is an important concept well-discussed in this course.

Introduction to Public Safety Administration

The Introduction to Public Safety Administration course comes with a description of public safety organizations and the functions of their executives. Public Safety Administration’s key duties, historical, contemporary, and upcoming factors and trends are described. Several interconnected public safety institutions are analyzed interdisciplinary for their past, present, development, and future.

Public Safety Planning

Public safety planning is a course analyzing the strategic, operational, and tactical planning process related to Public Safety Administration. Building a risk mitigation strategy is the key to demonstrating key skills in public safety planning. Strategic, operational, and tactical planning are also discussed, as are resource management and risk mitigation.

Contemporary Public Safety Practices

The Contemporary Public Safety Practices course examines contemporary, strategic public safety techniques. This course examines how successful businesses apply certain best practices to public safety. Public safety organizations discuss quality control and customer service among their subjects. Also discussed are public-private partnerships, public-private integration, and consolidation of public safety.

Information Systems in Organizations

Another Public Safety Administration course is information systems in Organizations. Throughout this course, you will examine different types of information systems businesses, and public safety officials employ. A system of information is data collection, transmission, storage, and processing to deliver information to action makers. Both operations and management require this information in businesses and other organizations.

Methods of Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

The goal of the methods of decision-making and problem-solving course for public safety is to create perspective answers utilizing a tried-and-true framework for effective decision-making and problem-solving. Decision-making influences culture by influencing expectations from stakeholders. Several themes are covered in this presentation, including root cause analysis, risks and uncertainty, key performance indicators, and possible solutions and alternatives.

Public Safety Leadership

You will explore several theories of public safety leadership in addition to significant leadership qualities, styles, and performance models. Critical thinking, strategic planning, leading through change, gaining buy-in, team communication, and engagement is heavily stressed in the course.

Possible Jobs for Public Safety Administration Graduates

Possible Jobs for Public Safety Administration Graduates

Enrolling in an online bachelor’s program in Public Safety Administration will help you prepare for security or public safety management positions. Recent Labor Statistics data show that Public Safety professionals can find employment in numerous industries. These sectors include healthcare, criminal justice, social services, government, education, and professional services.

Check out the following jobs that you can explore after graduating with an online Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration:

Fire Marshals

Strict fire codes must be enforced to prevent fire incidents brought on by disdain for fire safety precautions. This is the primary role of fire marshals. They also investigate fire situations by identifying the cause and preventing entry into the perimeter. Government, businesses, schools, and neighborhood agencies work closely with fire marshals to ensure fire safety. 

Police Detectives

Criminal investigations are the responsibility of police detectives or other law enforcement officers. They gather data and proof from the crime scene to identify the perpetrator. They pursue every clue presented to them by witnesses and potential suspects assigned to the case.


Good as an entry-level position after graduating from Public Safety Administration, firefighters are usually the brave ones who extinguish fires and do so to safeguard lives, assets, or the environment. Firefighters may also handle hazardous materials. Their training has prepared them to handle, remove, and clean up hazardous trash without harming nearby residents.

Security Directors

Security directors are essential to preserving an organization’s security and safety. To ensure that all stakeholders retain faith in the company, they secure all resources, employees, and consumers. Policies and security measures are created and implemented by security department directors.

Emergency Management Specialist

These public safety professionals respond to major crises with a wide impact and many victims. Working with various disaster response, risk mitigation, emergency management, and prevention organizations is a key part of their job. During disasters, they supervise risk reduction and organize emergency response.

Is a degree in Public Safety Administration worthwhile?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a degree in Public Safety Administration worthwhile?

A Public Safety Administration bachelor’s degree is valuable for many workers. Employment in the public safety industry is expected to increase in the coming years. For instance, the job growth for emergency management directors is forecasted to be 3% in the coming years. Jobs for police and detectives are also expected to grow by 3% in the next decade. Nevertheless, after graduating with an online bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration, there are vacancies. 

Are qualifications and licenses necessary for Public Safety Administration graduates?

A bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration can help you get entry-level jobs in the public and private sectors. However, pursuing additional education and certifications is advised to sharpen your competitive edge and enhance your credentials. Numerous online organizations offer knowledge, training, and certification to public safety personnel for affordable prices.

How long does it take to earn an online degree in Public Safety?

If you attend full-time, it normally takes four years to complete a public safety degree program that follows a standard 16-week semester. If you enroll in an accelerated online bachelor’s degree program with 8-week terms and continue your enrollment over the summer, you might be able to complete your degree more quickly. On the other hand, taking classes part-time can take longer to complete your online public safety degree.

Why pursue a degree in Public Safety Administration at the Bachelor’s level?

A bachelor’s degree in Public Safety Administration will give you a firm grasp of the subject’s core ideas. The program’s graduates are highly prized assets for both private and public sector businesses. No question about it: taking this career path is a sensible decision. Public safety experts don’t consider how much their work is worth.

Summary Points

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