The 7 Best Online Associates in Commerce in 2023

Today’s younger generations are welcoming the idea of business ownership over employment, with 60% of teens expressing that they want to launch their own businesses.

Although being an entrepreneur doesn’t require formal or strict education, it would still help to learn the nuts and bolts of business operations in a general sense. And this is where an online Associate in Commerce can come in handy.

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Featured Programs

The Lowdown:
Startups, small businesses, and large companies, use commerce knowledge to grow their businesses. The field of commerce is very broad and can cover different areas such as eCommerce, business technology, finance, economics, human resources, accounting, consulting, and the like. If you want to have an education that will allow you to pave diverse career paths, an associate degree in commerce online should be best for you.


Commerce students opting for online programs have the advantage of studying at their own pace. Upon graduation, they can apply their learning to entrepreneurial and online business ventures, or grab career opportunities to become working professionals.

Similarly, this program, which is now offered in many schools, is also a springboard for a bachelor’s degree, a road commonly taken by graduates of associate degree programs.

Our featured schools offering online Associate in Commerce all show these characteristics suggestive of excellent instruction standards and learning outcomes:

  • Fully or partially online degree programs that provide unparalleled flexibility for students attending a Commerce program at the Associate level,
  • Rigorous coursework featuring the general education courses, as well as core courses featuring the theories, principles, applications, and operational standards within the realm of Commerce to prepare students for the real-world, professional settings. The programs on our list also include eCommerce and similar other courses, which marry the traditional business processes and modern technologies for operational success in the e-Business or e-Commerce industry,
  • Transfer pathway programs for a smooth transition to a four-year Commerce bachelor’s degree,
  • Certified experts in the field of commerce as higher education instructors,
  • Financial aid programs for qualified associate-level Commerce students,
  • Accredited by academic agencies that set the quality online education standards for Commerce associate programs and schools,
  • Well-regarded in the commerce community,
  • Stellar feedback from students and alumni.

Also, a popular option for Commerce students is the Southern New Hampshire University. However, this school does not make it to our list. Instead, it is in a separate listing featuring top-rated Associate in Business Administration and Management programs.

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The Best 7 Schools for Commerce Associate Degree Online Prog

San Jose Evergreen Community College District

San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Online (Hybrid) Associate in Science: Entrepreneurship

There three major areas of study in the Business Department at San Jose Evergreen Community College District are:

  • Management,
  • Marketing,
  • and Entrepreneurship.

A total of sixty units must be earned, 24 of these units are from general education areas and 36 of them are from the business major concentration.

The Entrepreneurship program equips students on how a business can start from scratch starting from conceptualization through implementation and operation.

Bay College

Bay College
Online Associate of Applied Science in Business

Bay College offers fully online:

  • Associate degrees in business administration,
  • Associate degrees in arts,
  • and Associate degrees in science.

They also offer an array of open courses using Open Educational Resources (OER), which will give you access to your course materials and high-quality online courses from certified online instructors.

For proctored exams, you might be required to log on to Respondus Monitor (web-recorded) or to go to a proctored testing location on the Escanaba or West campuses.

The student pays for all costs associated with proctoring. A major focus of the program is general business theory and practice, using current business technology effectively, and communicating in a business environment.

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University
Online Associate Degree in Business

An online associate degree in Business from Columbia Southern University prepares graduates for entry-level management positions and enhances the knowledge and skills of current employees.

This course will teach students practical and foundational managerial concepts that will prepare them to pursue advanced business courses. The total number of credits for the program is 60 and 45 credits of which can be transferred.

University of Arkansas System E-versity

University of Arkansas System Eversity
Online Associate of Science in Business

A growing economy means a resurgence of employment opportunities for today’s business graduates thanks to the law of supply and demand.

The skills required to succeed in today’s business environment can be gained at the University of Arkansas System E-versity, whether you own your own small business or work for a national or international company.

The online AS in Business program comes with seven start dates. Students can transfer college courses from accredited colleges or universities recognized by the Department of Education. You may also be eligible to transfer college credit earned at an international university.

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Northwest Arkansas Community College
Online Associate in Applied Science in General Business

Learn about business fundamentals and how they impact decisions by earning an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in General Business offered at Northwest Arkansas Community College. Students can earn this degree 100% online.

By the end of the general business program, you will be able to confidently construct a business plan, identify and analyze novel business opportunities, and pitch new ideas to customers and investors.

Some general business courses do not transfer to four-year institutions. Seek advice from your academic advisor and plan out your educational pathway.

One alternative is to land a job right away after finishing this 2-year online associate program or proceed to a bachelor’s degree in related business fields. Some of the jobs you can acquire are:

  • financial analyst,
  • loan officer,
  • manager,
  • human resource manager,
  • marketing manager,
  • accountant,
  • and database administrator.

Welch College

Welch College
Online Associate of Science in Business

Students completing this two-year program will develop and brush up on the skills necessary to succeed in many business-related fields. Increasing demand for bookkeepers and business managers by different denominational offices, churches, and Christian schools necessitates a Bible-centered business curriculum.

Graduates can demonstrate Christian values, values in their careers, and responsible stewardship. They can also apply the office and business skills they’ve learned through the diverse courses included in this associate degree program. There are 63 credit hours needed to complete the degree and you should maintain a GPA of 2.0.

McKinley College

McKinley College
Online Associate Degree in eCommerce

Use this online associate degree in eCommerce offered at McKinley College to advance your career. While studying this online program, you can become an expert in e-Commerce who can help businesses design, implement, manage, and retain a strong online presence for their online businesses. In as little as 16 months, students finish and graduate from this online program.

It’s common for schools to force you to work on their schedule without considering your schedule needs. You can enroll in classes at your convenience with the online e-Commerce Associate Degree program offered at McKinley College. Professors at McKinley College hold advanced degrees in e-Commerce.

Studying E-Commerce

Web development, e-commerce management, and Web advertising are some of the career paths in e-commerce. In an associate’s degree program, e-commerce coursework is often combined with other areas of study, such as computer science, business science, business law, and Web technology. Bachelor’s degree programs in business or technology usually include e-commerce as a major.

However, aside from the skill set, you’ll gain to open up your eCommerce site, you’ll have a fallback to work in other fields related to computers and websites. For instance, you can become a computer support specialist.

It is predicted that computer support specialists’ employment will grow 6% from 2021 to 2031. Web developers will also have good job prospects due to the growth of e-commerce businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to study Commerce?

The study of commerce is essential for learning about all the aspects of business and trade. Business courses provide the necessary knowledge for a wide range of specialized and professional studies.

While some skills in commerce can be earned while working in the real corporate world, some theories and concepts are shared by experienced and tenured business experts who are instructors in their fields. Students of commerce can choose from a number of courses that help them gain the knowledge and skills needed for employment.

What can students and graduates do with an Online Associate in Commerce?

Commerce-centered Business Administration associate’s degrees can lead to jobs with a better pay rate than average. Some of the jobs related to an associate degree in commerce can offer different ranges of salaries.

For individuals interested in a management position, there is good news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). From 2021 to 2031, management occupations are projected to grow 8%, with a median salary of $102,450.  Over the next decade, more than half a million new jobs will be created in business administration and management.

What is the timeline for completing an Online Associate in Commerce?

A person’s choice to attend school full-time or part-time greatly affects the amount of time it takes to earn an associate degree. Another factor associated with the duration also depends on the program designed by the university or college.

Part-time students typically earn their associate degrees faster than full-time students. On average, they take around two years to earn their degrees. If your school offers accelerated courses, you can obtain an associate degree in 12 to 18 months.

What are the costs involved in earning an online Associate in Commerce degree?

The price tag for online associate degrees in Commerce varies depending on several factors. A student’s state of residency is important because out-of-state tuition is typically higher at colleges and universities. Fortunately for online students, some schools charge flat tuition regardless of residency state.

Fees associated with technology are another issue; online students are often subject to these fees, like internet, laptops, and other tech-related fees.

Online associate degrees in business management typically cost between $90 and $435 per credit. Overall tuition ranges from $6,000 to $26,000. However, you can apply for financial aid if your school offers it.

Can I acquire internship opportunities when enrolled in an Online Associate in Commerce?

Some associate degree in commerce programs come with internship opportunities. While receiving hands-on training from experienced professionals, interns gain real-world experience in working environments and are able to apply knowledge and skills they have gained during their coursework.

Associate degree internship requirements are comparatively rare. The key is to inquire early if this is an important deciding factor when choosing the best college for an associate degree in commerce.

Key Takeaways

The ability to understand the marketplace and the tools needed to effectively run a business in the modern age is essential for success in the modern business world.

If you are an employee for someone’s business, or if you want to start your own company, an Associate’s Degree in Commerce will help you succeed!