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Whether you’re looking into opening your own business or working for a business organization, acquiring an online Associate in Business Administration qualifies you for the opportunity.

Business administration is concerned with overseeing the day-to-day operations of a business, involving its many departments, including finance, marketing, human resources, sales, marketing, and research and development.

Business professionals with an Administration background are also expected to be adept at analyzing data and developing policies to ensure the efficiency of business operations.

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The Lowdown
With an online, two-year degree in Business Administration, graduates gain the requisite skills for entry-level business positions.

Others may opt for a bachelor’s program right after graduation to gain more relevant skills and make them better qualified for even higher-paying jobs. Either way, the Business Administration degree offers you win-win prospects!

The return on investment for an online associate’s degree in business administration makes the education worth it. According to the data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals in business and financial occupations earn $76,850 annually.


A Business Administration associate degree engages students in a study of the fundamental principles of the discipline. Students acquire the requisite skills for diverse entry-level work or fulfill the requirements for advancing academically and enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program.

The Online Associate in Business Administration degrees on our list is meant to provide prospective students with the best programs among their numerous choices. Offered by some of the country’s leading colleges, these associate degree programs stand out with an arsenal of excellent features:

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The Best Schools for Associate Business Administration Degree Programs

Lake Michigan College

Lake Michigan College

Online Associate in Business Administration

Traditional and fully online versions of the associate degree in Business Administration program are available at Lake Michigan College. For motivated, ambitious full-time students, an online degree can be earned in 20 months, including summer sessions.

Select courses in the program are delivered in accelerated sessions of seven weeks. Graduates receive a well-rounded education in:

Lake Michigan College is one of the highly regarded business schools that received official accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University - Logo

Associate Degree in Business Online

Southern New Hampshire University’s Associate of Science in Business Administration students study the basics of human resource management, economics, financial and managerial accounting, marketing, business taxes, and business law.

Here are the admission and attendance requirements and program features of one of SNHU’s popular online business programs:

AS in Business Administration graduates position themselves for success as team leads or business unit managers in retail, human resources, and various other fields. They become proficient in keeping records, ordering supplies, and communicating with customers.

University of the People

University of the People

Online Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

It usually takes two years to complete an associate degree in business administration offered by the University of the People. The program roughly consists of 20 courses that introduce students to the tenets of the field and lay the foundation for further study toward a bachelor’s degree.

Scholarly support from UoPeople is primarily allocated to students pursuing associate degrees. Upon admission, students are paired with a personal Program Advisor to assist with course selection and offer academic advice throughout the program.

Delgado Community College

Delgado Community College

Online Associate of Science in Business Administration

Delgado Community College’s Associate of Science in Business Administration is offered online, on-campus, and live online in 8-week and 16-week courses. It dives into the fundamentals of:

There are also college algebra and general education courses. Students will take an internship credit option as well.

Delgado maintains transfer partnerships with the University of Holy Cross, the University of New Orleans, Dillard University, Southern New Hampshire University, and Southern University New Orleans to provide associate program students with a seamless transition to four-year courses and financial aid opportunities.

Central Maine Community College

Central Maine Community College

Online Associate in Applied Science – Business Administration and Management

The business program at CMCC allows students to balance family and work obligations while earning an associate degree online.

Business administration and management AAS degrees are completed online. By completing 60-61 credits, students are introduced to various business topics and functions.

The program provides participants with basic marketing, accounting, and small business management skills. All participants learn about supervisory techniques. Through an optional pathway, students learn skills in sports management or entrepreneurship.

Students can transfer their associate degree in business administration to a bachelor’s degree program.

Enrolling in the Business Administration & Management program can prepare you for success in modern organizations through:

Tutoring services are also offered online. 

Genesee Community College

Genesee Community College

Online Associate of Science in Business Administration

GCC in New York offers an AS in Business Administration program online consisting of at least 60 credits for the liberal arts and sciences curriculum. Students obtain fundamental knowledge of Accounting, Business Law, and Marketing, among other business-related subjects.

GCC Business Administration associate degree holders may seamlessly transfer to baccalaureate degrees at numerous colleges, notably at 64 colleges and universities in the State University of New York system.

University of Arkansas Grantham

University of Arkansas - Grantham

Online Associate Business Degree

Students studying Business Administration and Management online gain a basic understanding of:

They enhance their critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills throughout the program.

It requires 60 credit hours to earn the Associate of Arts in Business Administration and Management online and is completed in 24 months of full-time study.

Reinhardt University

Reinhardt University

Online Associate of Business Administration

Reinhardt University’s 100% online associate degree in Business Administration is designed for individuals seeking to build a solid foundation of business courses toward a bachelor’s program.

They offer courses developed and taught by industry experts. It is possible to complete the 60-hour ABA degree program in just five semesters at 12 credits per semester. This program can accept up to 30 semester hours of transfer credits.

Tuition discounts and financial aid are offered to active military members, veterans, their families, and other students who qualify.

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

Online Associate Degree – Applied Business in Business Management Technology

The University of Cincinnati – Online Associate of Applied Business in Business Management Technology degree prepares students for entry-level positions in management and administration. The online program emphasizes the fundamentals of:

Besides business education, communication, leadership, critical thinking, time management, and teamwork–the requisite skills for taking on today’s well-paying business roles–are also taught in these classes.

At least 60 credit hours are needed to complete the online AAB in Business Management Technology program. Students can attend part-time and full-time study and choose from any of the six program start dates per year.

Tidewater Community College

Tidewater Community College

Online Associate of Science in Business Administration

Tidewater Community College graduates of the online AS in Business Administration emerge as competent entry-level professionals in:

Similarly, a fundamental knowledge of the many principles and facets of business allows for a seamless transfer to a bachelor’s program.

TCC online students become adept in economics, statistics, and public speaking. The curriculum is designed to develop their strong interpersonal, multi-tasking, and leadership skills to tackle day-to-day business operations.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Online Associate of Science in Business Administration

In addition to helping you prepare for the workforce, an associate degree can also serve as good preparation for a bachelor’s degree. CTU’s Associate of Science in Business Administration degree combines these goals.

Enrolling in this program allows you to develop the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in today’s business world. Also, you can develop critical thinking, decision-making, and communication skills essential to business administration.

The Accreditation Council accredits Colorado Technical University’s Associate of Science in Business Administration for Business Schools and Programs. Students earn college credit through the CTU Fast Track exams, a series of mini modules.

At CTU, you can customize your online course schedule to fit your schedule. A degree from CTU is both affordable and achievable for those who qualify for grants and scholarships. 

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus

Online Associate in Science in Business Administration

The business world has become increasingly complex! As a business professional, you can benefit from an AS in Business Administration degree because it will teach you the fundamentals of:

Critical thinking, communication, and other necessary business skills can be developed through this type of associate degree.

Aspiring business professionals, those looking for a career change, and those in the field who need a respected degree to advance their careers should consider Penn State’s Associate in Science in Business Administration degree.

West Kentucky Community And Technical College

West Kentucky Community And Technical College

Online Associate of Applied Science – Business Administration

Business Administration students gain various skills to prepare them for careers in business. Any business career can benefit from a core curriculum. This curriculum is designed for both those seeking entry-level jobs and individuals seeking to enhance their skills. 

The AAS in business administration allows you to pursue different career tracks. For instance, an accounting track prepares students for careers such as:

The Business Management Track also prepares students to plan and manage people or other resources in organizations. Lastly, the Equine Business Management Track is useful when pursuing horse-related jobs.

College of Southern Maryland

College of Southern Maryland

Online Associate of Science in Business Administration

Combined with the individual and professional development that enables graduates to excel, the Business Administration AS curriculum provides graduates with the functional knowledge and skills they need to succeed in business.

Business Administration bachelor’s degree students are the primary target audience for the program. The program also offers a bachelor’s degree in accounting for students who wish to pursue that degree.

Students receive broad-spectrum business education, preparing them for a successful transfer into a bachelor’s program and for professional success in the long run. Some of the courses you’ll learn in this associate degree include:

Individuals hone skills that promote success in business, public service, nonprofit organizations, and more, such as leadership, integrity, critical thinking, and social responsibility.

Luna Community College

Luna Community College

Online Associate of Applied Science – Business Administration

In the business world, graduates of the Associate of Applied Science – Business Administration degree program will be prepared to start or advance their careers. Some of the core subjects you expect to take in this program are:

This online associate program in business administration requires 60 credits for completion. Those who intend to transfer to a different school or university must learn about the requirements of that school or university well in advance.

Why Study Business Administration?

Business Administration may be the right choice for you if you want to study a subject with virtually endless career prospects. Qualifications in this field can provide you with numerous career prospects. But here are the reasons why studying a business administration associate degree online can be valuable to your life:

It prepares you for further studies (bachelor’s degree).

As a first step towards a highly lucrative career, studying business administration can be a rewarding experience. It presents a wide variety of specializations, particularly in graduate studies.

Business Administration graduates are also expected to pursue continuing education and course opportunities to stay on top of the changing landscape of the discipline.

It develops your leadership skills.

The importance of leadership skills in the workplace can’t be overstated. An Associate in Business Administration may be concerned with the basic operations of a business, including finance, marketing, and human resources.

Still, the courses are designed to challenge students to solve problems, make sound decisions, communicate effectively, and think critically as they lead and motivate others. A mix of these skills can lead to success as a business professional.

It gives you a solid foundation in the business world.

Completing an associate in business online, particularly in Business Administration, enables you to learn the nuts and bolts of operating, managing, or running a business and gain access to the most up-to-date practices and tools!

As such, you meet the requirements of existing and emerging commercial enterprises on the hunt for skilled new managers.

It is your first step key to diverse career opportunities.

When you study Business Administration online at the associate’s degree level, you become exposed to the basic areas of finance, HR, marketing, and management, which present a broad range of opportunities in nearly all industries!

Pursuing advanced studies gains you that extra qualification and makes you an ideal candidate for better-paying positions in the field.

It lets you brush up on your communication skills.

The business courses, in general, emphasize communication skills that are critical to negotiating, interacting with colleagues, and building rapport with clients in real-world professional settings. Business writing, to some degree, is a must for students of this program because future professionals must exhibit proficiency in it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Associate degree in Business Administration right for you?

Suppose you are sincerely interested in how businesses work and imagine yourself contributing to the business operations with your specific set of skills. In that case, you can master management principles and become adept in business theory with an Associate program in Business Administration!

Ultimately, you become qualified in an industry where the projected job growth exceeds the national average, provides a high salary, and offers opportunities for career development.

What can you do with an online Associate in Business Administration?

Compared to high school diploma holders, graduates of formal online education at the associate’s level become qualified for better-paying jobs in business organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics discloses in its data that individuals with associate degrees earn higher salaries than those with lesser education.

You learn business strategies and acquire entrepreneurial skills without studying for four years. A Business Administration associate’s degree prepares graduates to fill various administrative and management roles in both private and public sectors.

In the sales or retail industries, many become management trainees or managers. They may also work as project assistants or office managers.

Also, many Business Administration associate programs feature career-oriented courses for qualification for entry-level jobs in the business environment, including health care administration, human resources, and information systems.

What is the cost of an Associate degree in Business Administration online?

Fees and tuition may range between $5,000 and $25,000, depending on your preferred school or online associate program. You may pay for additional technology, textbooks, and supplemental courses.

Students can dramatically reduce their expenses by applying for federal financial aid and other scholarships.

What’s the difference between an AA and AS in Business Administration?

An Associate of Arts (AA) in Business Administration degree highlights a generalistic approach to learning. Students must complete core courses in Liberal Arts, General Studies, and Pre-professional Studies.

On the other hand, business-specific courses featuring Human Resources, Management, Economics, Finance, and similar other subjects are emphasized in an Associate of Science (AS) in Business Administration program.

What does the future hold career-wise for Business Administration graduates?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts that employment prospects in business and financial operations have an average growth rate of 8%. Qualifying for these opportunities ultimately means you can scale up your earnings and significantly impact your financial future.

An associate degree can also be valuable to your educational journey as it takes you a step closer to earning a bachelor’s degree or qualifying for a high-level position better than those without an undergraduate degree.

An online associate degree in Business Administration also results in a generalist set of skills that apply to multiple fields.

Why study for an Associate degree in Business Administration?

First-time college students can earn an associate degree in business online. A total of 60 credits are included in the curriculum, including both general education and degree-related subjects. Some courses offered are:

Graduates need a basic yet comprehensive understanding of marketing, human resources, financial, accounting, and management concepts.

What’s the typical timetable for completing an Associate degree in Business Administration?

Full-time learners typically take two years to complete an online associate degree in business administration. This timeline can, however, be affected by several factors.

College credits and A.P. credits may speed up the graduation process for students with previous college credits. Students who work or have children might have to enroll part-time, which slows their progress. Taking courses all year round or testing out of courses are other factors worth considering.

Key Takeaways

An Associate in Business Administration degree is designed to help students reach their professional and academic objectives. Commonly, students proceed with earning a bachelor’s degree upon completing the associate level.

If you prefer to become among the working professionals and keep a full-time job immediately after graduation, an associate program also prepares you for that.

Because it matters where you earned your associate degree, the key is to find a program known for its exceptional coverage of all subjects relevant to Business Administration.

In your school search, sorting through private schools, public schools, nonprofit institutions, and community colleges that have earned the nod of at least one online program and online courses accreditation council should be a great start.

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