15 Best Degrees for Working from Home in 2023

Did you know that over 4.7 million people in the United States work at least half of the time remotely? Indeed, work-from-home or hybrid work setups have become attractive options for many, primarily because they allow for a flexible schedule and improved work-life balance.

For people who live far from the city center, working from home allows means enjoying the benefits of agility and work flexibility while reducing or eliminating the commuting burden!

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Without being tied up to a physical office, employees keep a high-paying job and can work on their own terms: earlier or later in the day or on weekends. 

If you’re thinking of being part of this exploding community of work-from-home professionals, it matters to determine how to get there. It’s crucial that you know the best degrees for working from home and getting an average annual income.

Really, it’s no different from preparing yourself for traditional 9-to-5 office work: there is a high demand for the most educated and well-trained employees!

The Lowdown

Employers and employees can benefit from the convenience and overall cost-effectiveness of telecommuting. Being equipped with the skills for remote jobs—by earning the right education, that is—gives you the edge as an applicant and employee.

Certain degree programs offered in the country’s top schools provide the technical and soft skills for work-from-home jobs. After all, embracing and adapting to the academic and skills requirements of, or changes in, such jobs is a must.

Benefits of Working from Home

There are downsides to working from home; there’s no arguing that! But let’s focus on why working remotely continues to become a trend, particularly when and after employees were “forced” into this setup during the pandemic.

Here’s how and why a work-from-home option can work wonders for you:

Boosted Productivity

While it’s important to be socially active, you can’t help but cringe at the idea of corporate drama, which is commonplace in most offices. No one wants to deal with colleagues’ arguments or hear their bosses’ outbursts.

The benefits of telecommuting include saving yourself from those things. You’ll have fewer interruptions and office politics.

Financial Savings

One of the best benefits of working from home is saving on transportation costs, like fares and gas. You save on parking fees and food, too! When you work at home (and practice the right money-saving habits), budgeting becomes a breeze.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance for remote workers means gaining the freedom to start and end their days at their convenience, so long as their work is completed.

Having control over your work schedule can be invaluable; it lets you meet other obligations and spend more time for yourself, leading to excellent mental health.

More Inclusivity

Remote work promotes diversity and inclusion because it eliminates the need to hire individuals from specific socioeconomic, cultural, and geographical backgrounds and perspectives.

This arrangement highlights the value of community and family by hiring employees who can work from home in their communities of choice.

Best Degrees for Working from Home - fact

The Best People to Work From Home

Work-life balance, which essentially means enough personal or family time and manageable work-induced stress, is every employee’s dream! There is, however, more to this than meets the eye.

Working remotely isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. Some people are better suited for remote work simply because of their dispositions and personality traits. Others may have to put in more effort than others.

If you plan to work alone at home or in an office on a flexible schedule, consider your personality type by asking these questions:

  • Are you comfortable working independently? Remember that when you work from home, a boss cannot hold you accountable for your action or inaction. No one will be checking on you and ensuring you perform at your best and deliver the expected results.
  • Is your home environment conducive to work? Emotional stability matters because the truth is stressful situations at home can crop up.
  • Won’t an unstructured working schedule affect your productivity? For work-from-home employees, there’s a fine line between personal and professional time. Get a clear sense of work boundaries to avoid distractions and stay productive.

Having said all that, every remote employee should be independent, self-motivated, reliable, assertive, collaborative, and possess excellent time management skills.

Equally important, remote workers must obtain their college degrees and undergo training to gain valuable skills! An associate degree is your first step, but a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a Ph.D. give you better chances of snagging excellent work-from-home opportunities.

Top 15 Colleges Offering the Best Degrees for Working from Home

Depending on your academic major, you may be better prepared for jobs like this! Certain degrees equip you with the right skills and allow you to put your passion into practice—at home, that is!

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

United States University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - United State University

Chula Vista, California 

With a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from United States University, you learn to develop databases and maintain or improve systems architectures. The programming tasks you perform on a daily basis may involve algorithms, computer theory, and other related topics. They work on complex data management projects necessary for business or organizational operations.

Experience may be necessary immediately after graduation, including regular attendance in an office environment. However, many full-time IT jobs provide Computer Science degree and IT degree holders the option to work remotely.

Depending on your experience, you can work from home as an independent consultant to provide customer support or manage digital information and network security systems remotely.

Possible work-from-home jobs for Information Technology graduates:

  • Information Technology Service Desk
  • Information Technology Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Information Systems Consultant
  • Software Developer
Learn more about United States University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

University of New Orleans

Bachelor of Science in Business Management - University of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

A Master of Business Administration at the University of New Orleans will equip you with all the skills you need to lead a team and help an organization grow.

As a student in this hands-on, real-world degree program, you will learn analytical and interpersonal management skills that will assist you in becoming an effective leader in an organization.

With a Bachelor of Science in Management, you will prepare for a successful career in business, startups, nonprofits, or any other institution that needs strategic insight. You can even be your own boss and open your startup business.

After graduating, graduates with business degrees have plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge to business settings and earn a decent median salary–yes, even in a remote career!

Possible remote job options for Business Management graduates:

  • Business Analyst
  • Customer Success Specialist
  • Training Specialist
  • Manager of own business
Learn more about The University of New Orleans’ Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

Boston University

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics - Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts

Linguistics provides students with the opportunity to explore language from a variety of perspectives at many levels. Those who study linguistics study language structure, use, acquisition, and development worldwide.

In this modern age, many companies worldwide are in need of linguistic graduates who can help them translate or build business relationships with foreign partners.

Boston University’s Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics allows students to choose two foreign languages to study, pursue interests within linguistics and explore interdisciplinary connections through the major.

Students can attend lectures, conferences, and other local linguistic events in the Boston/Cambridge area because of the lively linguistic community.

Possible high-paying remote jobs for Linguistic graduates:

  • Linguistic teacher
  • Translator
  • Document reviewer
  • Foreign Language teacher
Learn more about Boston University Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics.

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

University of South Florida

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity - University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida

The cybersecurity program offered at the University of South Florida focuses on enabling assured cyber operations in the context of adversaries through technology, people, information, systems, and processes. Information technology and computing form the basis of the major.

During this program, students acquire an understanding of information, software, systems, users, and organizations related to cybersecurity, including policies, human factors, risk management, ethical considerations, and social impacts.

The program prepares students for careers as Cybersecurity Specialists and Information Security Analysts who design, develop, operate, and defend or secure computer systems and manage networks against attacks.

Graduates of BSCyS programs may also work as cybercrime investigators in law enforcement and counterterrorism. 

Possible work-from-home careers for Cybersecurity graduates:

  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Security Engineer
  • Cybersecurity analyst
Learn more about the University of South Florida’s Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity.

Bachelor of Science in Finance Accounting and Management

Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science in Finance Accounting and Management - Northeastern University

Boston, Massachusetts

Students who complete the Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management program at Northeastern University acquire a broad understanding of business, accounting, and financial management in the global economy.

The business courses in this degree in Accounting also equip students with the skills and understanding they need to work across functional areas once they enter managerial positions.

Among the courses students take are financial reporting, managerial accounting, tax, cost accounting, and auditing. Graduates can pursue careers in the private, nonprofit, or government sectors. 

Possible work-at-home jobs for Accounting graduates:

  • Accounting Officer
  • Junior Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Environmental accountant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial clerk
Learn more about Northeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Lindenwood University

Bachelor of Arts in Music - Lindenwood University

Saint Charles, Missouri

An undergraduate degree in music may be lucrative if you have a knack for music. Bachelor of Arts degrees are most common in this field, but also degrees in specific instruments, composition, theory, and other areas may be available.

Public or private schools often hire music teachers with 4-year degrees in this area. Private lessons can be provided to children or adults at home if you prefer to work from home.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts in music, you must take 53 credit hours, including private lessons, large ensemble participation, piano proficiency, and music theory classes. Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge about a wide variety of specialized music topics through elective courses.

This music program at Lindenwood University aims to prepare students for diverse careers in music as 21st-century musicians with the necessary skills, musicianship, and technology understanding.

Possible work-from-home career paths for Music graduates:

  • Music Teacher
  • Music Publishing Operations Specialist
  • Piano Sales Executive
Learn more about Lindenwood University’s Bachelor of Arts in Music.

Bachelor of Science in Data Science

American University

Bachelor of Science in Data Science - American University

Washington, DC

In addition to being able to work from home, a bachelor’s degree in data science and analytics prepares graduates for a variety of technical and research careers.

There will be courses on predictive analytics, computer science, linear programming optimization, and forecasting analytics offered to data science students.

In a data science degree program, students will learn how to solve problems and make predictions using data modeling and data analysis. Either online or on-campus students can earn this 120-credit degree in four years.

Data Science (BS) prepares students for positions requiring extensive statistical and computational skills in academia, government, and industry. 

Possible remote work options for Data Science graduates:

  • Remote Data Scientist
  • Lead Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
Learn more about American University’s Bachelor of Science in Data Science.

Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Boston University

Bachelor of Science in Journalism - Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts

You will learn creative writing and digital and visual journalism across platforms as part of the Boston University Bachelor of Science in Journalism program.

In addition to instilling a commitment to top journalism standards, you’ll be able to analyze and explain complex events across various media. A professional newsroom will allow you to work across platforms, but many writers are able to make a living remotely!

The curriculum covers law, ethics, journalism techniques, writing, and visual skills, focusing on reporting, news judgment, and writing and visual skills.

Possible work-from-home jobs for Journalism graduates:

  • Remote Technical Writer
  • Multimedia Reporter
  • Journalist Outreach Writer
Learn more about Boston University’s Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Associate in Culinary Arts

Culinary Institute of America

Associate in Culinary Arts - Culinary Institute of America

Dutchess County, New York

With an Associate in Culinary Arts degree from CIA, you can pursue a work-from-home career in culinary arts. You’ll develop the core skills chefs use and chart your own course toward a lifelong profession.

Become a chef in less than two years and learn how to manage people and use the latest technology! You’ll learn all the skills you need to work from home in the culinary arts sector. 

Possible remote job opportunities for Culinary Arts graduates:

  • Sales Manager
  • Culinary Arts Instructor
  • Culinary Camp Director
  • Specialty Cake Baker
Learn more about the Culinary Institute of America’s Associate Degree in Culinary Arts.

Bachelor of Science in Web Development

Franklin University

Bachelor of Science in Web Development - Franklin University

Columbus, Ohio

A Franklin University Web Development degree program exposes you to the many disciplines involved in building next-generation websites for enterprises. Your skill set will prepare you to supervise contractors, manage internal teams, or collaborate with others during web development.

Whether you’re interested in web development, front-end development, database development, user experience design, or graphic design, Franklin’s courses can help you gain highly-coveted skills that you can apply in work-from-home jobs.

Possible work-from-home jobs for Web and Software Development graduates:

  • Remote Front-End Web Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Junior TypeScript
Learn more about Franklin University’s Bachelor of Science in Web Development.

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

Kendall College

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management - Kendall College

Chicago, Illinois

A Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management at Kendall College prepares you for a successful career managing restaurants, hotels, resorts, and events.

The training you receive will prepare you for a career in the fast-paced culinary and hospitality management industry. With hands-on learning experiences, industry experts’ guidance, and premier work opportunities in Chicago, you’ll gain invaluable experience.

Possible work-from-home jobs for Hospitality Management graduates:

  • Freelance Event Planner
  • Senior Travel Agent
  • Senior Corporate Consultant
Learn more about Kendall College’s Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

University of Tampa

Bachelor of Science in Marketing - University of Tampa

Tampa, Florida

Among the fields covered by a marketing degree are advertising, promotion, sales, research, and international marketing.

In addition to analyzing competitive behavior, developing new products, and managing suppliers, distributors, and consumers, it involves several other business-critical activities.

It prepares students to understand the complexities of marketing in both profit-making and nonprofit organizations and how to manage both goods and services. Marketers play an important role in developing company strategy and deciding on ethical decisions.

Possible remote jobs for Marketing graduates:

  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing or Online Marketing Specialist
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Consultant for Online Businesses
Learn more about the University of Tampa’s Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

Full Sail University

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design - Full Sail University

Winter Park, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design programs provides a thorough understanding of all design aspects, from print production to interface design.

You’ll learn about popular culture and how to analyze it through projects, critiques, and studies of aesthetics. Besides technical proficiency and creativity, you’ll learn media integration, advertising, and branding skills during your education.

Possible opportunities for working from home for Graphic Design graduates:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Marketing Designer
Learn more about Full Sail University’s Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

Bachelor of Counseling

Christian Leadership University

Bachelor of Counseling - Christian Leadership University

Cheektowaga, New York

Bring hurting people into the Presence of the Wonderful Counselor as a minister of grace and reconciliation after you finish this Bachelor of Counseling at Christian Leadership University.

Through your ministry of grace, you will be able to reveal your identity in Christ despite the lies of the enemy that hold them captive. With this degree, you can learn to counsel others suffering from diverse emotional and spiritual challenges. 

Possible work-from-home jobs for Counseling graduates:

  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Early Childhood Education Assistant or Consultant
Learn more about Christian Leadership University’s Bachelor of Counseling.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management - Arizona State University

Tempe, Arizona

Students who are looking to lead and manage projects in the future should consider a bachelor’s in project management degree.

An interdisciplinary approach is used in this online program to prepare you for leadership positions in a variety of organizations. Leading diverse teams is possible with a bachelor’s degree in project management.

In this degree program, you will study project management basics, the theory and practice of project leadership, and time and cost management concepts. 

Possible work-from-home jobs for Project Management graduates:

  • Creative Project Manager
  • Senior Program Manager
  • Project Assistant
Learn more about Arizona State University’s Bachelor of Science in Project Management.

Summary Points

  • Working from home promises a bright future, but you need to prepare for a career with the right education and training, particularly the right degrees for working from home.
  • By earning the most suitable degrees for working from home and eventually pursuing a double major or graduate program, you can find a home-based job and thrive in your field of expertise.
  • Taking experience and specialization into account, work-from-home employees may get above-average annual pay and have access to career growth opportunities.
  • A work-from-home job promotes work-life balance, but specific personality types best suit this arrangement.

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