10 Homeschool Friendly Religious Colleges

Christian Colleges Accept Homeschooled

Homeschooling, also termed home education, is understood to be a form of education conducted in many places, other than the school or classroom setting. The 50 states in America finally legalized homeschooling in the year 1993. The number of students who choose this educational style has been growing since then. In the latest report conducted in 2016, it was found that 1.69 million students were homeschooled. This represented 3.4% of the total number of students in the country.

Homeschooling has been a famous alternative to public or private education, and it is designed in a customized curriculum perfectly suitable to what a specific student need. Whether they have special needs than other students or are dyslexic, slow-learner, or have unusual illnesses, homeschooling is the best option for acquiring excellent quality education.

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Why Families and Students Prefer Homeschooling

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) disclosed in 2012 that 91% of the families with homeschooled students chose this option due to their concern about the schools’ environment. Other reasons include a desire to provide moral instruction or religious instruction, dissatisfaction with other schools’ academic instruction, and a desire to offer a non-traditional approach to their child’s education.

Most parents perhaps fear their kids to miss out on learning absolute values that they adhere to as a family. They want their children to have safer environments and protected from risks such as drugs, violence, unhealthy sexual situations, and bad influence from peers. Thus, being educated in their own homes assure most families that their children can form stronger relationships with them and grow with the values that they would instill. 

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Academic Advantage for Homeschooled Students

Because of a specialized curriculum premeditated to a homeschooled student, they are more likely to achieve academic advantages and benefits than those who go to conventional schools. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, students who were tutored at home could perform 15 to 30 percent better on standardized tests than traditionally schooled students. Homeschooled students generally score more during the ACT and SAT exams. A homeschooled child would do well academically regardless of their teacher. So whether their teacher at home is a current educator or a certified teacher, a homeschooled child tends to do well in academic learning. 

Suppose you are a homeschooled student, and you are now about to enter a college institution to acquire an undergraduate major for higher education. In that case, the next concern is which university to choose. As you know, being educated at home means you are probably following a different norm than those who have conformed to current social trends. There is nothing wrong with being exposed to such an environment, but it would be good for you to choose a college that matches your family’s faith, beliefs, and wavelengths in life. There is no need to give in to peer pressure and compromise your moral principle, to feel welcomed and accepted in your school.

Here is a list of Catholic and Christian colleges that refuse to adapt to prevailing cultural beliefs and practices. These schools follow similar philosophies visible in their practice, educational systems, and secular ideals. They are profound in administering strict religious influence and morals to all their students. Due to the homeschooling method’s successful results, these religious schools are actively recruiting and are eager to accept homeschooled students into their collegiate population.

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Here are five of the best Christian colleges that admit homeschooled students:

Hillsdale College


Hillsdale, Missouri

Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, could not emphasize it better than when he proclaimed that their educational institution provides education, which can equip and prepare human beings for self-government. This could entirely be on par with your vision as a homeschooled student. You would want to be admitted to a school that focuses on honing skills and knowledge and nurtures the soul and spirit. Imagine being a part of something bigger and surrounded by people you can trust and form genuine friendships with. Say goodbye to shallow and trendy experiences, and expect to have quality understandings about life. They respect and prioritize the importance of liberty and freedom, which focuses on civility and religion. At Hillsdale, you can pursue to be accurate and an excellent contributing person in society. 

Hillsdale College was founded in 1844 and is a selective and coeducational learning institution with 1,400 students. They admit students regardless of their race and religion, and their diverse campus represents individuals from 40 states in the nation and eight other countries. They are currently aiming to be an outstanding American college that can produce high morals and improved hearts. They focus on maintaining the immemorial teachings and practices of the Christian faith. Their campus is located in rural southern Michigan. They are featured in 2017 by the N.Y. Times as a “Shining City on a Hill for Conservatives”, and they have been famous for their free online course offered, Constitution 101. It entails ten weeks of lectures about the founding principles of liberty. Perhaps you can check it out, and it can give you a glimpse of how they conduct their courses, then you can assess if you want to be enrolled in this college. If you are looking to study journalism, economics, and other liberal arts program, you should seriously consider this school.

Grove City College


Grove City, Pennsylvania

Acquiring an excellent education is just the start of a higher purpose designed for you. At Grove City College, you are called to be a leader of the resolve. Known as a conservative Christian college in Pennsylvania, Grove City College has a passionate pursuit for the truth. And this truth rotates heavily on Faith, freedom, and liberty. As a homeschooled person and has been shielded from the harsh reality, being admitted at this college will nurture and prepare you to be the right person who can belong to this learning community. This higher education institution was founded in 1876. It highlights a humanities core curriculum and offers more than 60 majors and programs related to liberal arts, business, education, engineering, and music. Most of the students in this school choose the traditional Humanities curriculum. Although the students are not required and enforced to sign a Faith statement, most learners enroll in this college due to its Christian environment. 

In this school, they believe that the prime indicator for a person’s success is not solely textbook learning. When you get to join this college, you will be prepared for your lifetime. You can understand your purpose in life and be with like-minded people who are also eager to grow as a person just like you. There are currently about 2,500 “Grovers” enrolled in their learning institution. And they have chosen the name “Grover” because it means that they want their students not to settle for good enough. You should aim for a higher calling and serve for a higher purpose.

Liberty University


Lynchburg, Virginia

Liberty University is a top-notch candidate for you if you are looking to acquire higher education with a solid Christian background. Focusing on providing world-class education and training Champions for Christ are the two important goals for this school. Their vision is to help you understand your purpose and inspire you to use your God-given skills to contribute to the world. They aspire to produce men and women of character who can serve the society for the betterment of everything and everyone. As a university student, you will be committed to the Christian life, and you will be socially responsible and sensitive to others’ needs. Even as you become an alumnus, you are expected to stand out as a leader in any industry and be a great role model for everyone surrounding you. 

Offering 700 programs that vary from certificates to graduate programs, you will never be intimidated to choose your interest. As a homeschooled individual, you can relate to the teachings of this Christian university. This school offers research, academic theories, and hands-on training to prepare students to excel in their profession of choice and be adaptive to a constantly-changing marketplace. Liberty University is located in Lynchburg, Virginia, and was founded in 1971. Offering face-to-face and online educational settings, they are among the most significant evangelical Christian universities globally. They have admitted about 15,000 students on their campus, but they have about 94,000 online students. When it comes to their faculty, their staff and mentors are experienced men and women of character who are contributors in their field and disciples of the Christian faith. You can easily approach them for support, advice, and guidance. 

LeTourneau University


Longview, Texas

The cornerstone of LeTourneau University is harnessing a deep faith in God. As a school that devotes more to spirituality than academic education, this learning institution believes that a student’s educational journey will only be complete if they accept Jesus Christ and understand who God is in their lives. If you share the same Faith and principle, enrolling in this university may be the best choice.

The school year 2019-2020 has admitted 3,150 students from 44 states in America and 33 countries worldwide. This polytechnic university offers comprehensive learning styles so that students can be makers, inventors, and creators. After graduating from the university, high-demand jobs await you, and you get to represent the Good News of Jesus Christ in your very own workplace. 

LETU offers more than 140 undergraduate and graduate majors and programs in Aviation and Aeronautical Science, Engineering, Education, Business, Psychology and Counseling, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, and Theology and Vocation. LeTourneau University aims to produce graduates who can be professionals of ingenuity and integrate Faith and work to influence others and have an eternal impact in society through their global and local service. There are many things to expect from your college journey in this university, and strengthening your faith is a core objective of this school.  

Harding University


Searcy, Arkansas

Transform your passions into professions and get ready to serve others. This is precisely what this university would like their students to commit to. If you want to prep yourself to be of service while being parallel with the philosophy of God’s ideals and teachings, then take the opportunity to become a member of an institution that promotes this value. Harding University pledges to award $60 million annually to its students needing financial aid. Hence, a considerable percentage of 96% of their learners are recipients of some educational financing. Another appealing aspect of this university is that they are a military-friendly university. Since the Arkansas State Approving Agency approves veterans, they can provide education for veterans and their beneficiaries by utilizing military educational funds. 

Harding University is a Christian private university located in Searcy, Arkansas. They are said to be the largest private university in the state of Arkansas. It is a diverse educational institution that caters to co-ed students, both from domestic and worldwide countries. One hundred majors and academic programs are made available for you to choose from. All the faculty and staff, and the university’s governing body ensures to pursue the truth in such ways and methods that are at par with Christian principles. You will be inspired to reach your full potential because of their intellectual excellence offered. You will also be encouraged to pursue Christian service and fellowship.

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Here are five of the best Catholic colleges that admit homeschooled students:

Ave Maria University


Ave Maria, Florida

Vibrantly Catholic, Ave Maria University is a private university located in Ave Maria, Florida. Founded in 1998 by Tom Monaghan, the previous owner of Domino’s pizza and a Catholic philanthropist, his goal was to establish a Roman Catholic university faithful to their religious doctrine and teachings, providing liberal arts education. This is the primary reason this learning institution is famous among homeschooled students and their families. Sharing the same religious beliefs and values that most Catholic families adhere to, this university community commits to integrating the Catholic Faith and teachings into all facets of their students’ lives. It is also found that about 30% of their total student population are educated in their home’s comforts, safely unexposed to contemporary and earthly teachings. You may find this information comforting if you want to belong in a community you can easily relate to.

With 33 academic programs listed in both undergraduate and graduate studies, you will find it easy to pursue your career goals. Some of their popular majors include Behavioral Sciences, Theology, and Religious Vocations, Business Administration and Management, Biochemistry, and Accounting. According to U.S. News, their student-ratio is 12:1, and 60% of their students have had some financial support for their education.

This university is committed to applying Catholic principles through and through! If you are a traditional conservative Catholic, then this university is perfect for you.

Christendom College


Front Royal, Virginia

Besides ensuring the students have academic excellence, transforming their students to be Christian disciples, following genuine and real Catholic culture is what Christendom College aims for. It may be hard to find an institution that still strictly lives by the original Catholic doctrines and principles. With the current social and cultural trends, it is no doubt that it is hard to find a school like Christendom College. Choose to enroll at a liberal arts college that can enable you to pursue your vocational calling and offer rigorous education. You will confidently be able to grow intellectually, spiritually, and professionally in a community where you wouldn’t need to conform to what others believe in and stick to the truth of your Faith. 

There sure are many reasons why this college is an excellent choice for you. Emphasizing to nurture and strengthen the Catholic Faith truths, this school promises the students to understand religion better. Expect the best of both worlds when it comes to your academic and spiritual life. This learning institution is situated in Front Royal, Virginia, and was founded in 1977, just after the blow of Catholic higher education in America during the 1960s. Some of their popular majors include Bachelor of Arts degrees in Classics, English, History, Philosophy, Mathematics, Theology, Political Science, and Economics. Dare to be great and join the community of Christendom College.

Benedictine College


Atchison, Kansas

Begin fostering and honing your greatness in multifaceted aspects at Benedictine College. Their mission as a Catholic residential college is quite direct and straightforward. That is to provide education for coeducational students by growing a community that shares the same Faith and morality. This school is among the top 20 recommended Catholic Colleges by The Cardinal Newman Society. It was also listed, ranked, and recommended by famous guide sites and college ranking sites all over the United States. 

The educational institution all began in 1858 when monks opened a boarding school called St. Benedict’s College and admitted six students. But it was in 1971 when both sisters and monks decided to merge their educational ventures and thus formed Benedictine College.

Finding a college that is parallel to your Faith and belief as a homeschooled Catholic student is equally essential for you and their education quality offering. This school embraces and welcomes students and faculty who share the same commitment and devotion to their spiritual life through worship and service acts. Here, you will be limited to growing personal relationships with God, but you will have many opportunities to be involved in the Church’s ministry’s religious and congregation. 

Grow as a learner, a person with character, and an accomplished professional as you attend this Catholic college for four years.

Thomas Aquinas College


Northfield, Massachusetts

Including Thomas Aquinas College on your list of choices for college seems to be a profound idea. Located in Ventura County, California, this private Roman Catholic liberal arts college has many things to offer for severe learners like you. Even if you have chosen to be homeschooled during your High school, there is no doubt that their devotion to the Catholic religion is in the same degree as your family too. Unfortunately for some Catholic universities and colleges in the nation who have strayed from their loyalty to teaching the concept of Catholicism, Thomas Aquinas College remained dedicated and maintained its fidelity to the Magisterium. It works hard to balance the importance of academic and spiritual vigor among all their students and faculty. And in God’s grace, it has and continuing to produce successful alumni that have continued to serve the Church and have served the community and the society in myriad ways. 

When it comes to school rankings in different criteria and aspects, this institution could have excellent reviews and recommendations from well-known sites and guides. Founded in 1971, this school aims to continue its Catholic liberal education foundation until the current decade. Under the guiding light of the truth, this new college will linger to prosper and expand Western intellectual heritage for more generations to come. You will enjoy exploring the different academic programs offered by this college. You will relish and belong to a community with the same faith as you, and experience opportunities to make your campus life spiritually enriching.


University of Dallas

Irving, Texas

Welcoming students of different Faith, University of Dallas is a private Catholic institution positioned in Irving, Texas. It was established in 1956 by the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur. They have a wide array of offerings for undergraduate and graduate programs and continuing education programs. Attracting domestic and international students, this university has a supportive community that encourages you to be innovative, intellectually curious, and creative-minded. Compared to other Catholic schools, they are very rigorous with their academic system and programs. This has placed them in a competitive spot to earn the nation’s highest percentages of National Merit Scholars enrolled. Dating way back the 1960s, the University of Dallas had already established a name for itself as one of the leading universities in aspects of Catholic orthodoxy and traditional academic experience.

You will find that once you are enrolled in this superior Catholic university, many ranges of opportunities will await you. Expect to take advantage of world-class and best quality college education, which will prepare you to be professional and adaptive to any industry you will partake shortly. The student-faculty ration in this school is 10:1, making the Core class sizes smaller and more meaningful. You will have plentiful chances to engage in dialogues and discussions with professors and peers.

The University of Dallas encourages spiritual stewardship through social activities. With 75% of the students being Catholic, you will have no difficulty in sharing your morals and ethics with the same like-minded people. 

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