What Does An Economist Do and Do They Make Big Money?


What an Economist does…

Economists utilize economic analysis in various sectors for various objectives, such as determining the cost of specific goods and services, studying employment levels and exchange rates, or analyzing inflation and interest rates.

Economists frequently engage in the following activities:

  • Collect and evaluate data on a variety of economic topics
  • Use mathematics and statistics to conclude vast volumes of data. Reports, charts, and tables are used to present the outcomes of their analysis.
  • Analyze market patterns and make future projections based on the facts provided.
  • Provide economic consulting services to individuals, private businesses, and governments.
  • Assist policymakers in developing policies to address economic issues.
  • Write articles and studies about economics for academic journals and newsletters.

Salaries Depend on Several Factors…


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Furthermore, economists’ salaries will vary on several factors, including degree, experience, company type, and geographic region.

The highest-paying economist jobs are typically inversely proportionate to years of experience and amount of responsibility.

Standard salary in the U.S: $105,630 per year

Some salaries range from $62,000 to $194,000 per year.

Also, Salaries Vary by State

Check out our list of the economist salaries by state.

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