University of Colorado Boulder Tackles Shortage of Teachers with New Online Graduate Program

Smiling teacher

The University of Colorado Boulder offers a new online graduate program to reduce the shortage of educators in rural communities of the state. The Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership will begin classes in Fall 2020, pending the state Department of Higher Education’s final approval.

Educators in Colorado’s rural areas worked together to materialize the program that is designed to mold educators’ competencies, promote new skills, boost confidence, and build connections with other teachers. The module is entirely online, making it convenient for busy teachers to grab the opportunity to advance in their careers.

Shortage of Educators

Some areas of Colorado present a growing issue of a shortage of teachers. Most of the schools in the northeast region report a lack of funding and qualified teachers. The teachers “wear many hats” to address the shortage, with duties that range from teaching science subjects, to coaching sports teams.

An “affordable and accessible” way to develop professional teaching skills, the new Master’s in Teacher Leadership program, will serve as the “prototype” for other similar online courses in the future.

Other new graduate programs approved by the Board of Regents include an online graduate degree in Corporate Communication, and a regular graduate degree in Data Science.

Aside from promoting individual professional development, these innovative programs are deemed to impact the community and economy at an appropriate time.

Learn more about the program from the school’s official publication website, CU Boulder Today.