University of California Health Introduces Human Donor Milk Bank for Newborns

breastmilk bank

The University of California Health has introduced a new program for newborn babies and their families: the Health Milk Bank. This initiative is facilitated by the University of California San Diego Health, and the second that received accreditation from the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. Also, this is the only milk bank in the state that operates within a health care system.

The University of California Health (UCH) promotes infant health by supplying donated breastmilk to infants in need. This program empowers families about baby nutrition through education. UCH’s academic health facilities and children’s hospitals currently offer maternity and neonatal programs.

The donated breastmilk is essential in the diet of sick and premature babies. When their mothers don’t have enough milk supply, the milk bank program can come in handy. It is located at the San Diego Blood Bank, supporting the neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in both region and state.

The university’s health system is fully aware of the high breastfeeding rates and the massive distribution problem hounding the state. To address the pasteurized and breastmilk shortages in the region, it established the Health Milk Bank. It is seen to significantly help the NICUs who are looking after the fragile infants.

Physically fit and healthy breastfeeding mothers can donate at the University of California Health Milk Bank. As part of the donation process, they need to fill out a questionnaire, be subject to testing, and produce 100oz of frozen milk or more. The donated milk will go through thorough testing and procedures in their high-end laboratory.

According to one of the top officials of the UC San Diego Health, the organization is honored to be part of the new milk bank. They expressed their full commitment to provide access to complete care and service delivered by the milk bank. The entire initiative supports the Health System’s mission and vision to provide exceptional patient care and improve lives.

Read the full report from the University of California website.