Top Colleges in the USA that Offer Online Programs

As technology advances, people can’t help but demand comfort and flexibility. Despite the burning desire obtain education, many of us have not had the chance to earn a degree. Many factors come into play but one of the biggest challenges is distance. It’s almost regrettable that many who aspire to be students of top colleges in the USA are physically unable to attend class. When it comes to daily schedule, “busy” is an understatement for many! Luckily, with the help of great innovators, we have the chance to obtain education in the comfort of our homes.

Thanks to technological advancements, students now have options for earning a college degree. E-learning in online colleges have grown in popularity in recent years because of convenience and flexibility. For this reason, there is high demand for online education today prompting many top colleges in the USA have integrated e-learning into their programs on top of the existing curriculum. Additionally, a number of online schools have made it their core mission to provide quality education everywhere, which means all courses are taught 100% online.

In this article, we explore different schools that offer online education to hundreds of thousands of students everywhere. These online colleges have glowing reputations and remain to be on top of their game. Feel free to take your pick from these online colleges and universities.

UP -

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A pioneer in adult learning, the University of Phoenix is the largest private university in North America. With a total number of 263,000 of both online and on-campus students, the university has the largest online student population. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs for the fields of business, nursing, education, and technology. It also offers their instructors real-world experience in their chosen field and focuses on skills that are relevant in the current economy. Their education programs are up-to-date to reflect new trends and standards. Students have access to collaborative learning teams and are provided with free orientation workshops. As a result, students get to “experience” the online school setup even before or without having to enroll.

If you are ready for a “Life of a Phoenix”, the University of Phoenix is for you!


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American Public University System (APUS) serves its online students through the American Military University (AMU) and the American Public University (APU). It offers more than 190 graduate and undergraduate programs and certificate programs. Additionally, it offers its online programs in sessions of 8 and 16 weeks. This allows students to choose the schedule that is convenient for them. APUS underscores the importance in educating the nation’s military and public personnel. In fact, they are the number one provider of higher education to the armed forces. US News also recognizes APUS as Top Online Education provider. They are known for their minimal college costs. APUS does not charge fees for admission and application either. In addition, students do not pay for their books and are encouraged to apply fr federal student aid and military tuition assistance. APUS’ dedication to educating students without breaking the bank has earned it the recognition as one of most affordable universities in online education.

Aim to make an impact from the American Public University.

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Capella University has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). It is an active member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in a range of multidisciplinary fields. Professionalism is emphasized in their program development, which is why most of their programs are able to meet standards that are set by professional associations. Capella University has ties to more than more than 100 corporations where their students’ skills are valued. All these easily guarantee students that, following completion of their course at the university, they will be marketable in the workforce.

Capella University is a proud recipient of CHEA Award for Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student Learning Outcomes.

post -

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A for-profit institution, Post University offers 50 online degree programs. New England Association of Schools and College, Inc. has awarded the university a remarkable accreditation. Online programs have been made available to students since 1996 and 1997, offering them a wide range of quality Certificate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. These programs are run on an interactive online format that is flexible and convenient, making it a popular choice among online students. Students also have the option to take classes in 8-week modules, six times a year with reputable faculty members as instructors.


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New England Institute of Technology, or New England Tech, offers several hybrid and fully online bachelor’s degree programs. Their online courses, crafted by a team of faculty and technology experts, are designed to be interesting, engaging and relevant. Coursework is provided every week and classes are done in an interactive online portal with fellow students and faculty. The school’s e-campus, available throughout the day, also offers students a wealth of resources including library services and tutoring. The university also offers associates and master’s degree programs.


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Oregon State University’s (OSU) eCampus offers more than 20 online bachelor’s degree programs. Its online campus has been open since 2000. Some of the unique online programs available include Agricultural Sciences, Human Development and Family Sciences, Sustainability, and Anthropology. Oregon State University has accreditation from Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. OSU offers bachelor’s and graduate degree programs, including a master’s and doctorate degree. At OSU, there is no distinction made between courses taken in a classroom to those taken online. This means that the you earn the exact diploma, but learn in a different classroom. The same instructors teach on-campus and online. OSU eCampus assures students of quality of education that are made available to everyone regardless of their location. Get started in OSU!

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This public university in Kansas offers more than 50 online degrees, most of which are bachelor’s degree programs. Fort Hays State University (FHSU) is home to 11,000 students. More than half of these students study online via the school’s “Virtual College” through which many of their online programs are entirely available. Some of these programs or areas of study include Criminal Justice, Organizational Leadership, Political Science, Psychology and Elementary Education. Their programs have all been accredited by HLC. On-campus and online classes are taught by the same faculty members. At FHSU, you never have to worry about the disparity of education quality.

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Believing in “Transformation through Education,” Strayer University is an excellent choice. The university offers online courses in areas like business, information systems, public administration, and management, to name a few. Classes are held on a per-quarter-of-the-year system. This means students get to have the opportunity to enroll for more courses compared to that of a conventional semestral arrangement. Synchronous and Asynchronous online learning platforms are available. You may choose whether to take classes on a time schedule or choose to attend classes at your most convenient time. The university also has an active military scholarship and provides its students relevant theoretical and practical knowledge in the classrooms.

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Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Walden University is considered a leader in online education. The university offers more than 50 online degree programs, more than 170 specializations, and more than 55 concentrations! Moreover, the university also offers more than 15 online bachelor’s degree programs, 30 master’s degree programs, and 20 doctoral programs. To date, the faculty population has reached a staggering 2,000 members.

Because of the extensive faculty and diverse program offerings, the Walden University boasts quality online education. Students have free tutoring services in an array of study areas like science, math, statistics, and accounting. Faculty members also offer one-on-one consultations on course papers. Students in Walden University also have the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree in just 18 months.

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Grand Canyon University is a private Christian college that is hailed as one of the best online colleges in the country. Its state-of-the-art learning system for online education is one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for online students. It puts great emphasis on individualized learning for both on-campus and online instruction, allowing students to obtain a more in-depth level of engagement in and understanding of their coursework. They also have four-credit courses which allow students to complete their degree programs in lesser time. Experience online college with GCU!


There you have it! Regardless of your circumstances, you can earn a degree. It is never too late for you, or for anyone to pursue higher education. Distance Learning is an opportunity worth exploring and we hope you take the time to see how it can help you obtain your dream degree. Let our list of the top colleges in the USA offering outstanding online education get you started! Good luck!