Tips to Keep You Awake For Your College Exam


In college, one of the most unanticipated events is the weekly (or even daily) all-nighter. No matter how organized or time-conscious you think you are, you’ll always end up experiencing the dreadful all-nighter. Here are some tips on how you can stay awake and get your work done:



When you come home after a long day of listening to your professor’s lectures, you might feel mentally and physically exhausted. Your bed will seduce you to drop everything and just sleep, but as much as you’d like to, there’s work to be done. You’ll need to find a way to wake yourself up. One of the quickest ways to do that is by showering. Cold water wakes you up in the morning, and the same principle applies at night. Icy water works because the body will naturally react by breathing heavily, which increases oxygen, giving your brain a boost. But if you can’t stand a freezing shower, a splash of cold water on your face can work, too.

Work Out

It has been proven that if you work out, it helps to keep you awake and going longer. If you make tome to have a nice 30 minuet work out mid day, it may add 3 to 4 hours to your attention span. Not only does this help with you being awake for the test, it helps you with your over all health as a bonus.



If you get too comfortable while you work, you can easily become sleepy, but this doesn’t mean you have to trade your cushioned chair for a stiff stool. Every couple of minutes, change how you sit. You can put one leg up, cross your legs, or sit crossed-legged on your chair. You can even ditch your chair entirely by deciding to stand while you work. Take it a step further by doing simple exercises like stretches, jumping jacks, and waist twists.



Cold environments with dim lighting are almost certainly going to make you feel like it’s time to go to sleep. Find a room with bright lighting and average room temperature. If listening to music helps you concentrate, try to find music that is upbeat and energetic. Upbeat instrumentals are perfect for studying late at night because there aren’t any lyrics that can distract you. But if you won’t be distracted by that, listen to your favorite songs. Some studies have pointed out that listening to music you love can release ‘happy’ chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin.


Some people find it hard to study and work if their surroundings are cluttered. If you’re one of these people, you should clear your desk before getting started. A pristine room can give you a clear head. Stay Awake Tips.



Coffee is the best known way to keep your mind alive for those long nights, but it can become a boring option. To add variety to your late-night studying drinks, drink cold water or apple juice — anything to keep you hydrated, really. Keep a full water bottle with you and drink water around every half hour or so. This keeps your mind and body energized. You’ll also have the urge to pee, which just gives you bonus physical activity whenever you run to the bathroom.



Forget about snacking on unhealthy food while you study. Chewing gum is a clever alternative that can help keep you awake. It works because chewing gum is a voluntary action, unlike breathing and blinking, so you’re actually staying attentive as you chew. This stimulates the brain and keeps you awake. Chewing gum also stimulates the facial muscles which results in increased blood flow to the brain.


For your future all-nighters, or if you’re pulling an all-nighter right now, try these tips to keep you awake. There’s work to be done!

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