Pennsylvania State University Students Send Virtual Kindness to Nursing Home Residents

Pennsylvania State University shows how much they care to the State College nursing home residents amid the pandemic through their new program: sending virtual kindness.

This initiative came from the off-campus student support office, where students of University Park create interesting digital content for the residents to make them smile and feel loved.

Featured Programs

Normally, students would give coffee to police officers, or send flowers to their neighbors. With the pandemic restricting personal interaction, they are sending virtual content to carry on the work.

Kelly Mroz, the interim director of the off-campus student support, says the program mainly involves student community ambassadors but is open to anybody who wants to participate.

Spreading Positivity

Participants and volunteers create videos of gestures extending their love and support, selfie pictures with hilarious faces, short clips of entertainment performances, and similar content that will cheer up the nursing home residents.

One exciting submission is an instructional video of crocheting, submitted by a member of the Chemistry Graduate Student Association.

According to the outreach chair of Chem GSA, Seongik Chen, the group engages typically in science-related events. Other members also sent in videos of them singing, playing instruments, and showing other tricks.

Mroz says they are reaching out to other groups and students to support their cause and contribute to their program for the nursing home residents.

Read the full report from the Pennsylvania State University online publication, The Daily Collegian.