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Christian institutions are frequently misunderstood to admit Christian students exclusively. That, however, is not the case!

Because a religiously associated college is private, the separation of church and state does not apply. Christian schools accept students regardless of their affiliation. However, a religious school may require some “religious” credits. You may notice that there is a strong emphasis on attending religious services.

If you’re concerned that these universities will force you to do Christian activities, rest assured that they will not.

Many religious schools are loosely associated with their religion. Other religious viewpoints are frequently represented among the students and instructors at these schools.

Your grades will not be affected when you refuse to follow the school’s religion. Indeed, by introducing a diverse point of view into the classroom, you may be able to improve everyone’s comprehension of the world. Multiple perspectives are beneficial to spirited discussions, and as long as you respect someone’s opinions, they should respect yours.

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