More Underprivileged College Students in New York To Receive SNAP Benefits

college students group - concept

Approximately 75,000 underprivileged New York college students will qualify for the expanded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) aimed at addressing food insecurity and hunger that is common among low-income New Yorkers.

Income-eligible New York students enrolled “at least half-time” at the State University of New York, the City University of New York, 10 Educational Opportunity Centers, and technical or career colleges can enjoy the SNAP benefits. Similarly, students attending basic adult education, remedial courses, literacy, or English as a second language could receive SNAP aid under the new policy.

In the past, only students who worked at least 20 hours a week or unable to work, among other criteria,  were qualified for SNAP assistance.

The state has also sought approval from the US Department of Agriculture to present a streamlined application process for SNAP benefits to boost enrollment among qualified elderly or people with disabilities. Currently, individuals fill out a nine-page application, which the state seeks to reduce to a simplified single-sheet form.

Read the official statement from the government of New York and a related report by Times Union.