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Do you need information on the right scholarships available to you? You’ve come to the right place! College Cliffs presents internship opportunities to qualified college students.

We regularly scour the Internet for internships available for you! From time to time, these opportunities will be updated, changed, or deleted as soon as the positions are filled or the posts are no longer available. We encourage you to visit frequently to get updated information!


Cisco Financial Analyst Intern

This summer internship program from Cisco combines the activities of the company’s famous LIFT programs into one 10-week boot camp. Offered in various site locations, this internship is for students interested in working with the finance team. A team challenge will be given to interns and the team, and the findings will be presented to a leadership panel.

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PayPal Data Analyst Intern

The internship program offered by PayPal equips students with technical skills and business acumen. Interns perform extensive data analysis and gain insights on PayPal’s rich data sets, revenue streams, site functionalities. They will develop their analytic, leadership, and presentation skills and gain exposure to PayPal’s diverse teams.

This is a Summer 2022 Internship program. Spring and Fall 2022 internships are not available at this time. Check their page for more info.

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Uber Summer Technology Career Readiness Program

STAR (Summer Technology Creer Readiness Program) is a 12-week paid internship offered by Uber to students in their first year or incoming sophomores. Participants in this program will learn about opportunities with Uber following graduation and pursue careers in technology.

Students from any field may enroll in UberSTAR, and the program is dedicated to exposing previously underrepresented students to the field’s career opportunities. This program’s policy is to encourage students from all backgrounds to apply, including those historically underrepresented in the technology industry.

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Netflix Consumer Insights Intern, Data and Insights

Netflix offers a personalized internship experience, and it aims to mimic what it is like to work at the company. Interns from qualified organizations are matched with projects and groups based on their interests and skillsets and fully integrated into those projects and groups throughout the summer.

These paid internships last at least 12 weeks and start in May or June to accommodate different school schedules. If circumstances permit, these summer internships will be located in Los Angeles, California, or remotely, depending on the team.

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Microsoft Explore: Intern Opportunities

In its 12-week summer internship program, Explore Microsoft introduces first and second-year college students to the world of software development. They learn software development tools and languages by performing hands-on work alongside their manager and mentor. Interns are also taught the core technical disciplines of Program Management and Software Engineering.

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Under Armour Rookie 2022 Summer League Internship

Rookies at Under Armour work on hands-on projects that make a real business impact. This intensive 12-week program covers in-depth mentoring from executives and talent advisors and interactive Q&A sessions. Interns gain insights from UA’s global, cross-functional collaborations and initiatives.

The deadline for internship applications is December 12, 2021.

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Lloyds Banking Group Summer Internship

Lloyds Banking Group’s 10-week Summer Internship Program consists of educational training opportunities and social activities.

Undergraduate students scheduled to graduate between January 2023 and June 2023 may apply for the 2022 Intern Program. Participants expected to graduate in June 2023 may be eligible for the Analyst Program starting in July of the same year.

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Play Station Exclusive Games Global Summer Intern

At Play Station’s Global Summer Internship Program, interns take on marketing roles while working with PR and regional marketing groups to create marketing campaigns. Besides developing marketing strategies for new intellectual property, interns also recommend specific marketing approaches depending on the industry and genre.

To qualify for this Summer 2022 internship, you should be pursuing a master’s degree in Marketing or any business-related field. You must be passionate about video gaming and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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Ericsson Human Resources Internship

At Ericsson, you can achieve your own personal and professional goals by learning, leading, and performing at your best. They’re looking for someone innovative, motivated, and astute with technical knowledge but with a well-developed non-technical savviness to make a significant contribution to their team.

Undergrad, MBA, and Ph.D. students are welcome to apply. You must have a 3.0 GPA, currently studying as an undergraduate or graduate student in a university, and must commit to working for 40 hours per week the entire summer.

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Northrop Grumman Aeronautics System Internship

The Aeronautics Systems Sector Intern Program at Northrop Grumman is seeking Software Engineers. You will have to work in Melbourne, Florida as an internee. Qualified applicants will be a member of Northrop Grumman’s Software Engineering Department. This opportunity will teach you how to analyze requirements, perform design, and implement software.

To qualify, you must be studying full-time at an accredited college or university for a STEM undergraduate or graduate degree with a GPA of 3.0. The internship will last for ten weeks long, requiring you to work full-time. Since this internship is paid, you’ll expect to earn $20-25 as a bachelor’s degree student and $30-32 as a master’s degree learner.

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Nike Human Resources Undergraduate Internship

As a Nike HR Intern, you will participate in collaborative sessions, contribute insights, make strategic decisions, and participate in projects related to Talent Attraction, Diversity & Inclusion, Internal Recruiting, HR Operations, and other duties supporting the HR Business Facing teams.

To qualify, you must currently be a student taking up a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or any other related field. It’s better if you have prior experience in human resources. You must have skills using Microsoft Office tools, write and speak English well, and be comfortable presenting to a large audience. The submissions of applications will end on October 8, 2021.

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Gap Inc Internships

Gap Inc’s internship programs are designed for college students seeking professional experience before completing their studies. The program is open to students at all levels, including undergraduates, MBAs, Masters, and PhDs.

For a career-defining experience, interns at Gap Inc. work at all four of their brands – Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta – from June to August. As an intern, you’ll learn about one of the largest specialty retail companies in the world, get to know industry leaders, and develop practical skills.

College undergraduates or graduate students graduating between December 2022 and August 2023 are welcome to apply. Application for product and business internships is now open. During September, they will begin accepting applications for Technical & Digital Internships. MBA & Masters Internships applications will be accepted in October or November.

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Motorola Solutions Internship Program

Motorola Solutions internship is an elite and paid program built to encourage interns to be idea contributors. Students enrolled full-time in a post-secondary degree program and who plan to return to school after the 12-week internship can apply.

Internships begin in May each year.

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Baker Hughes Undergraduate Internships

Baker Hughes undergraduate interns must demonstrate skills, initiative, and motivation to qualify for these internship opportunities:

  • Global Operations-Field Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Products & Technology-Research Design and Development
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • The internship placements will vary depending on your location, and they usually last for three months. They’re on the lookout for students studying Engineering, Geology, Supply Chain Management, the Sciences, and Health Safety.

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CrowdStrike University Program

Crowdstrike University Program aims to make the digital world safer for all. College students and graduates can gain valuable experience and important skills from their team of world-class working professionals while getting paid as an intern.

You need to be enrolled in an academic four-year institution and willing to do full-time employment upon graduation to qualify for the 10- to 12-week internship. You can start applying for the program on September 1, 2021.

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The World Bank Internship Program

Interns worldwide are invited to contribute their ideas, perspectives, and research abilities to help the World Bank reach its mission of developing a significantly developed global economy as part of the Summer Internship Program. The internships immerse students in different business units like human resources, communications, accounting, and many more.

An Intern must have a bachelor’s degree and be enrolled full-time in an accredited graduate program. English fluency is a must, and knowledge of other foreign languages like Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, or French is a plus.

If you want to apply for the summer internship, you can do so from December 1st to January 31st every year. As for winter internships, the application starts from October 1st to 31 annually.

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Fashion Week Internships

The Fashion Week Internships offer fashion industry students and professionals opportunities to visit the world’s fashion capitals. You’ll be immersed in the world of fashion through your bespoke FWI internship program and develop your skills in design, public relations, marketing, merchandising, or manufacturing.

Visit this page for the start dates in 2022 and the applicable fees.

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Maximo Nivel Guatemala Internships

Discover Guatemala’s rich history and enrich your knowledge of the country and its culture as you participate in Maximo Nivel Guatemala Internship programs. The internships focus on hospitality & tourism, human rights, education, business, medical, or special education.

The internship program is offered as a Practicum (4 weeks) or as an internship (8 weeks or more). Their internships are available all year round, and a new internship program begins every week.

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Global Experiences The Dublin Internship Program

Experience the history and beauty of Dublin by interning for 8 or 12 weeks in the fall, spring, and summer. The Dublin Internship Program is for students interested in entrepreneurship, marketing, NPOs, international law, and a host of other highly relevant fields.

This internship program lasts for 12 weeks from January 8th to April 2nd in Spring, eight weeks from May 28th to July 23rd in Summer, and 12 weeks from September 3rd to November 26th each year.

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World Youth Alliance Internships

Internships with the World Youth Alliance provide practical and hands-on education. Staff members at WYA provide intern mentorship and training as students work on WYA projects to explore their interests and put their academic know-how to the test as interns.

Intern applicants must be passionate about making positive contributions to society. They must be self-driven, disciplined, creative, and detail-oriented.

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Active Minds Internships

Active Minds offers different types of Fall, Spring, and Summer Internships. This year, the Fall internships are:

  • Programs Internships
  • Communications Internship
  • Social Media Internship
  • Development Internships
  • Graphic Design Internship

Interns must agree to a 20-hour-a-week schedule. No stipends or salaries are offered in these programs.

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The Rockefeller Foundation Internship

The Rockefeller Foundation accepts students interested in engaging and meaningful work assignments as Summer Associate (graduate students) or Summer Intern (undergraduate students). The internship’s objectives include career and professional development for students.

A “Lunch and Learn” program was also launched to roll out a series of learning activities and expose students to the concept of teamwork. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Town Halls are open to all interns.

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SimVentions Summer Internship

The SimVentions Group is a contracting company certified by the Department of Defense (DoD). It specializes in systems engineering, software engineering, modeling and simulation, and cybersecurity engineering services.

The summer internship is open for applicants who have completed their first year of college pursuing technical degrees. Students studying other fields may also be considered.

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Department of Energy Community College Internships

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory partners with the Department of Energy to offer internship programs. The DOE national laboratories and the DOE Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) manage and sponsor the program for qualifying students pursuing technical careers relevant to the DOE mission.

Three internship terms are offered annually in the Summer (May to August), Fall (August to December), and Spring Terms (January to May), with each term lasting ten weeks. A flexible schedule option is available during the Fall and Spring terms, during which 400 hours would be spent in a host lab for 16 weeks.

Interns receive weekly stipends based on a 40-hour-per-week work schedule. Housing allowance is also provided.

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Society for Science and the Public Science Internship

A non-profit membership organization, the Society for Science Internship was founded in 1921. It is based out of Washington, D.C., and works to inform, educate, and inspire all interns about science and its importance to human advancement.

Students interested in STEM education, community outreach related to STEM, or non-profit and data management careers qualify for the program. The internship lasts 2 to 4 months, starting in the Fall semester.​

The opportunities include Communications Associate, Communications Specialist, Accounting Specialist, Broadcam Masters Specialist, and Science News internship positions.

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Liberty Mutual Insurance Internship

Data Science students may apply for internships at Liberty Mutual Insurance, one of the U.S’s leading property and casualty insurance companies.

The 10–12-week graduate-level data science internship exposes students to statistical programs such as R, Python, and SAS for product management, claims, distribution, marketing, human resources, legal, finance, and other functions. In the internship workshops, interns learn about cloud computing and various modeling techniques.

Liberty Mutual also offers full-time opportunities to interns in their Boston, Chicago, and Seattle officers.

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STATKING Clinical Services Internship

Writing statistical documents for clinical trials and composing SAS codes will be part of the STATKING Clinical Services Internship. Interns will calculate sample sizes and perform data analyses.

The internship lasts anywhere between 10 and 12 weeks. The interns will receive a monthly stipend of $3,000. Housing allowances are included as well.

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Merck Research Laboratories Internships

Merck Research Laboratories is opening 15 preclinical and clinical biostatistics internship opportunities in the Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences (BARDS) Department. The positions are open to full-time graduate students studying Statistics and Biostatistics.

An experienced pharmaceutical industry statistician will supervise the interns in conducting statistical analysis related to drug research, clinical pharmacology, drug development, biomarker development, and pharmacogenomics.

A candidate must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. SAS, S-Plus, or R knowledge is required. Applicants must be available to work full time for up to 12 weeks.

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Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Bayer Pharmaceuticals is looking for clinical statistics interns to work in the R&D department to assist in clinical trials and help determine how these processes affect drug development decisions. They will be working with senior biostatisticians, trial statisticians, and project statisticians on research projects.

At the end of the internship program, the clinical statistics intern’s research project will be forwarded to the statistics department and non-statistical audiences.

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Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops and commercializes life-changing therapeutic products for patients suffering from severe and ultra-rare diseases.

The company offers 10-week and 12-week summer internships, enabling students to work alongside senior statisticians designing and analyzing clinical trials. A Ph.D. in Biostatistics or related fields is required in this internship opportunity.

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Maximo Nivel Internships

Cusco, Peru, is a prime location for internships with Maximo Nivel. Programs vary from “Practicums” (4 weeks) to “Internships” (8 weeks or more). New internship programs are available year-round.

Interns acquire Spanish language fluency and professional skills in an international environment. They also enjoy convenient and flexible schedules and may choose from specific locations to meet their learning objectives.

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Dynamy Internship Year

A domestic gap year internship program, the Dynamy Internship Year is either full-year or semester-based. It is designed for students to explore their interests while on hiatus from their traditional classes. By partnering with organizations and businesses, Dynamy offers 17- to 22-year-old students 100+ opportunities in these study areas:

  • Animal Care
  • Arts & DesignAthletics
  • Automotive
  • Business & Retail
  • Childcare & Education
  • Culinary
  • Environmental Services
  • Government, Civic & Law
  • Human Services | Health & Wellness
  • Media, Marketing & Communications
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Justice & Activism

Full-time Dynamy Internship Year participants have the entire year to complete three different internships. September to December will be the fall semester internship. Student interns in the fall semester should complete a 9- or 10-week program and reapply for the spring internship after that.

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CRCC Asia Internships

CRCC Asia offers award-winning internship programs in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. The organization partners with over 1,000 employers, featuring 18 career fields to focus on during the internship.

According to CRRC Asia, roughly 89% of participants who complete their internship become qualified for graduate-level jobs within three months.

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Connect-123 Cape Town Internship

Connect-123 offers internship opportunities in Cape Town in business, entrepreneurship, medical and health care, engineering, and social work. The internship schedules are flexible and may be tailored to the student’s needs.

In addition to providing housing assistance, comprehensive orientation, social events, cultural activities, and career guidance while on your internship, the local staff at Connect-123 will assist you before, during, and after you complete your internship.

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2022 Summer Dairy and Beef AI Industry Internships

Minnesota/Select Sires Co-0p, Inc. is looking for interns for the dairy and beef market segments with primary operations in Minnesota. It is open to students pursuing degrees in bovine agriculture, bovine production, or programs that serve the needs of bovine producers. Students must be in their first or second year in college when the internship starts.

The internship program offers an introductory workshop featuring the technologies, strategies, and services addressing the producers’ genetic or reproductive needs. This position is open to college students in the state or residents of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, or Wisconsin.

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Amazon Internship Program

Whether you have a bachelor’s, a master’s, an MBA, or a Ph.D., Amazon offers opportunities for you. Most of Amazon’s technical interns from all over the world spend between 12 and 16 weeks during the summer, but they offer internships throughout the year.

Here are the different kinds of internships at Amazon:

Technical and Engineering

A variety of internships are available at Amazon for students pursuing technical degrees. The work involves creating new technologies in large distributed computing environments and designing consumer products.


Amazon interns with or pursuing Ph.D. and Master’s are well-versed in machine learning, large data sets, and cloud computing to solve various technical problems. They also design algorithms that automate decisions across the company by leveraging data patterns.


The business-related internships at Amazon have students teaming up with clients and key business groups as they put their analytical and problem-solving skills to the test.

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​​Microsoft University Internship

Microsoft internships entail working on cutting-edge technology to bring ideas and solutions to life. Interns at Microsoft enjoy competitive pay, relocation benefits, and other awesome perks.Interested students must be enrolled in college full-time and continue their education at least a semester, a quarter, or a term more following the internship. All MBA, Ph.D., and Master’s students are also eligible for these internship opportunities.

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​​United Nations Volunteers Program 2021

The United Nations Volunteers Program is looking for undergraduates and graduates at least 25 years of age to help with the organization’s day-to-day projects. The all-expense-paid volunteer program will run for at least three months and up to a year.

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​​UNDP Internship Program 2021

United Nations Development Programme is offering students internships that match their interests and address the organization’s needs. A UNDP internship can be taken in the UNDP country office, at a regional hub, or the UNDP Headquarters in New York.

A UNDP internship assignment can last between one and three months, depending on the intern’s availability and academic requirements. Throughout the year, part-time and full-time assignments are available.

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BMW Group Internship

BMW welcomes motivated undergrad and grad students to become part of their production, IT, or research and development projects through an internship. The internships, through which students become valuable team members, can last for six months. Under a contract, interns will work 35 hours a week and be paid after completing the internship.

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​​Tesla Internship Program 2021

Your eligibility for an internship at Tesla depends on whether you are in an undergraduate, master’s, or similar advanced degree program. Student teams and projects are matched with those that best suit their interests and experience in a competitive recruitment process. Interns, who take part in critical projects, are expected to abide by the same standards as Tesla employees.

The internship opportunities are available all year round at the company. Applications may be submitted at any time.

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​​KPMG Internship

Before graduating, an internship at KPMG is a terrific way to build your network, learn business skills, find a mentor and gain real-world experience. You can even be employed as a regular employee, depending on your internship performance.

As an intern, you will experience the following:

  • Spend a week at KPMG Lakehouse, located in Lake Nona, Florida, for National Intern Training.
  • Provide audit, tax, and advisory interns with a consistent national training experience.
  • During the workshop, you will be joined by peers from all over the country to enhance your communication and leadership skills.
  • KPMG will pair you with a partner who will support you throughout your career.
  • This part-time job will be conducted at Lake Nona, Florida.

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​​Morgan Stanley Technology Full Time Analyst Program

An analyst will complete a 15-week global training program that includes various activities and events to make an intern well-versed in their industry. As part of the program, analysts will develop global peer networks. Analysts gain the broad skills necessary for their role as Associates during these training programs.

Here are the activities you can expect from this internship:

  • Be part of the development teams as you learn to develop, design, and maintain business applications.
  • Clients are met daily to discuss requirements and gather information.
  • You get to learn from a system designer who makes system design decisions, evaluates, integrates, and develops necessary software, and then tests and deploys applications to production.
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​​Deloitte Client Service Internship

Deloitte offers different internship programs to students and fresh graduates. The internship includes assignments to different client projects. Each intern is responsible for a particular part of the client deliverables during the internship.

As an intern, you will get to experience the following:

  • The project team will provide mentorship and support during the interns’ involvement.
  • Training is often provided to interns before they join client engagements.
  • Interns learn by participating in weekly lunch and learn events, industry-specific spotlights, and regularly scheduled training opportunities to teach technical and customer service skills.
  • Mentors help guide interns throughout their experience, including counselors and onboarding advisors.
  • The internship will include career guidance and feedback for interns.
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​​Bank of America Applied Technology Program

Applied Technology at Bank of America allows you to explore your interests, develop your skills, and meet business needs. Business analysts, data scientists, developers, and cybersecurity analysts are among the job profiles offered by this program.

This program may require you to fulfill the following responsibilities, depending on your job profile:

  • Team-driven innovation principles and leveraging skills, interests, background, and experiences in the environment you are in.
  • Assist teams at all levels of the bank with technical expertise.
  • By establishing contacts within projects, internship programs, and engagement events, you will develop networking skills.
  • Building awareness of the bank’s segments and gaining business acumen through collaboration across teams.

This internship will be held in Charlotte, NC.

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​​NSA Computer Science Intern Program

Under the Computer Science Intern Program (CSIP), selected upper-level college undergraduate or graduate students majoring in computer science or closely related fields can participate in a highly intensive 12-week internship. Projects assigned to interns contribute to the mission of NSA.

These are some of the project topics:

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Information Visualization and Retrieval
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Taxonomy
  • Database Crawling
  • Architecture and Systems

This intern program is available in Maryland.

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​​AEOP Apprenticeship

AEOP Apprenticeships allow students to take the next step in their STEM careers while participating in cutting-edge research.

You will have the following responsibilities as an apprentice:

  • Experience first-hand what is happening in laboratory research at top universities and the U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers.
  • Obtain mentorship from a scientist or engineer.
  • Find out how to make progress in your field of interest in STEM and develop the skills required to succeed.

The available locations for conducting your internship will be in Maryland, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

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​​HR Intern


Nestle is a global food and drinks production firm based in Switzerland. It is recognized as one of the major food firms all over the world.

Some of the student’s roles include:

  • Gathering interview packets
  • Facilitating interviews
  • Evaluating resumes
  • Integrating information from the interview

The job is offered at the Eau Claire, Wisconsin office.

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​​Finance and Accounting Intern


The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, a global manufacturing firm, produces tires for various automobiles. It is one of the most popular tire brands across the world.

The intern’s tasks for this position include:

  • Assists in major projects and deliver them promptly
  • Perform financial analysis
  • Formulates relevant financial plans for several departments
  • Has a chance to be assigned in Treasury, Accounting, Auditing, and other related jobs

This job is offered at the Akron, Ohio office.

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​​Donations Intern

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is humanitarian aid, relief, and development company that provides emergency aid to refugees and people displaced by war.

Some of the student’s responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with staff to determine in-kind firms
  • Help in tracking donations for the firm’s inventory tracking system
  • Facilitate the acceptance of donations
  • Provide the proper documentation of the donations

This is a part-time job and will run for six months. The intern will be working at the Wichita, Kansas office.

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Regional Customer Experience and Product Training Intern

Subaru of America

Subaru of America is a known distributor of Subaru’s brand of automobiles. It is also the subsidiary of Subaru Corp. of Japan.

Some of the student’s responsibilities include:

  • Conduct analysis on big data sets like satisfaction surveys
  • Help in local training events
  • Update online reputation management metrics
  • Administer incentive programs

This is a part-time position that is available in the Colorado Glendale office.

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Human Resources Intern


WGI is a professional services company that delivers exceptional solutions that include planning, engineering, architecture, and other related offerings.

Some of the intern’s roles include:

  • Helping in the inventory and shipments
  • Arrange lunch & learns
  • Monitoring resumes & incoming applications
  • Assisting with the Intern Program

This position is available at the Houston, Texas office and may be offered in a part-time or full-time work schedule.

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Procurement Leadership Development Program Internship

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a global firm that specializes in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer packaged goods.

Some of the student’s responsibilities include conducting analytics for category strategy development, executing best practices and procedures, fulfilling company-specific projects to facilitate strategies, and determining appropriate methods to drive considerable value. The position is available in various locations.

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Internship Program

Stimson Center

The Stimson Center is a non-profit organization that develops international peace and security by integrating analysis and outreach.

The intern will be working in a challenging environment, which will prepare them for full-time employment. Some of their daily tasks include working alongside program staff and program directors. They will evaluate their fellow interns’ performance and be encouraged to assess their own experience as well.

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Tax Intern


RSM US LLP is a consulting company concentrating on the middle market in America and a member of the worldwide accounting network RSM International. It is one of the most prominent accounting organizations in the US.

The intern’s jobs include collaborating with a team that deals with a broad range of tax specialty areas, performing tax planning, conducting relevant research studies, and devising federal, and state & local tax returns. They are expected to learn tax regulations and accounting pronouncements.

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Internship Program

Bipartisan Policy Center

The Bipartisan Policy Center, a thinktank that supports bipartisanship, integrates ideas from the Democratic and Republican parties to resolve issues in the US.

The intern will be working full-time and will be given specific functional areas. They will be fulfilling administrative support, help with meetings and events and facilitate research activities. They will also develop and prepare reports as well as proposals. This position is a great opportunity for them to learn and be exposed to a broad range of challenges resolved by the organization.

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Sales internship

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters Corp. is a global media conglomerate based in Ontario, Canada. Some of its subsidiaries are Farmers Edge, Integration Point, HighQ, and Confirmation.

The student’s roles include acquiring considerable hands-on experience in sales support procedures. They will be tasked to perform sales calls and learn how to eliminate obstacles with prospective clients. They are expected to create leads in the CRM system and establish value propositions.

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Administrative and Operations Internship

The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project non-profit organization that is recognized for being secular and nonpartisan with access to congressional leaders. This project also connects with representatives of G8 nations.

The intern’s roles for this position include helping with database management, updating content to meet SEO targets, facilitating communications through email, and directing fundraising letters. This internship is available at the Tacoma, Washington office.

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IT Internship – Technology Operations


The Vanguard Group specializes in investment advising, and it is the biggest mutual funds and exchange-traded funds provider.

The intern’s roles for this position include formulating high-impact solutions that enable the crew to do their best and acquire hands-on experience that will help broaden their technical expertise, create a network with program managers, and engage in developmental activities. This 10-week program will be available at the Malvern, Pennsylvania office.

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Consumer Insights Intern


Hudl is an organization specializing in giving tools for coaches and athletes to go through game footage. One of its offerings includes giving video services to professional football games.

Some of the student’s roles include collaborating with athletes and coaches, being familiar with quantitative and qualitative data, acquiring massive work experience that helps develop new skills and assist in the recruitment process. The position is available in several locations and requires 20 hours a week commitment.

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Governance Program Internship

Democracy Fund

The Democracy Fund is a charity organization formed by eBay that provides grants to offices that support their goals.

Some of the intern’s responsibilities include facilitating meetings, making schedules for meetings and events, and helping the Governance team’s data gathering. They are also expected to develop the team’s learning platform and research issues in key areas. This job requires 28 hours commitment from the intern and is available at the Washington, DC office.

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Columbus Summer Intern

Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Hikma Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical firm based in London. It produces non-branded generic and in-licensed products.

Some of the student’s jobs include technical writing of CMC documentation, facilitating logistics of samples, executing data evaluation, and helping in designing the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms. This job is available at the Columbus, Ohio office.

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Unum Scholar Intern


Unum is an insurance firm that provides relevant solutions, providing affordable access to life, accident, disability, dental and vision benefits.

Some of the intern’s roles include transactional support to business areas and solid partnership building. They are expected to work independently and efficiently integrate with team members as and when needed. The job can either be part-time or full-time and will be assigned to the Chattanooga, Tennessee office.

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Nestlé USA

Nestle is a global food and drinks processing company based in Switzerland. It is the biggest food business globally and is included in the Fortune Global 2000 list of the largest public firms.

Some of the student’s roles include gathering interview packets, facilitating interviews, arranging interviews, and updating staff job descriptions. They are expected to scrutinize resumes and join interview teams. This position requires a part-time commitment from the intern and will be assigned to the Eau Claire, Wisconsin office.

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Rural Community Outreach Internship

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

A nonpartisan group affiliated with the American Cancer Society, The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network promotes better access to cancer prevention and early detection programs, regulation of tobacco, and better quality of life for cancer patients.

Some of the student’s roles include joining community events to facilitate Public Intercept Surveys, gather petitions from supporters, monitor outreach events and outcomes, and observe data gathering. They have to develop a directory of volunteers, health centers, campuses, and media outlets. This position needs a commitment of at least four hours a week, and it is available in several offices in California.

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Insurance R&D Intern


QOMPLX is a leading IT firm specializing in insurance, cybersecurity, and quantitative finance. Some of its offerings are its cloud services in risk analytics and contextualizing huge data sources through its data factory to help firms quantify risk areas.

The intern’s roles include helping with the design of the UI, facilitating new projects aimed at creating a central hub, performing research on various data standards, and participating in the cloud-based generation of catastrophe insurance modeling software. The student will work remotely for this position.

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Graduate Intern

Visual BI Solutions

Visual BI is one of the fastest-growing companies specializing in business intelligence & analytics. Some of its offerings include analytic solutions, BI products, and consulting services.

The student will be asked to make solution templates and BI content in the Microsoft BI & Analytics space utilized by executives of organizations belonging to the Fortune 500 list. They are expected to be knowledgeable with BI concepts, UI/UX, and visualization. The program will go on for 10-12 weeks.

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Remote Sales & Marketing Internship

Greek House

Greek House is a top supplier of custom apparel to academic institutions and businesses. It is one of the burgeoning privately-owned firms in the US and came third on the Gator 100 list of fast-growing organizations.

Some of the intern’s roles for this position include building networks with customers, integrating the firm’s CRM and digital marketing tools to promote sales, make social media pages, and design content for various marketing channels. The student will also collaborate with the executive team to look for decision-makers of local groups. This is a part-time job that will last for 12 weeks.

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System Engineering Intern

Ecology and Environment, Inc.

The Ecology and Environment, Inc. is a leading engineering and professional services company committed to helping local communities. The organization comprises experienced professionals such as engineers, strategic advisors, construction management professionals, and planners.

Some of the student’s roles include deploying technical documents, creating a requirement management handbook, and assessing the civil contracts and program compliance. They will also be asked to facilitate the configuration management process and manage the interfaces between technical entities and contracts. The position is available at the Sacramento, California office.

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Internship – Administrative/Guest Relations

Trilogy Health Services

Trilogy Health Services is the best healthcare firm in the Midwest by delivering comprehensive and appropriate care to seniors. The organization has branches in more than 100 locations all over the country.

Some of the student’s roles for this position include answering phone calls, getting important messages and delivering them to the concerned department, facilitating the phone system based on the provided company guidelines, updating the current file of residents, and assisting visitors and redirecting them to the appropriate office. The position is available at the Tell City, Indiana office.

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Professional Internships

Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. is a vehicle assembly plant based in Indiana. Initially, it was a joint venture between Isuzu Motors and Subaru Corporation. It is a subsidiary of Subaru Corporation that makes some of the famous car models like Legacy, Ascent, Outback, and Impreza.

The company offers different internship positions, especially in the engineering department. They can be part of various teams such as new model development, stamping & welding quality, powertrain assembly engineering, project engineering, and more. Should they be interested in other departments, there are also internship positions in HR, finance and accounting, IT, purchasing, and procurement. The student is expected to collaborate efficiently with other staff and deliver projects accurately and promptly.

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Engineering Program Management Internship

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a known tech company specializing in consumer electronics, online services, and computer software. It is also the largest organization in the tech industry.

Some of the intern’s roles for this position include facilitating effective communication, administering project execution, determining conflicts, resolving them, and spearheading development budgets. They are also expected to scrutinize program issues and develop appropriate methods to eliminate them. This full-time position is for a Santa Clara Valley, California assignment.

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Virtual Internship Program


UpKey delivers remote professional readiness and talent engagement tools for schools, businesses, and students.

The intern is expected to gain outstanding leadership and entrepreneurial skills throughout this program from seasoned industry professionals. They will have hands-on tasks related to their future career and will be collaborating with executives and mentors. There will be numerous opportunities to work on projects in other departments such as marketing, finance, and technology.

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Management Trainee Intern

Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. is a holding firm with several car rental agencies such as Alamo Rent a Car, National Car Rental, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The student will learn the daily operations of a major organization and acquire valuable experience and insights from experienced professionals. As a management trainee, you’ll learn to oversee a fleet of vehicles, deliver excellent customer experience and formulate effective marketing strategies. This position is available full-time at the Boca Raton, Florida office.

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Internship – Investment Management


The Vanguard Group is an investment advisor and one of the largest providers of mutual and exchange-traded funds. Some of its products include financial planning, educational account services, variable and fixed annuities, and trust services.

The intern’s roles include participating in high-impact strategic tasks, acquiring valuable insights from experienced investment professionals, determining critical information for the firm to move the business forward, and building a network that will be helpful in their future profession. The intern will be reporting to the Malvern, Pennsylvania office.

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Intern – GDD – Trial Monitoring

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Novartis Pharmaceuticals is one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical organizations. Some of the product lines included in their offerings are contact lenses, animal health, OTC drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics.

The intern’s duties include supporting the maintenance of data health in the system, compiling study-related documents, assisting the local trial team, and executing the study of communications. They also have to perform invoice reconciliation and help in the local activities for Investigators Meetings. This is a full-time job at the East Hanover, New Jersey office.

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Content Writer Intern


CoSchedule is a software provider and one of the leading solutions for mid-market firms looking for a unified marketing platform.

The intern’s responsibilities include writing high-quality content, helping with SEO techniques, preparing reports on public relations, and updating social media accounts. They also have to work with graphic designers and marketing teams for the weekly newsletter.

It will be a 12-month program, and the student will have to work for 20 hours a week at the North Dakota office.

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Internship – Leadership Development Program

Dow Chemical

The Dow Chemical Company is a global firm specializing in chemical production. It is Dow Inc.’s subsidiary operating in Midland, Michigan. Some of its products include plastics, catalysts, coatings, and performance chemicals.

Some of the intern’s roles include integrating strategic analysis framework to evaluate Global Business Units, engaging in several corporate development initiatives, recommending company-wide priorities, and going through a mentoring program under the senior executive.

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IT Summer Intern

TUV SUD America

The TÜV SÜD is a leading safety, sustainability, and security solution to several clients across the country. Some of their major offerings include certification, testing, and advisory services.

Some of the intern’s roles include creating Power BI reports and dashboards, resolving technical and application issues, familiarizing with issues concerning design and requirements, and estimating task duration. This internship is available in various parts of the US, and the student may also be asked to work full-time.

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Battery – Summer Intern 2021

EnPower, Inc.

EnPower, Inc. specializes in engineering-based innovations that develop lithium-ion. Essentially, they build better batteries. Some of its other concentrations include B2B, cell engineering, electric vehicles, research and development, innovation, and startups.

This program will let the student work cross-functionally to develop critical technologies for electric mobility, such as producing hardware science, process optimization, manufacturing hardware engineering, and other similar procedural activities. This is a full-time job available in the Phoenix, Arizona office.

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Software Engineering Intern


Intel Corporation is a tech firm and known as the biggest semiconductor chip producer worldwide. The firm is also included in the Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations.

The intern’s role includes developing data structures to develop research studies, collaborating smoothly with a dynamic team, and functioning efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Their management expects them to possess strong written and verbal communication skills and complete tasks in a timely and organized manner.

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Legal Intern

American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is committed to defend and preserve the person’s rights, and liberties stated in the Constitution and laws of America.

The intern’s roles for this job include working with the team on different legal issues, conducting research studies about state policy and issue developments, helping in voting campaigns, and completing special projects. The position can be available part-time or full-time, depending on the student’s availability. This program will run for 10-12 weeks at the Washington, DC office.

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Content Summer Intern


ConsumerTrack provides financial online opportunities, tools, products, and content that integrate brands with the most valuable consumers. It specializes in education awareness, customer acquisition, audience targeting, and expansion.

The student’s role will be writing or editing content for republication, participating in brainstorm sessions, gathering content pitches, and conducting competitor research. They will also need to perform consolidation from third-party sites and determine potential new partners. This 12-week program requires part-time commitment from the student.

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Healthcare Cost Intern

About Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. specializes in health insurance services and one of the biggest managed health care facilities under the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

The student’s roles include supporting the Cost of Care Team members, reporting directly to the firm’s Cost Outcomes Director, and fulfilling assignments pertaining to data extraction. They will also be asked to help in data analysis to support the Cost of Care department’s ongoing projects. This is a full-time job that will be based at the Atlanta, Georgia office.

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Internship 2021-President & CEO’s Office

Abt Associates

Abt Associates is a leading research facility that provides solutions to major issues in various sectors, including environmental policy, health, social and international development.

Some of the intern’s roles include assisting in corporate social giving programs, helping in strategic planning, handling administrative tasks during Board Members’ annual meetings, and facilitating staff communications and special projects. This position is available full-time at the Rockville, Maryland office.

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