College Internships 2023-2024 School Year

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Do you need information on the right scholarships available to you? You’ve come to the right place! College Cliffs presents internship opportunities to qualified college students.

We regularly scour the Internet for internships available for you! From time to time, these opportunities will be updated, changed, or deleted as soon as the positions are filled or the posts are no longer available. We encourage you to visit frequently to get updated information!


Digital Content Internship (Fall 2023)


Interns hired for the digital content internship will be assigned at Tesla’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, California for the duration of the period (August or September 2023 to December 2024, even beyond). Minimum qualifications to be considered for the competitive positions include pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in communications or marketing, among other related fields. Excellent communication skills, particularly in copywriting and editing, are a must alongside a creative, detail-oriented, and results-focused attitude.

But these are competitive internships, too, with applicants considered only if their academic qualifications include an undergraduate or graduate degree in Engineering and with strong academic performance. Applicants must also possess excellent creative, critical thinking and communication skills, as well as be detail-oriented, organized and results-focused.

Interns perform content and copywriting responsibilities, meet deadlines and milestones, and participate in brainstorming sessions and meetings, as well as monitor content analytics.

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Facilities and Construction Internship (Fall 2023)


Internship positions at Tesla are coveted because of the attractive compensation and benefits that interns get! These include medical and dental benefits without payroll contributions, LGBTQ+ care concierge services, and 401(k), and more!

But these are competitive internships, too, with applicants considered only if their academic qualifications include an undergraduate or graduate degree in Engineering and with strong academic performance. Applicants must also possess excellent creative, critical thinking and communication skills, as well as be detail-oriented, organized and results-focused.

Interns must be available for at least 12 weeks of the in-person, full-time internship. But the internship can stretch for an entire fall term, even into the winter and spring of 2024.

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Rotational Accounting Internship – Summer 2024

Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP

Undergraduate and graduate students in business, taxation or accounting programs are welcome to apply for the rotational accounting intern position. Applicants must at least have 3.0 GPA to be considered for the selective program.

The company will assign interns in the San Jose or San Francisco office, but travel will be required for offsite activities. Interns attend client meetings, perform audits and assist in business risk consulting and compliance projects, among other professional experiences. Plus, there are plenty of personal and professional networking opportunities like happy hours, tours, and community service projects.

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Decision Science Product Internship Fall 2023

The Walt Disney Company

Interns will be assigned at the Lake Buena Vista, Florida offices for the duration of the five-month internship (September 2023-January 2024). Among their main duties are providing support for sophisticated advanced decision support and pricing engines development, Tableau data visualizations, and automated data validation processes.

Applicants must possess technical skills in the use of Tableau and Python/SQL, as well as knowledge of database structure. Preferred qualifications include knowledge of hospitality revenue management systems and operations. Communication, critical thinking, and time management skills are a must.

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WLS-TV (ABC7) Sports Internship Fall 2023

The Walt Disney Company

Interns will work onsite at ABC7’s station at Chicago, Illinois between mid-August 2023 and early January 2024, and must provide their own accommodations and transportation. The internship requires a minimum of 20 hours of work per week, Monday-Sunday, even during nights and holidays.

Both undergraduate students (i.e., junior or senior year) and fresh graduates (i.e., six months) are eligible to apply. Current interns in the Disney Professional Internship and Disney College Program are also welcome. Applicants must also have excellent multitasking, fact-checking and communication skills, as well as be detail-oriented and interested in sports news.

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Research Intern – Next Generation Xbox Communication Protocol Research


This is a hybrid internship with interns allowed to work from home for up to 50% of their experience. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a post-doctorate degree program in STEM fields like computer science. Applicants must also submit two letters of reference to be considered for the position.

Selected interns have a proven track record in being published in top-tier conferences, providing original research ideas, and using programming languages, among other topnotch qualifications. Interns work with professional full-time researchers, too, during the 12-week internship.

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Decision Science Graduate Internship Fall 2023

The Walt Disney Company

Interns can make an impact on The Walt Disney Company by bringing their extensive experience of programming languages, Microsoft Suite applications, and statistical modeling software or mathematical programming software to the table. Applicants with proficient skills in SQL or Tableau, algorithm development, and machine learning algorithms/forecasting/deep learning have a competitive edge; research or industry experience in supply chain, marketing or revenue management helps, too.

With such excellent credentials, interns are expected to make meaningful contributions in the modeling and analysis of revenue management, forecasting and optimization, and data collection, cleaning and validation.

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Graduate Data Analytics Internship Fall 2023

The Walt Disney Company

Graduate students enrolled in or fresh graduates (within six months of submission of application) of master’s degree programs in analytics, statistics, or economics, among other quantitative fields, are eligible to apply. The five-month internship – the approximate dates are from September 2023 to January 2024 – requires interns to fully commit to 40-hour workweeks.

Interns provide program support in park revenue management, Tableau data visualizations, and automated data validation processes, and more. Such advanced duties require applicants with extensive experience in Tableau, Python or SQL, database structure, and forecasting and optimization technologies.

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Fixed Assets Accounting Internship Fall 2023

The Walt Disney Company

Fixed assets accounting interns will enjoy the hybrid work setup, but must provide a dedicated workspace and computer with reliable Internet connection for the remote aspect. The approximate internship dates are from August 2023 to January 2024, a six-month period where interns work 40-hour workweeks. Interns must also find their own accommodations and transportation.

The main duties of fixed assets accounting interns include maintaining sub-ledgers for fixed assets, performing asset capitalizations, and researching on matters related to fixed assets acquisition and disposition.

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Software Engineer Graduate Internship


The in-person internship requires a six-month time commitment with 40-hour workweeks; there are no relocation benefits provided. Interns must possess excellent problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills that are useful in the development and deployment of deep learning models. Intel provides its interns with intensive mentorship intended to fast-track their careers in the software engineering field.

Applicants must be pursuing either a master’s degree or a PhD in software engineering or other related fields. At least six months of experience and proficient knowledge in programming languages, SQL and databases, and data preprocessing, feature extraction are necessary to be considered.

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Undergraduate Technical Internship


Interns gain useful real-world skills in system engineering, from the design and development to the integration of sophisticated systems. Intel provides interns with challenging work environments in state-of-the-art laboratories and offices and the opportunity for project ownership. Interns also learn about real-world applications of client-server architectures, system management, and operating systems, and more.

The paid internship allows interns to work part-time (about 10 hours/week) and provides a steady progression from onsite Data Center work to onsite and offsite automation projects. Interns must be quick learners and must be skilled troubleshooters and problem solvers.

Applicants must possess at least three months of experience in data structures and programming, aside from pursuing a bachelor’s in any relevant field.

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Software Engineer Graduate Internship


Prospective software engineering interns must commit to a six-month full-time stay with 40-hour workweeks; there are no relocation benefits offered. Applicants must demonstrate passion for artificial learning, software development, and deep learning, as well as a keen interest in building software solutions using these technologies.

Excellent problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills are a must, in addition to enrolment in a Master of Science or PhD degree program in computer science, computer engineering, and other related fields. Applicants must also have at least six months of experience in programming languages, deep learning frameworks, and version control systems, and more.

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Process Engineer Undergraduate Internship


The part-time internship requires at least 20 hours of work per week and, thus, allows interns to pursue full-time studies. Hybrid work setup may be considered.

Applicants must demonstrate enthusiasm for process engineering and new technologies, from design and development to scale and transfer activities. Minimum qualifications include enrolment in a Bachelor of Science program in electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering, among other technical engineering fields. Preferred qualifications include knowledge of programming languages, substrate manufacturing, and failure analysis techniques.

Interns will contribute to the day-to-day operations in a wide range of aspects including cycle time, defects and parametric performance, and other factory floor activities. Excellent collaboration, communication, and leadership skills are a must for success in the internship program.

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Human Landing Simulation Development and Testing Internship Fall 2023

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Yet another of NASA’s coveted internships is in its human landing simulation development and testing program where undergraduates in their sophomore, junior or senior year are welcome to apply. Preferred majors are in computer and information sciences with interns assigned to the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at the Johnson Space Center.

Interns will provide program support for the Human Landing System program, such as in the development of a lunar landing simulation. The main duties include the development and documentation of software regression testing and training plans.

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Biological Diversity and Ecological Forecasting Program Support Internship Fall 2023

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Both undergraduate and graduate students at any level of their studies are encouraged to apply for these internship positions. Preferred majors are in the biological sciences and communications since interns will be assigned as support personnel for NASA’s biological diversity and ecological forecasting program. The in-person assignment is with the Science Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters, particularly in the Earth Science Division.

Interns contribute to NASA’s programs related to the advancement of biological diversity and ecological forecasting. The tools that will be used include remote sensing for understanding life on Earth including its patterns and evolution. Interns will also make communication initiatives.

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BioSCape Communications Internship Fall 2023

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA’s BioScape Communications internship program welcomes undergraduate students from all levels as well as master’s and doctoral degree students. The relevant disciplines are just as wide-ranging, from communications, media relations and studies and performing arts to ecology, computer science, and mathematics.

BioScape is a biodiversity-centric field campaign intended to appeal to a broader audience. Interns will work with seasoned scientists and conservationists in creating traditional and digital media content highlighting South Africa’s rich biodiversity in the Greater Cape region. Their duties also include collaborating with professionals in the development of a sustainable communications infrastructure for the BioScape campaign.

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Internships to Help Design Strategy for NASA’s Public Prize Competitions Fall 2023

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

If you’re in your sophomore, junior or senior year in college, you may want to apply for an internship position in designing strategy for NASA’s public prize competitions. The mission directorate is in space technology and preferred majors are in the biological sciences, business, communications, computer and information sciences, and physics, to name a few.

Interns will be engaged in technology development in the interest of science and human exploration as part of the Space Technology Mission Directorate or STMD. The Early Stage Innovations and Partnerships (ESIP) Portfolio includes the Prizes, Challenges, and Crowdsourcing (PCC) Program wherein interns will work alongside NASA’s employees.

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Organizational Development Research and Activities Internships Fall 2023

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Interns in the organizational and development research and activities work at the Langley Research Center. Their main duties include working with Future of Work (FOW) project teams in the conduct of exploratory and action research on organizational culture, development and dynamics, and change, as well as in supporting implementation and evaluation activities. Interns engage in broad research on several domains, too, including design thinking, network science, and system dynamics.

Students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees are welcome to apply. Preferred majors are in the arts and sciences including social science, industrial and organizational psychology, or sociology and anthropology.

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Applied Science Internships in Automated Reasoning and Storage Systems Fall 2023


Amazon interns work 40-hour workweeks in their assigned locations; relocation and housing assistance can be provided. Applicants must be PhD students with a keen interest in automated reasoning and/or automated systems including their theory and applications. Preferred qualifications include experience with formal semantics, formal specification, and/or temporal logics, among others, as well as in algorithms and programming and scripting languages.

Most, if not all, interns have published works in industry journals and conferences, as well as possess excellent communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in high-pressure, team-based work environments.

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Hardware Development Engineer Internships Fall 2023


Interns at Amazon usually work 40-hour workweeks (full-time positions) and must work onsite, aside from ensuring a no-conflict schedule, either with non-Amazon work or with academics. While interns may be able to choose their preferred location, such as in the Greater Seattle Area, Greater Boston Area, or Detroit, it isn’t guaranteed. The fall 2023 internship starts either in August or September, and it can involve traveling to various offices.

Applicants must have at least one academic semester/quarter/trimester remaining after the conclusion of their Amazon internship. Minimum qualifications include pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or systems engineering, among other related disciplines. Applicants must demonstrate experience in embedded systems, debugging, and schematic design.

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Software Engineering Internships


Apple’s software engineers have made and continue to make breakthroughs with industry- and society-wide impact, from Siri and iCloud to iPhone – and you can be part of their team! Innovation drives their work and enthusiastic interns not only get meaningful insights into industry practices but, more importantly, enviable work experience. The internship requires 40-hour workweeks for at least 12 weeks.

Applicants should be pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or a PhD degree in computer engineering, computer science, or electrical engineering, among other related STEM fields. Proficiency in sophisticated methodologies, programming languages, and application development, as well API design and client-server protocol is preferred. Applicants must also possess excellent critical and analytical thinking, communication and collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

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Machine Learning / AI Internships


Interns work with seasoned professionals in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) team in projects that cover platform technology, program management, and Siri, among other areas of Apple’s business. Innovation is strongly emphasized in the 40-hour per week internship experience.

Interns gain practical knowledge and skills, expand their professional network, and learn alongside seasoned software engineers and other professionals. Dedicated mentors ensure that interns make productive contributions to the AIML research projects and make effective presentations of their work, even have their work published.

Applicants with computer science, applied mathematics, or engineering backgrounds are welcome to apply.

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Hardware Technology Internships


Be part of the hardware technology team at Apple and, thus, be able to contribute to breakthrough technologies that make it among the world’s best technology companies! This is a 40-week internship open to undergraduate or a graduate students in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or computer science, among other related technical fields. Applicants must also possess strong communication and collaboration skills, as well as experience in Python, VHDL and/or Verilog.

Interns work with professionals in system-on-a-chip design including physical design, STA and verification, and signal integrity.

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Product Design, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Internships


Interns will work anytime from September 2023 to September 2024 for 40 hours per week. Their main duties include providing effective and efficient support for product design, development and development for all product lines. Interns will work with professional mechanical engineers, materials scientists, and product developers during the entirety of their internship.

Applicants must be pursuing a degree in materials science, mechanical engineering or related fields on the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral levels. Good communication, collaboration and multitasking skills are a must, and preference will be given to applicants with experience in product design, component modules, and/or Design for Manufacturability, among other technical skills.

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Research Scientist Internship in 3D Computer Vision and Computational Photography (PhD)


Interns must possess exceptional knowledge and skills in 3D computer vision and face reconstruction, image processing and computational photography, and neural view synthesis. Mentorship with experienced research mentors in the development of cutting-edge networks is complemented by professional work experiences with software/hardware teams in their deployment.

This is a paid internship lasting for 12-24 weeks onsite with applicants able to choose from several start dates. Interns must express their intent of returning to their PhD studies after internship completion.

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Research Scientist Internship in Product Algorithm Research (PhD)


Research science in product algorithm research interns have excellent opportunities to contribute to the continuous development of Facebook’s products and infrastructure. Interns work with expert quantitative scientists in conducting research on core data science and work for between 12 and 24 weeks onsite.

Apply if you have completed or are completing the requirements for a PhD degree in technical fields like computer science, with more than two years of experience in large-scale data manipulation using R or Python, and with excellent communication skills. Preferred application qualifications include first-authored publications and experience in distributed computing tools.

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Research Scientist Internship in AI Computer Vision PhD)


Research scientist interns perform a wide range of research in intelligent machines, semantics of data, and product development that will be used for the benefit of Facebook. Interns work with professional teams in setting up the research and their experiments, as well as in communicating their conclusions and results.

Applicants must either have earned or are pursuing a PhD degree in artificial intelligence, computer vision, or related technical fields. Minimum experience required is in programming languages (e.g., Python, c and C++) and building systems. Preference will be given to applicants with strong background and experience and/or publication of artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data science works.

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Software Engineering Internship (PhD Level) Fall 2023


The in-person internship is offered for students pursuing a PhD degree in software development, computer science and other related technical fields. Applicants must be in their penultimate academic year or with intent to return to their studies after internship completion and complete their application before July 7, 2023.

Minimum experience includes software development and coding in Python, Java and/or C/C++ as well as algorithms or data structures. Preferred experience include research experience in machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence, among others. The paid internship is 12-14 weeks in duration with multiple locations to choose from.

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Software Engineering Internship (Master’s Level) Fall 2023


With a July 7, 2023 application deadline, applicants must act quickly on the paid internship! Interns work with professional teams in finding solutions for complex issues in computer science, among other exciting opportunities. Google offers its interns plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development, too, which contribute to leadership development among graduate students.

Like many Google internship opportunities, there’s a choice between software engineering and site-reliability engineering intern positions. Multiple locations are also available for choosing.

Applicants must be pursuing a master’s degree in technical fields including computer science, software development, or software engineering. Preference will be given to applicants with experience in three or more programming languages, web application development, and/or large software systems development.

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Software Engineering (Bachelor’s Level) Internship Fall 2023


Undergraduate students pursuing computer science, software development and other related technical fields are eligible to apply; application deadline is July 7, 2023. Applicants must have work experience in software development and coding in Java, Python, and/or JavaScript, among other general purpose languages, as well as with algorithms and data structures. Preference will be given to applicants with experience in security software development, natural language processing and/or machine learning, among other technical skills.

This is a paid internship with interns required to be in location for 12-14 weeks. Interns are provided with personal and professional development opportunities through professional work experience, community-building activities, and an executive speaker series. Interns can choose between a site-reliability or a software engineering internship.

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Granite Construction Inc. Finance Internship

Granite Construction, Inc. is running an 8-10 week rotational internship in its Watsonville, CA or The Woodlands, TX corporate office. Interns will be assigned to perform Corporate Development (M&A), Treasury, Internal Audit, Finance, Tax, and Accounting tasks. Interns will present their final deliverables to company leaders, including the CFO, at the end of the program.

Finance, Accounting, or Business majors with a GPA of 3.3 may apply for this internship program.

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Mary Kay Summer Internships 2022

Leading global beauty company Mary Kay is looking for interns in these departments:

  • Digital Experience
  • Copywriting
  • Global Social Media
  • Social Media Art Director Support
  • U.S. Social Media
  • Marketing Publications
  • Product Marketing
  • Social and Public Relations
    • Interns will plan activities, set up booths, answer social media inquiries, create social media strategies, and assist with marketing and content creation plans to meet the company’s objectives.

      Undergraduate or graduate students–preferably rising juniors or seniors–with a 3.0 GPA may apply.

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Medtronic Finance Summer Internship

Interns at Medtronic will work with the finance team to conduct risk-based internal audits, perform financial analysis, and work on income and balance sheet statements. The internship positions are paid, requiring 40 hours per week for 11-12 weeks. Out-of-state interns are provided housing assistance, relocation assistance, and social and educational events throughout the summer.

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Brattle Group Summer Internships

Brattle is offering summer programs designed to expose undergraduates and graduate students to economic consulting. The company assists interns in obtaining the competencies need for their career beyond conventional education. Interns collaborate with internationally recognized experts and skilled Brattle staff. Check out their site for more information.

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Polaris Sales and Marketing Internship

Polaris is offering an internship opportunity involving projects that align directly with the company’s business objectives. Some of these projects may encompass the many business skills and disciplines, including business development, market opportunity, and competitive analysis.

Interns work on Go-To-Market planning, product launches, dealer and customer sentiment analyses, photoshoots, pricing, and promotional activities . This opportunity takes a total of 12 weeks.

Visit their page for more information.

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Transamerica Internship Program

At Transamerica, students gain hands-on experience in a business environment through the company’s internship program. Transamerica offers a wide range of internship opportunities in its Accounting, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Actuary departments.

The internships are paid based on the intern’s position and experience.

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JLL Internships

Jones Lang LaSalle, a leading provider of real estate services, offers summer internships for junior and senior students in and out of the US. The internship opportunities are for JLL’s marketing, research, and other departments in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Virginia, and other locations across the globe.

Visit the application page to know if you qualify.

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Progeny Internships

Undergraduates in Engineering Technology and Computer Science can participate in Progeny’s paid internship program. The internship is open to Software Engineering, Computer Science, System Engineering, and Computer Engineering majors.

As students work on real projects and produce meaningful work, they gain technical experience for possible employment.

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The Clorox Company Early Career Talent Programs

The Clorox Company is looking for interns in these programs:

  • Summer Intern Program, a 10-week summer hands-on work experience
  • Clorox Co-Op Program, a 6-month internship program providing students with technical insights

Clorox also holds the Future Leaders @ CLX Program, an orientation program for students who want to learn about the company.

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Disney Professional Internships

Interning with Freeform Original Programming, students gain insights in these areas of television and entertainment: Development, Current Series, and Unscripted. As an intern, you’ll be tasked to help with handling scripts, managing reading materials, updating reports, and researching or trendspotting projects.

The approximate internship dates fall between January and May.

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SKIM Internship Programs

SKIM offers internships to promising students in their last year of a master’s program. Interns will work with an international team in conducting market research.

SKIM’s internship programs, which are part of its market research initiative, cover:

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Xcel Energy Internships

Xcel Energy offers most of its internships in the summer, but some co-op internships are also available all year. The internships are all paid, come with some benefits, and can lead to employment in the company.

Some of the internship programs are:

Xcel Energy interns must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students.

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Anthem Internship Programs

Anthem helps students build a rewarding career, from full-time opportunities to MBA rotational programs through these internships:

  • Summer Internship Program
  • Lex Frieden Internship Program
  • Diversity Scholars Internship Program

The programs run for three months and six months or part-time within the academic year.

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University of Kansas Doctoral Internship Program

Clinical psychology internships are 12-month, full-time appointments at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Division of Psychology. A high percentage of their interns complete postdoctoral fellowships in health psychology or clinical psychology aspects of psychiatric care.

Four positions are available for the 2022-23 academic year.

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AT&T Internships

AT&T is looking for graduate students for its Labs Internship program. For 20 hours a week, Interns will work alongside leading technologists and industry standards experts on developing and deploying network technologies and applications.

Applicants must be Ph.D. students in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering to qualify for this virtual internship.

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Boeing Engineering Internships

Boeing offers an engineering internship program where you can participate in shaping the future of aerospace. Engineer interns help make their future products more amazing, bring world-class innovation to market, and help transform dreams into reality. The program involves many events, including tours of Boeing sites and networking events. If you’re in for all the adventure and excitement, this internship is perfect for you.

Here are some of the internship opportunities that you can consider:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Flight Engineering
  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Test and Evaluation Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Specialty Engineering
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Northrop Grumman Aeronautics System Internship

The Aeronautics Systems Sector Intern Program at Northrop Grumman is seeking Software Engineers. You will have to work in Melbourne, Florida as an internee. Qualified applicants will be a member of Northrop Grumman’s Software Engineering Department. This opportunity will teach you how to analyze requirements, perform design, and implement software.

To qualify, you must be studying full-time at an accredited college or university for a STEM undergraduate or graduate degree with a GPA of 3.0. The internship will last for ten weeks long, requiring you to work full-time. Since this internship is paid, you’ll expect to earn $20-25 as a bachelor’s degree student and $30-32 as a master’s degree learner.

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Fashion Week Internships

The Fashion Week Internships offer fashion industry students and professionals opportunities to visit the world’s fashion capitals. You’ll be immersed in the world of fashion through your bespoke FWI internship program and develop your skills in design, public relations, marketing, merchandising, or manufacturing.

Visit this page for the start dates in 2022 and the applicable fees.

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Maximo Nivel Guatemala Internships

Discover Guatemala’s rich history and enrich your knowledge of the country and its culture as you participate in Maximo Nivel Guatemala Internship programs. The internships focus on hospitality & tourism, human rights, education, business, medical, or special education.

The internship program is offered as a Practicum (4 weeks) or as an internship (8 weeks or more). Their internships are available all year round, and a new internship program begins every week.

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Global Experiences The Dublin Internship Program

Experience the history and beauty of Dublin by interning for 8 or 12 weeks in the fall, spring, and summer. The Dublin Internship Program is for students interested in entrepreneurship, marketing, NPOs, international law, and a host of other highly relevant fields.

This internship program lasts for 12 weeks from January 8th to April 2nd in Spring, eight weeks from May 28th to July 23rd in Summer, and 12 weeks from September 3rd to November 26th each year.

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World Youth Alliance Internships

Internships with the World Youth Alliance provide practical and hands-on education. Staff members at WYA provide intern mentorship and training as students work on WYA projects to explore their interests and put their academic know-how to the test as interns.

Intern applicants must be passionate about making positive contributions to society. They must be self-driven, disciplined, creative, and detail-oriented.

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Society for Science and the Public Science Internship

A non-profit membership organization, the Society for Science Internship was founded in 1921. It is based out of Washington, D.C., and works to inform, educate, and inspire all interns about science and its importance to human advancement.

Students interested in STEM education, community outreach related to STEM, or non-profit and data management careers qualify for the program. The internship lasts 2 to 4 months, starting in the Fall semester.​

The opportunities include Communications Associate, Communications Specialist, Accounting Specialist, Broadcam Masters Specialist, and Science News internship positions.

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Liberty Mutual Insurance Internship

Data Science students may apply for internships at Liberty Mutual Insurance, one of the U.S’s leading property and casualty insurance companies.

The 10–12-week graduate-level data science internship exposes students to statistical programs such as R, Python, and SAS for product management, claims, distribution, marketing, human resources, legal, finance, and other functions. In the internship workshops, interns learn about cloud computing and various modeling techniques.

Liberty Mutual also offers full-time opportunities to interns in their Boston, Chicago, and Seattle officers.

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STATKING Clinical Services Internship

Writing statistical documents for clinical trials and composing SAS codes will be part of the STATKING Clinical Services Internship. Interns will calculate sample sizes and perform data analyses.

The internship lasts anywhere between 10 and 12 weeks. The interns will receive a monthly stipend of $3,000. Housing allowances are included as well.

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Merck Research Laboratories Internships

Merck Research Laboratories is opening 15 preclinical and clinical biostatistics internship opportunities in the Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences (BARDS) Department. The positions are open to full-time graduate students studying Statistics and Biostatistics.

An experienced pharmaceutical industry statistician will supervise the interns in conducting statistical analysis related to drug research, clinical pharmacology, drug development, biomarker development, and pharmacogenomics.

A candidate must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. SAS, S-Plus, or R knowledge is required. Applicants must be available to work full time for up to 12 weeks.

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Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Bayer Pharmaceuticals is looking for clinical statistics interns to work in the R&D department to assist in clinical trials and help determine how these processes affect drug development decisions. They will be working with senior biostatisticians, trial statisticians, and project statisticians on research projects.

At the end of the internship program, the clinical statistics intern’s research project will be forwarded to the statistics department and non-statistical audiences.

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Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops and commercializes life-changing therapeutic products for patients suffering from severe and ultra-rare diseases.

The company offers 10-week and 12-week summer internships, enabling students to work alongside senior statisticians designing and analyzing clinical trials. A Ph.D. in Biostatistics or related fields is required in this internship opportunity.

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Maximo Nivel Internships

Cusco, Peru, is a prime location for internships with Maximo Nivel. Programs vary from “Practicums” (4 weeks) to “Internships” (8 weeks or more). New internship programs are available year-round.

Interns acquire Spanish language fluency and professional skills in an international environment. They also enjoy convenient and flexible schedules and may choose from specific locations to meet their learning objectives.

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Dynamy Internship Year

A domestic gap year internship program, the Dynamy Internship Year is either full-year or semester-based. It is designed for students to explore their interests while on hiatus from their traditional classes. By partnering with organizations and businesses, Dynamy offers 17- to 22-year-old students 100+ opportunities in these study areas:

  • Animal Care
  • Arts & DesignAthletics
  • Automotive
  • Business & Retail
  • Childcare & Education
  • Culinary
  • Environmental Services
  • Government, Civic & Law
  • Human Services | Health & Wellness
  • Media, Marketing & Communications
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Justice & Activism

Full-time Dynamy Internship Year participants have the entire year to complete three different internships. September to December will be the fall semester internship. Student interns in the fall semester should complete a 9- or 10-week program and reapply for the spring internship after that.

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CRCC Asia Internships

CRCC Asia offers award-winning internship programs in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. The organization partners with over 1,000 employers, featuring 18 career fields to focus on during the internship.

According to CRRC Asia, roughly 89% of participants who complete their internship become qualified for graduate-level jobs within three months.

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Connect-123 Cape Town Internship

Connect-123 offers internship opportunities in Cape Town in business, entrepreneurship, medical and health care, engineering, and social work. The internship schedules are flexible and may be tailored to the student’s needs.

In addition to providing housing assistance, comprehensive orientation, social events, cultural activities, and career guidance while on your internship, the local staff at Connect-123 will assist you before, during, and after you complete your internship.

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2022 Summer Dairy and Beef AI Industry Internships

Minnesota/Select Sires Co-0p, Inc. is looking for interns for the dairy and beef market segments with primary operations in Minnesota. It is open to students pursuing degrees in bovine agriculture, bovine production, or programs that serve the needs of bovine producers. Students must be in their first or second year in college when the internship starts.

The internship program offers an introductory workshop featuring the technologies, strategies, and services addressing the producers’ genetic or reproductive needs. This position is open to college students in the state or residents of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, or Wisconsin.

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Amazon Internship Program

Whether you have a bachelor’s, a master’s, an MBA, or a Ph.D., Amazon offers opportunities for you. Most of Amazon’s technical interns from all over the world spend between 12 and 16 weeks during the summer, but they offer internships throughout the year.

Here are the different kinds of internships at Amazon:

Technical and Engineering

A variety of internships are available at Amazon for students pursuing technical degrees. The work involves creating new technologies in large distributed computing environments and designing consumer products.


Amazon interns with or pursuing Ph.D. and Master’s are well-versed in machine learning, large data sets, and cloud computing to solve various technical problems. They also design algorithms that automate decisions across the company by leveraging data patterns.


The business-related internships at Amazon have students teaming up with clients and key business groups as they put their analytical and problem-solving skills to the test.

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​​Microsoft University Internship

Microsoft internships entail working on cutting-edge technology to bring ideas and solutions to life. Interns at Microsoft enjoy competitive pay, relocation benefits, and other awesome perks. Interested students must be enrolled in college full-time and continue their education at least a semester, a quarter, or a term more following the internship. All MBA, Ph.D., and Master’s students are also eligible for these internship opportunities.

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​​United Nations Volunteers Program 2021

The United Nations Volunteers Program is looking for undergraduates and graduates at least 25 years of age to help with the organization’s day-to-day projects. The all-expense-paid volunteer program will run for at least three months and up to a year.

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​​UNDP Internship Program 2021

United Nations Development Programme is offering students internships that match their interests and address the organization’s needs. A UNDP internship can be taken in the UNDP country office, at a regional hub, or the UNDP Headquarters in New York.

A UNDP internship assignment can last between one and three months, depending on the intern’s availability and academic requirements. Throughout the year, part-time and full-time assignments are available.

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BMW Group Internship

BMW welcomes motivated undergrad and grad students to become part of their production, IT, or research and development projects through an internship. The internships, through which students become valuable team members, can last for six months. Under a contract, interns will work 35 hours a week and be paid after completing the internship.

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​​Tesla Internship Program 2021

Your eligibility for an internship at Tesla depends on whether you are in an undergraduate, master’s, or similar advanced degree program. Student teams and projects are matched with those that best suit their interests and experience in a competitive recruitment process. Interns, who take part in critical projects, are expected to abide by the same standards as Tesla employees.

The internship opportunities are available all year round at the company. Applications may be submitted at any time.

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​​KPMG Internship

Before graduating, an internship at KPMG is a terrific way to build your network, learn business skills, find a mentor and gain real-world experience. You can even be employed as a regular employee, depending on your internship performance.

As an intern, you will experience the following:

  • Spend a week at KPMG Lakehouse, located in Lake Nona, Florida, for National Intern Training.
  • Provide audit, tax, and advisory interns with a consistent national training experience.
  • During the workshop, you will be joined by peers from all over the country to enhance your communication and leadership skills.
  • KPMG will pair you with a partner who will support you throughout your career.
  • This part-time job will be conducted at Lake Nona, Florida.

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​​Morgan Stanley Technology Full Time Analyst Program

An analyst will complete a 15-week global training program that includes various activities and events to make an intern well-versed in their industry. As part of the program, analysts will develop global peer networks. Analysts gain the broad skills necessary for their role as Associates during these training programs.

Here are the activities you can expect from this internship:

  • Be part of the development teams as you learn to develop, design, and maintain business applications.
  • Clients are met daily to discuss requirements and gather information.
  • You get to learn from a system designer who makes system design decisions, evaluates, integrates, and develops necessary software, and then tests and deploys applications to production.
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​​Deloitte Client Service Internship

Deloitte offers different internship programs to students and fresh graduates. The internship includes assignments to different client projects. Each intern is responsible for a particular part of the client deliverables during the internship.

As an intern, you will get to experience the following:

  • The project team will provide mentorship and support during the interns’ involvement.
  • Training is often provided to interns before they join client engagements.
  • Interns learn by participating in weekly lunch and learn events, industry-specific spotlights, and regularly scheduled training opportunities to teach technical and customer service skills.
  • Mentors help guide interns throughout their experience, including counselors and onboarding advisors.
  • The internship will include career guidance and feedback for interns.
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​​NSA Computer Science Intern Program

Under the Computer Science Intern Program (CSIP), selected upper-level college undergraduate or graduate students majoring in computer science or closely related fields can participate in a highly intensive 12-week internship. Projects assigned to interns contribute to the mission of NSA.

These are some of the project topics:

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Information Visualization and Retrieval
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Taxonomy
  • Database Crawling
  • Architecture and Systems

This intern program is available in Maryland.

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​​AEOP Apprenticeship

AEOP Apprenticeships allow students to take the next step in their STEM careers while participating in cutting-edge research.

You will have the following responsibilities as an apprentice:

  • Experience first-hand what is happening in laboratory research at top universities and the U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers.
  • Obtain mentorship from a scientist or engineer.
  • Find out how to make progress in your field of interest in STEM and develop the skills required to succeed.

The available locations for conducting your internship will be in Maryland, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

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​​HR Intern


Nestle is a global food and drinks production firm based in Switzerland. It is recognized as one of the major food firms all over the world.

Some of the student’s roles include:

  • Gathering interview packets
  • Facilitating interviews
  • Evaluating resumes
  • Integrating information from the interview

The job is offered at the Eau Claire, Wisconsin office.

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Internship Program

Stimson Center

The Stimson Center is a non-profit organization that develops international peace and security by integrating analysis and outreach.

The intern will be working in a challenging environment, which will prepare them for full-time employment. Some of their daily tasks include working alongside program staff and program directors. They will evaluate their fellow interns’ performance and be encouraged to assess their own experience as well.

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Internship Program

Bipartisan Policy Center

The Bipartisan Policy Center, a thinktank that supports bipartisanship, integrates ideas from the Democratic and Republican parties to resolve issues in the US.

The intern will be working full-time and will be given specific functional areas. They will be fulfilling administrative support, help with meetings and events and facilitate research activities. They will also develop and prepare reports as well as proposals. This position is a great opportunity for them to learn and be exposed to a broad range of challenges resolved by the organization.

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Sales internship

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters Corp. is a global media conglomerate based in Ontario, Canada. Some of its subsidiaries are Farmers Edge, Integration Point, HighQ, and Confirmation.

The student’s roles include acquiring considerable hands-on experience in sales support procedures. They will be tasked to perform sales calls and learn how to eliminate obstacles with prospective clients. They are expected to create leads in the CRM system and establish value propositions.

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Administrative and Operations Internship

The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project non-profit organization that is recognized for being secular and nonpartisan with access to congressional leaders. This project also connects with representatives of G8 nations.

The intern’s roles for this position include helping with database management, updating content to meet SEO targets, facilitating communications through email, and directing fundraising letters. This internship is available at the Tacoma, Washington office.

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Nestlé USA

Nestle is a global food and drinks processing company based in Switzerland. It is the biggest food business globally and is included in the Fortune Global 2000 list of the largest public firms.

Some of the student’s roles include gathering interview packets, facilitating interviews, arranging interviews, and updating staff job descriptions. They are expected to scrutinize resumes and join interview teams. This position requires a part-time commitment from the intern and will be assigned to the Eau Claire, Wisconsin office.

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Rural Community Outreach Internship

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

A nonpartisan group affiliated with the American Cancer Society, The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network promotes better access to cancer prevention and early detection programs, regulation of tobacco, and better quality of life for cancer patients.

Some of the student’s roles include joining community events to facilitate Public Intercept Surveys, gather petitions from supporters, monitor outreach events and outcomes, and observe data gathering. They have to develop a directory of volunteers, health centers, campuses, and media outlets. This position needs a commitment of at least four hours a week, and it is available in several offices in California.

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Graduate Intern

Visual BI Solutions

Visual BI is one of the fastest-growing companies specializing in business intelligence & analytics. Some of its offerings include analytic solutions, BI products, and consulting services.

The student will be asked to make solution templates and BI content in the Microsoft BI & Analytics space utilized by executives of organizations belonging to the Fortune 500 list. They are expected to be knowledgeable with BI concepts, UI/UX, and visualization. The program will go on for 10-12 weeks.

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Remote Sales & Marketing Internship

Greek House

Greek House is a top supplier of custom apparel to academic institutions and businesses. It is one of the burgeoning privately-owned firms in the US and came third on the Gator 100 list of fast-growing organizations.

Some of the intern’s roles for this position include building networks with customers, integrating the firm’s CRM and digital marketing tools to promote sales, make social media pages, and design content for various marketing channels. The student will also collaborate with the executive team to look for decision-makers of local groups. This is a part-time job that will last for 12 weeks.

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Legal Intern

American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is committed to defend and preserve the person’s rights, and liberties stated in the Constitution and laws of America.

The intern’s roles for this job include working with the team on different legal issues, conducting research studies about state policy and issue developments, helping in voting campaigns, and completing special projects. The position can be available part-time or full-time, depending on the student’s availability. This program will run for 10-12 weeks at the Washington, DC office.

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Healthcare Cost Intern

About Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. specializes in health insurance services and one of the biggest managed health care facilities under the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

The student’s roles include supporting the Cost of Care Team members, reporting directly to the firm’s Cost Outcomes Director, and fulfilling assignments pertaining to data extraction. They will also be asked to help in data analysis to support the Cost of Care department’s ongoing projects. This is a full-time job that will be based at the Atlanta, Georgia office.

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