How To Give Yourself a College Education Online for Free in 2023

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81% of people believe education is shifting to autodidacticism

Autodidacts In Action

  • Autodidact: a person who is partially or completely self-taught
  • Who has attained expert level knowledge through self-education?
  • Frederick Douglass
    • American abolitionist and speaker
  • Mukul Deva
    • Indian writer, speaker, and coach
  • Melanie Klein
    • Founder of children’s psychology
  • Frida Kahlo
    • Mexican painter and portrait artist
  • Nazir Naji
    • Pakistani Journalist and writer for the Prime Minister
  • Steve Jobs
    • Founder of Apple

The truth is, self-education is right at your fingertips

Formal College Degrees Are Increasingly Unpopular

  • Costs
    • College costs tripled in less than 20 years
    • Cost of a Bachelor’s Degree may be more than $400,000 (including lost income)
    • The average learner spends 20 years paying off student loans
  • Housing Insecurity
    • 56% are housing insecure every year
    • 17% have been homeless in the last year
    • Military students are more likely to be homeless
  • Lost Income
    • Students who cannot work full time lose up to $39,676 a year
    • 50% of students cannot afford a healthy diet
    • 20% lost weight because they could not afford food
    • High school diploma holders earn $158,704 over 4 years (while college students cannot work)

More than half of Gen Zs in the US believe degrees aren’t necessary for success

  • Coding Developers
    • Demand hit 22% in 2020
  • Marketing
    • Demand hit  6% in 2020
  • Data Analysts
    • Demand hit 28% in 2020

73% of college grads are working in a job unrelated to their degree

Reasons To Get A Self-Taught College Education

  • Retraining For Work
    • 42% of Americans use free online resources to retrain for work
  • Upskilling
    • 31% of US workers are upskilling for free online
  • Boosting Soft Skills
    • 78% of people worldwide believe they need more training in softer business skills
  • Low Costs
    • The average college degree costs $35,720 per student per year

Finding college-level education online is easier than you might think

Websites For Self Learning

  • University websites offer free courses
    • Business, Computer Science, Healthcare – Harvard University
    • Geometry, Economics, Chemical Science – MIT
    • Fintech, English, Data Science – Berkeley
  • Aggregate sites collect the best courses for you
    • Coursera
  • Expert Made Courses
    • Khan Academy
    • TedED
  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
    • Free online courses for anyone to enroll in
    • Canvas Network
    • FutureLearn
    • LinkedIn Learning

College websites aren’t the only place you can go for self-taught college education

Tools For Self Learning

    • Interactive platform teaches you to code in multiple languages
  • SkillShare
    • Learning via interactivity and project completion
  • PluralSight
    • Training courses for software devs, IT admin, and related fields

Knowing which platforms to use will help you make the best decision about courses

Free College Education Options By Discipline

  • Business Administration
    • Harvard University
  • Healthcare
  • Data / Computer Science
    • MIT
  • Education
    • University of Michigan

The most important part of self-taught education is finishing it well

How To Stay On Course

  • Minimize distractions by working in a quiet place
  • Set goals and mile markers
  • Follow a study schedule
  • Enhance what you already know
  • Get an accountability buddy
  • Physically move to a different space
    • Library
    • Coffeeshop
    • Business Center
  • Remind yourself why you want to learn

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” – Isaac Asimov, Famous American writer, and professor of biology

College Cliffs Can Help

  • Free online resource for students
  • Provides information about the college journey
    • Scholarships
    • Career Guides
    • College Rankings
    • Internships
    • Free online college classes
  • Makes it easy to choose a path you’ll love

College-level education is in good hands — yours.