Google Introduces a Shorter Path to a College Degree

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Google offers a shorter route to complete a college degree through its latest certificate program, which requires six months of completion and are less expensive than a traditional college curriculum.

According to the multinational technology firm’s announcement, the Google Career Certificates can significantly differentiate higher education’s future. It opens an aggregate of professional courses that educate students about in-demand jobs and excel in them.

The certificate program will primarily concentrate on developing foundational skills that will quickly help students land bankable careers. Rather than taking it for one year to finish the program, Google’s new certificate programs necessitate only six months to complete.

Google Senior Vice President Kent Walker affirms the company would consider these career certificates just like any other four-year degree in their recruitment for relevant job positions.

The firm hasn’t specified the cost of each new course. However, it has offered a similar program in Coursera, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, which costs the student $49 per month. This six-month course is less expensive compared to other conventional college courses. Furthermore, Google has expressed its intention to open need-based scholarships to support the new programs. Last month, they offered similar scholarships for courses relevant to IT support jobs to help unemployed individuals in this time of economic crisis.

Google Career Certificates

The firm’s latest offering is based on their existing programs leading to IT support jobs, open to individuals with no college degrees. Since the inception of the Google IT Certificate program, it has been the most popular course in Coursera. Individuals who completed the said course have successfully landed careers, which eventually improved their earnings.

Moreover, Google will open several apprenticeship positions to those who finished the program. They will also assist in the job search process and encourage students to share their information with major employers offering job positions in these fields.

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