Georgia State University Students High-performing Despite the Pandemic

Georgia State U - virtual graduation concept

The majority of Georgia State University students who belong to the low-income class are struck hard by the pandemic. Undergraduates keep at least one job to pay for their education, but as these posts in bars, retail, and restaurants vanished in spring, most of them had to put their college schooling on hold.

The African-American student community of Georgia State University may have experienced the worst, but as the academic statistics showed, they remained unfazed. The university’s graduation rate this spring soared, and so did the GPA of the graduating class. The attendance rate also rose to about 98% in the last week of the spring semester, during which students and professors were suddenly thrust into the remote learning environment.

Georgia State University said it was quick to intervene when pandemic-related issues started to affect student performance. The school administration adjusted the student’s schedules to fulfill core requirements and created an intro course so they could study at their pace using a computer than in the lecture hall. Academic advisers were promptly alerted with common problems such as unexplained absence or delay in enrolling for the upcoming semester.

Georgia State University has successfully eliminated diversity issues through the innovations they have implemented in their system. During the pandemic’s rise, the school was able to lean on their systems that they have built for more than a decade and effectively led their undergraduates to success.

Just this spring, their drop-out and failure rates have decreased compared to the previous year. Even with the absence of in-person ceremonies, this academic year outdid their graduation rates pre-pandemic.

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