Thousands of Frontline Workers Enroll in Michigan’s Free College State Program

Lansing Free College for Frontliners - News Image

Lansing Community College has seen a surge of aspiring degree holders enrolled in the Futures for Frontliners program. This unique state scholarship grants a tuition-free college to frontline staff.

According to one school administrator, they have seen more than 300 enrollees during the fall semester. And these LCC students were only a small portion of the 15,000 frontline workers who have registered in their local community colleges via the program, which was initiated by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last month.

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This financial assistance project will pay for the tuition that is not covered in the usual scholarship program. Every Michigan resident who has been asked to work outside their residence from April to June last year was qualified. These workers were requested to register until 2020 and have until the end of this year to enroll.

This February, the Michigan Reconnect, another program financial assistance initiative, was offered to Michigan students with no college degree. It pays for all their tuition costs, and so far, it has helped more than 70,000 residents.

Lansing Community College is fully aware of the demand for a skilled workforce to make a strong economy. This program will help Michigan state make a meaningful difference and become a venue filled with opportunities.

Registration is still ongoing for summer classes at Lansing, but several students have already signed for the Futures for Frontliners. Most students who have initially joined in spring via the tuition aid program will start their second semester this fall.

Since the pandemic, the majority of community colleges in the country have experienced plummeting numbers of enrollees. And because of the project, it boosted the enrollment numbers for LCC.

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