What career and salary can I have with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration?

If you’re looking to mix traditional competencies with the growing need for out-of-the-box ideas, a degree in business administration may be something you’d want to consider. Earning a degree in business administration opens doors to career opportunities in the fields of business, finance, management, and sales. It also enables you to create meaningful personal and professional connections, which could increase your chances of succeeding in whatever field you’re aiming to enter.

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The scope of the job is not limited to the financial and sales aspect of a company – there is also a level of innovation and imagination required to excel in this field. In fact, lots of creatives and designers worldwide also hold a degree in business, merging together two worlds in order to ensure a steady income and increased profitability. With a stroke of genius and a bit of effort, you will be able to show the world what you’re capable of.

Competent business skills, which the degree offers, are essential for thriving in a competitive environment and excelling in top-paying jobs.

Here are some careers you can pursue as a bachelor’s degree holder in Business administration together with their expected average annual salaries:

Business Operations

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  • Management Analyst/Consultant handles company proposals for effective productivity and profit gaining
    • Annual Median Pay: $81,320
    • Handles company proposals for effective productivity and profit gaining; focuses on finding ways to help decrease cost and increase revenue within the company
  • Compensation and Benefits Specialist
    • Annual Median Pay: $60,800
    • Develops, plans, and monitors programs for employee benefits and compensations; highly knowledgeable about labor laws and employees’ rights
  • Claims Adjuster
    • Annual Median Pay $63,000
    • Assesses insurance claims of car owners, homeowners, and other insurance holders; investigate claims and insurance extent of an entity’s liabilities
  • Logistician
    • Annual Median Pay: $74,260
    • Analyzes and coordinates the supply chain of companies, with an emphasis on practical courses of action and proven methods of getting needs delivered
  • Market Research Analyst
    • Annual Median Pay: $62,150
    • Analyzes market trends to check sales of services and products; provides important data about revenue projections
  • Purchasing agent
    • Annual Median Pay: $62,200
    • Assists in the acquisition of services and products for the company and assists in looking for reasonably priced, quality products and services that can help boost revenue
  • Compliance officer
    • Annual Median Pay: $65,600
    • Ensures that the company and its people comply with rules and regulations; works closely with legal department and compensation and benefits team in most companies


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  • Auditor and Accountant
    • Annual Median Pay: $67,190
    • Prepares and checks the accuracy of financial records and taxes; ensures that there are no discrepancies or misappropriation of funds within the company
  • Personal Financial Advisor
    • Annual Median Pay: $89,000
    • Offers investment, savings, mortgage, and insurance advice to private individuals and/or corporations
  • Budget Analyst
    • Annual Median Pay: $71,500
    • Prepares budget reports and monitors the spending of company or institution; provides feedback that are vital to decision-making in the company
  • Insurance Underwriter
    • Annual Median Pay: $65,000
    • Decides on the provision of insurance to individuals and entities on specific terms; analyzes scope and appropriateness of insurance packages with the client’s needs and wants in mind
  • Financial Analyst
    • Annual Median Pay: $80,300
    • Provides guidance to the company in investment decisions; evaluates stocks, bonds, and other investments (such as paintings, precious metals, properties, etc.)
  • Financial Examiner
    • Annual Median Pay: $78,000
    • Ensures that company or organization’s financial transactions are compliant with the law


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  • Chief Executive
    • Annual Median Pay: $175,100
    • Develops strategies to boost company profits and performance; usually the face of the company, or largest shareholder who takes the reigns in the company
  • Purchasing Manager
    • Annual Median Pay: $108,100
    • Monitors the purchasing of parts, products, and services in the company; keeps track of the movement of goods in and out of the company and makes necessary reports
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
    • Annual Median Pay: $131,600
    • Plans, coordinates, and controls computer-related/tech activities of a company; makes sure that systems are updated, data security is established and foolproof measures against deliberate breaches are in place
  • Medical and Health Services Manager
    • Annual Median Pay: $94,500
    • Plans and coordinates health and medical services within a company; often works closely with compensation and benefits team
  • Financial Manager
    • Annual Median Pay: $117,900
    • Produces financial reports, strategies, and plans for effective financial goals
  • Marketing and Sales Manager
    • Annual Median Pay: $119,200
    • Leads marketing and sales teams and ensures that target sales are achieved; innovates ideas that make products and services more appealing to target consumers/general public
  • Human Resources Manager
    • Annual Median Pay: $104,000
    • Handles recruitment initiatives and hiring process of job applicants; handles any dispute between employees and other entities within the company

Sales Management

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  • Insurance Sales Agent
    • Annual Median Pay: $48,200
    • Handles sales of the different forms of insurance; product knowledge and PR are considered important skills
  • Financial Services Sales Agent
    • Annual Median Pay: $71,500
    • Handles marketing and selling of financial products (such as educational plans, mutual funds, etc.) to businesses and consumers, not limited to insurance plans
  • Real Estate Broker
    • Annual Median Pay: $56,800
    • Client assistance in purchasing and selling of real estate (such as houses, land, and buildings)
  • Sales Representative
    • Annual Median Pay: $51,700
    • Handles sales of various electronic and insurance products and services to customers
  • Sales Engineer
    • Annual Median Pay: $97,600
    • Handles sales of complex technical products and services to companies; usually handles larger accounts and pushes sales to complex entities

Other Business-related Careers

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  • Actuaries
    • Annual Median Pay: $97,100
    • Analyze financial costs and risks through mathematical and statistical theories; financial decisions of a company are usually dependent on their data
  • Statistician
    • Annual Median Pay: $80,110
    • Handles data analysis and application of statistical methods and studying probability to solve business conflicts
  • PR Specialist
    • Annual Median Pay: $56,770
    • Handles press releases and creates strategies in social media promotions; mitigating bad press and handling negative clout is also part of the job
  • Economist
    • Annual Median Pay: $99,180
    • Deals with the generation and distribution of goods and services through statistical and data collection
  • Operations Research Analyst
    • Annual Median Pay: $78,600
    • Deals with analysis of day-to-day company operations; keeps track of current data to improve handling of affairs within the company