What jobs or career path options do I have as a Bachelor’s in Childhood Education graduate?

Bachelor's in Childhood Education

With a Bachelor’s in Childhood Education degree, the most traditional career route would be teaching. However, other fields and venues of employment have risen lately as the need for skilled labor increases.

With the training you get from a Childhood Education degree, you get a high chance of being employed in the fields of marketing, psychology, and writing.

For those who want the traditional route, there are two main career paths. The first role consists of teaching children in elementary and preschool. The second choice focuses on administering and managing the various teaching processes.

This is ideal for those with more personalized expertise such as childcare center workers, home-based tutors, and family support specialists.

Teachers are in Demand

Most graduates of the degree land elementary teaching jobs as the demand for teachers is high, especially in elementary public schools. A college degree is mandatory for public school teaching while most also require state licenses and ongoing teacher education programs.

It is worth mentioning, however, that not all teaching jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Pre-school teaching, which requires an associate degree, is a recommended entry-level job.

While the pay is lower than for elementary teachers, the role requires less paperwork. Some also end up being teacher’s assistants; the job requires only a high school diploma and some college education.

Secondary teachers are in high demand and command decent pay but they deal with a heavier workload than elementary teachers do.

Administration or Management

On the administration and management side, Bachelor’s in Childhood Education graduates work as consultants, therapists, and directors. A high percentage of childcare center directors have degrees in Childhood Education mixed with a specialization, like Special Needs, Therapy, or Linguistics.

Parents who prefer homeschooling for their children look for a Generalist Home-based Tutor who can craft practical and fun yet personalized teaching methods.

Bachelor’s in Childhood Education graduates also become Family Support Specialists, professionals who are employed by a local, state, or federal agency to provide social work services to families.

More Career Options

Unorthodox career paths include those that involve businesses that hire childhood education graduates. Publishers for children’s books and educated researchers for products and services in private companies are among them.

Other job prospects include working as a researcher or consultant for businesses and entities that target both children and parents. Case studies that focus on children are increasing in both value and demand that, in turn, seek individuals with a background in Childhood Education.

Non-profit organizations also hire Bachelor’s in Childhood Education who are excellent writers to pen brochures and reading materials. Writing for publications and charitable organizations that focus on children as a cause and mission is also a viable career path.

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