Do Employers Think Online Colleges are Legitimate?

The concept of online learning is nothing new, dating way back 170 years ago when some instructors in Great Britain offered lessons to students and received assignments from them via mail. Of course, technological advancement plays the biggest role in the “online learning” set-up of today.

However, it’s common for some people to doubt its effectiveness. Many ask: Will my future employer or company respect my online degree?

In the past, some experts have claimed that companies still favor those who earned a traditional degree over distance learning graduates.

Conversely, due to the increasing number of universities and colleges that have shifted to online education worldwide, this option is no longer deemed odd or strange. Approximately 30% of brick-and-mortar institutions now have full online education.

Revolutionizing Education Through Online Learning

Being physically present in a classroom setting is no longer the only means of acquiring education. The internet and the constant innovation of technology have radically changed the methodology of learning. With just a computer and some gadgets, there is no doubt that a student can have unlimited access to literacy.

The Babson Survey Research showed that 30% of students in America earned at least one online class in their college programs. Online learners benefit from the idea of making education available for students without attending classes physically.

Online Degrees Vs. Traditional Degrees

Both online and traditional degrees have their fair share of merits and drawbacks.

However, the growing number of students shifting to distance learning is just one of the many proofs that online education is here to stay! The demand is increasing, and the flexibility that comes with makes it highly ideal for adult learners and professionals.

Did you know that 77% of educators agree that results-wise, online education is the same as traditional classroom learning, if not better? And while more students agree that traditional classes help them become productive, roughly 26% say online education works better for them.

What Do Companies Think of Online Education?

Students find it convenient to study online, but what about employers? What exactly do companies and organizations think about online education?

Research by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that 92% of companies prefer hiring students who obtained education through hybrid learning, which means they attended brick-and-mortar classes and had online education at the same time.

On the contrary, 42% of employers would hire someone who graduated from an online university or college limited to solely providing online education.

Notably, most executives and employers hire based on an applicant’s credentials, including the quality and the reputation of the school they attended. It matters less that you completed an online program; employers consider whether or not your school is well-known for providing quality education.

Tips for Marketing Your Online Degree to Your Future Employer

If you think an online degree seems off the beaten path, think again! Employers are optimistic about hiring employees who have an online degree. This pathway is gaining acceptance these days.

However, like acquiring traditional education, landing a job with an online degree pretty much requires you to sell your skillset, but with a unique framing or positioning of your strengths:

Point out the skills you obtained from the online program. Are your skills related to or required in the job you are applying for? Back your strengths up with the on-the-job training you acquired, your real job experiences, the workshops you attended, and the projects you developed or co-managed.

As much as you’d like to go on and on about how amazing your online coursework was, most companies ignore lengthy explanations and background details. Keep your profile short and simple. Focus on how achievements could be an asset to the company.

If anything, your future employer will appreciate it if you are honest about the challenges you have faced while pursuing distance learning.

Distance Education… A Great Idea!

Managing your time, motivating yourself, working independently, and being tech-savvy are just some of the greatest lessons you gain from distance education. Emphasize these and let your employer know that you’re even more ready to face any challenges head-on!

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