Florida Governor Seeks “Bill of Rights” for Students Facing Expulsion for Partying During Pandemic

college party - concept

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida says potentially kicking out college kids for partying amid the pandemic is a “dramatically draconian” punishment, considering “that’s what college kids do.”

A “Bill of Rights” to protect the students from the being expelled should be in order, he said during a recent public health round table in Tallahassee.

Colleges and universities across the country prohibit students from holding or attending large-crowd parties and similar social gatherings because they have been found to cause COVID-19 cases to rise. Governor DeSantis urges the authorities to focus on areas that pose more serious threats.

The government discussed Florida’s current preventive measures and health protocols with some school experts from Harvard and Stanford University who, according to him, shared similar views.

Gov. DeSantis also is also stopping local agencies’ from closing restaurants, insisting there is little proof that the closures have contained the transmission of the virus outbreak. This is included in DeSantis’ efforts toward the state’s economic recovery. Currently, most food businesses are already open on limited capacity.

Since the coronavirus started to spread in Florida last March, the governor doesn’t agree with some of the statewide regulations, such as wearing masks. However, he implemented the closure of clubs and bars and allowed only a few restaurants to open. The rest of the extreme restrictions have been withdrawn since the number of cases and deaths had gradually reduced.

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