Find the Right College: Online Business Administration Degree

Great businesses thrive because of, among other factors, competent and dependable staff. Without whom, day-to-day operations could fail, or worse, the enterprise could come crumbling down. You might be highly interested in this career path, but are you cut out for the job? Do you have what it takes to pursue a fulfilling business career? Picking from a dependable list of college degrees to obtain the right education and training will set you apart from the rest.

Earn Your Online Business Administration Degree

Obtaining a business degree is definitely not easy but the prospect of a successful professional life that it offers is a very effective motivator. Begin your journey of securing a rewarding job by looking into the top colleges and universities out there. And if you’re hard-pressed for time or finances and are less likely to attend conventional colleges, you have the option to check out institutions that offer Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) offered online.

A Bachelor’s in Business Management degree is a practical but rewarding college major. It qualifies graduates for various positions such as supervisor, division heads, operations analyst, and other managerial positions. The need for capable managers will increase as industries worldwide grow bigger. Managers, who play an important role in a company’s profit-oriented goals, are an indispensable part of any organization.  All these make BSBA a very smart degree of choice!

BSBA is on the list of college degrees in all higher academic institutions in the country. Here, we list the online universities that will turn you into that hotshot manager!

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ERAU online business administration degree -
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“Real Education. Above all.”

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) is a private institution that has been providing bachelor’s degree programs since 1994. The university takes pride in its online programs, archiving each lecture for students’ easy access. With high-quality materials, ERAU is a consistent competitor in the Best Online Bachelor’s Program. A top Aeronautical University in the country, Embry-Riddle also excels in its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration offers.

A Business Administration degree from ERAU will give you the solid foundation you need for business. It prepares you for the daunting challenge that comes with joining a company or launching your own. It offers a comprehensive curriculum in all business majors which allows graduates to excel in their field everywhere. Most importantly, with the focus on aeronautics, the business degree from Embry-Riddle gives you the edge over other business graduates. You will learn the complexities of the business world and will be at ease starting from day one. Choose to major in Management, Finance, Marketing, or Accounting and be ready for the corporate world.

Soar high with the eagles and make use of your options.

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“Perseverance Conquers”

Online bachelor’s degrees from Temple University have been available since the year 2012. It is among the top online universities offering a wide range of courses in their long list of college degrees. Application is quite competitive, so you need to beat the deadline! You do not have to worry about tuition too, as Temple U is a public institution with many scholarship opportunities.

The Richard J. Fox School of Business and Management, the business school of Temple University, offers high-quality business education based in Philadelphia. Established in 1918, Fox School at Temple University is known to prepare students to become business leaders and professionals. The program is the most comprehensive curriculum in the state of Philadelphia and among the largest in the world. It focuses on self-paced learning, which gives the flexibility we all want. But perhaps the most compelling reason to enroll in the Fox School of Business is the flat tuition. All lecture materials are accessible online and the faculty are full-time. Start or complete your business degree at Temple University.

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Third, on our list is Arizona State University (ASU). A public university, ASU started offering online degrees in 2004. Most importantly, ASU has been hailed as the No. 1 university in the United States for academic innovation.

Offered online at ASU, the W.P. Carey degree in business administration provides students with an in-depth knowledge of operations to run a successful company. The degree prepares students to manage people, finances, and risk for organizations of all sizes. Forecasting demand, planning inventory, purchasing services, conducting skillful negotiations, and building strategies for the future are a few of the important skills taught in the courses. Versatility will get you that job. A diploma from ASU is your golden ticket to success. Because of that, you are sure to excel wherever you decide to begin your career.

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“Making Life Better”

At number 4 is Penn State University – World Campus. Housing the second largest number of students, Penn State offers accessible, quality education worldwide. With a mission to provide education beyond the traditional ways, Penn State World Campus was launched in 1998. They bring academic excellence to individuals who want to further their education. Since the year it first opened to the world, the university has had an extensive list of college degrees. All in all, there are 150 courses offered at Penn State University.

Penn State World Campus has a respected business degree. Most importantly, it is 100% online. Since employers prefer versatile business professionals, a BS in a Business diploma from PSU will give you a competitive edge. You will not only be versatile, but you will also learn an extraordinary skill set that will allow you to take on various business functions. For that reason, any employer will be lucky to have you! Specialize in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, or Marketing. Whichever you choose. You are sure to make it in the real world.

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“A New Kind of U”

Lastly, we have Western Governors University (WGU). But do not be fooled. Although we listed WGU fifth on our list, it remains among the very best. In fact, in a Forbes article, WGU was tagged as “The Best-Kept Secret In Online Colleges”. WGU is a non-profit university that stays true to its promise of affordable, quality education. Many working professionals whose personal commitments prevent them from successfully completing a degree were able to do just that at WGU. In a 2016 Gallup-Purdue Index poll, it was determined that graduates from the university are most likely to get the job. The statistics show that 81% of the time, fresh graduates are sure to land a career.

The Business Program at Western Governors University is competency-based and focuses on career-building programs. WGU offers a number of courses on top of business but we are sure that you will get the best value for your money. You may check their list of college degrees. However, if you want to establish a career in business or work for the “who’s who” in the business world, the Business Bachelor’s Degree Program might be right up in your alley. And WGU is the best out there for it.

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Yes, the business world is one of the most competitive, if not the most competitive career choice. It offers lifelong career satisfaction for those who are up to the challenge. Can the promises of an online business degree trump the challenges along the way? We strongly encourage that you start your way to earning an online degree in business from any of the five online universities on our list. College is no walk in the park, but only by embracing these opportunities can you successfully climb that corporate ladder!