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Getting a college degree is not cheap. Lucky for us, the academic sector has developed a more practical option: associate’s degree. In as little as two years, an associate’s degree allows you to gain practical and theoretical experience in your chosen field of study. Upon earning your associate’s degree, you can choose to either take it to the next step in your career path or pursue a four-year undergraduate program. Either way, you can be confident of the set of skills that you have acquired in your associate’s degree program.

A top option among college students completing a two-year program is an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. In fact, it is a smart investment. If the concepts of business and the very idea of running one fascinates you, pick a Business degree. If you think you are not ready to commit to four grueling years of college, an associate degree is for you

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An Online Associate’s Degree in Business Administration will give you all academic benefits that, depending on the depth of your training, could be tantamount to a four-year college degree diploma. On top of that, you can opt for school tasks to work around your personal schedule. Apart from this obvious advantage, an online Associate’s Degree in Business Administration boosts your chances of a fulfilling career path. A diploma positively impacts the personal and professional development of both students and working professionals, enabling them to find more and better career opportunities.

It is always wise to gain higher education. In 2016, the College Board revealed that associate degree holders earn 25% higher than high school graduates. This is because employers prefer an associate degree over a high school diploma. Recognizing an employee who is good at their job is only one part of the picture. Employers also look to promote their people, and promotion favors those who have earned an associate degree.

Is “find my college” on top of your to-do list for the coming school year? Do you need information on the best online college options? We did the work for you! Here are our best bets for online colleges offering Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.

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Broward College takes pride in their business program. They understand the different preferences of students, prompting them to provide a variety of programs. The Business Administration programs at Broward College is affordable and takes a well-rounded teaching approach. You are sure that you have the foundation for success in your chosen business path.

Earn your Associate of Science degree in Business Administration from Broward College. Gain the skills for you to become an effective leader in the competitive world of business. With an associate’s degree, you can assume management or supervisory positions in any business you choose to enter. An AS in Business Administration requires 64 credits and can be completed in 2 years. If you want to finish early, there is an available 15 months accelerated track online associate’s degree program for you.

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Colorado Technical University’s (CTU) Associate of Science degree in Business Administration prepares you to enter the workforce. You will be learning and applying the fundamental business concepts to equip you as you compete in the business world. It is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). You may also choose to finish ahead time through CTU’s unique Fast Track program. It allows students to comply with general education courses and complete the degree 30% faster. All you have to do is pass competency-based exams to qualify.

CTU’s Associate of Science degree in Business Administration assures flexibility. If you are a working student, you are a priority. Convenient enough, this program lets you complete the 93 credits while working around your schedule. Most importantly, scholarships and study grants are available to assist qualified students. At CTU, an online associate’s  degree is not only achievable but also affordable.

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Offering over 23 online associate degrees, Albany State University (ASU) prepares students for various professional fields. ASU has very competitive nursing and legal programs that push graduates to excel in the workforce. In addition, the university also offers the top-notch Business Administration program.

ASU’s Associate of Science degree in Business Administration program provides students with the foundation to pursue a bachelor’s degree. All you need is complete 60 to 75 credit hours to get your associate’s degree diploma and secure a job. If you want to go further, the program is a good starting point for a bachelor’s degree in business. Your $3,900 tuition per year is an efficient way to earn an education and get a degree.

Northwest Nazarene University

Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) is a Christian comprehensive university offering over 60 undergraduate degrees and 18 master’s programs. It prides itself as One of the Best Christian Colleges in the Northwest. Students under the associate degree can choose from a wide range of majors. There is a strict 63-credit requirement for associate students to complete to earn an associate’s diploma.

Whether you’re a recent graduate going to college for the first time or an adult and professional interested in advancing your career, NNU’s Associate of Arts degree in Business and/or Accounting will enable you to continue working and living in your community while pursuing an NNU education. This two-year program is fully online and start dates are flexible with new classes beginning every eight weeks. Though obtaining this degree, students receive a solid base in career-specific business skills as well as liberal arts education. This online degree can then be transferred into a NNU online or on-campus bachelor’s degree program.

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It is through Reason And Faith that Regent University makes a difference. A leading Christian university, Regent gives high-quality Christ-centered academic instructions. It aims to bring out the innovative and compassionate leader in all its graduates. You will not only become knowledgeable and skillful; you will also grow with integrity and purpose. Regent believes that the programs it offers can change the world.

The Associate of Arts in Business degree at Regent University is offered online and on-campus. What makes it unique is the teaching approach. The program is taught from a Christian perspective. Because of this, a student’s capacity to lead is more personal but still remains professional. Most importantly, it will prepare you for career advancement in the business world. At the end of the day, that is the most important factor in a business degree – passion.

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You have probably been doodling “find my college” for months on end. Now that you have a list of the top online schools offering Associate Degree in Business Administration, go ahead and send your application. Do not let your work schedule of family commitments get in the way of getting an education. With an Online Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, you have the opportunity to get a job in business operations, human services and marketing. All you have to do is invest in an associate degree. Two years are all it takes for you to become a degree holder. Grab the opportunity today!