Colleges Boost Minority-Led Funds to Address Inequity Issues

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As the country continues to be beset by diversity and inclusion issues, a number of colleges is putting forth anti-racism and inclusivity efforts by investing in minority-led projects.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has moved a substantial amount of its endowment to several Black-owned funds. Aiming to resolve structural racism, SNHU hopes the resources will be sufficient for Black-and-brown-managed start-ups.

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The University of Chicago, the University of Rochester, and the University of California system have implemented similar efforts in their respective campuses. Yale University and Fordham University are vocal about prioritizing diversity in their current programs.

The investment made by SNHU is believed to be a crucial contribution to the recipients, according to one of the executives of Black-owned organizations. Endowment is a great start to promote diversity in higher education institutions and their community. The millions of dollars donated by SNHU can be tricky for Illumen to utilize, but the top management is prudent with its choice of investments.

Fordham University shares a similar cause, and is championing diversity in their choice of companies to invest in. According to one of the school administrators, Fordham factors in inclusion and diversity when making financial investment decisions.

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