College Prep for the ACT

The ACT is one of the standardized college entrance exams used by colleges and universities in the United States. This exam is three hours long and covers English, Math, Science, Reading, and an optional essay section. It’s designed to align with the core curriculums of high schools and first-year college courses to demonstrate what students learned in high school and what they’re prepared to learn in college.

The tests assess how skillfully students can evaluate ideas, make judgments, solve problems, and grasp implied meanings. The ACT is held seven times a year, and students can take the test as often as they want until they receive grades they’re comfortable sending off to their chosen colleges. 

ACT Preparation and Tips

  • Tips for Taking the ACTThese 12 tips from the official ACT website give you a general idea of what you need to do on the day of the test for the best possible chance to do well.
  • ACT PrepLearn more about the ACT and how to prepare for it, and try a few practice questions for each section with this helpful article.
  • Tips on Preparing for the ACTStudying for the ACT can be incredibly stressful for students, which is why it’s so important to follow these helpful tips to put your best foot forward and improve your chances of performing well.
  • Ace the ACT with These Study TipsThere’s so much to know when preparing for the ACT, but these are some basic but essential study tips.
  • ACT Test PrepTests are stressful for many students, especially standardized tests. That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared for tests like the ACT because it can help reduce stress and anxiety around taking tests.
  • ACT Test Prep TipsStrong ACT scores as supplemental material for college applications can enhance how colleges view you, which is why it can be beneficial to follow some of these ACT prep tips to help you stand out with your excellent test scores.

ACT Study Guides

  • ACT Test Study GuideThis book contains a detailed overview of different strategies you can use while preparing for the ACT and educational information that commonly appears on this test to help you study the right topics.
  • ACT Test Prep Study GuideThis detailed course covers everything you need to know about preparing for the SAT, including what to study and how best to study and practice questions to strengthen your knowledge.
  • ACT Prep Guides and TipsThe best way to study is by using past official ACTs with real questions given to students previously. Even though these questions are no longer in circulation, it gives you an idea of what you’ll see on an actual test.
  • Study Guide Zone- ACTLearn about the strategies you can use for each subject that appears on the ACT exam.
  • Free Flashcards for the ACTThese flashcards are designed to make studying for the different ACT sections a breeze, and they’re great whether you’re studying alone or with a friend!
  • ACT eBookThis detailed book covers everything you need to know about the ACT, including how it’s scored, studying for each section, and other resources you may find helpful for studying, taking the test, and your continued college search.

ACT Practice Tests and Quizzes

  • ACT Practice Test ReviewStart this practice test and get questions from every section to help you understand what the ACT questions look like.
  • ACT Practice Test (2020 Version)This practice test includes questions about English, Math, Reading, and Science from the 2020 ACT exams.
  • Free ACT PracticeChoose between a half-length practice test with official ACT questions, an ACT pop quiz with a few real test questions and explanations for each answer, or an ACT question of the day emailed straight to your inbox every day.
  • Practice TestsPrepare for the ACT and SAT with sample questions to help you study. The best way to do these practice tests is by treating them as if they were the real thing so you’ll be ready on the day of the test.
  • ACT Practice TestThis page allows you to take a full practice test, study with their helpful flashcards, or take subject-specific practice tests to help you improve your skills in a specific subject.
  • Practice Test for the ACTThere are multiple free practice tests to choose from here, including answer explanations, detailed scoring, and more to help you prepare for test day.
  • Try a Practice ACT TestLearn more about the ACT and try a few practice tests for each section, make a note of your score, and then try again!
  • 10 ACT Practice TestsFollow this book for multiple model exams that help you gauge your test readiness. With numerous questions, detailed explanations for each answer, and worksheets to help you calculate your score, you’ll get hands-on experience of how to succeed on the ACT.

Other ACT Resources

  • Free ACT Practice Tests and EventsFind a practice event near you to get vital information about the ACT and the college admission process.
  • Preparing for the ACTThis guide explains the process of preparing for the ACT and how families can help their student study for the exam.
  • ACT Score CalculatorWhile taking practice tests, you may be interested in learning how your score gets calculated, what makes a good score, and how the ACT exam is curved.
  • Tips and Tricks for the ACT TestThese quick tricks and tips can help make sure you’re calm and ready for the day of your ACT.
  • Top 9 Tips to Succeed on the ACT Writing SectionMany students find the writing section trips them up on the ACT, which is why following these top tips about preparing for it can help you stay up to date on how to do well on the writing portion.
  • ACT Score Fast FactsThis page from the National Center for Educational Statistics discusses the average scores of students who took the ACT over the years.
  • ACT ToolkitThis toolkit provides practical information to help guide students, parents, and educators through ACT preparation and examination.