Since the pandemic happened, a lot has been going on with colleges and universities. Aside from that, there are also news that students must read before entering higher education.

Education Department Relaxes Rules on Loan Relief for Students with Disabilities

As a means for helping students with disabilities in these difficult times during the pandemic, the US Department of Education has decided to become looser and less strict regarding the required documentation for loan forgiveness. Before the pandemic, the Education Department reinstated student loans for those who failed to prove their insufficient income generation. However, they’re eliminating this requirement at least for those who are in their 3 years monitoring term.  

HBCUs Embrace Esports

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Finally joining the bandwagon for esports, Johnson C. Smith University propelled their esports club which then triggered other HBCUs to participate in the venture. What once was only a hobby among young college students, is now becoming a means for acquiring scholarships, internships, and even pave a career as a professional gamer. Many black colleges now constitute the association for esports which is named as the Black Collegiate Gaming Association. 

Ivy League Schools Nix SAT, ACT Standardized Tests

Due to the challenges that were brought about by the pandemic, many top and ivy league universities decided to forego SAT or ACT scores as mandatory requirements for college admissions. These schools claim to use other factors in deciding whether a student is qualified and suitable for their institution. Students who will be enrolled for the class of 2025, however, can freely take or not take these standardized tests. 

JP Morgan Chase Sets Online Initiative for Career and Financial Advice to Black College Graduates

The “Advancing Black Pathways Career Readiness Series” is designed and offered by JP Morgan Chase for students of color, as their initiative to promote more corporate careers and financial positions for them. This series of programs offer knowledge and guidance on how to ace job interviews, land a career in the finance industry, and become more financially responsible. This offering is in great timing as with the hardships that many students face during the pandemic. It can make them feel more motivated, educated, and encouraged. 

NAIA Passes Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Legislation

A new legislation was proposed by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), in which they encourage college athletes to earn by promoting products, brands, companies, and collaborating in media events. They also allow these student athlete endorsers to use or mention their schools or universities as references to such promotions. NAIA supports these activities in hopes that they can benefit both the student athlete and the schools respectively. 

Pennsylvania State University Students Send Virtual Kindness to Nursing Home Residents

Inspired by the ideas from the students of University Park who created digital content intended to cheer the nursing home residents, Pennsylvania State University created the program called, Sending Virtual Kindness. They create any videos, photos, and any thoughtful gestures to make the nursing home residents feel happy and cheerful despite these challenging times brought by the pandemic.

Princeton University Names First Black Valedictorian

Finally after more than two centuries, Princeton University is awarding their ever first Black Valedictorian in the school’s history. Nicholas Johnson majored in Operations Research and Financial Engineering and has achieved many international experiences and internships. The achiever himself is grateful for all the support and guidance he received from his influential professors: William Massey and Dannelle Gutarra Cordero. 

US Student Visa: What You Need to Know

Have you always wanted to study overseas and specifically in the United States? With all of the promising learnings and adventures the country has to offer, it’s hard not to choose this country as your next destination for your education. Before you start your journey though, it’s crucial to be well-versed with how to secure a US student visa this year. Know the nuts and bolts about their requirements, terms, fees, and rules. Gather some tips and advices regarding interviews and travel preparations and be more than ready to finally study in the US! 

Research: Parents Satisfied Over Online Classes, Worried About Readiness for Next School Year

While many parents have been participative and accepting towards the sudden change of education and learning styles implemented by many schools, there are surveys showcasing some parents who are worried about the post-pandemic situations. Some studies also show how the new learning arrangements are stressing the mothers of the household more than fathers. 

COVID-19: Changing the Higher Learning Landscape and College Experience

University and college campuses are sites where students live and study in close quarters. They are also thriving cultural centers, bringing students from all over the world together. The fast spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has recently undermined the foundations of this unique ecology, causing anxiety about the ramifications for higher education. Here’s a quick overview of how COVID-19 changed the higher learning landscape and college experience

Tennessee State University and AME Church Roll Out Coding Course for African Students

Tennessee State University started offering an online app design and development curriculum in two African nations. The goal is to get African kids interested in STEM occupations and boost the number of Black students joining such disciplines. An introduction to app design and development is simple. Read more to know more about this program.

How The Coronavirus Pandemic May Change College Forever

The epidemic of coronavirus has altered the way students live and learn. Colleges have shuttered campuses and transferred programs online; others have decided not to take standardized tests like the SAT or ACT for admittance, and many have chosen pass/fail grading. Some of these alterations will be temporary, while others may be permanent.