College Graduates from Different Generations: Sharing Crisis-Filled Times

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Graduating seniors all over the United States have been hearing all sorts of unsolicited advice from family and friends, whose aphorisms might not be applicable in what seems to be unparalleled times.

But career turmoil and financial hardships—which today’s graduates are facing—are no longer new to many parents and grandparents.

From cancelled graduation ceremonies to rocky career beginnings, the graduates of the 1940s and 1950s had experienced them all. Before finally earning their degrees, they were at a crossroad. They were unsure whether it mattered that they finish school and go to war or continue their degree and get a job. At the time, job vacancies were scarce.

Talking to CNN, the college seniors of the past emphasized how a positive mindset and unwavering determination played a pivotal role in achieving their goal. They never let epidemic, war, and economic recession get in the way of their academic journey.

The graduates of the past leave these nuggets of wisdom to the class of 2020:

Keep Moving Forward

College graduation is a highly anticipated milestone, but this year, college graduates express disappointment over cancelled commencement exercises. Although they understand the public health rationale, the idea of missing out on what could have been an unforgettable event with friends and family cuts deep.

In the previous generations, commencement cancellations were not unheard of. During World War II, successive blackouts and bomb threats rendered graduation plans futile. They were young people who were thrust into uncertain times, but they held on to their faith until they surpassed that dreadful episode.

Crisis Reveals the Real You

Today’s college graduates are adamant about moving forward, but the strange times are bringing career concerns to light. Most of them are anxious because they are headed towards fragile industries.

The seniors of 2020 are going through an experience that, depending on their perspective and attitude, could make or shake their dreams. But as the then-college seniors would attest, these times are not unique to the younger generation. Learning from the past should steer today’s college graduates toward their professional ambitions.

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