5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Business Law in 2023

Business and law are closely interlinked. Professionals in the world of business must have a basic understanding of business law as it helps them make better decisions. This is because a large part of laws and regulations apply to businesses. Laws control the activities of businesses and organizations, allowing them to sue and be sued, enter into contracts, and get liable when they commit crimes.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Business Law - fact

Many undergraduate degrees in business and legal studies involve the study of business laws. Some business and legal studies programs offer business law as a concentration, although there are available purely business law degree programs, too.

Usually, a business law degree program prepares students to navigate various practice areas, including commercial litigation, business transactions, and nonprofit law, among many others. A considerable part of the program curriculum is focused on litigation practice.

There are instances where a business law degree offers students the option to choose an area of focus. This can help them tailor their learning experience to their needs, interests, and career goals. Some of the business law major areas include corporate law, tax law, and commercial law.

While business law degrees generally open a wealth of job opportunities in the legal field, many undergraduates choose to proceed to law school. This makes it an ideal choice for students who want to practice law. Law students have better chances of enhancing their earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers have a median pay of $127,990 per year.  

The Lowdown

A business law degree is more commonly offered on campus. However, some universities in the country make the business law degree available as online programs. Students will also find the business law option being offered as a concentration for bachelor’s in legal studies and business administration programs.

Online students may enjoy a more flexible and convenient schedule as most online business law programs allow students to complete the coursework at their own pace. Many students who completed a business law major choose to attend law school.


A bachelor’s degree that is specifically focused on Business Law is a relatively rare degree, with most universities instead having Business Law as a course included as standard in its business degree curriculums. We’ve brought together 1 on-campus and 4 online programs that take a deeper look into the specifics and major areas of law that relate to major business fields.  

The bachelor’s in Business Law/Business Law concentration degree programs that are featured in this list were selected based on the following factors:

  • Features a curriculum design that deals with major areas of business and business law, such as contracts, estates, taxation, civil litigation, and more,
  • Prepares students for eventual entry into law school, or for a wide range of other related law-related careers that also operate in the business sphere,
  • Taught by faculty who have significant industry expertise and experience, which translates to additional crucial real-world insights that students can learn from,
  • Online degrees use a variety of methods that let students maximize their online learning experiences, such as a learning management system and asynchronous coursework,
  • Offer a variety of options for financial aid, scholarships, grants, or special discounts that students can avail of to reduce the cost of their tuition,
  • Offered by universities/institutions that hold the appropriate credentials and approved by colleges and schools commissions and agencies.

Read our Methodology for a detailed look at our college and undergraduate degree ranking process.

The Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Law Programs

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in Business with a Concentration in Business Law

Arizona University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in business law. This degree program is 100% available online and features a versatile blend of business and legal expertise. It helps students who want to improve their legal knowledge and become more efficient in running a business.

  • The program equips students with the necessary skills in using tools that will allow them to succeed in a variety of positions in the fields of law and business. criminal law
  • One of the things students will learn is gaining a systematic framework that will help them analyze legal regulation in compliance with Constitutional Law, along with corresponding business risks and liabilities. business schools
  • The program boasts of a rigorous curriculum that covers business law skills integral in the workplace, from logic, compliance, and case analysis to critical thinking, negotiation, and problem-solving.
  • While the program was not designed for those who want to proceed to law school, students who complete this program are eligible to apply for a law degree.
  • Some of the courses included in the program curriculum are Global Supply Operations, Marketing and Business Performance, Principles of Management and Leadership, Introduction to American Legal System and Business Law, and Legal Principles, among others.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The business law concentration ensures students have the knowledge and necessary tools to help them analyze legal issues that businesses face today. This involves covering courses involving the legal system, regulatory agencies, intellectual property, and ethical issues, among others. Students can also expect tackling subjects such as justice theory, persuasive writing on public issues, and augmentation.

Did You Know?

Students who did not get to meet the admission requirement can still be accepted at ASU through the Earned Admission Pathway. They will only need to complete online courses with a 2.75 GPA or higher.

Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Business Law

Students who wish to pursue a career that involves helping organizations deal with legal and ethical issues may want to consider earning the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Business Law program offered by Arkansas State University.

This online business law degree concentration is designed for working professionals who want to complete their higher education at their own pace.

  • At its core, this business administration program encompasses multiple business sectors, which allows students to gain a deeper understanding of various departments and the way they interconnect.
  • Students will get to explore the financial side of business, including business strategy and operations while developing strong sales and communication skills.
  • The business law concentration tackles legal issues involving ownership, leasing, financing, and the development and sale of real estate.
  • The program curriculum also includes employment law practices applicable to human resource management along with laws of corporations and partnerships.

What Makes This Program Unique:

To earn this program concentration, students need to complete a total of 120 credit hours of coursework. The business law courses include Government Regulations of Business, Law of Business Organizations, Employment Law, Law and Popular Culture, Real Estate Law, and more.

Did You Know?

The online business law major offers the same low, pay-by-the-course tuition, regardless of residency. Tuition per course is $807 for both in-state and out-of-state students. Financial aid is also available to interested students.

University of Massachusetts Global

University of Massachusetts Global

The University of Massachusetts Global offers a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies – Business Law degree program, touted as a program that is ideal preparation for a wide variety of future careers related to business law, which include business transactions, intellectual property matters, and business law as a whole. This degree program is offered online.

  • The legal studies degree contains a total of 120 credit hours and contains a comprehensive set of major coursework that includes transactional law,  advanced legal technology, civil legal systems, employment law, contracts, criminal justice, white-collar crime, and litigation and trial advocacy.
  • The online bachelor in legal studies program is also ideal preparation for a number of law-related careers as paralegals and careers that deal with regulatory compliance.
  • The University of Massachusetts Global is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

What Makes This Program Unique:

This program has a special focus on employment law and transactional law and contains courses that have been developed by industry leaders. Students also experience a significant amount of hands-on experience-based courses.

Did You Know?

There may be those planning to enroll in this degree program but do not see a career in law as their ultimate goal. University of Massachusetts Global also offers several online MBA programs, including a general MBA in Business Administration, and other more specialized MBA programs.

Limestone University

Limestone University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Law

Limestone University, accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Law concentration degree program, ideal for students who are interested in going on to law school, or eventually taking on Political Science- or Law-related careers. This degree program is offered online.

  •  Students need to complete a total of 120 credit hours, containing general education as well as business & economics courses, on top of business law-related courses. The nominal completion time for the degree is two years and is designed to let students focus on two courses in eight-week long terms.
  • Limestone University uses Canvas as its main learning management system. Coursework is also asynchronous, with students communicating directly with professors and instructors for any concerns and discussions.
  • Limestone University accepts transfers of credits awarded by other accredited institutions. Limestone also offers financial aid options and has tuition discounts for members of the Military.

What Makes This Program Unique:

At the heart of it, this degree is one in Business Administration, which means that its career preparation is varied enough to also be suitable for non-attorney law-related careers. The program prepares students with crucial analytical skills and develops their mindsets, habits, and values necessary for law-related careers.

Did You Know?

Students can choose to take their Business education further while staying with Limestone University. They also offer several Master of Business administration programs, including the MBA with a Management & Leadership Concentration, which is also 100% online.

Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University

BA/BS in Business Administration, with Emphasis in Business Law

Lindenwood University offers a choice of either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree programs, which both have Business Law as their emphasis area. These degrees are offered on-campus so it will potentially serve a smaller population, but this degree program is a good fit in terms of how key areas of the law apply to major business fields. 

  • Students earn the emphasis area in law by completing 12 credits out of the required 21-24 major area credits.
  • Business Law-related elective courses in the program include employment law, estate planning, sports law, and more.
  • The degree program has an included Internship Program, which gives students valuable experience in a range of practical business environments, letting them see firsthand how businesses actually operate in today’s contexts.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Despite being an on-campus-only offering, the concentration in Business law nevertheless serves as a good preparation for a range of careers outside the law profession, including human resource management, healthcare management, real estate, entrepreneurship, and more.  

Did You Know?

It’s not all on-campus with Lindenwood University. They also offer a wide range of online degree programs, and while Business Law remains an on-campus offering, Lindenwood does offer an Online Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a good choice of concentration areas to choose from.

The Most Common Courses in Business Law Degrees

Advanced Corporate Law

This business law course emphasizes contemporary and perennial issues when it comes to corporate governance. It is part of their learning to examine important and timely policy issues that have to do with the functions of corporations and how they obtain efficient management.

Students also learn advanced legal research skills and strategies that can be applied to both private and public company transactions.

Tax Law

Tax laws are integral in the field of business. This is where students are introduced to key income tax concepts that are applicable not only to individuals but also to organizations. This course will also address the federal income taxation of businesses. Students can also expect to cover estate and gift taxation.

Commercial Law

Unlike corporate law, commercial law tackles transactions among businesses. It focuses on finance and debt-creditor relations. There is also an emphasis on individual debtors that include the discharge of debts and the relationship between debtors-creditors in times of distress.

International Law

This course deals with the study of the legal environment for international commercial transactions. This includes analyzing major and non-Western legal traditions along with the supranational law of the European Community. It covers the methods of regulating global competition and the protection of business property rights when it comes to international transactions.

Students will also learn all about the negotiation, formation, enforcement, and financing of international sales contracts.

Business Law and Ethics

It is important for business law students to study ethics and values that encompass business environments. This is where they will get to examine the ethical issues that many organizations face within the context of values and law. Students are expected to recognize ethical issues, identify bias, and explore the roles of ethics in the workplace.

Intellectual Property Law

This course deals with the study of the law of patents, copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, and other forms of intellectual property protection. Students will need to consider the nature of intellectual property rights and the scope of protection for different subject matters. They will also get to explore the different methods of enforcing intellectual property rights and the various remedies for infringement.

Real Estate Law

Students in this course will tackle the legal and business aspects of real property acquisition and ownership. This includes examining the nature of property ownership, from acquiring titles, leases and contracts, and easements to community property, tenancy in common, and brokerage and land-use regulation.

Labor and Employment Law

This course studies the development of labor law in the US, covering the early common law to the current legislation. Students will examine the existing federal statutes integral to the regulation of labor unions and labor relations. They will also tackle the topics in US employment laws, including family leave, wrongful discharge, equal pay, employee defamation, discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and others.

Marketing Law

Exploring the legal aspects of marketing strategy, this course covers product ownership, distribution and competition, and the liability aspects of particular business practices. This is where students examine the laws related to consumer protection, antitrust, and trade secrets, among many others.

Some Crucial Skills for Success in Business Law

Needless to say, getting a degree is not a walk in the park, if you’re enrolled in reputable, accredited universities and other institutions. Aside from coursework requirements, there are a set of qualities and characteristics students should have and/or develop:

Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills

It is almost a given that critical thinking skills are important to any degree, and this is especially true in business law and in the field of business as a whole. Careers in this field involve a lot of decision-making, which has to be properly thought through.

Attention to Detail

This is especially important in degrees related to business law. Law is in a way an exercise in detail, and this skill, along with critical thinking skills, plays a lot into being able to properly make sense of and work within the bounds of the law.

Integrity & a sense of morals

Earning a degree is founded on a student’s academic honesty, and this forms part of the set of values and principles that students should always live by as they move forward with their business and business law-related careers.

Time Management

A student’s time management habit becomes even more important when taking an online degree. Designed largely for convenience, it’s a safe bet that most students enrolled in online degrees are also working. Some universities may have remote assistants and student coaches, but at the end of the day, a lot more still rides on student’s ability to self-check, and keep on top of balancing their coursework with their other commitments. 

Interest in current affairs

The fields of law and business are never static. They are always changing, and are partly influenced by events both local and international, in terms of how regulation adapts, and how businesses have to make their operations cope. integrity network members serve

It is thus important that students keep on top of current events. These days there is a wealth of information sources available to everyone, and students and professionals are better served by making use of as many sources as they can, from mainstream news to independent analysis and even well-researched blogs.

Dedication & Drive

As said before, coursework can become tiresome, and this is just as true for online degrees, especially programs that are mostly asynchronous and/or self-paced, where some students may end up struggling, as some of their coursework can start to feel like lonely battles.

Successful students are those who are able to maintain a consistent level of effort and dedication to their coursework, and who don’t forget that there are always resources and help that they can always turn to as they move through their online degree.

Communication & Writing Skills

In the field of business and law, communication is key. Students and business professionals have to be able to put their ideas forward with clarity and brevity, whether speaking or putting things into writing. Students don’t have to be born with it though; Legal writing and communication skills can be developed both naturally through repetition and practice and by mindfully improving one’s outputs, making changes wherever needed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Law and why is it important?

Businesses and individuals engaging in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales are governed by laws that cover their rights, relationships, and behavior. It is important for organizations to understand business laws in order to succeed in the market.

Not only do they need to grasp business laws to avoid legal issues. They also need to have a good understanding of business laws to develop effective policies while considering the market and how it can be affected by the rules and regulations of the government.

Business laws have huge implications for drafting legal agreements and contracts, running the organization within legal means, and developing business strategies. Knowing the laws governing businesses can also assist organizations manage compensation concerns and protect shareholder rights. Students who wish to study business law can prepare for a successful and lucrative career in business.

Is prior knowledge needed to get admitted into the Business Law program?

Generally, students are not required to have prior knowledge of business law, legal studies, or business administration in order to get admitted into the online program. The curriculum is often designed to build students’ knowledge of the law on all aspects of business management and ownership. The focus is on legal ethics, contracts, consumer law, tax law, international law, and so much more.

Students who did have relevant credits may take advantage of many universities’ generous transfer policies. This will significantly reduce the time it takes for them to earn the degree program.

Are there available financial aid options for online students?

Students enrolled online can generally enjoy the same benefits as traditional students. This means they can also take advantage of available financial aid options, including student loans, scholarships, and grants. To be sure, however, interested students must check with the university’s financial aid office themselves about the available financial aid options available to them.

Is a degree in Business Law only good for those who want to become lawyers?

No. With the word Law in the name, it can indeed be misleading. Business Law does make for a good preparatory foundation for eventually entering law school, especially for those who are interested in focusing their legal practice in the field of business, such as becoming corporate lawyers or specializing in business contracts and/or contract law and/or intellectual property law, for example.

As a specialized deep dive, a bachelor’s degree in business law teaches students the necessary skill sets, giving them a taste of actual legal practice. This makes this online bachelor’s degree a good pre-law studies program.

However, there is also a case to be made for those who do not plan to become attorneys at all. The field of business is heavily intertwined with and operates within the bounds of the law, and successful businesses have an army of professionals who have deep familiarity with specific laws that govern and regulate them, both on the federal, state, and local levels.

Most if not all crucial careers in major business fields require good familiarity with the law, and business law-related degrees and/or concentrations develop this familiarity. Students who studied business law can work in law firms, but not necessarily as lawyers who are members of the American Bar Association. They can prepare legal documents and do advanced legal writing. There are others who provide academic advising services in law schools and legal services for private institutions.

Summary Points

Business law sits at the intersection of the law profession and the major fields of the business world, and degree programs that focus on Business Law provide the relevant fundamentals as well as key processes and skill sets that are crucial in its practice.

These Business Law online bachelor’s degrees can be a good preparation for students who plan to enter law school and eventually specialize in the business world,

Business Law is a course that is included as standard in typical business-related bachelor’s degree programs; however, universities that offer degree programs/concentration areas dedicated to business law are relatively uncommon, and there aren’t many of these degree programs offered online.

Additional Resources:

5 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Art & Art History

If you want to maximize your creative and artistic skills, you probably need to pursue a degree in art and Art History.  The practice of creativity can help you improve your artistic skills. And an online bachelor’s in Art History will provide you with many hands-on experiences to make this possible.

Among artists, it is said that their natural creativity is the foundation for all other skills. But by studying more about art, you can grow and nurture more artistic skills.

Online Bachelor's in Art & Art History - fact

Contrary to what most people expect, studying Art History programs at an art university can lead to multiple career pathways. You can use it to prepare for careers in law, business, education, and many other positions. An online bachelor’s degree in Art History encompasses virtually every aspect of human experience and history from ancient times.

Rather than viewing art as an object, it considers it a lens through which to view the world and the societies in which it was created. Artistic expression has had an impact on history and culture in a variety of ways. From prehistoric times to modern-day pieces, this coursework offers a unique insight into the study of humans and culture.

Here’s a fact: the US art market is currently valued at US$68 billion!

The Lowdown

Studying an online bachelor’s in Art and Art History will make you aware of your surroundings, and every art piece will teach you about its past. Many aspects of art speak about history differently. No matter what medium or aspect of art you concentrate on, there will be unending discoveries and studies to explore.

Online programs in Art and Art History teach the rich and fundamental strand of human culture to an art student. You will also brush up on your soft and artistic skills as you pursue an online Bachelor of Art and Art History program online.


Today, most online art schools offer undergraduate programs focusing on Art and Art History. To help make the selection easy for you, we put together the country’s top programs from top online art schools.

Each of the best best online Art degrees made it to our list owing to these features:

  • Offered as 100% online classes in the undergraduate program or as hybrid online Art degrees,
  • Emphasizes the core online courses of Art & Art History, by exploring the sciences, literature, and history, along with media or performance studies and disciplines,
  • May allow students interested in customizing their Art & Art History specialization to do so,
  • Taught by an experienced faculty consisting of Art & Art History majors, terminal degree holders, and professionals,
  • Hosted on a top-rated learning platform or Learning Management System that features online learning tools, library resources, and student services,
  • Offers tuition assistance and financial aid options to online Art program students,
  • Regional accredited, demonstrating compliance with academic standards

Explore our ranking process by visiting our Methodology page.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Art & Art History Degree Programs

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in Art History (online)

Arizona State University’s BA in Art with a concentration in Art History degree is great for online learners who want to pursue an art degree. With this online program, you will gain a deeper understanding of the forms and functions of visual media throughout history.

Studying Art History leads to a profound understanding of cultural expression. After graduation, students can work in different roles in art museums, archives, galleries, art agencies, and cultural centers, 

Among the courses you’ll learn in this Art History online degree are the following:

  • Science
  • Anthropology
  • Literature
  • History
  • Media and performance studies

The program offers courses in Renaissance to modern art, African, Oceanian, and American art, and prehistoric to medieval art. Taking courses that enhance your understanding of cultural context is possible with an Art History degree. This course will discuss art production, patronage, consumption, and aesthetics. Research methods and research methods analysis are discussed in a seminar at the end of the program.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Top scholars, artists, and designers engage students at the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. The ASU faculty conducts research rooted in the transformative power of art.

Did You Know?

In addition to offering top-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is a leading institution. Its training programs develop artist and designer skills for advancing culture, building community, and transforming society.

University of Massachusetts-Lowell

University of Massachusetts-Lowell Online

Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts – Art History (online)

The Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Art History prepares students to be visually literate and understand art’s historical development throughout history. Students can assess the artistic products of past and present cultures aesthetically and critically by studying the intellectual and scientific events that have shaped the creation of art and civilization.

As well as enhancing students’ writing and verbal skills, Art History helps them develop aesthetic, analytical, and critical judgments. In the Art History concentration, students will better understand artwork’s historical and cultural contexts and organize their perceptions and thoughts. An Art and Art History online bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits.

Some of the courses that students will learn are:

  • Renaissance to Modern Art History
  • American Art History
  • Comparative arts
  • Prehistoric to Medieval Art History
What Makes this Program Unique:

A degree in Liberal Arts is highly valued today. A Liberal Arts degree is for students unsure of what career path they want to follow. But with an Art History concentration, you’ll be equipped with the technical and soft skills to become part of different sectors and industries. 

Did You Know?

The University of Massachusetts-Lowell is a nationally-ranked public university emphasizing teaching and research excellence. Their usual curriculum prepares students for college, as well as for lifelong learning and informed citizenship in a global society. Faculty members at UMass Lowell conduct research that expands the horizons of knowledge, providing affordable, experience-based training.

Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University

Bachelor’s in Art and Design (online)

With an online Bachelor’s in Art and Design from Lindenwood University, you can explore a variety of creative settings, from animation to illustration and more. Learn how to develop a multidisciplinary skill set that includes artistic technique, craftsmanship, innovative thinking, project development, and problem-solving.

In two years or less, you can earn an art degree online at your own pace with the accelerated degree completion program. There are specializations available for online students in this online degree. You can specialize in graphic design, digital art, web and user experience, or photography. 

Some of the courses to take in this online bachelor’s in art and design are the following:

  • Photography
  • Visual storytelling
  • Web design
  • Programming logic

This online degree can be completed by acquiring 120 credits, of which Lindenwood accepts up to 90 transfer credits. As part of your Art and Design degree, you will learn how to conceptualize, design, or bring your concept to life using the medium of your choice. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

The online art degree offers students a bridge between classroom learning and real-world design practice. Aside from art, you’ll learn all the modern art companies are more familiar with and use today.

Did You Know?
  • The skills acquired in this program can be applied to many different fields, including special effects artistry, art direction, graphic design, and others.
  • With low tuition rates and multiple ways to save on your education, Lindenwood University is dedicated to offering our students studying online low tuition rates.

University of West Georgia

University of West Georgia

Bachelor of Art – Art, Art History Major (online)

The goal of the Bachelor of Art in Art History online is to be able to participate and contribute successfully to different media companies. Students learn in this program by analyzing visual images, conducting research, and presenting oral presentations. They can develop and brush up on their writing and critical thinking skills. Contemporary art and theory are among the faculty’s strengths. The online degree also stresses separating both art and cultural influences.

Students can design their learning path. Medieval and modern art are two specialties of UGW’s faculties. This course examines historical and cultural influences, pilgrimages to medieval holy places, and art produced to support religious teachings. In addition to teaching students art studio and gallery skills, this excellent distance education program in Art History teaches students about history, theory, and art techniques.

What Makes this Program Unique:

A course in a non-western culture is required for Art History majors as part of their course distribution. This makes online students well-versed in diverse topics in art and Art History.

Did You Know?

At UWG, Art History faculty work closely with their Art major students. And everyone should integrate their studio work with Art History course content.

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor’s in Art History (online)

Mansfield University’s online bachelor’s degree in Art History program fosters respect for the arts and scholarship communities, cultivates positive character, develops critical thinking skills, provides and receives constructive feedback, and teaches ethical and professional conduct.

As part of its curriculum, visual literacy and global awareness are emphasized. The program focuses on developing a visual arts program essential to developing individuals who will positively contribute to the world.

Online Art students explore art and cultural objects to enrich their knowledge and spirit, engage their minds, and stimulate their senses. They become better at understanding the cultures that shape visual arts worldwide.

What Makes this Program Unique:

As an online Art History degree student, you won’t be short of accessible resources. Even online students can utilize their library at the North Hall. You will receive books within days through Interlibrary Loan. The massive online database provides sources and research tools. 

Did You Know?

This university was founded in January 1857, four years before the Civil War. There have been five name changes over the school’s 157-year history.

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in Art and Art History

Art and Art History online degrees will cover many courses. Here are some of them:


The art and science of photography go hand in hand. Photography relies on cameras, editing, and composition as an artistic expression. When learning this course, learn how to use a camera, compose images, expose film, and adjust the lighting. This art degree course will also explore photography as an element of fine art design.

Introduction to Art History

As part of a group of courses on ancient and medieval arts, architecture, and visual culture, this course introduces major monuments and themes. Besides introducing students to the basics of art historical methods, this course will also highlight the power of visual images before the modern concept of fine art emerged.

Visual storytelling

Students learn how to operate cameras and record audio that complements video. The students will develop an eye for capturing and editing compelling images. By using graphics, images, pictures, or videos, visual storytelling drives emotions, engages interactivity, and motivates audiences to act.

Art Literature and Criticism

Throughout the course, learners will be guided through interpretive tools and hermeneutic principles that will help them critically analyze textual sources. In this class, you will study a variety of primary sources of art. Literature Criticism consists of supporting opinions on themes, styles, or historical or political settings.

Possible Careers After an Online Bachelor’s in Art or Art History

Gone are the days when the sole option for Art graduates is to become artists and museum curators. Today, those who graduate from Art History degree programs are prepared to pursue various careers in the arts and beyond. Check out the following possible careers you can take after finishing an online bachelor’s in art or Art History:


Museums and academic settings are ideal for Art History educators to share their knowledge. An Art History educator may spend considerable time conducting research and teaching elementary to high school students. Do note that educational requirements and licenses are required for higher educator jobs.


As a school librarian, students, researchers, lecturers, and other academic members will benefit from your knowledge of information management, organization, evaluation and dissemination. As part of your role, you also support students and staff in developing the skills necessary to conduct effective research.

Museum Director

Directors are responsible for advancing their organization’s mission, artistic direction, collections, scholarships, and programs. The museum’s director manages day-to-day operations inside the museum or galleries. In addition to overseeing the display and storage of artworks, directors are responsible for shaping the museum’s creative direction.

Art Auctioneer

A piece of art is auctioned by an auctioneer on behalf of the seller. For an auction to be successful, the auctioneer needs to describe the piece creatively and create excitement during the auction. Auctioneers should be well-versed in the type of artwork they’re auctioning or bidding.

Another possible career for Art History graduates is to be an art gallery manager. Commercial art gallery managers are responsible for a gallery’s artistic and commercial success. You will be responsible for managing sales, marketing, and artist and dealer communication for a commercial art gallery.

Art Conservator

If you work in the field of conservation, you might be asked to prevent the deterioration of any art piece. Your role also includes restoration and stabilizing the artwork. You’ll need to execute different conservation techniques. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Art and Art History major worth the educational investment?

Many career opportunities are available to those majoring in art or Art History. However, some fields are more competitive, and not every path has strong prospects for growth in the coming years. You will succeed by establishing your career goals to select a program that develops the skills you need.

What can graduates expect after earning a Bachelor’s in Art and Art History?

Bachelor’s degree holders in art and Art History will be equipped and prepared to participate in diverse industries. You will develop the technical and soft skills to handle jobs besides art-related ones. But if you want traditional art jobs, you can work in museums, galleries, and art convention centers.

But if you wish to work in modern art settings, you can aspire to become a graphic artist, multimedia designer, animator, and interior designer. Sometimes, you can pursue graduate degrees and attain a higher position.

How can anyone become an art curator or archivist?

A master’s degree is typically required for archivists, curators, and conservators. However, an entry-level in the same position can be acquired with a bachelor’s degree in art or Art History. An internship or volunteer experience in an archive or museum is also useful.

How much do Bachelor’s in art and Art History graduates and professionals make?

A worker’s salary is determined by their position and the organization they’re working for. For instance, the average yearly salary for archivists, curators, and museum workers is $50,120. Meanwhile, graphic design artists earn $50,710 per year. Other factors can impact your pay as an art specialist. 

Summary Points

  • Graduates of history of art programs work in museums and galleries and diverse industries like advertising, marketing, and public relations.
  • Art History students study cultural and social contexts. They become familiar with art criticism and Art History theory, and they learn how to describe, analyze, and interpret works of art.
  • Art History increases your ability to analyze visual content, write effectively, and think critically. Art History also involves plenty of writing, so studying it may make you an expert communicator and writer.

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15 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Business Intelligence in 2023

In an increasingly digital world, data has become quite indispensable, especially to business organizations. Through analyzing data at their disposal, businesses can get valuable insights into customers, which proves vital in providing them with exceptional experience and products that meet their goals. This makes business intelligence an important part of the decision-making process.

Online Bachelor's in Business Intelligence - fact

The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees a  36% growth in the job outlook for data scientists. This means those pursuing a career in this field will find a wealth of opportunities to grow and succeed.

To start one’s journey in this lucrative and ever-growing industry, interested students may consider earning an online business intelligence degree. Some of the best online bachelor’s in business intelligence programs draw from the business analytics discipline to equip students to stay ahead of the curve.

Online students will be able to explore and master highly valuable skills, including database management, programming, problem-solving, market research, and advanced analytical techniques, among others. They can then pursue rewarding careers in various fields, from financial services and insurance to retail, manufacturing, and even healthcare.

Most graduates of online Business Intelligence degrees go on to become market research analysts, business intelligence analysts, data scientists, and so many more.

The Lowdown

An online bachelor’s in business intelligence degree is an ideal choice for students who are passionate about leading businesses through the use of data-driven analysis. The online learning format means business analytics professionals and busy students will be able to juggle their personal responsibilities along with their pursuit of higher education.

Fortunately, many online schools in the country cater to the unique needs of working adults. It is up to prospective students to decide the best online bachelor’s in business intelligence degree for their needs.


Many of the country’s top-quality universities, private and public, offer a bachelor’s degree in Business Intelligence/Business Analytics, which opens the door for challenging but rewarding careers in many industries, especially those heavily reliant on good data for crucial decision-making processes. We’ve put together a random, unranked list of the best online bachelor’s degree programs, which offer the same quality of education in a more convenient and accessible format.

The schools that made it to the list were picked based on a set of criteria, which includes the following features:

  • Offers their degree in a 100% online or a hybrid format, which affords students more time flexibility that they can use to pursue other commitments, like a job.
  • Features a curriculum that covers the fundamentals of business principles, as well as courses that cover relevant industry-specific tools, skills, and processes
  • Prepares students for careers as business analysts, systems analysts, and other similar data-driven careers.
  • Taught experts in the field, and/or have significant industry experience as practitioners themselves, which serves as a source of valuable real-world insights for students
  • Gives students the right preparation to pursue other additional credentials while earning their coursework, such as industry-specific competency certification credentials, or offers additional tracks or appropriate concentration areas
  • Offers competitive/affordable tuition rates, in addition to various options to reduce the business analytics cost of tuition through financial aid, scholarships, grants, and other options
  • Holds the appropriate accreditation credentials, assuring students of the quality of education they are getting.

Visit our Methodology page here.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Intelligence Degree Programs

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Bachelor of Science in Business Intelligence

Considered one of Colorado’s best online Business Intelligence degree programs, the Bachelor of Science in Business Intelligence from Metropolitan State University of Denver provides students with a solid foundation in business data analytics. To help students stay ahead of the curve, they are given access to state-of-the-art software used by data analysts.

  • This business intelligence degree program teaches students how to turn data into actionable intelligence and ensure the effectiveness of the decision-making process.
  • The program curriculum was developed and taught by expert faculty, equipping students with highly relevant skills like programming, database management, problem-solving, market research, and advanced analytical techniques.
  • Some of the business intelligence courses include Database Management Systems, Security Essentials, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Data Science and Big Data Analytics, Business Application Development, and so much more.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Since the course options and availability vary every semester, students are allowed to customize a degree plan that can help them meet their career goals more effectively. They have the opportunity to work with an advisor to make this happen.

Did You Know?

As part of their commitment to accessible and affordable education, Metropolitan State University of Denver offers one of the state’s most affordable tuition rates. In fact, about 46% of their students receive aid.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science in Business Data Analytics

Students who are passionate about big data and how it can transform businesses for the better may want to consider earning the Bachelor of Science in Business Data Analytics offered by Arizona State University. Students learn the ways to help companies generate valuable insight and reporting by combining data with effective, thorough, and accurate analysis.

  • The online degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics enables students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create or manage big data initiatives.
  • Students are being prepared to take on jobs within the information services and data analytics environments.
  • Some of the technical competencies students will be able to develop throughout the program include asset analysis, descriptive analysis, integration, gathering, and prescriptive analysis, among others.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The program curriculum focuses on data warehousing, mining, and dimensional modeling. This makes the program an ideal choice for those who aim to pursue analyst and administrator roles in the future.

Did You Know?

The faculty at W. P. Carey School of Business puts importance on innovative research and impact. The faculty members are known to be experts in their chosen field, with accolades ranging from Nobel laureates, renowned journal publications, and National Academy of Sciences members, among others.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

The BS in Business Data Analytics offered by Oregon State University teaches prospective students how to integrate datasets and tools to address business opportunities and risks. They will gain a deeper understanding of operations, customers, and markets.

  • The program curriculum focuses on applying data science tools to marketing and consumer analytics,
  • Students explore techniques for data mining, text mining, data visualization, and statistical tools and techniques to up an organization’s strategic value.
  • To earn the program, students are required to complete a minimum of 180 quarter credits. Some of the course topics they will cover include managerial accounting, principles of marketing, financial planning, international business, and operations management, among others.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students enrolled in the program are given the chance to select an area of focus. Their specialization options include Digital Marketing Analytics, Sports Business, Human Resource Analytics, and Market Research and Consumer Analytics.

Did You Know?

The program is part of the Accelerated Master’s Platform, which means students have the opportunity to jumpstart on their master of science in business while they work toward their undergraduate degree in business analytics.

DeVry University

DeVry University

Bachelor’s in Business Intelligence and Analytics Management

Students passionate about exploring big data analytics to solve business problems will find Devry University’s Bachelor’s in Business Intelligence and Analytics Management an ideal choice. This degree program gives students the opportunity to learn all about data analytics management, including the use of analytical tools.

  • The program curriculum explores the essential aspects of the field, from applications, databases, and data modeling to accounting, electronic business management, and e-commerce.
  • Students will also get to learn all about supply chain support, database concepts, and managerial and business applications for data analytics, among others.
  • On top of theory and applications, students will also get to acquire vital technical skills such as mastering software packages integral to analyzing financial data, exploring trends, and creating portfolios.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This specialization program can be part of these bachelor’s degree programs: bachelor’s degree in business administration, bachelor’s degree in management, and bachelor’s degree in technical management.

Did You Know?

Students who want to earn the degree faster may be able to do so as the classes start every eight weeks. Doing so will let them finish it in only 2 years and 8 months. They can also reduce that time period by taking advantage of the online program’s generous transfer credits policy.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

Designed with working professionals in mind, the Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics from Grand Canyon University helps students develop a strong foundation in business while gaining a better understanding of how data informs business practices. Students will get to explore various aspects of business, including marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and management.

  • The program curriculum teaches students all about data visualization and data mining to models while interpreting what these models show when forming business decisions.
  • Students will get to acquire a set of important skills to be successful in the workplace. This includes business communication, critical thinking skills, information literacy, and data analysis.
  • The curriculum also focuses on database structures, business analytics, and project management.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The degree program focuses on equipping students with competencies that will help them analyze and synthesize data while evaluating risks when it comes to business decisions. Some of the core courses that they will cover include Fundamentals of Business Finance, Advanced Business Analytics, Strategic Management, and Introduction to Database Structures, among others.

Did You Know?

Students at Grand Canyon University can take advantage of the school’s generous scholarship opportunities. They can also benefit from the Progressive Transfer Policy to help them earn the degree faster, which will help them save money in the process.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University - Online

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

Since data drives the modern-day business landscape, it is more important than ever to consult the expertise of data and business analysts. The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics offered by Louisiana State University helps interested students in becoming an expert in the field, allowing them to gather and analyze data while helping businesses streamline their processes and improve their products.

  • Students in this program will need to complete a total of 120 credit hours, with 43 of them allocated to business core courses and 21 credit hours devoted to business analytics core requirements.
  • The program curriculum helps students learn how to sort through large datasets to make actionable business decisions with the aim of improving efficiency and increasing profits.
  • Some of the topics covered in the program include data warehousing, data analytics, introduction to marketing analytics, and application of quantitative methods to contemporary issues and practices.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program’s flexible learning format offers students a high-quality educational experience that they can work through when and where it suits them.

Did You Know?

Students will be able to apply their SQL for Analytics Certificate and Tableau Certificate to earn credits towards an online Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics. This can be done through the Prior Learning Assessment program, allowing students to save money and time.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

Bellevue University offers 100% online, hands-on learning in the form of the Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics degree program. This program helps students navigate the world of mining Big Data and figuring out datasets along with learning how to present the data findings and apply them to the overall goals of an organization.

  • Students will be able to brush up on their knowledge of programming, SAS software, information systems, applied statistics, data management, and business intelligence.
  • This program is a good choice for those who want to prepare for industry certification exams in analytics or pursue an MBA, Master of Data Analytics, or Master of Data Science.
  • At the end of the program, students are expected to use data analytics in influencing business strategies.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students who successfully completed and pass assessments for some of the business analytics courses such as Statistics for Analytics, Foundation of Business Analytics, SQL for Analytics, and Data Visualization will be able to acquire the Tableau Business and Data Analytics Certificate of Completion.

Did You Know?

Through the university’s generous credit transfer policy, students can accelerate their path to earning a degree by transferring their full associate degree into their bachelor’s degree while also getting credit for military experience and training.

American Public University

American Public University

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

The American Public University offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics degree program for those who want to apply data analytics and mining techniques when it comes to meeting the business objectives of an organization. Students will learn all about basic operational and statistical analysis and optimization techniques.

  • Students will learn how to collect and analyze data to solve business process challenges and create tools for better decision-making.
  • The program curriculum involves hands-on learning, allowing students to complete problem-solving exercises with the use of fictional data sets and analysis.
  • The Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs recognizes this flexible online program.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students in this program must create a function or time-based analytics project that shows and interprets results and recommendations for decision-making. They are also allowed to specialize, with options including Security and Intelligence, Retail Management, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing, among others.

Did You Know?

The American Public University is friendly to military servicemen and veterans. Active-duty military, National Guard members, and reservists do not need to pay for the $85 technology fee.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers a BS in Business Analytics degree program that teaches students hands-on skills in gathering, processing, and analyzing data to generate actionable and insightful results.

  • Students learn the program’s key content areas through hands-on/ activities, which range from data collection and analysis, performing complex analytics, and building data-gathering dashboards, to presenting data effectively.
  • Courses have an application-oriented design and build upon each other in terms of content and skills being taught. The program also concludes with a capstone project, where students get the chance to solve a real-world industry problem. 
  • By taking the four required Business Analytics courses in the program, students can also earn a SAS academic certification badge.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Compared to other business analytics programs, Embry-Riddle’s program is designed with a more pronounced business focus, designed with the goal of achieving optimal business outcomes.

Did You Know?

This degree program has been partly reviewed for its content, progression, and job preparedness by several prominent industry partners including IBM, Boeing, and SAS.

Purdue Global

Purdue Global

Bachelor of Science in Analytics

Purdue University, through its Purdue Global campus, offers an online Bachelor of Science in Analytics degree program, which trains students to work within the big data & analytics field using industry-standard tools, and prepares them for earning IT industry certifications.

  • The program contains a total of 180 credit hours, with 10-week long courses. The program can be completed in 4 years. 
  • The program features a choice of 9 concentration areas that let students customize their degrees further, which includes game development, cloud computing, and supply chain management & logistics.
  • Purdue Global is Higher Learning Commission-accredited.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This 100% online program trains students in a wide range of IT-related skills and includes courses on industry-standard software and tools. These in turn serve as good preparation for students to earn a number of relevant IT certifications.

Did You Know?

Purdue Global offers other online bachelor’s degree programs related to Business and/or Information Technology, including the self-paced and competency-based ExcelTrack® BS in Business Administration, and the online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Florida International University

Florida International University - Business

Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics

Florida International University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics, which prepares students to apply statistical techniques and tools in working with large datasets. 

  • The program focuses on teaching statistical methods through the use of reporting tools, Decision Support Systems (DSS), Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics (BA), and Expert Systems (ES) data mining tools.
  • This online degree contains 120 credit hours, and the program has a lone Business Information Security track, for students looking to pursue careers in information security or cybersecurity.     
  • Students are required to maintain a grade of C or better for the major courses.

What Makes This Program Unique:

FIU’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics degree is a US Department of Homeland Security STEM Designated program, which means it contributes towards economic growth and security goals for the country.

Did You Know?

Florida International University also offers a BBA degree program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) University

East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Business Analytics

ECPI University offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program with a Concentration in Business Analytics, a 100% online program that develops students’ skills in leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving, through a curriculum founded on theoretical business foundations and its practical application.

  • The program includes courses on the relationship of business theory and principles in accounting, management, analytics, and operations.
  • The Business Analytics concentration comes with a choice of two online degree tracks: Operations Analytics, and Leadership Tracks.

What Makes This Program Unique:

ECPI University follows a year-round schedule with multiple start dates, and students in this online bachelor’s degree program can finish in as little as 2.5 years.

Did You Know?

Students who are looking to pursue further education after earning their bachelor’s degree may be interested in ECPI University’s online MBA program, which can be a good complement to the BSBA in Business Analytics degree program. 

Lynn University

Lynn University

Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Lynn University offers a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics degree program, a 100% online degree program that trains students to effectively harness data analysis in creating actionable insights for decision-making processes across industries.

  • The 120-credit hour degree program includes training on data analysis, interpretation, and using data-derived insights, specifically, skills in data mining, visualization, and programming.
  • Courses in the program curriculum include Corporate Finance, Cloud & Mobile Security, Data Programming, and Database Management & Security.
  • Lynn University offers various options for financial aid, scholarships, and grants that can help students reduce the cost of their tuition.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Lynn University’s BS in Data Analytics is accredited by the IACBE, and with regard to the quality of their online learning, Lynn University is also recognized by Apple® as a distinguished school for continuous innovation in learning, teaching & the school environment.

Did You Know?

With regard to pursuing further education after earning a bachelor’s degree, Lynn University also offers a number of MBA programs, including Entrepreneurial Management, International Business Management, Media Management, and Leadership and Management

Regent University

Regent University

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

Regent University offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics degree program, a highly marketable program that prepares students with skills they can take to make data-driven business decisions and to train them to work with a wide variety of data.

  •  The program contains a total of 120 credit hours and is offered both on-campus and in an online format.
  •  The program uses current industry-standard software and modeling techniques and includes courses on Systems Analysis, Project Management, Big Data, and Information Systems.
  •  The program concludes with a Business Analytics Capstone, where students get to apply their course learnings in a particular project related to data-driven decision-making. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

As a private Christian university, Regent’s Bachelor’s in Business Analytics is anchored on the university’s Christian principles and values, so students get the best skills training they can get, with a proper grounding that develops their sense of ethics and morals in their career.

Did You Know?

Regent University offers a number of related degree programs that students can pursue after their bachelor’s degree, which include the Master of Science in Business Analytics (available online) and the Regent University MBA program (also available online).

Georgia State University

Georgia State University

Bachelor of Business Administration – Management Business Analytics

Georgia State University, through its online campus, offers a Bachelor of Business Administration – Management Business Analytics degree program, which prepares students to address various companies’ complex issues by developing their analytics skills, grounded on a thorough understanding of business fundamentals.

  • This degree requires completing 60 credit hours since this is a degree completion program.
  • Courses can be taken fully online, although students may be required to take an orientation seminar or an exam on campus.
  • This program is open to Re-entry/Re-admit, Transfer, and Transition students. To be eligible, students must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher, with no grade lower than a C-.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This program is offered as a Degree Completion Program, which makes the most of any qualified educational credits that students may have taken previously. Likewise, this is an online program, but Georgia State offers students the chance to join various mentoring and networking events that let them join and access the university’s network of around 80,000 alumni.

Did You Know?

Georgia State University also offers a range of online graduate programs that can be a good complement to the BBA in Management Business Analytics program, including the online Flexible MBA.

Essential Skills for Business Intelligence Graduates

Mastery of Database Tools

It is a huge part of a business intelligence analyst’s role to work with data. Some of the tools often used to manage data include Excel and SQL. To succeed in this field, one must be familiar with data analysis tools that offer machine-learning solutions.

Data Visualization

Audiences often want to understand complex data without putting much effort into it. Accomplished data analysts should be able to interpret complex data and clearly communicate them in a way that can be easily grasped by ordinary people. This is where data visualization comes in. They learn to use visualization techniques like graphics to present data outcomes.


It is important that business intelligence analysts are able to identify risks in organizations and find solutions. Their problem-solving skills come in handy. This means they can review every aspect of the situation and think of effective solutions.


Programming skills are needed to help business analysts manage and automate a workflow. Learning programming languages like SQL and Python will make their jobs so much easier, especially when it comes to reviewing and evaluating a company’s large dataset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do students learn from the best online Bachelor of Business Intelligence degree online?

Business intelligence involves helping organizations make data-driven decisions by combining business analytics, management information systems, computer information systems, enterprise data, computer science, data visualization, financial accounting, data mining, and other business operations concepts.

Most business intelligence online programs equip students with the knowledge and practical skills to help them interpret data and information. This prepares them for their future job as data analysts who solve complex problems faced by organizations while creating opportunities for businesses.

They may be given opportunities to work on real-world projects and master the use of analysis tools. Some of the common courses covered in the business intelligence program curriculum include data science concepts, business analytics, digital business analysis, cyber security and governance, managing data and information, business intelligence, and data warehousing, among others.

What careers can graduates potentially get into with a degree in Business Intelligence?

Many businesses and industries increasingly work with and use big data to drive and inform many of their operations, processes, and decisions. This data requires gathering, processing, management, and presentation to be useful and actionable, and graduates of business intelligence/business analytics degrees can occupy these careers and positions.

Some of these career paths include data analysts, financial analysts, market researchers, operations research analysts, budget analysts, and computer systems analysts. Other career options include data engineers and logistics managers.

The increasing use of Business Intelligence processes means skills in this area are starting to apply to industries that are not necessarily directly related to business, from as far afield as education, IT management, and even urban planning. 

Should undergraduate Business Intelligence students consider pursuing a master’s degree?

Bachelor’s degrees typically take four years to finish. This may seem like a long time to put off planning for further education, but in this case, the earlier the decision is made, the better.

In a realistic sense, advancement in most careers these days relies largely on additional credentials and advanced skills earned by taking up advanced degrees like a master’s degree, and it’s better to be able to plan for this earlier.

Crucially, some programs are offered with fast-track options, which let students transition seamlessly to taking a master’s degree, by taking master’s level courses at the latter end of their undergraduate education.

Students taking up a degree in business intelligence/business analytics don’t have slim pickings for a future graduate degree; many MBA programs offer a concentration area in business intelligence or similar, and their degree can also be taken further with a dedicated master’s degree in business analytics.

What are the primary differences between online and on-campus bachelor’s degrees?

Many universities offer their Bachelor’s in Business Intelligence/Business Analytics degree programs in on-campus, online, and hybrid learning formats. Regardless of delivery format, all these degree programs follow a singular curriculum design based on a single set of learning outcomes, feature the same courses, use the same textbooks and resources, and crucially, are taught by the same set of faculty.

The main difference lies in not needing to go to campus for most of your time enrolled in the program, in the case of going online. The lack of in-person, face-to-face interaction changes the dynamics and the learning environment somewhat and presents its own set of challenges, such as connectivity issues. For some, taking classes online can become a lonely battle, and it takes just as much dedication and focus to finish an online degree as it does with traditional classes.

Summary Points

  • Bachelor’s degrees in Business Intelligence/Business Analytics prepare students for careers that work with large amounts of data, that are then used in crucial decision-making processes across a range of business-related industries.
  • These degree programs typically train students on current industry-standard software, while some of these degree programs offer more emphasis on a wider range of analytics-related software and tools, and help students earn relevant industry certifications.
  • The continuing increase in the use of big data and analytics in business and industry also signals a continuing demand for competent professionals trained in business analytics/business intelligence tools and skillsets.

Additional Resources:

15 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Advertising in 2023

The ever-evolving field of advertising is an exciting and lucrative career choice for those who are passionate about storytelling and engaging with an audience. Students who want to succeed in this highly competitive industry may want to consider earning an online Bachelor’s in Advertising.

Online Bachelor's in Advertising - fact

This degree program provides prospective students the expertise to explore the different aspects of advertising, from copywriting and branding to art direction and digital production. This career offers a wealth of opportunities for professional growth in a variety of work settings, including advertising agencies, media companies, public relations firms, and even private organizations with their in-house marketing teams.

On top of advertising courses, students may also be required to complete an internship where they can gain practical and hands-on experience. This will also give them the chance to build their connections and form professional relationships in the advertising community, which will prove valuable when they finally look for a job after graduation.

Most Advertising graduates gain entry-level positions in advertising and related industries. Some of the job titles that are available to them are media planners, copywriters, marketing coordinators, account executives, and more. With experience and educational advancement, they can qualify for advertising head, market research analyst, and marketing manager roles.

The Lowdown

Designed for working professionals, a bachelor’s in Advertising and Marketing degree online offers the flexibility students need to juggle their professional responsibilities and the demands of higher education.

The best online Marketing degrees with Advertising emphasis prepare students for either graduate studies or work.


Many public and private universities in the US offer Marketing and/or Advertising and Communications degrees online, it being one of the more popular degree programs related to the field of Business.

We’ve put together a random collection of the best online Bachelor’s in Advertising programs that are highly flexible and affordable degree programs for students who recently completed high school and adult learners.

The online schools and programs on this list were selected according to the following criteria:

  • Delivers their coursework in either a 100% online or a hybrid format, giving students the flexibility to adapt their schedules to their other prior commitments,
  • Features coursework that covers the fundamental principles in marketing and advertising, and includes courses on crucial processes and skillsets, such as quantitative and qualitative research, branding strategies, developing marketing plans, and more,
  • Designed to open the door for graduates to a wide range of career paths related to Marketing in a variety of industries and fields,
  • May feature credit transfer programs, or recognizes other means of demonstrating competence in a particular content area of the course,
  • Offers affordable tuition rates and/or payment plans for their courses, such as pay-by-the-course models, or similar tuition rates for in and out-of-state students,
  • Offers various opportunities for financial aid, scholarships, grants, and other means for students to further reduce and manage the cost of their tuition,
  • Holds relevant accreditation credentials, which assures students of the quality of the education they are getting and paying for.

Read our Methodology here for details.

10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Advertising Programs

The University of Texas El Paso

The University of Texas El Paso

Bachelor of Arts in Media Advertising

The University of Texas El Paso offers a Bachelor of Arts in Media Advertising degree program that is 100% available online. This flexible program is for students who are planning to pursue an entry-level media and advertising career. It equips students with a solid foundation to help them take on the world of advertising, marketing, and media.

  • This online program is designed to support cross-functional team collaboration.
  • The curriculum focuses on the important elements of advertising and marketing, including advertising theory, media planning, and consumer behavior.
  • This degree program prepares students for a successful career in the marketing field by teaching them how to conduct strategy, planning, media and research along with the basics of design and copywriting,
  • At the end of the program, marketing graduates are expected to develop a fully integrated advertising campaign for a designated client, which will be a good addition to their portfolio.
  • It is also part of their learning to gain a good understanding of how consumers respond to various media.
What Makes this Program Unique:

The curriculum of this advertising program is designed to provide students with a baseline understanding of everything advertising. The program features case studies and real-life simulation exercises to enhance students’ learning experience.

Did You Know?

The bachelor’s degree in advertising degree program was awarded the University of Texas El Paso Library Information Literacy Couse Enhancement Grant. This award was designed to foster intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness.

Relationships between advertising agencies all over the country and faculty members are cultivated to help give students ample opportunities to explore internships.

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising

The Academy of Art University is known as one of the largest private and accredited art and design schools in the country. Students interested to carve a career in the field of advertising may want to consider earning the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising degree program. This degree boasts award-winning directors, copywriters, and creative strategists in the faculty, which guarantees competent and quality advertising education.

  • Offered under the School of Advertising, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising online degree helps students develop their artistic and technical skills.
  • They can expect to learn how to effectively use visual media to convey ideas and concepts needed in the creative process.
  • They will be taught how to create narratives that will help them understand the elements of storytelling, including idea, structure, character, and imagery.
  • Students must also master how to apply strategic elements focused on the target customer, product/service, and the market.
What Makes this Program Unique:

The degree program culminates in the production of a dynamic portfolio. This is often in the form of a website and personal branding system that will reflect the knowledge and skills students have gained throughout the program.

Did You Know?

The Academy of Art University is popular for offering accredited online Art and Design programs for almost two decades. Their online advertising degree programs are designed to provide the same quality education as traditional students but with greater flexibility.

Prospective students may partner with admissions and financial aid representatives to explore possible funding options. Some of the financial aid options they can take advantage of include federal and state aid, alternative loans, and scholarships, among others.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing offered by Southern New Hampshire University is an ideal choice for students seeking an exciting career in the advertising field and helping build brands through creativity and problem-solving. This degree will equip them with knowledge and skills in brand awareness, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and market research, among others. Students will be able to structure their degree according to their interests by choosing among majors and free electives. This will ensure they can earn a well-rounded online marketing bachelor’s degree.

  • This program primarily teaches students to develop marketing plans according to the company’s missions, objectives, and goals.
  • The marketing degree features core courses in digital marketing, marketing research, consumer behavior, brand management, and pro selling.
  • Students can also benefit from the 10-course business core that provides foundational business disciplines, including courses that cover business law, management, managerial accounting, and international business.
What Makes this Program Unique:

Students in this program have the opportunity to earn industry certifications, including the HubSpot Social Media Certification. This will enhance their hiring potential while providing them with the tools they need to shape conversations around building brand loyalty.

Did You Know?

This marketing program allows students to choose between an experiential learning course or an internship. Both options offer the opportunity to engage with real businesses and leverage their skills by building strategies and creating and implementing campaigns.

Maryville University

Maryville University

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Maryville University is another higher learning institution in the country that offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. This degree takes full advantage of the increasingly growing digital technology role in the consumer journey, equipping students with wide-ranging knowledge of both traditional marketing principles and business practices along with digital marketing competencies such as social media marketing, data analytics, multimedia, content management, and search engine optimization.

  • The program focuses on the content side of marketing while also providing students with a solid foundation in strategic, financial, and operational knowledge of business.
  • The coursework can be completed 100% online so students are not required to do campus visits.
  • Students will need to complete a total of 128 credit hours, including business core courses and marketing major courses.
  • This online Marketing program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs.
What Makes this Program Unique:

The program requires students to complete a senior experience course where they will create a marketing plan, conduct research and analysis, and develop strategies for a particular target market. They are also given the opportunity to take part in a hands-on internship where they can interact with mentors and build their professional network.

Did You Know?

Maryville University offers Early Access, an option that gives students a head start on earning their graduate degree by taking graduate-level courses to count towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Plus, they can enjoy undergraduate tuition rates for their graduate-level Early Access courses.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Students who want to take a step closer to their career in a dynamic field will want to consider earning the Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree from Arizona State University. This undergraduate program will prepare them for exciting roles in consumer behavior, advertising, analysis, and marketing strategy.

  • This program helps students build a range of soft skills and industry-specific skills, including effective communication, personal sales, sales management, and critical thinking.
  • Students are expected to develop competencies in areas such as market analysis, pricing, marketing strategy, advertising and promotion management, and product and service development.
  • They will learn to administer, allocate and organize resources to achieve marketing objectives while driving corporate performance through customer engagement.
  • Some of the courses in the program curriculum are Competitive Marketing Strategy, Applied Marketing Management and Leadership, Services Marketing Strategy, and Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy, among others.
What Makes this Program Unique:

Students can customize their degree according to their interests and career goals. Their emphasis options include consumer goods and marketing in the global economy. They will eventually have the opportunity to work with the program’s business partners to gain practical experience.

Did You Know?

As a leading business school in the country, ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business is committed to delivering quality education. The online marketing program it offers has an accreditation from AACSB.

Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University

Bachelor of Science in Advertising

Appalachian State University offers the Bachelor of Science in Advertising degree program which can be completed online. Students will be able to explore advertising topics such as sales management, media ethics, brand communications, media planning, and advertising copy and design.

  • This program equips students to connect with consumers and create an engaging brand experience.
  • Students will gain skills necessary for effective marketing, including project management, marketing strategy, and social media campaign management.
  • The emphasis of the program is on social media, allowing students to explore popular and relevant platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
What Makes this Program Unique:

The program requires students to choose a minor for this degree program. Their options include Art, English, General Business, International Business, Marketing, and Sociology, among others.

Did You Know?

Appalachian State University has a generous Transfer Policy for students with prior completed college coursework, including military service members and second-degree seeking applicants. It is just important to note for upcoming students that the application for transfer credits will be reviewed based on a number of criteria, including competitive high school GPA and ACT or SAT scores.

The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama - Online

Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Information Sciences in Advertising

Students interested in learning the ropes of persuasive advertising will find the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences in Advertising offered by the University of Alabama an ideal choice for a college degree. The advertising major provides students with the necessary skills to create persuasive messaging across various platforms.

  • The program curriculum, taught by an experienced faculty, gives students a better understanding of the best practices and design of advertising.
  • Students will learn how to conduct audience analyses and tailor messaging across channels.
  • Students will need to complete a total of 120 credit hours in order to earn the program.
  • Some of the courses for the advertising major include Mechanics of Media Writing, Introduction to Advertising, Introduction to Channels and Messaging, and Advertising Strategy, among others.
What Makes this Program Unique:

The program requires the completion of capstone courses. Students can choose among two options for the capstone courses: Ethics and Professionalism and Investigation and Insights. They will also need to fulfill the Advertising Campaigns course as part of the capstone requirement. Some have an emphasis on digital marketing, tackling subjects such as search engine marketing, content management, social media engagement, data analytics, and even user experience design. Others are more focused on branding development and copywriting.

Did You Know?

Students who have earned more than 24 college-level credit hours must meet the transfer student admission requirement: a 2.0 overall college GPA.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University

Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Advertising

Grand Canyon University offers a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Advertising degree, that develops students’ creativity and business skills, and is ideal for preparing students for various roles in the fields of marketing, sales, market research, and more.

  •  The degree contains a total of 120 credit hours, with the online delivery format having 8-week long courses, as opposed to the 15-week course length of the on-campus format.
  • GCU accepts up to 90 credit hours of transfers, with only 84 credits allowed for lower-division courses.
  • The program covers a range of crucial skills and topics, which includes developing marketing plans and strategies, advertising using current technologies, evaluating customer behavior, and more.
What Makes This Program Unique:

As a private Christian university, Grand Canyon University integrates a Christian worldview into its curriculum designs, which serve to manifest its mission of making a tangible positive impact on its community and its core mission of helping students find their purpose and vocational calling.

Did You Know?

Grand Canyon University also offers a Bachelor of Science in Applied Marketing and Advertising, which can also be completed on-campus and online. This program is designed as a more transfer-friendly version of the BS in Marketing and Advertising degree program.

PennState World Campus

PennState World Campus

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Penn State World Campus has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree program designed to train students to apply techniques in consumer behavior science to the field of market research and strategy and utilizes the latest alternative education delivery techniques in an accredited degree program. 

The program contains 120 credit hours and features affordable per-credit-hour tuition rates.

Students learn a range of relevant skills, which include developing an integrative and interdisciplinary perspective of business situations, problems, and solutions.

The program’s curriculum includes courses in retailing, marketing management, research, advertising and sales promotion, and more.

What Makes This Program Unique:

PennState’s Bachelor of Science in Marketing holds a unique status in that it is one of only a handful of online marketing degree programs accredited by the AACSB. Students also have the chance to become a member of Beta Sigma Gamma, one of the most prestigious international premier honor societies for business students.

Did You Know?

Students who are planning to take up a graduate degree in the future might be interested in PennState’s Master’s in Marketing Analytics and Insights degree program, designed to train students to harness data to maximize the reach of marketing communications. This degree might prove to complement their learnings in the BS in Marketing degree program.

Western Governor’s University

Western Governor’s University

Bachelor of Science – Business Administration in Marketing

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Marketing degree offered by Western Governors University is a comprehensive and highly flexible program, designed to allow students to harness prior educational experience as well as their existing knowledge to advance and progress through the program at their own pace.

  • The degree program contains 41 courses taken from a wide range of industry-relevant courses and includes a capstone experience that lets students design, implement, and analyze a marketing campaign. 
  • WGU uses a competency-based learning model, which means students can move on as long as they can sufficiently demonstrate mastery in a specific area. This lets students use their existing knowledge as a means to advance.
  • Courses in the program are generally completed on a one-at-a-time/sequential basis, instead of simultaneously.
What Makes This Program Unique:

This degree program uses self-paced learning. Students complete their coursework independently, together with the support of individual program mentors. All course materials are also accessible anytime, and exams do not follow strict schedules. Advancement in the degree depends largely on students’ understanding of the material on their own time, and completion time for this degree can be as little as 3 years.

Did You Know?

For students interested in pursuing further education, WGU also offers a fully online Master of Science in Marketing, which teaches advanced skills in Digital Marketing or Marketing Analysis and lets students earn a number of industry-recognized certifications.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University - Online

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The Louisiana State University Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree program is highly regarded and affordable. It teaches students the full range of in-demand skills and foundational knowledge crucial to successful marketing careers across various industries.

  • This online bachelor’s degree contains a total of 120 credit hours, and transfer credits can apply to up to 75% of the total degree requirements.
  • This comprehensive program gives students solid fundamentals in marketing principles and teaches skills in the quantitative aspects of the business world, including finance, business law, and economics.
  • The program has very affordable tuition rates, and students pay by the course, regardless of whether they are in-state or out-of-state.
What Makes This Program Unique:

LSU’s highly-ranked BS in Marketing degree program is accredited by the AACSB, which places it in the topmost tier of business schools worldwide (less than 5% of all business schools worldwide are able to meet the AACSB’s demanding standards).

Did You Know?

Louisiana State University also offers an Online MBA with a Marketing Concentration, which expands students’ learnings in the bachelor’s degree with advanced skillsets in operations, finance, organizational strategy, and product, services, and international marketing. 

Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University

Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing Communications

Johnson & Wales University offers a 100% online Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing Communications degree program, which teaches students a wide range of crucial creative and strategic skills needed in building effective campaigns which includes learning consumer behavior through qualitative or quantitative research methods, media planning, and various communication strategies across platforms.

  • This program contains a total of 120 credit hours and can be completed within 4 years. Courses are typically 8 weeks long each.
  • The program has a choice of two 15-credit specializations: Digital Marketing & Analytics, or Creative Advertising.
  • To be considered for admission, this program requires prospective students to have at least two years of full-time experience beyond the high school graduation date.
What Makes This Program Unique:

Aside from being taught by highly experienced faculty who are themselves, industry experts, this program also emphasizes experience-based education, which lets students get crucial real-world exposure while they complete their coursework.

Did You Know?

Students may also be interested in JWU’s Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing & Social Media, which is also offered 100% online and specializes in brand messaging skills across digital networks and platforms.

Florida International University

Florida International University - Online

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication

Florida International University offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication degree program, ideal for those who are interested in pursuing public relations, advertising, or applied communications careers in various industries in government, private, and non-profit sectors.

  • This program contains a total of 120 credit hours, with courses drawn from a wide range of interconnected and related fields.        
  • This degree program has a range of possible concentration areas, which includes Business Communication, Social Media and E-Marketing, Digital Photography, Social Psychology, and more. These concentration areas serve to supplement and enrich students’ career aspirations.
  • This program prepares students for a number of communications-driven careers, including Public Relations, Advertising, Human Resources, Politics, and more.
What Makes This Program Unique:

This degree has an interdisciplinary aspect to its curriculum design, drawing upon a range of fields related to the development and delivery of effective content. Aside from its range of possible specialization areas, this degree program is also highly customizable.

Did You Know?

FIU also offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing, which also has a wide range of applicability in various fields, including retailing, advertising, public relations, communications, marketing research, and more.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration – Digital Marketing

Liberty University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Digital Marketing and Advertising degree prepare students with skillsets crucial to letting businesses grow and achieve success.

  • This program contains a total of 120 credit hours, with an average completion time of 3.5 years.
  • The program is designed to develop student’s technical, creative, and business skills, with coursework from a range of key content areas including Market Research, Digital Marketing, Customer Behavior, and more.
  • Liberty University is accredited by the SACSCOC-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Liberty University is also one of only a handful of business schools worldwide to earn accreditation from the ACBSP.
What Makes This Program Unique:

Liberty University’s BSBA degree is offered without any set log in times, letting students fit their degree program best according to their schedules and needs. Liberty also provides all required electronic textbooks at no cost to students.

Did You Know?

Students who want to take further education after earning their bachelor’s degree may be interested in Liberty University’s online Master’s in Marketing Program, which is a good way of expanding their bachelor’s-level theoretical foundations and skillsets.

Franklin University

Franklin University

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Franklin University offers a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree program, a transfer-friendly program that teaches students the skills and confidence needed to develop and execute effective marketing strategies. 

  • This program contains a total of 124 credit hours, with courses having a typical length of 12 weeks. Students can transfer up to 76% of the degree program’s requirements.
  • The program contains courses from the core content areas of marketing strategy, market research, strategy and analysis, promotion, and digital advertising.
  • This program International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)-accredited, and also features affordable tuition rates.
What Makes This Program Unique:

Franklin University’s BS in Marketing program is designed to be application-oriented and project-based, which gives students practical experience and insights into how marketing interfaces with other business disciplines. Students earn their coursework in a simulated business environment.

Did You Know?

Franklin University also offers an online Master of Science in Marketing & Communication degree, which expands on students’ bachelor’s level foundation with advanced skillsets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in an online Bachelor’s in Marketing or Advertising degree program?

Most advertising and marketing programs focus on equipping students with knowledge and skills integral to creating external marketing strategies. Students of this degree program are taught to develop marketing plans that align with the company’s objectives and goals. They are expected to formulate marketing concepts and explore marketing trends.

How long can students complete an online Marketing degree or Advertising concentration?

The length of each advertising program varies from school to school. There are online marketing degree programs that are available for both full-time and part-time students, which can affect the time it takes to complete the coursework.

There are accelerated programs that allow students to earn credits for the master’s degree in combination with their undergraduate degree. Most marketing online degree programs also allow students to accomplish their coursework requirements at their own pace, which means students have the freedom to customize their schedules according to their needs and goals. In general, however, most distance education programs can be completed in four years.

Do online degrees differ significantly from their on-campus counterparts/versions?

Especially in the case of a university/institution that offers a particular degree in both online and on-campus formats, the only major difference is in the mode of delivery (and the resulting learning environment, since a difference in online and face-to-face interactions between peers and faculty is a given).

A particular degree is typically designed around a single set of predetermined learning outcomes, which determines the curriculum design. These different formats are also taught by the same set of faculty and are held to the same academic standards, especially as universities continuously strive to maintain their accreditation credentials. Students can be assured, therefore, of the same level of academic quality, whether they enroll in a degree online or on-campus.

What are some of the Career Paths open to graduates with bachelor’s degrees in Marketing/Advertising?

Students with degrees in Marketing/Advertising can enter a range of careers in the government, non-profit, and private sectors. Some of these career paths may include Advertising Managers, Social Media Managers, Marketing Managers, Content Strategists, Market Research Analysts, Creative Directors, Advertising Sales Agents, Marketing Coordinators, and more.

The skillsets in these online bachelor’s degree programs are also applicable to other industries, especially in career paths that are driven by communication and targeted/strategic approaches.

Summary Points

  • Bachelor’s degrees in Advertising draw on various fields, including communications, human behavior, and creative/design disciplines.
  • Bachelor’s degrees in Advertising teach students to be effective communicators and strategists, leading organizations and businesses in employing data-driven communication and decision-making strategies to achieve success and growth.
  • Bachelor’s degrees in marketing/advertising that are offered online give students flexibility in completing their coursework, while continuing other productive pursuits, such as career and family.

Additional Resources:

10 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Visual Communications in 2023

A bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications is an undergraduate program that focuses on the study of visual media and its use in different communication contexts. As it embraces the principles of a Graphic Design degree program, students gain numerous skills!

This degree program will equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in related fields, such as advertising, marketing, graphic design, and digital media, to name a few. This means that the technical know-how and skills you acquire through this program can be useful in a multitude of careers.

Online Bachelor's in Visual Communications - fact

Visual Communications degrees teach students about using visual elements to create materials that convey information, ideas, and messages through industry-standard tools, such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. These include drawings, typography, illustrations, signs, animations, industrial designs, and electronic resources.

By earning a diploma in Visual Communications, graduates can analyze the needs of a client, as well as their target audience and marketing goals to create effective solutions. This also opens many job opportunities in a highly competitive market, including user experience designers, art directors, advertising specialists, graphic designers, multimedia artists, and marketing managers. 

The Lowdown

One of the advantages of an online bachelor’s degree in visual communications is flexibility. Students will be able to complete the coursework at their own pace and schedule, allowing those who are employed to balance their time between work and education.

Choosing to finish a degree in Visual Communications through distance learning is most advantageous to those who live far from a college or university. Similarly, online education is also suitable for those with mobility issues and other special circumstances that may prevent them from attending on-campus programs.

Furthermore, an online degree is more cost-effective than traditional programs. This is because tuition is lower and students don’t need to spend a lot of commuting and housing costs. On top of that, students are guaranteed to have the same level and quality of education as traditional on-campus degrees because classes are taught by the same faculty members who have years of experience in the field.


To ensure that you’ll get the best education, it would help to look into certain factors, such as a school’s program of study, tuition rate, learning format, and student outcome. You need to make sure that the online bachelor’s degree in visual communications you enroll in suits your current needs, career goals, and personal development.

Each of our recommended online Bachelor’s in Visual Communications degree programs to help ensure students that the school and program are a good fit for their needs, schedules, and circumstances.

  • Offered as either an online program or in a hybrid learning format to ensure flexibility and convenience,
  • Degree program uses a combination of new, innovative technologies, real-world experiences, and relevant visual arts coursework,
  • Classes are taught by faculty members with years of professional experience in the field,
  • Offers internship opportunities to immerse online Visual Communications degree students in the real world and ready to take on professional roles,
  • Accepts financial aid, including grants, loans, scholarships, work-study programs, and military benefits,
  • Enhances learners’ creativity, critical thinking, analytical, problem-solving, storytelling, management, and organizational skills,
  • Provides access to student services, such as administrative support and counseling.
  • Received approval and accreditation from academic or colleges and schools commission agencies.

Check out our Methodology for more information.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Visual Communications Degree Programs

University of Washington

University of Washington

Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design

The aim of the Visual Communication Design degree program at the University of Washington is to educate and train future designers for industry and society’s communication needs through visual solutions. This program has received numerous awards and scholarships, as well as international design journals, including Art and Design (China) and Novum (Germany).

  • Combines prototyping, technology, methodology, materials, human factors, and audience to innovate strategies and solutions to give form to screen, print, and the built environment,
  • Focuses on the design objectives rather than the production process,
  • Encourages innovative visual concepts that interpret, persuade, instruct, and inform intended users across various applications,
  • Curriculum includes information design, typography, design systems, publication design, exhibition design, visual methods, and new media.
What Makes this Program Unique:

The BDes Visual Communications degree online program is one of the largest undergraduate degrees at the University of Washington. This program has evolved into a professional degree over the last 20 years, helping corporate, municipal, and institutional sectors with their visual communication.

Did You Know?

Interested individuals can be eligible for application if they are current UW Seattle students enrolled in DESIGN 166 or transfer students who already applied for admission. UW Tacoma and UW Bothell students who will enroll in UW Seattle are considered transfer students.

Some of the admission requirements for the visual communication degree program include:

  • Filled out application form
  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Transcripts

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

BS in Digital Design – Visual Communication Design

The aim of this online Bachelor’s in Visual Communication design is to teach students how to integrate business concepts with graphic design techniques and strategies to reach audiences effectively. On top of that, this program will create experts who will be able to articulate data, stories, and ideas using visuals instead of words.

  • Improve the user experience on websites, produce artistic content, and boost the company’s conversion rates
  • Explore topics, including graphic design, digital photography, media design, and editing fundamentals
  • Study digital media applications, communication strategies, and industry best practices
  • Access to practicum and internship opportunities to give students a chance to apply what they have learned in real-world settings
What Makes this Program Unique:

Liberty University’s visual communication design program is in an eight-week course format. It is approved by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). This school has been recognized by various institutions for its academic accessibility, affordability, and quality, setting its graduates apart from other candidates in their chosen fields.  

Did You Know?

Liberty University is committed to providing affordable tuition to everyone. Because of this, it offers free electronic textbooks for all undergraduate courses, saving students $800-$2,000 every year on school fees.

Aside from that, students may also be eligible for additional college credit if they have relevant work or life experience.

Louisiana State University—Alexandria

Louisiana State University—Alexandria

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Through this online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, students will learn visual communications, public relations, and human relationships, allowing them to demonstrate a vast knowledge of the communications discipline. This program is offered in a flexible format, allowing students to interact synchronously with instructors via video conferencing.

  • Gain basic knowledge of the creation, design, and critique of visual media
  • Understanding of legal restraints on mass media
  • Be adept in the dynamics of interpersonal, public forums, and small groups
  • Explore compliance gaining, social influence, and persuasion in communication
  • Be an expert in determining new sources, note-taking, evaluating and organizing facts, interviewing, using wire service style, and writing basic news stories
  • Familiarize legal rights and legal restraints on the mass media
  • Knowledgeable in various research methods in the communication field
What Makes this Program Unique:

LSUA’s online bachelor’s degree in communication is an affordable program that offers a unique learning format and flexible coursework. It has ranked among the Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degrees for 2022.

Did You Know?

LSUA accepts transfer credits for up to 75% of the degree requirements, which will be determined by an academic advisor. The school also offers military credits for those who are on active duty in the United States military.  

Maryville University

Maryville University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree program offered by Maryville University provides learners with the necessary tools to identify, assess, and respond effectively to challenges and opportunities in communication.

  • Apply theories and concepts of communication in a wide variety of settings and generate relevant messages for various audiences
  • Has two program concentrations: Strategic Communication Concentration and Emerging Media Strategy and Social Media Concentration
  • Teaches highly sought-after by gaining hands-on experiences through projects that use state-of-the-art digital media tools
  • Introduces students to topics such as writing and researching, as well as the use of visual communication programs, including Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
What Makes this Program Unique:

An estimated 96% of graduates from Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Communication have found rewarding careers in their chosen fields. This proves the university’s reputation for accelerated growth, affordability, and quality of academics.

Did You Know?

Maryville University offers several financial aid options, such as federal grants, PLUS loans, private sources, Stafford loans, student employment opportunities, and employer assistance programs, to make higher education more affordable. This earned the institution a spot in the top schools that offer the best values in private college education.

Ohio State University

Ohio State University - College of Arts and Sciences

Visual Communication Design

The Visual Communication Design program at The Ohio State University exposes students to various areas of specialization. This degree program also teaches students how to use human-centered research approaches for publication, interactive web/mobile, data visualization systems, environmental way-finding, packaging, and brand identity development.

  • Provides internship opportunities to give students real-world experiences that set them apart from their competition, support their career goals, and enhance their skillsets
  • Provides courses that combine various advanced digital media and computing tools to allow students to develop highly refined visual communications following industry standards
  • Requires capstone projects that will showcase students’ abilities to develop solutions that address various design themes, including history, health and wellness, social impact, technology, culture
What Makes this Program Unique:

The Ohio State University offers the First-Year Design Foundations course sequence, consisting of 18 credit hours of design coursework. During these courses, students will learn all about basic drawing skills that allow designers to visualize their designs and formulate ideas through mapping, sketching, and making diagrams.

Did You Know?

TOSU accepts FAFSA, scholarships, grants, loans, and federal work-study programs. Aside from that, the university also has a student wellness center and counseling and consultation services to support students’ mental health and overall well-being.

Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication offered by Northern Arizona University is designed to develop students’ creative passion and analytical skills to help them fulfill their dream of being animators, designers, or professional artists. This program will also teach them to be creative and strategic in resolving challenging visual design issues in various media.

  • Build a strong foundation in the principles, processes, and elements of design by engaging in the development of complex designs to solve real-world problems
  • Incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach through the application of concepts from communication theory, drawing, liberal studies, and art history
  • Use cutting-edge technology and software applications that students can integrate into their own experiences
  • Able to apply design principles to software to help students acquire the skills needed to adapt to the latest technologies
  • Be able to showcase professional competence in major areas of specialization, including the capability to create work and solve professional problems, technical mastery, and a coherent set of intellectual/artistic goals
What Makes this Program Unique:

Degree programs at Northern Arizona University are taught through small, studio-based courses in advanced facilities and with one-on-one faculty mentoring. The university offers a wide variety of studio classes that will equip students with in-demand skills and enhance their abilities in an ever-changing field.

Did You Know?

Northern Arizona University accepts scholarships to support students who may need financial aid to finance their education.

The school has an NAU Career Development online job database to help enrollees with their career choices.

University of Nebraska Kearney

The University of Nebraska Kearney

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication and Design

The University of Nebraska Kearney’s Visual Communication and Design Program will give students a chance to combine their artistic talents with state-of-the-art technology to create attention-grabbing designs. Aside from that, students will gain a well-rounded fine art studio foundation with a design emphasis, as well as technology and theory of graphic design layout, identity branding systems, typography, packaging, illustration, web design, and motion graphics.

  • Gain the technical knowledge, communication skills, and artistic ability to turn images, words, and ideas into visual designs that resonate with a wide variety of audiences
  • Demonstrate a high level of ability in basic art courses and master an area of specialization
  • Take courses in Photography, Illustration, Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics, Painting, and Glass
What Makes this Program Unique:

Visual Communication and Design majors are guaranteed an exceptional student-to-faculty ratio, allowing professors to guide and challenge students to ensure they excel in their professional and personal pursuits.

Did You Know?

The University of Nebraska Kearney is the state’s most affordable university even before it accepts financial aid. It is committed to reducing the cost of education and providing students with the best value for their enrollment money. In line with this, UNK offers scholarships, such as the Nebraska Promise, and accepts financial aid and military and veteran services.

University of California at Berkeley

University of California at Berkeley

Media Studies Major

The University of California at Berkeley’s Media Studies Major is an undergraduate interdisciplinary group major that emphasizes promoting a deeper understanding of the historical and theoretical origins of contemporary media. It is also aimed at assisting students in assessing the impact and roles of major mass media.

  • Combine contemporary and cultural studies theory with traditions from anthropology, communication, political science, journalism, and sociology to assess media technologies, economics, institutions, and media content and audiences
  • Students can choose an area of concentration: Digital Studies, Media Law and Policy, and Global Cultural Studies
  • Examine media history, criticism, and policy to analyze the impact of media on public policy to determine the role of media and popular culture in modern society
  • Identify and assess evidence, examine relationships between images and words, understand theoretical concepts, and apply them to new media situations and materials
What Makes this Program Unique:

Students enrolled in the Media Studies Major are required to take approved major electives and methods courses in history, anthropology, political science, journalism, and linguistics.  

UC Berkeley provides students with enrichment opportunities through study abroad programs, research and scholarships, internships, UC Berkeley’s Washington Program (UCDC), and honors earned.

Did You Know?

UC Berkeley has the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships (OURS), which is a center in charge of ensuring research collaboration between faculty and students, promoting current research programs and activities on campus, developing funding and resources necessary to expand research opportunities for undergraduates, and supporting participation in research.

Ohio University

Ohio University

Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication

Ohio University offers the Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication. This online degree program is designed to equip students with thorough and realistic broad-based professionally oriented visual communication training and provide them with the necessary cultural and liberal arts background for a robust foundation of this degree.

  • Provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in whatever visual communication career they want, as well as a strong background that will enable them to be competitive in leadership roles
  • Set high industry standards for communication ethics and visual integrity
  • Promote and foster scholarly research and creative activities
What Makes this Program Unique:

Ohio University provides intensive training in visual communication across various platforms and disciplines, including data visualization, informational graphics, and publication design for NGOs, newspapers, magazines, and online venues.

Did You Know?

This visual communication program has received recognition twice for Program of Excellence by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Ohio University is also the only college in the state to receive the Scripps College of Communication, recognizing it as a Center of Excellence.

Platt College

Platt College

Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications

At Platt College, students can earn their Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications in just 31 months. This online degree program in visual communication will help students build the necessary skills to start an exciting and rewarding career in this field.

  • Develop students’ ability to take concepts and create visual imagery through illustration, types, sound, photography, music, and animation
  • Touch on courses that will help students gain all the knowledge and skills needed to be successful as computer animators, special effects artists, digital media producers, computer artists, background designers, video game artists, and layout artists
What Makes this Program Unique:

Platt College has always ensured the quality of the education they provide since 1985. This college also updates its offerings to ensure it can serve the needs of its students and Southern California’s business scene.

Did You Know?

Platt College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), an institution that’s authorized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit schools and colleges across the country and maintain high educational standards and ethical business practices.

Salary Outlook for Graduates of Online Bachelor’s in Visual Communications Degree Programs

Visual communication is primarily for those with creative skills. Because of this, the list of career opportunities for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in visual communications is quite long.

These include the following:

  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers – $133,380
  • Art Directors – $100,890
  • Special Effects Artists and Animators – $78,790
  • Web Developers and Digital Designers – $77,200
  • Public Relations Specialists – $62,800
  • Film and Video Editors – $62,680
  • Graphic Designers – $50,710
  • Craft and Fine Artists – $49,960
  • News Analysts, Reporters, and Journalists – $48,370
  • Photographers – $38,950
  • Fashion Designers – $ 77,450
  • Commercial and Industrial Designers – $77,030

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the courses in an online bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications?

These are some of the courses students will take while earning a degree in visual communications:

  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Business Communications
  • Design Principles
  • Web Design
  • Problems and Trends in Visual Design
  • Ideation
  • Creative Research
  • 3D Design
  • Creative Arts and Humanities
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Photography
  • Interactive Media
  • Introduction to Motion Design
  • Interface Design
  • Publication Design
  • Exhibition Design

Is an online bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications worth it?

Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in visual communications find this field interesting as it teaches them to use a higher level of creativity to connect with an audience. Aside from that, the skills that can be acquired from this program can be applied to a variety of artistic applications, which means that the job market for this profession is quite big.

Positions related to visual communications experience above-average job growth, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment for art directors, for example, has an estimated growth of 11% in the next ten years.

How long does it take to earn a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications online?

Generally, online degree programs offer more flexibility in scheduling and accelerated courses that allow students to finish this degree in six to eight weeks.

Should bachelor’s degree holders pursue a graduate degree in Visual Communications?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in visual communications can apply for entrance into a graduate program, including a Master of Arts or Master of Science in Applied Communications. These provide students with more in-depth knowledge in research, teaching, and theory, as well as more advanced hands-on training through internships and class capstone projects.

What are the common admission requirements for an online bachelor’s in visual communication degree?

Admission requirements may vary, depending on the school. Some institutions may require SAT or ACT scores, while others do not.

These are the common requirements for those who want to apply for an online bachelor’s in visual communication:

  • Official transcripts from high school and any college courses previously taken
  • Recommendation letters from teachers and mentors
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Written essay or personal statement explaining why a student is interested in pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in visual communication

Summary Points

  • An online bachelor’s degree in visual communication is the perfect major for students who want to improve their level of creativity and use it to connect with people.
  • Earning a degree online gives learners more flexibility in terms of scheduling and learning at their own pace.
  • Most Visual Communication professionals, who complete courses similar to Graphic Design programs, pursue highly paid positions in various industries, including art directors, animators, special effects artists, craft and fine artists, and photographers, to name a few.

Additional Resources:

The 15 Best Online Associate in Registered Nursing (RN) in 2023 – Best Schools and Info Guide

If becoming a Registered Nurse is your calling and you want to start working in the field as soon as possible, consider getting an online Associate’s in Registered Nursing degree.

For those already practicing in the medical clinic or hospital field as a medical assistant or licensed practical nurse, this program gives you a solid footing in the RN field.

The Lowdown
Healthcare in the United States is dominated by the nursing profession. As nurses take on expanded roles, they become more experienced in providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages and diverse health conditions. Whatever your situation, you can enroll in top-rated online Associate’s in Registered Nursing programs–also called Associate in Nursing or ADN programs–and earn your degree at your own pace.


With online ADN programs, a student can get started with becoming a licensed registered nurse. While that may sound easy, choosing the best college that matches your academic goals takes work and research.

Here are the top online ADN programs and the features that make them stand out:

  • Offered either 100% web-based that can be completed online or delivered in a hybrid format that allows for flexible scheduling. Both learning format options benefit students who seek to earn an RN associate degree and maintain their home or professional obligations at the same time,
  • An associate’s degree program coursework that imparts foundational RN knowledge and skills to students so they gain a solid footing in the discipline, and transfer to a bachelor’s degree program or seek entry-level employment,
  • A Transfer Pathway arrangement with reputable colleges for students’ seamless transition from online associate nursing programs to a bachelor-level ADN program,
  • Teaching personnel who hold terminal degrees in the field of nursing or RN,
  • Financial assistance programs for RN students at the associate degree level,
  • Excellent reputation in the academic community, as evidenced by positive student and alumni feedback.

For more information, see our Methodology page.

online associate in registered nursing - fact

The Best Online Associate in Registered Nursing

Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University
Online Associate in Nursing

During the associate degree in nursing program at Arkansas State University, students complete seven-week courses on campus, never having to visit campus. Courses in:

  • nursing mental health,
  • role development,
  • and microbiology are among the 66-credit curriculum.

The didactic portion of all courses will be delivered online, whereas the clinical component will take place in a more “traditional” setting.

The Jonesboro area health care facilities will host clinical hours during selected weekends throughout each term. A practicum experience consists of six parts at the candidate’s job site and different health facilities in their city.

Career Services’ job guides assist nursing students in advancing their careers after graduation. These are accessible through the Handshake platform, significantly modified for online learners in A-State.

Students seeking an associate degree in nursing should have a minimum 2.5 GPA, be licensed as a practical nurse, and have at least one year of work experience.

Residents of Arkansas are the only ones eligible to apply for this associate degree program. The university offers six institutional scholarships, and each one requires its own application.

Herzing University

Herzing University
Online Associate in Nursing

You can move from LPN to RN with Herzing University’s Online Associate in Nursing program. This is a hybrid program where you can study general education courses online and core courses on campus.

You can attend and choose from four of their campus locations, such as those in Birmingham, Tampa, Akron, and Orlando. The program takes about 20 to 24 months to complete, requiring you to finish 72-73 credits. They allow transfer credits of up to 54. This is the best degree pathway if you ever want to pursue a BSN or MSN.

Upon graduation from their associate degree nursing program, you will be prepared to sit for the NCLEX-RN or National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses and become a licensed professional nurse. Your ASN can be earned in less than two years, depending on transfer credits. 

North Central Missouri College

North Central Missouri College
Online Associate of Science in Nursing

Practical nurses can advance their careers and salary potential by enrolling in NCMC’s ADN program. This typically runs for nine months. The curriculum includes:

  • nursing for adults,
  • pharmacology,
  • and leadership for nurses.

Online learners perform a simulation lab about three times during the semester. They must maintain a GPA of 2.0 to stay in good standing.

Student Support Services helps students balance work and education. It offers mentoring sessions, skillset workshops, and opportunities to explore outside scholarship opportunities.

Accessibility services are also provided to degree-seeking students with disabilities. Students without dual-credit or transfer credit are eligible for this plan. Take into account previous college credits to avoid repeating courses. 

An LPN license, a passing score on an entrance exam, and a 2.0 undergraduate GPA in previous college courses are all requirements for admission to an online ADN program.

In the admissions process, students must submit a negative drug test and a clear criminal background record. No matter where students live, their tuition rate remains the same. Federal and state financial aid is available to some students.

Allegany College of Maryland

Allegany College of Maryland
Online Associate Degree in Nursing

Allegany College of Maryland offers associate degrees at a low cost to students of all backgrounds. In addition to receiving excellent student ratings, the college is ranked among Brookings Institution’s Top-20 “Value-Added” Colleges. Allegany College of Maryland offers an associate degree in nursing to students who are already licensed as practical nurses.

On-campus classes are no longer required for LPNs because they have already completed hands-on training. This program is especially attractive for those living outside the immediate region, as it has been designated as an HMS program, which allows Maryland residents outside Allegany County to qualify for in-county tuition rates. Even so, out-of-state students must still pay out-of-state tuition.

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Western Iowa Tech Community College
Online Associate Degree in Nursing

Western Iowa Tech is a community college supported by the state and offers an array of educational and vocational programs, such as online/distance learning.

A diverse student body has long enjoyed access to higher education at the school, founded in 1966. WIT has offered online courses since 2002, so online learning isn’t a new concept here.

Their hybrid program offers a full-time or part-time Associate of Applied Science (AAS) nursing degree. This is a 1+1 program, meaning you will attend on-campus classes in Sioux City, Iowa while becoming an LPN in the first part of the program.

The second part of the degree is earned online, and you are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exams and become a licensed RN upon completion of the program. You can also transfer into the online program as a distance learner if you are already an LPN.

Programs in this area prepare students to provide health care to sick, disabled, and infirmed individuals and provide care to others. The training involves:

  • assisting a physician during treatment and examinations,
  • prescribing medication and treatments to patients,
  • referring patients to specialists,
  • and organizing patient health education.

Excelsior College

Excelsior College
Online Associate Degree In Nursing

With an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Excelsior College, you can take your career to the next level. With 8-week, fully online courses, you can work at your own pace toward your nursing degree. The Excelsior organization offers free preparation for the NCLEX-RN to associate degree graduates.

Excelsior teaches ADN program learners throughout the country with its fully online curriculum, even though it is located in Albany. It offers AS and AAS degrees in nursing. It provides a general education component in the AS programs. These programs emphasize different subjects like the anatomy and physiology of humans and microbiology.

The Excelsior Career Development (CD) website is an excellent tool for ADN students to learn about job opportunities, diverse companies, interview tips, and optimize their resumes.

A total of 17 states are represented by Excelsior. LPNs and LVNs are required. In addition to professional experience, students must also take the Test of Essential Academic Skills. Students can pay one uniform online tuition fee at Excelsior, and it offers a variety of institutional scholarships.

Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College
Online Associate of Science In Nursing

Ivy Tech’s nursing and practical nursing programs equip students with valuable skills and experiences by supporting them in several clinical settings, including lab simulations.

In nursing schools, simulations allow students to take on unattainable roles in clinical settings, allowing them to make critical decisions and observe the results of those decisions.

The Associate of Science in Nursing program at Ivy Tech Community College offers a variety of online learning options for achieving a nursing associate degree:

  • LPN to ASN,
  • Traditional Track,
  • Military Medic to ASN,
  • Medical Assistant to ASN,
  • and Paramedic to ASN.

To earn a degree, students must take general education classes and nursing courses. All general education courses can be taken entirely online.

Nursing courses, however, are offered on one of the many campuses affiliated with ITCC throughout Indiana. Clinical hours are also completed at healthcare facilities in the student’s community.

Students at Ivy Tech receive individualized tutoring and mentoring from nursing faculty members. Nursing graduates in Indiana are highly sought after, as their statewide aggregate pass rates are consistently high.

Northwestern Michigan College

Northwestern Michigan College
Online Associate in Nursing

The traditional nursing program at NMC is available online each fall semester. Full-time ADN students are eligible to enroll in this program. You can take all nursing theory classes online.

However, for labs and clinical, you must be present in person. There will be 2–3 days of attendance per week for the labs and clinicals in Traverse City.

As long as you follow the full-time model schedule, the college will provide online courses as long as you are enrolled in the online option. In the event you decide to leave the full-time program, or if you get your studies out of order, you need to switch to the traditional plan. 

At Northwestern Michigan College, you must attend labs and clinicals in person, but all other classes can be taken online, and you do not need to have your LPN license before beginning.

In case you decide to continue earning your bachelor’s degree in nursing, this program articulates with several four-year universities. It is a full-time program accredited by ACEN.

Barton County Community College

Barton County Community College
Online Associate Degree in Nursing

The Barton Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree to students living in Central Kansas interested in becoming licensed RNs. Two different programs make up BCC’s AASN program.

The Practical Nursing program takes one year to complete, after which students can partake in the NCLEX-PN examination to become licensed practical nurses.

As second-year learners, students become eligible for the NCLEX-RN exam and become fully licensed Registered Nurses if they pass the test. In addition to general education courses taken online, students can take nursing classes and labs at Barton County Community College Great Bend campus. 

Care Hope College

Care Hope College
Online Associate of Science in Nursing

Care Hope College’s Nursing (ASN) program prepares graduates to become licensed Registered Nurses. There is an in-class and an online option. This program prepares students to work as Registered Nurses in various medical settings.

As part of the program, theory and clinical components are integrated to address the roles of professionals in nursing:

  • caregivers,
  • educators,
  • communicators,
  • and managers.

Columbia College

Columbia College - Logo
Associate of Science in Nursing

Columbia College offers an AS in Nursing program that prepares students to take Nurse Generalist roles and is open to those without prior nursing education and those with a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) license. The program’s curriculum aims to develop a strong background in the sciences, such as:

  • microbiology and chemistry
  • and knowledge of mental health and infant health.

The Associate of Science in Nursing program contains 77 credit hours and is offered as either a traditional residential program or a hybrid program that features online coursework. Students must complete all general education, science, and mathematics courses before taking nursing-specific courses. 

Students must possess current CPR certification by the American Heart Association and pass urine drug tests and criminal background checks. If students do not hit any grounds for disqualification, they will be eligible to take the Registered Nursing Licensure Examination upon graduating.

On top of the comprehensive curriculum coursework and the required clinical experience, students can use Columbia College’s state-of-the-art simulation laboratories.

Likewise, class sizes are kept small to ensure maximized student-to-teacher interaction and focus. Columbia College’s ASN degree program is approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing and is accredited by ACEN.

Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College
Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (AAS)

Columbus State Community College offers its AAS in Nursing program in a traditional format, as an Advanced Standing Program for LPN License holders, and as a Blended/Partially Online format. This degree program is aimed at preparing graduates to provide direct care to clients with common health problems in various settings. 

The AAS degree program spans five semesters, where students will be exposed to various practice settings. Aside from core nursing courses, the curriculum includes courses on the humanities and the sciences, and the curriculum design emphasizes psychomotor skills.

The Partially Online format blends online coursework with hands-on experience, and students who choose this format are expected to be able to commit to attending clinical and laboratory sessions for 1-2 days per week.

The in-person components will be taught at either Columbus State’s skills lab or in a clinical setting within the Central Ohio area.

Students will, upon graduation, be eligible for the NCLEX-RN licensure examination. As a reminder, though, space in the traditional in-person format is limited should students decide that online learning doesn’t suit them and wish to switch to the in-person program. The Columbus State’s AAS in Nursing program is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing and is accredited by ACEN.

Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC)

Community College of Baltimore County
Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN)

CCBC offers an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree program to prepare students to enter the profession of Registered Nurses (RNs). Graduates become eligible for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam.

The program features a curriculum that prepares students to become Nurse Generalists, work in various clinical settings, and work effectively as members of the typical interprofessional healthcare team. 

The CCBC ASN degree program is offered as a day program, an evening/weekend program, and a blended program that combines online didactic coursework with face-to-face campus labs and seminars.

All programs likewise contain a clinical component. CCBC offers its ASN as a selective admission program, and competitive admission for the blended program occurs twice each year during spring and fall.

The program contains a total of 70 required credit hours. Students must maintain a C grade for the General Education and Nursing courses. It is also recommended that they complete all non-nursing coursework before starting any of the clinical nursing courses.

Likewise, General Education English and Math requirements must be completed within the first 24 credits of enrollment. Lastly, aside from being accredited by the Maryland State Board of Nursing, the CCBC ASN degree program is accredited by ACEN.

Rasmussen University

Rasmussen University
Associate’s Degree in Professional Nursing

Rasmussen University offers a highly flexible Associate’s Degree in Professional Nursing (ADN) program that has eight start dates annually, and can be completed in a minimum of 18 months of full-time study, or 12 months, for LPN holders who take the LPN to RN bridge program option.

This ADN program is also taught on 19 campuses throughout five states and delivered in a hybrid format, mixing online and on-campus courses with on-site clinicals.

The ADN degree program contains around 25 courses, equivalent to 102 credit hours. Students get introduced to various classes and topics, such as nursing care for older adults, mental and behavioral health nursing, nursing leadership, and multidimensional care.

Students can expect to gain skills in patient care, hone their professional confidence and decision-making skills, and be informed by industry insights from faculty with real-world experience.

Rasmussen also offers students a range of opportunities to cut down on tuition costs, including using transfer credits and self-directed assessments, as well as loans, grants, and scholarship opportunities.

Military discounts may also apply to qualified students. Rasmussen University’s ADN program is accredited by ACEN and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Blackhawk Technical College

Blackhawk Technical College
Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

Blackhawk Technical College, which forms part of the Wisconsin Technical College System’s constellation of 16 schools, offers the Associate Degree in Nursing degree program. Blackhawk is one of a number of these schools that offer the option to take the ADN program in hybrid or flexible formats.

Blackhawk’s ADN program is designed to prepare students to take a more Generalist role, providing nursing care to a wide age range of patients. The curriculum contains a total of 65 credit hours.

As part of its expanded range of flexible options, Blackhawk offers what it calls MyEdChoice for some of its courses, where students get to choose how to attend, either in person, through live video-conferencing, or online at any time. Other courses are also delivered in online, hybrid, and in-person formats. 

After completing the first two semesters, students in the Blackhawk ADN program can take the examination required to earn a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) license. After completing all four semesters of required nursing courses, they will become eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination.

Blackhawk’s ADN program is regarded by the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing as among the best in the state and is accredited by ACEN.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job outlook for nurses?

ADNs are still in demand despite some hospitals preferring nurses with BSNs over their ADNs. The data presented by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the nursing profession will have a 6% increase in its demand for employment from 2021 to 2031. The demand for this profession also includes those that have acquired an associate degree in nursing. 

ADN nurses may still be able to land a job in a hospital setting after graduating from college if they plan on working there right out of college. One of the opportunities to explore is the nursing professions offered in rural hospitals if you can’t find job vacancies in urban areas.

Should you pursue an ADN, it might be worth asking your employer if they will assist you in earning a BSN when the time comes. In some hospitals, ADN nurses may be able to apply for tuition reimbursement if they wish to return to nursing school and earn a BSN.

Why consider an Online Associate Degree in Nursing?

It’s not too late to enter the nursing field with an ADN. Here are what awaits you if you decide to proceed with an associate degree in nursing education:

  • Become a Registered Nurse.

The NCLEX RN exam does not care if you earn an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing during your first few years in the field. RNs with a BSN may have greater long-term career benefits, but if you’re unsure if you want to specialize in an area of care, an ADN could be just right for you.

RNs with an Associate’s degree can earn a Bachelor’s degree through bridge programs like RN to BSN. These programs consider their previous education and experience. 

  • Earn more.

Registered nurses made $77,600 in median annual wages in May 2021. This figure also includes BSNs and ADNs but ultimately, the salary is determined by a professional’s work setting more than anything else. RNs earn more when they are employed by the government or the country’s leading hospitals.

  • Get a sense of purpose.

As a field of academic discipline and a profession, RNs know all about using a set of skills to save lives! An online Associate in Registered Nursing degree program leads to jobs that are not of a glamorous nature but directly affect patients’ lives.

  • Gain the employment advantage because RNs will continue to be high in demand.

According to a study by USAHS, there will be a shortage of 1.2 million nurses by 2030. Now more than ever, nurses are needed to care for an aging population living longer and living into their retirement years. RNs seeking employment in long-term care facilities or those providing in-home patient care can expect to have a substantial career outlook.

How much do students pay for an Online Associate in Nursing programs?

The online associates in nursing programs have varying tuition costs. In-state, public universities have the lowest tuition. Private schools incur the highest tuition.

Students can apply for scholarships and grants to cover their degree costs. An ADN can be completed in two years by full-time students.

However, students who take accelerated programs can graduate earlier. These programs usually offer eight-week intensive courses. Discounts may be available for online learners. In some states, online learners can obtain in-state tuition rates no matter where they live.

Parking and housing are not charged to online learners. However, other components might need budgeting, such as internet expenses and computer or gadget expenses. Some online programs require campus visits, so consider the transportation costs if needed.

Finally, you also need to prepare for the application fee for taking the NCLEX-RN exam as well as the professional licensure cost. 

Is an associate degree in Registered Nursing online worth pursuing?

In addition to helping you jumpstart your career as a registered nurse, an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) prepares you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) later on in your career.

You can become an RN with an ADN, which takes only two years to complete compared to a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which typically finishes after four years.

What can students expect from an online Associate Degree in Nursing curriculum?

Although some topics are covered in almost all ADN programs, the content areas might differ from each other. Prospective students will take prerequisite courses and nursing courses.

Some of the foundational courses to expect are Behavioral Health, Microbiology, Communications, English, and Chemistry. 

Clinical hours are typically required for most ADN programs. To apply for licensure/registration as a nurse, you may need to complete clinical hours. Clinical hours will enable you to apply what you have learned in the classroom to real scenarios encountered in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other medical settings.

What specific careers are a match to an online associate degree in Nursing?

ADNs are advantageous because they can open up several career paths and employment opportunities. In addition to pursuing your RN license, you can pursue the following nursing careers with your associate’s degree, such as:

  • public health nurse,
  • private nursing care,
  • personal care nurse,
  • registered hospital nurse,
  • rehab nurse,
  • and physician’s office nurse.

ADNs allow you to choose from various registered nurse career paths based on your interests. Credentials may also be required to become a nurse and pursue additional specialties.

What’s the average salary for an online associate nursing degree graduate?

RN salaries can vary greatly depending on your work setting, tenure, experience, and nursing position. However, the average median salary for nurses is around $93,815 per year.

Registered nurses are expected to see increased employment as the healthcare system evolves, so it is essential for those planning to enter the field to keep this in mind.

online associate in registered nursing students

Key Takeaways

Getting your clinical training in the classroom or lab is essential since becoming a licensed RN requires hands-on training. Hence, while some online programs don’t require your physical attendance, hybrid programs would typically do.

The key is to match your needs and the curriculum of the associate degree program in nursing. You can lighten your classroom time by taking advantage of online options that offer flexibility.

Ensure that your state board approves the school of nursing before enrolling anywhere. For those who cannot find an online associate degree nursing program in your state, another alternative is to become an LPN and then transfer into an online LPN to BSN program.

If you have options like these, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to become a registered nurse in no time.

The 10 Best Online Associate in Commerce in 2023

Today’s younger generations are welcoming the idea of business ownership over employment, with 60% of teens expressing that they want to launch their own businesses.

Although being an entrepreneur doesn’t require formal or strict education, it would still help to learn the nuts and bolts of business operations in a general sense. And this is where an online Associate in Commerce can come in handy.

The Lowdown:
Startups, small businesses, and large companies, use commerce knowledge to grow their businesses. The field of commerce is very broad and can cover different areas such as eCommerce, business technology, finance, economics, human resources, accounting, consulting, and the like. If you want to have an education that will allow you to pave diverse career paths, an associate degree in commerce online should be best for you.


Commerce students opting for online programs have the advantage of studying at their own pace. Upon graduation, they can apply their learning to entrepreneurial and online business ventures, or grab career opportunities to become working professionals.

Similarly, this program, which is now offered in many schools, is also a springboard for a bachelor’s degree, a road commonly taken by graduates of associate degree programs.

Our featured schools offering online Associate in Commerce all show these characteristics suggestive of excellent instruction standards and learning outcomes:

  • Fully or partially online degree programs that provide unparalleled flexibility for students attending a Commerce program at the Associate level,
  • Rigorous coursework featuring the general education courses, as well as core courses featuring the theories, principles, applications, and operational standards within the realm of Commerce to prepare students for the real-world, professional settings. The programs on our list also include eCommerce and similar other courses, which marry the traditional business processes and modern technologies for operational success in the e-Business or e-Commerce industry,
  • Transfer pathway programs for a smooth transition to a four-year Commerce bachelor’s degree,
  • Certified experts in the field of commerce as higher education instructors,
  • Financial aid programs for qualified associate-level Commerce students,
  • Accredited by academic agencies that set the quality online education standards for Commerce associate programs and schools,
  • Well-regarded in the commerce community,
  • Stellar feedback from students and alumni.

Also, a popular option for Commerce students is the Southern New Hampshire University. However, this school does not make it to our list. Instead, it is in a separate listing featuring top-rated Associate in Business Administration and Management programs.

Visit our Methodology page for more information.

The Best 10 Schools for Commerce Associate Degree Online Programs

Thiel College

Thiel College
Online Associate’s Degree in E-Commerce

The Associate of Science in e-commerce program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career that is oriented toward the business aspects of internet and web technologies for a variety of business areas including:

  • customer service,
  • marketing,
  • business models,
  • retail,
  • market mechanisms,
  • wholesale,
  • and advertising.

You will also gain basic skills in creating websites and learn concepts of accounting and economics.

Griffith College

Griffith College
Online Associate Degree in Commerce and Business

Students who complete the two-year online Associate in Commerce and Business program at Griffith University become eligible to pursue the:

  • Bachelor of Business,
  • Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management,
  • or Bachelor of Commerce programs.

It can be used as preparatory education in the meantime, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time to commit to a full-time bachelor’s degree education.

San Jose Evergreen Community College District

San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Online Associate in Science: Entrepreneurship

There three major areas of study in the Business Department at San Jose Evergreen Community College District are:

  • Management,
  • Marketing,
  • and Entrepreneurship.

A total of sixty units must be earned, 24 of these units are from general education areas and 36 of them are from the business major concentration.

The Entrepreneurship program equips students on how a business can start from scratch starting from conceptualization through implementation and operation.

Bay College

Bay College
Online Associate of Applied Science in Business

Bay College offers fully online:

  • Associate degrees in business administration,
  • Associate degrees in arts,
  • and Associate degrees in science.

They also offer an array of open courses using Open Educational Resources (OER), which will give you access to your course materials and high-quality online courses from certified online instructors.

For proctored exams, you might be required to log on to Respondus Monitor (web-recorded) or to go to a proctored testing location on the Escanaba or West campuses.

The student pays for all costs associated with proctoring. A major focus of the program is general business theory and practice, using current business technology effectively, and communicating in a business environment.

Southwestern College

Southwestern College
Online Associate in Science in Virtual Business Office Professional

During the Virtual Office Professional program, students learn computer and technology skills necessary for creating, maintaining, and conducting a virtual or eCommerce business.

The program focuses on developing key office support and technical skills that are required in the virtual environment, including the creation, marketing, and management of the virtual office.

Some of the job opportunities are:

  • computer support specialist,
  • customer service representative,
  • virtual admin secretary,
  • online executive secretary,
  • virtual office assistant,
  • online website support technician,
  • and online marketing manager.

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University
Online Associate Degree in Business

An online associate degree in Business from Columbia Southern University prepares graduates for entry-level management positions and enhances the knowledge and skills of current employees.

This course will teach students practical and foundational managerial concepts that will prepare them to pursue advanced business courses. The total number of credits for the program is 60 and 45 credits of which can be transferred.

University of Arkansas System E-versity

University of Arkansas System Eversity
Online Associate of Science in Business

A growing economy means a resurgence of employment opportunities for today’s business graduates thanks to the law of supply and demand.

The skills required to succeed in today’s business environment can be gained at the University of Arkansas System E-versity, whether you own your own small business or work for a national or international company.

The online AS in Business program comes with seven start dates. Students can transfer college courses from accredited colleges or universities recognized by the Department of Education. You may also be eligible to transfer college credit earned at an international university.

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Northwest Arkansas Community College
Online Associate in Applied Science in General Business

Learn about business fundamentals and how they impact decisions by earning an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in General Business offered at Northwest Arkansas Community College. Students can earn this degree 100% online.

By the end of the general business program, you will be able to confidently construct a business plan, identify and analyze novel business opportunities, and pitch new ideas to customers and investors.

Some general business courses do not transfer to four-year institutions. Seek advice from your academic advisor and plan out your educational pathway.

One alternative is to land a job right away after finishing this 2-year online associate program or proceed to a bachelor’s degree in related business fields. Some of the jobs you can acquire are:

  • financial analyst,
  • loan officer,
  • manager,
  • human resource manager,
  • marketing manager,
  • accountant,
  • and database administrator.

Welch College

Welch College
Online Associate of Science in Business

Students completing this two-year program will develop and brush up on the skills necessary to succeed in many business-related fields. Increasing demand for bookkeepers and business managers by different denominational offices, churches, and Christian schools necessitates a Bible-centered business curriculum.

Graduates can demonstrate Christian values, values in their careers, and responsible stewardship. They can also apply the office and business skills they’ve learned through the diverse courses included in this associate degree program. There are 63 credit hours needed to complete the degree and you should maintain a GPA of 2.0.

McKinley College

McKinley College
Online Associate Degree in eCommerce

Use this online associate degree in eCommerce offered at McKinley College to advance your career. While studying this online program, you can become an expert in e-Commerce who can help businesses design, implement, manage and retain a strong online presence for their online businesses. In as little as 16 months, students finish and graduate from this online program.

It’s common for schools to force you to work on their schedule without considering your schedule needs. You can enroll in classes at your convenience with the online e-Commerce Associate Degree program offered at McKinley College. Professors at McKinley College hold advanced degrees in e-Commerce.

Studying E-Commerce

Web development, e-commerce management, and Web advertising are some of the career paths in e-commerce. In an associate’s degree program, e-commerce coursework is often combined with other areas of study, such as computer science, business science, business law, and Web technology. Bachelor’s degree programs in business or technology usually include e-commerce as a major.

However, aside from the skill set, you’ll gain to open up your eCommerce site, you’ll have a fallback to work in other fields related to computers and websites. For instance, you can become a computer support specialist.

It is predicted that computer support specialists’ employment will grow 6% from 2021 to 2031. Web developers will also have good job prospects due to the growth of e-commerce businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to study Commerce?

The study of commerce is essential for learning about all the aspects of business and trade. Business courses provide the necessary knowledge for a wide range of specialized and professional studies.

While some skills in commerce can be earned while working in the real corporate world, some theories and concepts are shared by experienced and tenured business experts who are instructors in their fields. Students of commerce can choose from a number of courses that help them gain the knowledge and skills needed for employment.

What can students and graduates do with an Online Associate in Commerce?

Commerce-centered Business Administration associate’s degrees can lead to jobs with a better pay rate than average. Some of the jobs related to an associate degree in commerce can offer different ranges of salaries.

For individuals interested in a management position, there is good news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). From 2021 to 2031, management occupations are projected to grow 8%, with a median salary of $102,450.  Over the next decade, more than half a million new jobs will be created in business administration and management.

What is the timeline for completing an Online Associate in Commerce?

A person’s choice to attend school full-time or part-time greatly affects the amount of time it takes to earn an associate degree. Another factor associated with the duration also depends on the program designed by the university or college.

Part-time students typically earn their associate degrees faster than full-time students. On average, they take around two years to earn their degrees. If your school offers accelerated courses, you can obtain an associate degree in 12 to 18 months.

What are the costs involved in earning an online Associate in Commerce degree?

The price tag for online associate degrees in Commerce varies depending on several factors. A student’s state of residency is important because out-of-state tuition is typically higher at colleges and universities. Fortunately for online students, some schools charge flat tuition regardless of residency state.

Fees associated with technology are another issue; online students are often subject to these fees, like internet, laptops, and other tech-related fees.

Online associate degrees in business management typically cost between $90 and $435 per credit. Overall tuition ranges from $6,000 to $26,000. However, you can apply for financial aid if your school offers it.

Can I acquire internship opportunities when enrolled in an Online Associate in Commerce?

Some associate degree in commerce programs come with internship opportunities. While receiving hands-on training from experienced professionals, interns gain real-world experience in working environments and are able to apply knowledge and skills they have gained during their coursework.

Associate degree internship requirements are comparatively rare. The key is to inquire early if this is an important deciding factor when choosing the best college for an associate degree in commerce.

Key Takeaways

The ability to understand the marketplace and the tools needed to effectively run a business in the modern age is essential for success in the modern business world.

If you are an employee for someone’s business, or if you want to start your own company, an Associate’s Degree in Commerce will help you succeed!

10 Best Online Fire Science Associate’s Degrees in 2023

The best online Fire Science associate’s degree programs train students in a wide range of topics related to fire science. Considered a subdiscipline of physical science, fire science covers fire behavior, combustion, and dynamics with diverse applications in fire protection and prevention, fire investigation, and fire safety.

Students also study hazardous materials, building construction codes, and wildfire management. By using the principles of engineering in particular and science in general, fire science professionals study the causes and effects of fire in diverse settings, too.

The Lowdown

The best online fire science associate’s degree programs train the next generation of fire services and emergency services professionals, such as firefighters, fire safety inspectors, and fire investigators. These fire science professionals work in diverse settings, too, from the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors to wildfire management in state parks. Indeed, the rich employment opportunities attract the best and brightest to pursue an associate in fire science degree as their entry-level credential! 

But it’s also important to know that the associate degree in fire science is one of many stepping stones in career advancement! Be sure to look into the certification and other credentialing requirements. Be aware, too, of the risks that come with being a fire science professional, from physical injuries to mental health issues (e.g., PTSD). 


When choosing from these fire science degree programs, you must determine whether their program of study, student outcomes, and costs are in your favor. The best online associate in fire science degree meets your current needs and contributes to the achievement of your career goals!

Every online Fire Science associate degree program featured here was selected based on the following criteria:

  • Offered by a regionally accredited institution, whether a two-year community college or a four-year university,
  • Recognized by the FESHE-Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education through the U. S. Fire Administration National Fire Academy (NFA),
  • Delivered in an online or blended learning format that allows students to learn anytime, anywhere with a personal computer and an Internet connection,
  • Features fire science-related courses that prepare students for the risks and rewards of careers in the fire services and/or emergency services sectors,
  • Has faculty members with appropriate educational credentials and professional experiences,
  • Offers financial aid options, favorable transfer credit policies, and satisfactory student support services

Please visit our Methodology page and take a look at our detailed ranking process.

10 Best Online Associate’s in Fire Science Schools

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global

Online Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science Program

The AAS in Fire Science degree at Purdue Global is recognized as a FESHE-Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education institution by the US Fire Administration. Plus, it has programmatic accreditation from the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC), thus making it among the best in the nation. 

  • Students build their skill sets in fire science, including fire safety, prevention, and protection, as well as in firefighting and code inspection through a combination of didactic coursework and an internship option. 
  • Students are a mix of current fire services professionals and freshmen students without fire science experience. Multiple start dates allow maximum flexibility. 
  • The fire science degree program features a 60-semester credit curriculum that can be completed in two years of full-time study. Credits earned can be transferred into a bachelor’s degree program at Purdue Global and other institutions.  
  • Applicants must have a GED or high school diploma to be considered for admission into the AAS in Fire Science program. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

The online fire science degree program emphasizes the use of fire science technology in firefighting, arson investigations, and fire dynamics. Courses last for ten weeks and include topics in fire protection systems, emergency services strategies, and fire prevention tactics. Student performance is evaluated based on Purdue Global’s Course Level Assessment Assessment method – students demonstrate their knowledge and skills based on predetermined course outcomes. 

Did You Know?

This is among the most affordable associate’s degree programs in fire science! Students can earn credits for their prior work experience and military training and experience, as well as apply for federal financial aid, corporate partner benefits, and employee tuition reimbursements. Credit may also be granted through courses completed in the National Fire Academy, fire service associations, and fire academies. 

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

Online Associate of Applied Science in Fire and Emergency Services

Louisiana State University (LSU), a four-year public land-grant research university with accreditation from the SACSCOC-Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges, offers an AAS in Fire and Emergency Services program. The curriculum is in compliance with the Fire Emergency Services and Higher Education model approved by the National Fire Academy.

  • The AAS in Fire Science program welcomes both freshmen students and current fire service and emergency services professionals. Students gain professional knowledge and skills necessary for career advancement in diverse occupations in the public and private sectors. 
  • Students complete 60 credits to earn the associate degree with a two-year time-to-degree for full-time enrollment.
  • Courses are characterized by academic rigor and broad coverage of topics in emergency services, fire protection systems and equipment, and fire science technology, among others. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

Students can customize their fire science degree by choosing from two concentration areas – Fire Services Technology and Emergency Services Technology. The general education and major courses are the same, with the exception of the elective courses that customize the associate degree. 

The fire science program allows up to 24 transfer credits from prior learning and professional certifications, such as firefighter and paramedic training. Students in the fire science online program receive continuous support from application to graduation via the Student Success Coach program. 

Did You Know?

Admission into the associate degree program requires ACT scores aside from a high school diploma or its GED equivalent. Applicants must be ready for a selective admission process, too. 

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University

Online Associate of Science in Fire Science

Columbia Southern University, a private online university accredited by the SACSCOC, offers several associate’s degree programs. Among the best programs is its Associate of Science in Fire Science program, recognized by the US Fire Administration and its National Fire Academy as part of its Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education initiative. 

  • The 60-credit curriculum features courses in fire science technology, principles of fire and emergency services, and building construction for fire protection. 
  • Students can transfer up to 45 credits and, thus, shorten their time-to-degree and save on tuition. Transfer credits can be from an associate degree and from relevant professional credentials. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

The fire science online program adopts a multidisciplinary approach in its comprehensive curriculum that, in turn, enables students to gain a broad understanding of fire science. Students learn the technical skills necessary for the safe and proper use of fire service equipment, in the effective evaluation of fire scenarios, and in keeping up with the trends in fire services and related sectors. 

This is among the most affordable fire science degree programs, too. Financial aid is available, including scholarships, military and veteran benefits, and learning partner discounts. 

Students in the fire science degree program can choose between the following:

  • LifePace Learning, with its self-paced learning system and year-round enrolment 
  • Term enrolment with its set course dates, weekly assignments, and 11 start dates 
  • Veterans Flexible enrolment for students on VA benefits
Did You Know?

Students are advised early on about the competitive nature of employment in the fire services and emergency services sectors. Physical and mental health, criminal background screening, and education and work experience are among the factors considered. 

Bucks County Community College

Bucks County Community College

Online Associate of Arts in Fire Science

Bucks County Community College has articulation agreements with numerous four-year institutions that allow its graduates of its associate’s degree programs to transfer earned credits to bachelor’s degree programs. Graduates of its fire science program, for example, are eligible for related programs in fire science, such as the criminal justice program at Gwynedd-Mercy University.

The Fire Science program is also recognized by the FESHE initiative, and thus, graduates are eligible for entry-level positions in the fire service.

  • Students train for complex fire services and emergency services situations by developing technical skills in hazardous materials, fire protection systems, and fire science technology. Graduates are well-prepared for careers in code enforcement, firefighting, and public service. 
  • Students complete 61-63 credits to earn the associate degree in two years of full-time matriculation. 
  • Courses include fire and emergency services, principles of fire and emergency services administration, and building construction and code enforcement for the fire service. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

Students in the fire science degree program undergo course-level assessments to determine their mastery of the course goals. Faculty members determine compliance with the course goals using study goal-specific criteria. 

Did You Know?

Graduates of the fire science online program can demonstrate professional proficiency in firefighting as well as in firefighter safety and wellness. 

Volunteer State Community College

Volunteer State Community College

Online Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science

Volunteer State Community College, a public comprehensive community college accredited by the SACSCOC, offers numerous associate’s degree programs in diverse areas. Among its best programs is the Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science program, designed along with Vol State’s commitment to promoting community awareness, diversity, and economic development. 

  • Students in the AAS in Fire Science program are a mix of freshmen students and current fire services professionals who want the flexibility of a 100% online program. 
  • Students earn an associate degree in fire science by completing 60-61 credits in two years of full-time enrolment. 
  • Courses include fire protection systems, fire science technology, and principles of fire and emergency services. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

The fire science degree online program is part of a ladderized program for students who have earned the Technical Certificate in Fire Science Technology.  Students then earn both an associate degree and a technical certificate, a combination that will boost their career advancement opportunities in the fire service profession. 

Did You Know?

Graduates of the online fire science program possess the knowledge and skills vital to promoting the fire services and emergency services profession in whatever career path they choose. Their skill sets include building construction, hazardous materials, and fire protection systems and components in relation to fire prevention and safety. 

Keiser University

Keiser University

Online Associate of Science in Fire Science Program

Keiser University, a well-respected private nonprofit university accredited by the SACSCOC, has numerous undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Known for its commitment to social mobility among students, graduates of its associate degree programs report excellent job opportunities.

This is true for its associate in fire science degree online program that prepares freshman students for entry-level positions and qualifying firefighters for supervisory positions in fire service organizations. 

  • Students complete 60 credits hours of general education, major and elective courses to earn the associate degree. Full-time and part-time matriculation are allowed, thus, allowing students to balance their personal and professional obligations. 
  • The comprehensive curriculum features courses in private fire protection systems, fire prevention practices, and firefighting tactics and strategy. 
  • The program of study emphasizes practical skills development based on a sound foundation of theory in fire science. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

Graduates awarded the associate degree in fire science are eligible for excellent positions in fire and emergency services, thanks to their solid knowledge and skills in fire suppression and extinguishment, fire safety and prevention, and crisis management. These professionals are also committed to community service in line with the protection of life and property. 

Did You Know?

The online fire science program adopts Keiser’s career-focused curriculum approach that has been evaluated by employers across the state. This means students gain the knowledge and skills that prospective employers seek in their candidates, and it’s the hands-on career education for which Keiser has established an enviable reputation for. 

Casper College

Casper College

Online Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science

Casper College, a comprehensive community college in Wyoming, is known for its exceptional quality of academic instruction, student support services, and graduate outcomes. No wonder then that its Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science program is among the best online fire science programs since it has these features, too. 

  • Students in the AAS in Fire Science program can transfer their earned credits to a bachelor’s degree program in fire science management or other related fields. Graduates may also use their associate degrees for employment after graduation. 
  • Students have the opportunity to learn from their peers from local fire departments and from experienced instructors during the didactic coursework. 
  • The online fire science program uses MyCCMoodle as its learning management system (LMS), where students access their learning materials and pass their assignments, among others.  
What Makes This Program Unique:

Students in the online degree in fire science program not only gain the fundamental knowledge and skills of fire science through didactic coursework. Their education also includes hands-on training via an experiential learning experience – or a day in the life of a fireman experience. Students work a 24-hour shift alongside experienced firefighters at the Casper Fire Department. 

Most of the classes have a forum-based format where the instructors pose questions about fire service issues, and students write their responses. The responses are based on the reference textbooks and the student’s experiences. Students tackle eight core classes in hazardous materials, fire investigation, and rescue practices, among others. 

Did You Know?

Students who want to earn the fire science associate’s degree on time should spend at least 2-4 hours per week on every class. Online students have the option of substituting community service with past training in emergency services, hazardous materials, wildland firefighting, or Firefighter I certification. 

SUNY Nassau Community College

SUNY Nassau Community College

Hybrid Associate of Science in Fire Science

Part of the prestigious State University of New York, the Nassau Community College offers an online fire science degree program that enables students to gain a deep appreciation for fire service and its importance in society. Students benefit from the balanced approach between a strong liberal arts education and fire science-specific skill sets. 

  • Graduates awarded the associate degree have completed 63-64 credits of coursework. 
  • Time-to-degree is two years with full-time enrolment, and the earned credits can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree program in fire science or fire science management. 
  • The rigorous academic coursework covers fire safety and tactics, hazardous materials, and fire protection and detection systems. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

Note that this is a partly online fire science – 50% of the coursework and other academic activities are delivered online. The program uses a semester-based curriculum with asynchronous classes that allow for flexible scheduling and self-paced study. The same on-campus faculty members teach the online courses. 

Earning the undergraduate degree in fire science, however, demands at least 9-12 hours of study time every week to keep up with the course load. Access to the learning materials is available 24/7 except when stated otherwise. 

Did You Know?

Online students in the fire science associate’s degree program can apply for financial aid, including scholarships and federal financial assistance. 

Waldorf University

Waldorf University

Online Associate of Arts in Fire Science

Waldorf University, a private university, offers an online fire science associate degree program that attracts aspiring and current professionals in fire services for its academic rigor and practical training. Students are allowed to choose from electives that contribute to their career advancement goals and personal interests. 

  • The online program features asynchronous courses that enable students to study based on their personal and professional commitments while still benefiting from the academic rigorousness of the coursework. 
  • Students must earn 60 credits to be awarded the associate degree and can finish the program in two years with full-time enrollment. 
  • Courses cover topics in fire and emergency services, fire dynamics, and fire investigation and analysis. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

Graduates who earn an associate degree in fire science can apply for the academic credential in immediate employment after graduation or pursue a bachelor’s degree in fire science administration. Waldorf University has such a bachelor’s degree program that, like its associate degree counterpart, is a FESHE-recognized program compliant with the US Fire Administration policies. 

Did You Know?

Waldorf University’s associate’s degree programs are characterized by their innovative curriculum, affordable tuition fees, and exceptional quality of instruction. 

American Public University

American Public University

Online Associate of Science in Fire Science

The American Public University, a private online university, offers among the best online fire science programs that train students in the fundamental knowledge and skills of fire science. Leadership skills, including crisis and emergency services management, are emphasized, too, in the  International Fire Service Accreditation Congress-accredited program. The curriculum is also based on the model established by the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education, as approved by the National Fire Academy. 

  • The fire science degree program has a 60-credit curriculum with courses that start on a monthly basis. 
  • The courses are conducted online and with varying lengths from 8 to 16 weeks. 
  • The coursework includes fire safety, fire prevention, and fire protection fundamentals, including hydraulics and water supply. 
What Makes This Program Unique:

Students in the online fire science program prepare for successful careers in fire services. Their training includes the identification and implementation of fire protection, prevention and mitigation measures. Students in the online program also learn the legal and ethical aspects of working in local fire departments.  

Did You Know?

Prospective students who want admission into the fire science associate’s degree program must possess a high school diploma or its GED equivalent. Military tuition discounts are available, and active duty military personnel, such as reservists and National Guard members, don’t have to pay the $65 technology fee per course.

A Closer Look at the Associate of Fire Science Program

Just like other associate degree programs, associate in fire science degree programs typically have a two-year time-to-completion and a four-semester structure. The curriculum consists of 60 credit hours or 90 quarter units, depending on the program of study used. While the coursework and its sequence differs between associate degree programs, the common distribution is one-third general education courses, one-third major courses, and one-third elective courses. At the associate degree level, concentration options are rare, if not absent. 

The common major courses in associate in fire science degree programs include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Fire prevention course, which deals with methods in fire prevention, including public awareness campaigns and fire safety techniques 
  • Fire suppression course that covers physical and chemical actions of fire (e.g., fire triangle and water effect) 
  • Fire education courses through effective education and outreach programs in schools, communities, and businesses 
  • Emergency services and emergency management classes where students learn about first-aid techniques and search-and-rescue procedures 
  • Fire behavior course that enables students to learn about the fundamentals of fuel, combustion, heat, flammability, and ignition, among others 
  • Fire safety codes that cover building construction rules and regulations in relation to fire prevention and protection 
  • Hazardous materials management course where students learn about hazardous materials, from their identifying features to their proper disposal 
  • Fire science technology course, which trains students in the proper identification and use of fire protection systems (i.e., technical skills) 
  • Fire investigation and analysis course that covers the rules and regulations for post-fire site inspections and investigations as well as laboratory and courtroom procedures in arson investigations 

Junior colleges, community colleges, and online institutions, as well as accredited fire academies, offer undergraduate fire science degree programs. But there are several four-year colleges and institutions that also offer fire science associate’s degree programs in an online or blended format. In both cases, graduates of associate in fire science degree programs can transfer their earned credits to bachelor’s degrees in fire science, fire and emergency services, or emergency services management programs.

Types of Associate in Fire Science Degrees

There are three types of associate in fire science degree programs, namely: 

  • Associate of Arts in Fire Science degree programs emphasize liberal arts education that enables students to develop their transferable skills alongside their technical skills in fire science. 
  • Associate of Science in Fire Science degree programs emphasize science courses that enable students to approach fire science and its technology with a scientific mindset. Transferable skills are developed, too, via general education courses, particularly in liberal arts. 
  • Associate of Applied Science degree programs trains students for immediate employment after graduation. While it’s considered a terminal degree, meaning earned credits may not be eligible for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs, the times are changing. Ask the program coordinator of whatever associate degree program you’re interested in about the transferability of credits before making your decision. 

Online students in fire science degree programs may also be required to complete or offered the option to undergo in-person experiences, such as an internship. Students in internship programs may work alongside experienced fire science professionals, such as firefighters, in local fire departments, emergency services departments, and state parks with wildfire management units.

Students in associate in fire science degree programs develop technical and transferable skills that employers look for in their employees. The technical skills include fire safety and prevention, the use of fire science technology, and emergency response skills, among others.  The transferable skills that fire science programs also emphasize include crisis management, communication and compassion, and decision-making skills, which are crucial in both fire services and emergency services professions.  

Of course, a fire science associate’s degree may not be necessary for entry-level positions in the fire services and emergency services sectors. A high school diploma and training at an accredited fire academy followed by a probationary period are sufficient to become a firefighter; many others also attend training sessions conducted by the National Fire Academy. 

But an associate in fire science degree is a competitive advantage and, thus, it’s a worthwhile credential to earn!  Many employers prefer candidates for entry-level positions with a two-year associate degree. Even experienced firefighters agree that an associate degree in fire science or fire science technology boosts their career advancement opportunities, such as in a supervisory position. 

Best Online Fire Science Associate’s Degree - fact

Career Prospects for Associate in Fire Science Online Degree Holders

Earning an associate’s degree in fire science is a worthwhile endeavor, and the numbers speak for themselves! 


The median annual wage for workers in fire protection services and emergency services varies. Actual annual compensation also varies in each occupation depending on the worker’s educational credentials, work experience, and professional credentials. Other factors that affect annual compensation include geographic location, type of industry, and employer policies. 

The median annual wages for fire protection and emergency services personnel as of May 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are as follows: 

Job Opportunities

Graduates of online fire science associate’s degree programs have plenty of career advancement opportunities in diverse workplaces, from local government units, particularly in fire departments, state and federal government agencies, and private organizations. Indeed, it’s considered a golden ticket for many entry-level positions for inexperienced graduates and for supervisory positions for current professionals in fire services. 

Many graduates can also work as emergency medical technicians and paramedics, usually with professional certification. In this case, the job opportunities extend beyond the fire services! Most EMTs and paramedics work in ambulatory healthcare services organizations, local government units, and general medical and surgical hospitals. Many also work in waste management and remediation companies in administrative support positions. 

But individuals interested in getting into the fire services and emergency services industry must also be well aware of the risks! Firefighters have among the highest incidence of injuries and illnesses due to the dangerous nature of their job, as well as dealing with unpredictable work schedules. Firefighters usually work 24-hour shifts that may be extended during fire situations, while wildfire specialists may have seasonal work only. 

Job Stability and Outlook

Fire Science associate’s degree holders can also look forward to favorable job growth over the next decade. According to the Labor Statistics bureau, employment of firefighters, forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists, and EMTs and paramedics range from 4% to 7% (2021-2031). 

The favorable job growth can be attributed to several factors, including the need for firefighters to respond to fire outbreaks, including residential, commercial, and industrial fires, as well as wildfires. Fire inspectors are also necessary for the evaluation of potential fire hazards in old and new buildings and other structures. In contrast, fire investigators are essential in arson cases and the like. Forest fire prevention specialists, including wildfire firefighters, are also in demand because of the increasingly destructive wildfires across the country. 

EMTs and paramedics are also in-demand professionals because medical emergencies, drug abuse incidents, natural disasters, and crime resulting in medical situations are ever-present issues in society.  


Of course, the risks associated with fire services and emergency services occupations are crucial factors in your decision to pursue a fire science associate’s degree. Not everybody is cut out for the extreme challenges involved. But think about the benefits of earning an associate’s degree, too! 

With your Fire Science associate’s online degree, your job opportunities are diverse, from fire science jobs to forensic science, law enforcement, emergency management, and homeland security. Such an opportunity to serve your community and nation – and to save lives – cannot be ignored either. 

If you’re a current firefighter or a fire services professional, a fire science associate’s degree is a leg up on your competition for supervisory positions. For the most part, jobs in fire services are secure and in demand, not to mention pay better than you think. With a bachelor’s degree, you can even become a fire chief. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the typical tuition rate for an Associate in Fire Science degree program?

The tuition fee per credit and total cost of attendance for online students in fire science associate’s degree programs differ, but it can be as low as $3,800 for a two-year program. But you can expect to pay less in community colleges and public institutions.  

What’s next after earning an Associate in Fire Science?

This program is the first step in your career advancement, whether you’re a freshman student or a current professional. You should consider pursuing a fire science bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s degree in a related field like fire services administration. 

Summary Points

  • Online Associate in Fire Science degree programs provide students with the opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge and skills in a wide range of topics in fire science. In doing so, students become competent professionals in fire services and emergency services management, either at the entry-level or supervisory levels. 
  • Keep your mind open to the risks and rewards that come with fire services and emergency services occupations.

Additional Resources:

The 15 Best Online Associate in Criminal Justice in 2023

Public safety takes high-level priority in every community. With property crimes reaching 6.45 million in 2020 and violent crimes soaring to 1.31 million, it makes sense that the demand for criminal justice system specialists is high!

With an online Associate in Criminal Justice degree, criminal justice professionals take the first important step toward contributing to society in this regard.

The Lowdown
An online Criminal Justice associate degree can mean a seamless transfer to a bachelor’s degree program, and also lead to rewarding careers in law enforcement, corrections, and other related areas, making it an attractive degree choice. Fortunately, more than enough colleges and universities in the US offer distance learning programs.

Prospective students of an online criminal justice associate degree have their own criteria for choosing the best program, but you can’t go wrong with picking the Online Associate in Criminal Justice degrees that are accredited, provide quality instruction, offer reasonable rates, and financial assistance.

Courses in an Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

If you are interested in an exciting and rewarding career, earn your criminal justice associate degree! While each school maintains its own unique curriculum, they are expected to cover similar courses and subjects. These are the elements of Criminal Justice that online Associate in Criminal Justice students and future professionals must be familiar with:


The criminal court system will be discussed in this class. Students will learn about the differences between the juvenile court system and the traditional criminal court system.


Criminal behavior will be taught to students as a foundational concept. This includes an overview of criminal theory and causation and the types of crimes society recognizes.

Private Security

Maintaining public order and safety isn’t always the job of law enforcement. The purpose of this class will be to examine in depth how to privatize security duties to protect businesses and communities, including conducting operational analysis.

Ethics in Criminal Justice

Crime and punishment theories do not always lead to fair or moral outcomes when they are applied to the real world. Students also get to explore ethical dilemmas that criminal justice professionals face, as well as different solutions.

Law Enforcement

America is known for its mixture of cultures, languages, and religions. As part of this course, online students will examine various aspects of providing law enforcement services to minority communities and groups.

Career Paths for Students with an Online Associate in Criminal Justice Degree

The associate degree in criminal justice focuses on the foundations of the criminal justice system. With the skill set developed in your education, graduates apply for and successfully snag police officer, probation officer, emergency management specialist, and corrections officer jobs.

That said, graduates also have a world of career options in various fields other than Criminal Justice. This educational degree leads to the well-paying and stable career tracks, including the ones presented below:


An online associate’s degree in Criminal Justice program may lead to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Sociology. If you want to learn the foundations in Criminal Justice to use for a sociology education later on, an associate degree should suffice! Sociologists study culture and society as a whole. Criminal justice programs facilitate studies of criminal behavior and society.

Legal Studies

Graduates of Associate in Criminal Justice programs are qualified to work as paralegals, file clerks, and court messengers. They usually qualify for promotions in legal firms as soon as they earn their bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies.


Criminal justice and psychology are closely related fields of study when participating in a criminal investigation. Psychology courses are often included in criminal justice programs, preparing students for further study. Psychiatric technicians and human resource specialists are also available as entry-level careers for psychology graduates. You can proceed to study bachelor’s degree in psychology after you’re done with an associate program in criminal justice.

Social Work

Supporting vulnerable and at-risk communities is the job of social workers, who assist them in navigating a variety of challenges. After obtaining an associate Criminal Justice degree online, you can also land a job-related to social work. Providing social services and ensuring the safety of families and children is the job of these professionals.

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

What To Expect When Pursuing Jobs As An Online Associate in Criminal Justice Graduate

Apart from qualifying for a bachelor’s degree program that strengthens your competence in criminal procedure and forensic science in the criminal justice fields, graduates of online Criminal Justice associate degree programs become eligible for law enforcement positions

Job Outlook

Graduating from criminal justice programs usually sees tremendous job growth. According to Boston University’s Knowledge Center, cybercrime, digital forensics, and cybersecurity are the most critical areas of development in law enforcement.

As of 2021, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 847,376 complaints, with potential losses exceeding $6.9 billion. In 2020, that number was 791,790 complaints, with over $4.2 billion in losses. Accordingly, the number of reported crimes is rising, leading to an increase in the need for investigators to identify the source of cybercrime.

Decent Wage

It is possible to earn very good wages in criminal justice jobs. For instance, correctional officers earn $41,834 annually, private investigators earn $48,808 per year, and forensic specialists earn $51,653 annually. These are just some high-paying careers that you can work when you finish an associate degree in criminal justice.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Criminal justice graduates enjoy a wide range of career options, as mentioned. They can work in the police industry, psychology, law, and several government agencies.

Work Benefits

Individuals starting a new job today place great importance on insurance and benefits packages. Fortunately, the criminal justice field generally offers good benefits packages.

Higher Purpose

No matter what work you acquire related to criminal justice, you’re almost always able to help others or help your community. This can be the most satisfying advantage of having a degree in criminal justice.


Perhaps a career in Criminal Justice is one of the most challenging jobs there is, as it requires professionals to have a keen understanding of how the system works while also demonstrating courage and quick-thinking skills to resolve complex situations.

An Associate in Criminal Justice degree introduces students and future professionals to the fundamental facets of the discipline, making it extremely important to choose the program that meets your individual needs while adhering to the prevailing educational standards.

The Online Associate in Criminal Justice programs on our list is best known for these standout features:

  • 100% or partial online associate degree instruction to make attending and meeting the course requirements convenient for students in a Criminal Justice program,
  • Rigorous associate-level coursework that covers all the basics of Criminal Justice as an important discipline, including its many facets and challenges,
  • Transfer path agreements that allow seamless transfers to the bachelor’s degree level,
  • Affordable tuition rates and/or generous financial assistance programs that accommodate students seeking ways to fund their online associate degree education,
  • A panel of online instructors composed of criminal justice experts and seasoned professionals,
  • Accredited by academic agencies that seek to forward Criminal Justice as a discipline,
  • Well-regarded in the Criminal Justice community, as demonstrated by the college’s active membership in associations,
  • Positive feedback from students and alumni.

To know more about how our ranking process works, visit our Methodology page.

The 15 Best Online Associate Programs in Criminal Justice

Ball State University

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice And Criminology 

Students become prepared for an entry-level or mid-level professional position with Ball State’s online associate degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology. Similarly, this program takes you two years closer to a bachelor’s degree program that bolsters your skill set.

Ball State University’s Criminal Justice program specializations include police systems, court systems, victimology, corrections, and special populations.

This online program requires 60 credits for completion. Expect to learn courses such as:

  • Criminal Law,
  • Race, Gender and Crime,
  • Introduction to Criminology,
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice,
  • and Decision Making and Ethics.

Liberty University

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

There are three highlights of studying the Criminal Justice online associate program at Liberty University:

  • law enforcement,
  • the correction system,
  • and the court system. 

Students are able to gain an understanding of the complex criminal justice systems. All undergraduate courses are provided with free electronic textbooks as part of their commitment to providing affordable education. They can opt to either pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field or build their career right after graduation.

Liberty University students can expect the Christian perspective to be woven into their study. Their online programs, including the Criminal Justice associate track, are ideal for students who need flexibility in their schedules, such as law enforcement officers and military personnel as there are no set log-in times or on-campus class requirements.

Trine University

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

The Associate in Criminal Justice online program offered by Trine University is taught by instructors with real-life field expertise and experience. As such, students gain a solid academic background for further study at the bachelor’s level or a thriving entry-level career in Criminal Justice.

The online, asynchronous classes are offered every eight weeks through TrineOnline. 

Ashland University

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

Students get access to an interactive, fully online learning environment with Ashland University’s online Criminal Justice degree program. The curriculum is comprised of seven-week courses focusing on:

  • current criminal justice issues,
  • policies and practices,
  • policy and planning,
  • juvenile delinquency,
  • and crime analysis.

Sixty credit hours are required in the program, from which students can earn college credits for law enforcement and corrections training.

The online Criminal Justice system degree at Ashland is also offered at the bachelor’s level.

Regent University

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Regent University in Virginia Beach students become acquainted with criminal law, criminal investigation, and the theories of criminal justice through the Online Associate of Science in Criminal Justice program. They earn 64 credits toward the bachelor’s level or enter the workforce as police officers, forensic specialists, or legal assistants upon graduation.

Typically, applicants to this program are asked to submit their personal statement, ACT or SAT scores, and official high school transcripts or GED. Compared to on-campus students, distance learners pay less per credit. Full-time students usually complete their associate degree in Criminal Justice in two years.

Regent University also offers an on-campus Associate in Criminal Justice program.


Northeast Community College

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice

Northeast Community College offers the Online Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice program that focuses on imparting fundamental knowledge of the field through an interdisciplinary approach.

This program equips students with the tools to make rational decisions and provide informed responses to the challenges facing law enforcement, corrections, court administration, and the human services field.

General education courses, core courses, and electives comprise the online AAS Degree in Criminal Justice at Northeast. Students can also receive credit for completing the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, as well as Jail Management Certification.

Criminal Justice Law Enforcement or Corrections Associate of Arts degrees are appropriate options for students seeking to continue to a four-year college. Most AAS courses can be transferred to four-year institutions.

Dawson Community College

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

The online Associate in Criminal Justice curriculum at Dawson Community College prepares students for bachelor’s level education, and ultimately, careers in:

  • law enforcement,
  • probation,
  • corrections,
  • and related fields of sociology, law, and human services.

They will gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills and an in-depth understanding of how diversity, social responsibility, and public affairs play key roles in the criminal justice system.

Students seeking to transfer can opt for MSU-Billings’ and Norwich University’s Criminal Justice 2+2 Articulation Agreements. AAS in Criminal Justice graduates qualifies for criminal justice agencies that do not require academy training. 

Hillsborough Community College

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate of Science (AS) in Criminal Justice Technology

The Online Criminal Justice Associate of Science (AS to BS) program at Hillsborough Community College exposes students to the history, philosophy, management, organization, and operation of the criminal justice system. Graduates can use this 2-year degree to proceed to earn a Law degree.

This AS degree also qualifies them for entry-level positions at local, state, and federal government agencies. They often land positions in:

  • crime laboratories,
  • juvenile courts,
  • sheriff’s offices,
  • police departments,
  • and crime scene units.

They will be expected to have a solid foundational knowledge of private security, juvenile justice, law enforcement, probation, detention centers, and corrections.

Some Florida universities and colleges offer similar upper-division programs with the AS degree. Prospective transfer students must secure approval from the transfer institution in advance. 

Trinity Valley Community College

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Criminal Justice

Trinity Valley Community College’s Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice is offered entirely online. This program exposes students to:

  • the juvenile justice system,
  • court systems and practices,
  • and the fundamentals of criminal law. 

One requirement to enroll in this associate program is to take the Texas Success Initiative exam and earn a good score. Also, after passing the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement exam and completing an approved law enforcement training program, students receive 13 credits. 

Century College

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Online Associate in Science Degree in Criminal Justice

By pursuing an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice online at Century College, students understand how the criminal justice system works and become prepared for the rigors of the criminal justice profession. In particular, students study:

  • criminal law and procedure,
  • police work,
  • investigations,
  • corrections,
  • and juvenile justice.

These studies will also have an emphasis on the current legal, ethical, and social issues affecting the system. Students can also become interested in criminal law, homeland security, corrections, and counterterrorism to serve their community.

Each graduate gets the chance to explore their expertise in investigating crimes, collecting evidence, and questioning suspects using forensic investigative techniques.

The AS in Criminal Justice degree requires 80 hours of service-learning related to criminal justice. A grade C for all the courses should be maintained by each student. This associate-level program provides a solid foundation for transferring to a four-year academic institution.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Criminal Justice Associate Degree

The Associate of Criminal Justice degree offered by Southern New Hampshire University is ideal for students seeking a better understanding of law enforcement. 

This fully online program allows students to choose among various courses that cover relevant subject areas, including:

  • criminal law,
  • social science,
  • and the American justice system, among others.

It is specially designed for experienced criminal justice professionals aiming to enhance their skill set and students seeking entry-level professional positions in the criminal justice field. 

To earn the program, one must complete 60 credit hours, with an allowable transfer credit of 45. Experienced instructors teach the degree. Students can use this associate’s degree to pursue bachelor’s and master’s in criminal justice degrees. 

Franklin University

Franklin University

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Franklin University’s Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree program is available online with 6 to 12-week courses. Earning this degree program will allow students to learn the inner workings of the justice system, equipping them with essential skills for a rewarding career in the criminal justice field.

Students are guaranteed quality coursework as they will learn from in-the-field criminal justice administrators with valuable real-world experience. 

The curriculum accounts for 60 semester hours. Some core courses required are:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice Administration,
  • Courts and Criminal Procedure,
  • Policing in America,
  • and Evidence-based Practice and Research.

Students can successfully earn the degree upon completing major area and elective courses along with other required courses in the program and meeting the grade point average requirements. 

The degree offers a fast path, which allows one to earn the degree in less than two years. Franklin University also makes it easy for students to seamlessly transition to the university’s bachelor’s degree program in Criminal Justice Administration. 

Generations College

Generations College

Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice

The online Associate’s in Criminal Justice program offered by Generations College is specifically geared towards adult learners pursuing a degree without compromising their career and personal responsibilities. The curriculum teaches the same content as the traditional on-campus program. 

The program covers comprehensive courses such as:

  • criminal justice,
  • criminal law,
  • police enforcement,
  • economics,
  • policy information,
  • criminal justice administration,
  • criminal justice system infrastructure, and many more.

By the end of the program, students are expected to work in a variety of key roles in the field, including police officers, detention officers, private investigators, fraud investigators, and legal assistants. 

The university allows students of this associate’s degree program to work towards their bachelor’s degree. Moreover, this higher institution has partnered with well-known four-year colleges in the Chicago area, which makes it easy to transfer credits to a higher degree level.  

Spartanburg Methodist College

Spartanburg Methodist College

Online Associate in Criminal Justice

Students who wish to get ahead in the criminal justice field might consider earning an online associate in criminal justice at Spartanburg Methodist College. This versatile degree offers the same support and high-quality coursework that traditional on-campus students enjoy. It is ideal for those who want to change their careers or give themselves a solid foundation for career advancement. 

The program builds upon the core liberal arts and social science courses. Students can enroll either full-time or part-time. Each course runs for eight weeks. Those who want to save time when proceeding to a bachelor’s degree will find this degree valuable as it guarantees 30 transfer credits from this associate’s degree program to the higher degree level. 

The same experienced faculty spearhead the program, ensuring that students learn from the best in the field. Students also take advantage of the college’s financial aid programs, significantly reducing their tuition costs. 

University of the Cumberlands

University of the Cumberlands

Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

Preparing for a career criminal justice is made easy and accessible by the online associate degree in criminal justice at the University of Cumberlands. This degree program equips students with the essential skill set and knowledge to help them succeed in their chosen careers. 

Learners  develop a better understanding of the roles of law enforcement in response to deviant behavior. They are also taught to hone their critical thinking skills and cultivate skills in research and writing that are often involved in many criminal justice jobs. 

To earn the degree, students must complete 61 semester hours, 31 of which account for general education, 18 for core courses, and 12 for elective courses. Some core courses include:

  • Introduction to Sociology,
  • Corrections, Policing,
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice,
  • Probation and Parole,
  • and Police Patrol. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the typical online Associate in Criminal Justice degree program cost?

The costs of online associate degrees in criminal justice vary depending on several factors. Out-of-state students are often charged higher tuition at many colleges and universities because of their residency. 

For online students, however, education is fixed regardless of residence. An online associate’s degree in criminal justice usually costs between $75-$560 per credit. As for the total tuition fee, you should see it ranging from $5,000 to $34,000, respectively. Students should expect to pay $5,300 to $33,600 in full tuition. Fortunately, some learning institutions allow you to apply for financial aid.

What are the requirements for admission to an Associate in Criminal Justice online degree?

Prospective students must submit an application and transcripts for almost all programs, as well as a high school diploma or GED, for the best chance of acceptance. An applicant’s GPA plays a major role, too, as a high GPA automatically makes them eligible for a scholarship. 

Applicants are also asked to submit proof of English language proficiency if they come from a non-English speaking country. Candidates may be required to demonstrate fluency to understand and benefit from the program’s course materials.

Depending on some schools, the ACT or SAT scores may or may not be submitted. Most online associate degree programs do not require any tests, but if you’re able to get a good score, it may be a good idea to take one.

This will put prospective learners at a good advantage over other applicants. It can also be helpful for individuals who plan on transferring or earning a bachelor’s degree, whether required or optional, as it can help you stand out in a pool of numerous transfer applicants.

Criminal justice associate degree holders are qualified to work in law enforcement, corrections, and security, among other occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that multilingual applicants and those with a bachelor’s degree, experience in law enforcement, or military service have better criminal justice job prospects. The demand for police and detectives currently has a projected growth of 3% from 2021 to 2031. 

How can you advance your career after getting an online Associate degree in Criminal Justice?

Graduates of a criminal justice system program can progress to prestigious and higher-paying jobs. A bachelor’s degree is required for employment in some federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI. Students may focus on a specific area of interest when earning professional certificates in criminal justice.

From crime scene technology and crime investigation to youth services, criminal justice programs offer professional certification for various specialties. Criminal justice students pursuing an associate degree can expect many opportunities for career advancement.

How long does an online program in Associate in Criminal Justice take to complete?

A criminal justice associate degree is usually completed in two years. Part-time online students can take longer. If you want to graduate sooner, some colleges offer accelerated programs. Universities may also grant credit to students who have previously completed training at a law enforcement academy. A criminal justice education will serve you well!

Key Takeaways

  • Associate degrees in Criminal Justice provide graduates with the training they need for careers in law enforcement, corrections, constitutional law, and criminal investigations.
  • Criminal justice professionals have a wide array of career opportunities after graduation, no doubt. Students can also decide to transfer to a different field and still use their associate degree credits.
  • Criminal justice system careers often require additional certifications or training, even with associate degree online programs.
  • Online students can easily obtain their general education courses and concentrate on their field of interest with an Associate of Criminal Justice degree offered through a distance learning option.
  • Fortunately, there are many resources and higher education opportunities to help you attain your goals in the long run. Earning a criminal justice associate degree is just the beginning!

Additional Information:

15 Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs in 2023

Gone are the days when a baccalaureate degree is a minimum requirement for a rewarding career. Nowadays, many people can already jumpstart a rewarding career without higher education credentials.

Through technology, more academic program offerings, and innovative learning methods, a bachelor’s degree is no longer a crucial requirement in pursuing careers with lucrative salaries.

The Lowdown

Pursuing an associate degree will help students boost their chances of landing a high-paying career, especially in the healthcare and aviation industries. An associate’s degree is one of the best stepping stones to a financially rewarding profession. If you want to strengthen your skills and credentials but aren’t willing to go through a 4-year degree, an associate’s program is an excellent alternative.

Check out our list of the best highest paying associate degrees below!

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts that many careers requiring an associate degree as an entry-level academic requirement have a minimum of $30,000 as the median annual wage.

How will an associate degree set up your career? What are some of the highest-paying associate degree jobs today? Discover everything you need to know regarding an associate degree and all the essential pieces of information.

An Associate Degree Defined

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

An associate’s degree is a 2-year undergraduate degree, depending on the student’s academic program and commitment.

An associate degree provides students with foundational studies in their specific area of interest. It is a transitional pathway between a high school diploma and a baccalaureate degree.

According to many economic and educational experts and professionals, an associate degree is an excellent and more economical alternative to a baccalaureate degree. 

With an associate’s degree, students have two possible options. They can either immediately join the workforce with the knowledge and skills obtained from an associate degree or transfer to more advanced studies.

Students pursuing an undergraduate degree at a later time can fast-track their degree. Instead of the traditional 4-year track, students can graduate within two years to earn academic credits from an associate program.

Types of Associate Degrees

Associate degrees have three types, with each type featuring unique qualities and advantages. 

Associate of Arts/Associate in Arts (AA)

  • An Associate of Arts/Associate in Arts degree is the least specific academic program of all the associate degrees. The AA program will require students to accomplish wide-ranging courses that include introductions to music, communication, writing, literature, art, and business with a broad curriculum.
  • The advantage of an Associate of Arts/Associate in Arts degree is that students aren’t restricted to specific academic pathways. After completing the AA program, graduates will have access to different types of AA degree careers.

Associate of Science/Associate in Science (AS)

  • Similar to AA programs, the Associate of Science/Associate in Science degree is another broad program. However, it is more specific when compared to the AA program. AS programs are often pursued by students, especially if they plan to enroll in advanced studies in different areas of sciences, including engineering and nursing.

Associate of Applied Science/Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

  • The Associate of Applied Science/Associate in Applied Science is all associate degrees’ more specific academic program. It is a technical program that emphasizes a single professional field. It is the best option for students wanting to receive an education and immediately join the labor market with a particular career. 
Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

15 Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Respiratory Therapist

Median Annual Salary: $61,830  
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 14%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

A career as a Respiratory Therapist is one of the highest-paying associate degree jobs in the country. One of the primary responsibilities of respiratory therapists is to diagnose patients with breathing disorders and lung problems. These professionals work with patients with breathing difficulties as well as other chronic and acute respiratory conditions.

They are responsible for the treatment and evaluation of their patient’s airways and respiratory systems as well as for conducting chest examinations. They administer various breathing-related care, including assessment for breathing-related difficulties, managing breathing equipment and treatment, determining blood oxygen levels, and intubating patients. 

To become an efficient respiratory therapist, students must have at least an associate degree as a starting point. However, continuing education is often mandatory to ensure the quality and proficiency of respiratory care for patients seeking treatment for breathing difficulties.

Some programs will require a competency assessment that demonstrates the proficiencies and capabilities essential for the success and effectiveness of respiratory therapy. Also, most programs require a certain number of clinical hours to gain practical experience in the medical field.

While an associate degree is common among many colleges and universities, aspiring respiratory therapists must find an associate program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Respiratory Care.

After completing an associate degree in Respiratory Therapy, they are eligible to work in various clinical/medical settings, including corporate offices, private residences, clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Respiratory Therapists with an associate degree can work toward becoming Certified Respiratory Therapists (CRTs). Passing the required credentialing examinations administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care is crucial. 

In the US, approximately 130,000+ Respiratory Therapists are currently working across the industry. 70% of Respiratory Therapists have associate degrees, while 22% have bachelor’s degrees. In 2022, 62% of Respiratory Therapists will be women, while only 38% are males.

Top Respiratory Therapy Associate Programs:

Dental Hygienist

Median Annual Salary: $77,810 
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 9%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Dental Hygienists are licensed dental professionals working closely with other dental care professionals in the dental team, including dentists, dental assistants, and other clinical staff, to provide their patients with comprehensive oral health care.

Although they mostly work in dentists’ clinics or offices, dental hygienists can also find employment in other roles, including dental advocates, managers or administrators, researchers, or dental instructors.

These professionals can pursue a rewarding career in numerous dental settings, including residential or nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, or independent practice facilities.

Dental Hygienists have obtained education and training that specialize in the prevention and care of different oral diseases. Some of the dental hygienists’ responsibilities include:

  • assisting the dentists with several patient procedures and services,
  • advocating proper dental care to patients,
  • diagnosing patients’ mouths for signs of oral problems,
  • and cleaning the gums and teeth of patients.

Dental hygienists also perform periodontal therapy for their patients, including periodontal charting, scaling and root planning and prophylaxis. Other technical roles of dental hygienists include administering fluoride and sealants, taking intra-oral radiographs, performing X-ray procedures, and utilizing ultrasonic tools to perform their duties effectively.

Students must enroll in an associate dental hygiene program that derives its accreditation from the Commission on Dental Accreditation since it is a prerequisite requirement for licensure.

With an accredited associate degree in Dental Hygiene, graduates can easily land one of the highest-paying associate degree jobs in the country.

In addition to general coursework in the associate program, aspiring dental hygienists must accomplish a specific number of supervised clinical hours. Once they have completed their program, students must become members of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, an essential step in passing the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. 

There are 60,000+ Dental Hygienists in the US, with 7% being men while 93% are women. Although most of these professionals are working in Chicago and New York, San Diego in California is one of the states where Dental Hygienists are high in demand.

Top Dental Hygiene Associate Programs:

Web Developer/Digital Designers

Median Annual Salary: $78,300 
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 23%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Web Developers and/or Digital Designers are professionals who work to create or develop applications and websites. They ensure that their client’s requests are 100% achieved in usability, interface, traffic performance, and responsiveness.

These professionals’ job responsibilities include writing code, helping clients determine what information is displayed on the site/app, testing apps or websites, and providing technical support.

With almost every industry and business depending on technology to efficiently work, web development is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying associate degree jobs in the country. Some web developers handle all elements of website development; hence, they’re often associated with full-stack developers.

On the contrary, other web developers prefer specializing in a particular programming language. A career in web development will let students perform a variety of roles in the IT industry.

Web developers can design new apps or websites for different clients, integrate or track new features for an e-commerce app, or create reports for the marketing and sales team.

They can also become a tech architect to improve and evaluate the website’s performance, systems analysts to help their clients identify their business needs, or consultants to guide many businesses through a web app or website as part of their business solutions.

Aspiring web developers can pursue one out of five web development jobs:

  • API Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • UI/UX Developer

Regardless of their chosen track, students must have at least an associate degree to start their web development career. In addition to coursework completion, they will spend extensive hands-on web development training with computers to become more proficient in their chosen field. 

While associate degrees can already help them jumpstart their career in the IT industry, graduates can strengthen their skills and credentials through various certifications.

Depending on their preferred programming languages, they can pursue certifications, including Google Developers Certification, AWS Certification, or Microsoft Azure Certifications, CompTIA Security+.

Top Web Development Associate Programs:

Radiation Therapist

Median Annual Salary: $82,790 
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 6%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Radiation Therapists are healthcare professionals who are part of the oncology nurses, medical physicists, and oncologists. They conduct radiation therapy on cancer patients, operating the machines that are part of the procedure.

As an essential part of the healthcare system, radiation therapists are responsible for administering prescribed doses of radiation through radiation therapy devices.

They also explain specific procedures to their patients, monitor them for unusual reactions related to radiation therapy, and obtain detailed pieces of information regarding their patients’ treatment plans.

Many employers already consider applicants with an associate degree in radiation therapy. With an above-average annual income, a radiation therapist is one of the highest-paying jobs you can pursue with an associate degree.

However, aspiring radiation therapists shouldn’t settle for an associate degree only. In the foreseeable future, some employers will require continuous learning in radiation therapy to ensure consistent quality and up-to-date practice within the field.

Alternatively, graduates must aspire to become licensed or certified. To get certified, they must pass the certifying exams offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

Depending on the state where you plan to pursue a radiation therapy career, you must verify whether a license is needed to work as a radiation therapist. Some states like Pennsylvania don’t require a license to practice, while other states will require their radiation therapists to get licensed.

As of 2021, the United States has more than 16,400 employed radiation therapists. Most of these professionals work in Houston and New York. However, North Dakota is the best state for radiation therapists to reside in.

Regarding gender statistics, radiation therapists in the US comprise 66% of women, while 34% are males. 40% of radiation therapists have an associate degree as an entry-level requirement.

Top Radiation Therapy Associate Programs:

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Median Annual Salary: $75,380 
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 10%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Diagnostic Medical Sonography is one of the allied healthcare professions with the crucial role of obtaining accurate images through a DMS or digital medical sonography. This imaging equipment directs sound waves to form images of the body’s organs.

The sonographic images will help medical professionals diagnose a variety of medical conditions. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers assist the doctors, helping them narrow down their patients’ diagnoses and administer the right treatment plan.

While a diagnostic medical sonographer’s job varies from employer to employer, some of the common responsibilities include operating imaging equipment to receive accurate diagnostic results, preparing and positioning their patients for the imaging procedure, evaluating the findings, analyzing diagnostic images, explaining clearly to patients regarding the procedure, and communicating with physicians about the preliminary results.

Diagnostic medical sonographers have different types, and they are as follows:

  • Breast Sonographer
  • Cardiac Sonographer
  • Musculoskeletal Sonographer
  • Neurosonographers
  • Pediatric Sonographer
  • Gynecologic Sonographer
  • Vascular Sonographer

Regardless of the field of sonography students pursue, an associate degree in diagnostic medical sonography is a surefire way to jumpstart your profession. Take note. Many employers will hire DMS professionals based on industry certification, proficiencies, and expertise. Therefore, pursuing higher studies isn’t necessary.

Whether you’re pursuing an associate program or bachelor’s degree, make sure that the program has several hands-on experiences and must be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

After completing a program, graduates must obtain an allied health certification to earn a higher income, and career advancement, and pursue more rewarding job opportunities. The ARDMS – American Registry For Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a highly recognized licensing organization in the US and worldwide for diagnostic medical sonographers.

Top Medical Sonography Associate Programs:


Median Annual Salary: $56,230 
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 14%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Paralegals offer a diverse range of support services to lawyers, law firms, and other professionals in the criminal justice sector.

A day in the life of paralegals includes the process of preparing court trials and hearings, managing client communications, editing and reviewing a variety of legal documents, conducting legal research, interviewing witnesses and clients, and investigating facts related to specific legal cases.

Take note, that legal assistants aren’t authorized to provide legal advice and must always work under an attorney’s supervision. However, they are crucial to the legal sector since they assist lawyers in almost all case preparation and research.

A paralegal is one of the highest-paying associate degree jobs for students wanting to pursue a legal career but not interested in pursuing law school. Since law schools can be very expensive and time-consuming, finding paralegal work is a more economical option.

While no licensure or legal certification, or requirement in the paralegal profession, the standards are often set by law offices and other related offices. Some law firms or offices prefer graduates with experience in the related industry, while others immediately hire graduates and train them on the job.

Although anyone can be a paralegal given the right program, certain skill sets must be honed. Some of the highly desirable skills in the paralegal profession include writing, communication, internet skills for researching, and organization skills. 

In addition to an associate program and paralegal experiences, graduates can pursue paralegal professional certifications to become top-notch candidates. The three major paralegal organizations that administer professional certifications include the following:

The US is home to more than 298,000 employed paralegals, with 76.6% of the population being women while 22.4% are men. The most common entry-level academic credential of the said profession is an associate degree.

Top Paralegal Associate Programs:

Air Traffic Controller

Median Annual Salary: $129,750 
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 1%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Air Traffic Controllers is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying associate degree jobs in the US today. They coordinate safe movement and air traffic movement in the aviation industry; hence, the profession requires rigorous training and physical examinations.

Air traffic controllers will guide pilots during landing and takeoff and monitor the hundreds or even thousands of aircraft traveling through the skies in a day.

These professionals manage communication by accepting control of arriving flights and transferring departing flights to different traffic control facilities. Despite primarily working with pilots, air traffic controllers also control all ground traffic in the airport, including maintenance employees and baggage vehicles. 

Air traffic controllers are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information to pilots regarding weather updates, runway closures, and other critical flight details.

They also alert airport personnel when an aircraft emergency is approaching. They are proficient in operating radars, computers, and other visual equipment to direct and monitor the flow of air traffic and ground traffic.

While an associate’s degree is acceptable as part of the entry-level requirement for air traffic controllers, graduates must undergo several medical examinations and training.

After completing their degree, they must meet the Federal Aviation Administration requirements by passing a background verification, drug screening, and medical evaluation, and must accomplish a training course at the FAA Academy before turning 31.

Once the FAA training is completed, they will be assigned to an air traffic control center to obtain more experience in the field. After two to four years of on-the-job training as a developmental controller, candidates must get certified by passing a practical exam and knowledge test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Air traffic controllers in the US consist of 78% of men, while 22% are women. While Delaware is the best state to live in for air traffic controllers, California has the highest demand for these professionals.

Top Aircraft Control Associate Programs:

Funeral Service Worker

Median Annual Salary: $58,900 
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 8%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Although managing and handling the operations of funeral homes can seem morbid to some, a career as a funeral service worker can be fulfilling.

They must be proficient in handling a diverse range of tasks performed at funeral homes in preparation and servicing. Some of the responsibilities of a funeral service worker include:

  • assisting the bereaved family members during funeral services,
  • working as a casket-bearer,
  • escorting and accommodating mourners,
  • setting up funeral venues,
  • preparing the remains,
  • and helping the funeral directors with other essential tasks.

Depending on the funeral home, some funeral service workers maintain records of deceased people, maintain and drive funeral vehicles, and transport flowers and other essentials.

Unlike other typical businesses, jobs in the funeral service industry require high levels of compassion and care in dealing with bereaved families. Aspiring funeral service workers must have a desire to fulfill their duties in a way that will comfort the families of the deceased. They must have excellent customer service backgrounds as part of fulfilling their roles. 

While an associate degree is more than enough to pursue a career in the funeral service industry, graduates must eventually pursue further studies and training for career advancement.

Before enrolling in a specific program, students must also verify state licensing requirements to ensure the courses will fulfill the requirements for state licensing.

The demographics of funeral service workers in the US include 64.7% male and 35.3% female.

Top Funeral Service Associate Programs:

Nuclear Technician

Median Annual Salary: $99,340
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: -17%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

A nuclear technician’s day-in-the-life scenario often involves radiation monitoring. Other responsibilities include assisting engineers, physicists, and other nuclear energy production and nuclear research professionals. These professionals must be proficient in operating diverse equipment for nuclear experiments.

Also, they often work with power generations and monitor the type and levels of radiation produced by these infrastructures. Nuclear technicians are essential in the production of nuclear weapons and testing them. They are also responsible for testing soil, water, and air samples as indicators of radioactive contamination.

Aspiring nuclear technicians must have at least an associate degree as part of their entry-level academic credentials. However, working in the US Navy, military, or major nuclear facilities will require prior experience. After completing an associate degree, they can seek employment opportunities at nuclear power facilities.

Some employers will require a security clearance from candidates to authorize access to nuclear facilities. To excel in the industry, additional training and continuing education are recommended.

Approximately 87.3% of nuclear technicians in the US are male, while 12.7% are women.

Top Nuclear Technician Associate Programs:

Radiologic and MRI Technologist

Median Annual Salary: $61,980
Job Outlook Through 2021 – 2031: 6%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Another highest-paying associate degree job in the healthcare industry is the Radiologic and MRI Technologist. The latter is skilled and knowledgeable in operating MRI scanners to create diagnostic images for identifying the staging of diseases and developing accurate medical diagnoses for patients. On the contrary, radiologic technologists conduct diagnostic imaging exams on patients.

The majority of these professionals work in healthcare facilities, with more than half of the population in the hospital setting. Both professions will require at least an associate degree for employment.

MRI technologists must have several years of professional experience, and only a few states require licensure. However, radiologic technologists must have state licensure or certification for employment.

As of 2021, the US is home to more than 64,700 MRI technologists employed. Among the population, 54% are women, while 33.6% are men. The country has 117,710 employed professionals for radiologic technologists, with 38.7% men and 66.4% women in the overall statistics. Both professions often have associate degrees as part of their academic credentials.

Top Radiologic and MRI Technologist Associate Programs:

Aerospace Engineering & Operations Technician

Median Annual Salary: $73,580
Job Outlook Through 2021-2031: 6% 

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs - Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician

Aerospace Engineering is one of the fields of Engineering that is primarily intertwined with aircraft and spacecraft industry operations. Compared to other vehicle/transportation industries, aircraft and spacecraft take relatively longer to develop and manufacture. They are also built on tighter tolerances and operate on the strictest safety standards.

Simply put, the stakes are higher, and the price for failure is greater in these industries. Considerable time is spent on testing and refining every component and system.

Aerospace Engineering & Operations technicians are the experts for this job! A lot of their work is devoted to the constant development and refinement of various aircraft and spacecraft parts.

Often working under the supervision of aerospace engineers, they are the primary personnel charged with running and implementing the majority of background tasks in these industries, and their tasks include the following:

  • Coordinate with Aerospace Engineers to discuss test procedures and details
  • Building and maintenance of test facilities
  • Making and installing parts to be tested
  • Operate and calibrate computer systems and other testing equipment,
    such as wind tunnels and stress test rigs
  • Oversee the smooth and safe implementation of test procedures

Outside of testing and development tasks, Aerospace Engineering & Operations Technicians also work in manufacturing settings, and around 39% are employed in this capacity.

An associate’s degree is the minimum required for entry into the industry, and this can also be used in pursuing higher education, such as an Aerospace Engineering Bachelor’s Degree. 

Since their work is mentally demanding and requires precision, The ideal Aerospace Engineering & Operations Technician is expected to possess skills in mathematics and communications skills. They are also expected to be detail-oriented, demonstrate analytical and  decision-making or critical thinking skills, and practice excellent time management

According to statistics by Data USA, there are 132,000 Aerospace Engineering & Operations Technicians currently employed in the country, and 85% of these are primarily male. 

Top Aerospace Engineering Technician Associate’s Degrees:

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Median Annual Salary: $78,760
Job Outlook Through 2021-2031: 2% 

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs - Nuclear Medicine Technologist

The field of nuclear medicine technology is one of the most lucrative career paths for those with an associate’s degree. As nuclear medicine technologist, one is responsible for preparing and administering radioactive drugs for imaging or treatment.

Often working in hospitals, these specialized professionals can have a wide range of work setting options, including diagnostic laboratories, imaging clinics, and physicians’ offices. 

Their work is integral in helping diagnose and treat various conditions and diseases. They study nuclear medicine with key disciplines such as patient care, imaging, chemistry, physics, computer technology, and medicine. They help put patients at ease by answering questions and describing the procedure for better understanding.

On top of processing data and enhancing digital images, nuclear medicine technologists also provide analysis and patient information, which are important when it comes to diagnostic interpretation or therapeutic procedures. 

To become a nuclear medicine technologist, one must earn at least an associate’s degree from an accredited higher learning institution. Formal education in the field means they can have ample opportunities to expand their knowledge and acquire essential skills to help them excel at their chosen career path.

Once they have completed the associate’s program, they must pass a certification exam to be considered an official nuclear medicine technologist.

The Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board requires graduates to meet their minimum requirements, including sufficient structured clinical training that demonstrates their competence in radiation safety, clinical procedures and radiopharmacy, and instrumentation. 

Nuclear medicine technologists must employ key skills in the field that will help them do their jobs better. This includes patience, flexibility, integrity, organizational skills, high accuracy rate, communication skills, and sensitivity to the needs of the ill. It is also greatly helpful if they can use equipment when performing precise tasks and have excellent research and statistics skills. 

According to BLS, nuclear medicine technologists make a median of $78,760 annually or $37.86 per hour. It is projected, however, that this career’s job outlook will grow by 2%, which is slower than average. 

Top Nuclear Medicine Technology Associate Programs:

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technician

Median Annual Salary: $63,640
Job Outlook Through 2021-2031: 0% (little or no change)

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs - Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is one of the many recognized engineering disciplines. It may not readily be noticeable, but this discipline has a huge impact, given the extent to which we rely on systems and equipment that are powered by electricity and make use of electrical current, from our smartphones to our house lights, to our factories, and our transportation, to name a few. 

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians often work as members of teams under the supervision of an Electrical Engineer or an Electronics & Communications Engineer.

Together they are primarily involved in the design and development-related tasks of various systems and devices powered by electricity or use electric current to function, such as computers, communications equipment, medical monitoring equipment, and other sensors.

The typical tasks of Electrical Engineering Technicians include the following:

  • Site visits to determine specific conditions that affect the design of electrical systems
  • Create diagrams and write specifications about the design details of experimental electronics units
  • Prototype assembly
  • Inspections for quality control, reporting of findings and making recommendations if necessary

Meanwhile, Electronics Engineering Technicians’ tasks typically include the following:

  • Creating basic circuitry and drafting sketches to clarify design details
  • Prototype building
  • Assembly, testing, and maintenance of circuitry and components according to engineering instructions and technical specifications
  • Parts manufacturing for various electronics systems

Looking at the data published by Data USA, there are currently around 106,000 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technicians in the country. Men electronic engineering technicians are 45 years old on average, and the females are 43 years of age.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics adds that despite the 0% or little or no change projected in terms of employment growth in the industry, there are around 11,100 job openings that are projected each year, largely due to the need to replace workers who transfer into other occupations or leave the workforce to retire. 

Top Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technician Associate’s Degrees:

Agricultural Manager

Median Annual Salary: $73,060
Job Outlook Through 2021-2031: -3% (Decline) 

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs - Agricultural Manager

One of the most integral parts of farm operations, agricultural managers ensure that farms are running smoothly by planning and coordinating various aspects of the facilities, including nurseries, greenhouses, and other agricultural production sites.

In larger farms, they might also need to oversee the hiring and training of farmers who help care for the crops and other farm produce.

Farm managers may also need to supervise the operation and even participate in the planting, fertilization, and harvesting. Sometimes, their job extends to selecting and acquiring proper equipment and supplies to support the running of the farm. 

While they spend some of their time working indoors, farm managers should expect to devote most of their work hours working in farming environments, often outdoors. They become regularly exposed to potentially harsh weather conditions.

They are also expected to perform important duties like planning, making policy decisions, budgeting and keeping financial records, organizing sales and procuring livestock, equipment, and crops, and handling paperwork and administrative records. 

Beyond the farmlands, agricultural managers can work in various settings. This includes the following: 

  • Agricultural colleges 
  • Research institutes 
  • Consultancy firms 
  • Food manufacturing companies
  • Government agencies that handle agriculture 

While a high school diploma can already give one a springboard for a farm manager job, earning a postsecondary education lends one more comprehensive training and an edge over competitors. An associate degree in agriculture and other related fields is a good way to navigate the more complex farm and land management landscape.

The courses tackled in this degree program often focus on developing industry knowledge. Some schools may offer majors for agricultural managers, such as agricultural science, business, botany, dairy science, agricultural economics, and farm management. 

However, gaining professional work experience on a farm or agricultural site is just as important. This valuable experience will allow them to gain the technical skills and knowledge needed for their future role as farm managers, whether handling animals, crops, or agricultural production. 

As of 2021, there are 847,600 farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural jobs in the country. 

Top Agricultural Manager Associate Programs:

Geological & Hydrologic Technician

Median Annual Salary: $50,080
Job Outlook Through 2021-2031: 4%

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs - Geological and Hydrologic Technician

Geological and Hydrologic Technicians are two similar and interrelated disciplines, lumped into a single category by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. These are largely rooted in the Earth Sciences, specifically Geology and Hydrology.

Geological and Hydrological Technicians play support roles in natural resources monitoring, exploration, and extraction in both the sciences and industry.

Their work finds them in various settings, from scientific research and monitoring teams to jobs within the petroleum industry. As supporting personnel, their tasks include the following:

  • Installation and maintenance of laboratory and field equipment
  • Gathering samples in the field and preparing these for laboratory analysis
  • Conduct tests on samples to determine various characteristics
  • Data management 
  • Preparing reports and maps

Geological and Hydrologic Technicians typically require associate’s degrees to gain entry into the industry, and the more common associate’s degree taken is an Associate of Science in Geology.

Industries they can work in can vary in specific tasks and equipment, which is why Geologic and Hydrologic Technicians typically undergo additional on-the-job training after being hired.

Geologic and Hydrologic Technicians typically work full-time, and a significant portion of their work is spent on field sites. Some specialize in laboratory-based work, but their discipline generally sees a significant overlap between field and lab-based tasks. 

Like the geologists & other scientists & engineers they often work with, geologic & hydrologic technicians are, at a minimum, expected to possess good physical skills and, ideally, outdoor field-based work, which can sometimes involve harsh and quickly-changing weather conditions and rough terrain.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the size of the workforce at around 13,000 and projects employment growth of 4% from 2021-2031. An average of about 1,400 job openings are also projected each year over the decade.

Top Geological & Hydrologic Technician Associate’s Degrees:

Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits will I complete in an Associate Degree?

Regardless of the area of study, the majority of associate degree programs will require 60 credit hours. In many academic institutions, most of the credits consist of the general education requirements. However, the remaining academic credits will be used for the major study area, including elective courses.

Is an Associate Degree worth investing in?

Without a doubt, yes, an associate degree is worth investing in for many specific reasons. According to the Center on Education and the Workforce data, associate degree holders will have the opportunity to earn $400,000 more in their profession compared to candidates with solely a high school diploma.

Associate degree graduates will also have a wider employment selection compared to trade or high school diploma holders.

Students won’t have as expensive student loans because it only takes two years to earn an associate degree. With minimal to zero student debts, completing an associate degree is the most economical option that eventually helps students earn a reasonable income easily. Even some states pay for an associate degree. It is worth looking into!

Now that you already know everything about an associate degree, here are the ten highest-paying associate degree jobs you can pursue. In this article, we are referencing the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for salary and job outlook reports and Zippia for the demographics of each role.

What are the Pros and Cons of an Associate Degree?

Since some people consider an Associate degree program useless, weighing the pros and cons of pursuing one can help decision-making. After all, it will depend on every student’s academic and professional goals and financial resources.

Here are some of the most well-known pros and cons comparisons of an associate degree:


  • Associate degree graduates are job-ready. If applicable, they can easily transfer their academic credits to more advanced degrees, i.e., bachelor’s studies.
  • Enter the job market ahead of baccalaureate graduates
  • More affordable tuition expenses
  • Students can easily earn an associate degree compared to a baccalaureate or master’s program.


  • If you will eventually pursue a professional degree, an associate degree may not be ideal.
  • Pursuing management, leadership, or higher positions in the company will require more time.
  • Salary can become lower compared to bachelor’s degree candidates.
  • The job market may be more competitive for an associate degree holder, especially if competing against a candidate with a baccalaureate degree.

Summary Points

  • An associate degree program is an abbreviated college educational experience designed as a stepping stone to earning your bachelor’s degree; however, many career options ONLY require an associate degree to excel.
  • Often, professional certification is all you need to begin a lucrative career and get out into the job market FAST!
  • The highest-paying associate degrees are often offered through a university, community college, or local trade school.

Additional Resources:

10 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Photography in 2023

A picture, says the old adage, is worth a thousand words.

A single picture can speak volumes about the people in it. It can convey messages more clearly and provide an audience with visuals of the emotions that the messenger wants to express. It can immortalize special moments that only happen at least once in life. This is because photography captures the rawness of the moment within simple photographs.

Online Bachelor's in Photography - fact

Nowadays, photography has become increasingly popular, thanks to the advancement of technology and the accessibility of cameras. Furthermore, more and more people are considering a career in photography or looking to further their education in this field. Fortunately, the availability of online education has made it easier than ever to earn a bachelor’s degree in photography, regardless of your location or schedule.

A bachelor’s degree in photography will not only hone your skills but more importantly, prepare you for work doing various types of photography, including fashion, fine art, portrait, commercial, editorial, and documentary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics discloses that employment opportunities for photographers will increase by 9% by 2031.

The Lowdown

This article features some of the top colleges and universities that offer the best online bachelor’s degree program in photography across the United States. These online programs will prepare the next generation of photographers to be skilled, creative, and unique in how they capture special moments on camera.

Graduates of online Photography degree programs will have the necessary knowledge and skills to work in diverse settings, from still life to editorial, architectural to fashion, and photojournalism to sports. This proves that having the necessary credentials opens a whole new world of opportunities for those who want to make a living out of photography.


In the United States, many reputable Photography schools online offer the program. To know which school to attend in order to earn a Photography degree, it’s important to consider a few factors that will affect the quality of education and your foreseeable future.

This article is aimed at helping you save the time and effort of scouring the entire cyberspace to find the best schools that offer online bachelor’s degrees in Photography. With this photography degree programs methodology, we picked the following educational institutions offering online Photography degrees based on certain criteria to ensure getting the best quality education.

  • Provides students with the flexibility and convenience to study at their own pace with fully online Photography programs or hybrid degrees,
  • Offers online Photography degree online coursework aimed at providing students with the right education and training in various photography tools, processes, and techniques,
  • Provides graduates with valuable knowledge and skills for jobs as photographers for portrait, commercial, fashion, wildlife, family, pets, weddings, events, newborns, real estate, and more,
  • Accepts federal financial aid, transfer credits, grants, and scholarships,
  • Ensures the school meets educational standards set by accrediting bodies, such as the National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College & University Commission (WSCUC).

Check out our Methodology section for more information.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Photography Degree Programs

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

The Academy of Art University is one of the popular accredited online photography schools that offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. This is an excellent online degree program that will help enhance students’ photography skills and provide them with the knowledge and tools to become highly sought-after photographers in the future.

  • Develop the professional aptitude and skills to get ahead of the competition in the global art and design marketplace,
  • Create a portfolio that will showcase their knowledge and talents in their chosen field of art and design,
  • Convey their artistic ideas professionally and be able to connect with their target audience through their oral, written, and visual presentation skills,
  • Immerse in various communities outside of the classroom through study abroad programs, student interest clubs, internship opportunities, athletics, as well as pro bono, civic, and collaborative projects,
  • Make sound decisions that will optimize the cohesiveness, memorability, and conceptual impact of images,
  • Produce high-quality prints that display their knowledge of archival qualities, such as paper and ink stability.
What Makes This Program Unique:

Students enrolled in the online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography degree program will have a chance to learn in a creative environment and a fully equipped photography studio. Students will be able to work and learn in a real-world studio with industry standards tools and facilities.

Did You Know?

The Academy of Art University offers Learning Management System (LMS) that provides online students with the necessary learning materials to earn a degree wherever they are. Professional instructors teach online students to ensure the same learning opportunities for both online and on-campus learners.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Arts and Design

Bachelor of Arts in Photography

Through Savannah College of Art and Design’s Bachelor of Arts in Photography, students who are interested in this field will gain the knowledge and skills to develop their artistic vision in fine art, documentary, and commercial photography. This program will teach students the full photography spectrum as they launch their creative careers.

  • Curriculum that focuses on marketing and business acumen
  • 24/7 access to the Museum of Art, SCAD’s premier contemporary art museum, to attend film screenings, lectures, workshops, gallery talks, and academic classes
  • An art gallery owner provides students with mentorship and technology to help them turn their passion into businesses
What Makes This Program Unique:

Photography students at SCAD are given the option to travel to any approved location to give them opportunities for meaningful collaborations and to broaden their perspectives. Majors are also given a chance to showcase their skills through deFINE ART, an annual symposium for artists and designers from all over the world to exhibit their works across various locations in the school.

Did You Know?

Photography graduates of Savannah College of Art and Design are highly sought-after image-makers all over the globe with some even earning commissions from Facebook, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Ralph Lauren.

This is thanks to SCAD’s commitment to ensuring students learn through state-of-the-art facilities and technology, including professional-level cameras, shooting studios, and film-processing labs.

California Institute of the Arts

California Institute of the Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Media

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Media at the California Institute of the Arts is designed to challenge traditional notions of art. It is distinguished by the school’s commitment to technical courses that address changes in theoretical coursework and image-making toolsets.

Faculty members and members provide majors with guidance and collegial advice to ensure the development of the skills necessary to excel as lens-based artists in the future.

  • Has a Digital Arts minor that will help students have a deeper understanding of the development, engineering, and designing of innovative systems
  • Holds workshops to introduce majors to the fundamentals of photography and media-based practice, including processes, technologies, and techniques
  • Coursework consists of topics that are aimed at honing students’ skills and knowhow required to get from concept to realization, including lighting, moving images, printing, sound production, and camera techniques
  • Classes are taught by faculty members who are recognized scholars in their own disciplines
What Makes This Program Unique:

The General Education curriculum for this program is designed to help students develop the communication and analytical skills needed to produce challenging and innovative art and to translate their vision into the larger social context.

Did You Know?

BFA in Photography and Media students are to complete 46 units of Critical Studies coursework, as well as pick courses from humanities, social sciences, mathematics and science, and cultural studies. Majors can also enroll in writing and computer science courses.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with a Concentration in Photography

The goal of Arizona State University’s online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with a Concentration in Photography is to guide students in developing their photography skills through one of the finest degree programs in the United States. Learners will be taught about the analysis and production of photographs as a creative expression through a wide range of media, such as analog, digital, and 19th-century processes.

  • Classes are taught by ASU’s photography faculty members that represent various photo-based art production approaches and are active participants in cooperative and nonprofit galleries in downtown Phoenix
  • Taught to be self-directed and self-disciplined in understanding complex ideas around the function of images in their work
  • Join the ASU Photographers’ Association to gain camaraderie among their peers and to get access to demos, exhibitions, and portfolio reviews
  • Photography curriculum includes Representation Lab, a series of courses that give students a chance to produce, assess, and disseminate works that challenge popular American cultural narratives
What Makes This Program Unique:

Faculty members have professional experience in various genres and encourage learners to cultivate technical expertise and creative ideas that will honor the history of photography and explore various media. Learners will also be able to have real-world experience through the Northlight Gallery, a photographic archive and gallery inside the university.

Did You Know?

All ASUS academic programs are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The school offers many federal financial aid options, including loans, scholarships, fellowships, student employment, and teaching assistantship.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Photography

Southern New Hampshire University’s BA in Digital Photography will help individuals kick-start their career journey in the art of photography. This online program provides learners with a strong foundation in technical skills and at the same time, enhances their visual literacy at a fraction of the cost.

  • Receive support and get access to the online classroom and learning resources 24/7
  • Learn about digital camera operation, post-production editing, lighting equipment use and techniques, and legal, entrepreneurial, and marketing aspects
  • Have access to a robust feedback process to enhance their learning experience and help them curate their professional portfolio
  • Enroll in General Education courses to help them enhance their critical-thinking, creative, and collaborative skills
What Makes This Program Unique:

SNHU is committed to making higher education more affordable and accepts transfer credits of up to 90 credits. It is a transfer-friendly program, allowing majors to pursue other academic interests, such as graphic design, communication, and marketing, alongside the photography degree program.

Did You Know?

SNHU has received recognition for the 21st Century Distance Learning Award for Excellence in Online Technology by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). Because of this, 93.6% of online students recommend this university, according to a survey in 2022.

State University of New York New Paltz

State University of New York New Paltz

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

At SUNY New Paltz, individuals are required to take Foundation courses to apply for the BFA Photography. These courses focus on collaboration and community through events and activities that prepare freshmen students for critical and creative participation and continued education in other areas of art and design.

  • Enhance students’ knowhow of various cultural backgrounds and contemporary trends in studio art, design, and art education
  • Communicate students’ comprehension of art and design by writing, illustrating, and speaking about their social, political, cultural, aesthetic, and historical context
  • Cultivate self-awareness and articulate experiences as artists, designers, educators, and members of society
  • Foster collaboration and active participation in local and international art, design, and communities
  • Establish professional connections to encourage continual learning and sustainable practices
What Makes This Program Unique:

The photography program at SUNY New Paltz will have access to critique rooms and digital labs and be able to use large-format printers and scanners, a film-developing room, a mounting and cutting room, a lighting studio, and an 18-station black-and-white darkroom. Majors will also be able to use a range of digital and analog cameras and other equipment.

Did You Know?

Applicants for the BFA Photography will need to submit a written statement and portfolio. They will also be required to take all courses on the Plan of Study and meet college and departmental requirements. For their last two semesters, students will enroll in Senior Studio I and Senior Studio II and submit a written proposal and relevant samples of work.

Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

With Rhode Island School of Design’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, students will be able to examine and explore historical, cultural, and social contexts to better understand the medium and discipline.

This program also has guided discussions and close observation to teach learners to read images and enhance their visual literacy to make meaningful work.

  • Explore analog and digital techniques and processes through conventional darkroom print production, camera formats, and digital workflows
  • Examine photographs closely to develop critical-thinking and visual literacy skills based on the history of photography
  • Experiment with various photographic mediums, subjects, approaches, and materials
  • Produce self-directed projects, methods of research, areas of injury, and abstract and conceptual ideas through public presentations, group critiques, and writing assignments
  • Complete a written thesis as the capstone project that is a definition of the evolution and scope of their work
What Makes This Program Unique:

The photography department has the Red Eye Gallery, the Design Center’s dedicated exhibition space for students. Aside from that, the department has an equipment checkout center called Photo Cage, which has high-end analog and digital cameras for use by majors to ensure they will be able to have a wide range of technical exploration.

Did You Know?

Applicants for the photography degree must present 12 to 20 work samples to showcase their skills, ideas, experimentation, curiosity, and experience in creating. Students are also advised to include research or preparatory work up to three portfolio slides or uploads.

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography to help learners realize their dream of doing what they love for a living. Classes are aimed at helping students develop the necessary technical skills through a curriculum that covers the business aspects of photography and the creation of portfolios that reflect their unique, artistic visions.

  • Visual storytelling
  • Cinematography + video
  • Digital imaging
  • Lighting
  • Commercial photography
  • Marketing + business operations
What Makes This Program Unique:

RMCAD offers students multiple scheduling options, experience in the virtual environment, and various learning modalities by requiring all on-campus students to take part in online education.

This school provides numerous opportunities for students to acquire real-world experiences through gallery exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and visits to artists.

Did You Know?

RMCAD’s financial aid office can help students determine the best way to pay for their tuition. Students can apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), scholarships, private grants, and work-study programs.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Bachelor of Science in Digital Design – Photographic Design

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Design – Photographic Design is offered by Liberty University 100% online. This degree program is designed to help students harness the power of photography and offer them invaluable knowledge and resources that can help them take their careers further in the future.

  • Introduction to 2D and 3D designs, studying the history of art and its connection to technology and culture
  • Study vector illustration, digital imaging, and typography
  • Have in-depth knowhow of graphic design, digital photography, principles of marketing, fundamentals of editing, and professional practices for photographers
  • Train principled leaders who pursue standards of professional and personal excellence
What Makes This Program Unique:

Liberty University is recognized for its accessibility, affordability, and academic quality. The institution is also committed to providing affordable education, providing all undergraduates with electronic textbooks at no cost to the students.

Did You Know?

Liberty University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

The university’s online photography degree program is taught by professional faculty members who have years of experience in photography and digital design.

Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design with Emphasis in Photography

Lindenwood University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design with Emphasis in Photography is offered both on-campus and online to equip students with the required technical knowledge and skills to have a future career in photography in the future. The first thing students will learn from this program is the foundational principles of web design, videography, and photography.

  • Focuses on problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, mastery of craftsmanship and technique, and project development
  • Major coursework includes Introduction to Art and Design, Visual Storytelling, Digital Photography, History of Western Art, Adobe Certification in Photoshop, and Advanced 3D
What Makes This Program Unique:

All courses for the photography emphasis program are asynchronous, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

This program uses immersive reality technologies integrated into the curriculum, requiring students to use virtual reality headsets.

Did You Know?

Lindenwood University is an institution approved by the National Council State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA), which means that it follows national standards for interstate postsecondary distance learning.

This university accepts transfer credits from select community colleges to meet its general education requirements.

Salary Outlook for BS Photography Graduates

Each year, around 12,700 job openings for photographers are projected over the last decade.

While a photography degree isn’t usually required for portrait photographers, many people take classes to hone their skills and have better chances of landing better-paying jobs in the future.

Here’s a salary outlook for professional photographers nowadays:

  • Art Directors – $100,890
  • Film and Video Editors – $62,680
  • Set and Exhibit Designers – $54,860
  • Graphic Designers – $50,710
  • Photographers — Broadcasting (Except Internet) – $50,128
  • Craft and Fine Artists – $49,960
  • Media and Communication Equipment Workers – $48,921
  • Photographers — Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers – $47,132
  • Desktop Publishers – $46,910
  • Photographers — Photographic Services – $36,753

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bachelor’s in Photography worth it?

While not all photographers have a bachelor’s degree in photography, those who do are able to gain the latest technical and professional knowledge and skills required to advance in their careers.

Aside from that, internships provide graduates with real-world digital photography program experience that helps them break into a highly competitive market.  

How much does it cost to get a bachelor’s in Photography?

The average tuition for an undergraduate online bachelor’s degree in Photography is $27,238.

What are the common entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Photography online?

An online Photography school typically requires applicants to submit a portfolio of their work in digital form. Aside from an admission interview, some schools may require a written admission application letter.

Summary Points

  • An online bachelor’s degree in Photography may be required by employers to prove an applicant’s technical and theoretical knowledge and skills, as well as professional photography, fine art photography, and fashion photography techniques and innovative approaches.
  • Through an online degree program in online Photography schools, working individuals will have more flexibility and convenience in pursuing a diploma in photography to become commercial photographers or begin their own photography business.
  • Earning an advanced digital photography degree will give students a chance to work on projects that will give them practical experience that can give them an edge over the competition.

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10 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Multimedia Design in 2023

If you’re fascinated with new technologies, digital media, film, animation, graphics, and art, you’re probably looking for an educational program that covers all these aspects. Fortunately, an online bachelor’s in multimedia design carries these different studies under one roof.

Multimedia Design undergraduate programs encompass various media forms and may embrace the principles of a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design degree, including the use of video, audio, images, graphics, and animation.

Online Bachelor's in Multimedia Design - fact

As the multimedia industry continues to boom, more prospective students dream of entering multimedia companies worldwide. Did you know that in the USA alone, 6.9% of the US GDP is from the media and entertainment industry? As of 2022, 1.4 million Americans were employed in this field.

There is a huge market for multimedia professionals in many industries, including media, advertising, and other relevant areas. Graduates from the degree will be well-equipped to handle multimedia issues with a blend of creative arts and modern digital technologies. Obtain the sought-after technical and creative skills in the multimedia industry by enrolling in a digital Multimedia Design program. 

The Lowdown

Online multimedia design programs aim to use technology to spread information and engage target audiences artistically. As technologies change rapidly, you need to keep up and include formal education in your arsenal.

The good news is that the best online bachelor’s degrees in Multimedia Design are current and updated with the techniques, tools, and strategies necessary for digital arts professionals today. You can develop the technical and soft skills necessary for entry-level to advanced multimedia positions.


Choosing a Multimedia Design concentration requires prospective students to consider several factors. Our list ranks today’s leading Online Bachelor’s in Art and Design – Multimedia Design Concentration programs based on these criteria:

  • Offered in 100% online formats or online and on-campus learning styles with curricula that are structured similarly to traditionally offered undergraduate Multimedia Design programs,
  • Features core and general Multimedia Design courses, as well as real-life experiential learning opportunities and internships,
  • Effective and efficient learning platforms coupled with student services, library resources, and other online tools,
  • Taught by instructors with extensive Multimedia Design experience,
  • Offers transfer credit programs, tuition discounts, and financial aid to emphasize affordability,
  • Regionally accredited, proving compliance with academic standards

For more information about our college ranking, please check our Methodology page.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design Degree Programs

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus

(Online) Bachelor in Design – Digital Multimedia Design

The Penn State World Campus Bachelor of Design in Digital Multimedia Design will prepare you for various rewarding media, communications, technology, marketing, and digital design careers. This cutting-edge online program equips you with the skills to apply the design process to contemporary settings. Become proficient at discovering, defining, and creating digital multimedia designs by incorporating the study of information technology.

What’s Unique About The Program:

As part of this dynamic, project-based curriculum, you will use leading multimedia applications and programming languages to create projects. In addition, you will be allowed to study collaboratively with other students to explore and apply what you’re learning in greater depth.

Throughout your course work, you will learn to organize ideas in visual forms and scenarios, requiring you to brush up on your soft skills, such as critical thinking and analytical skills.

Did You Know?

During your studies, you can build a portfolio of design work and complete a self-directed project during your capstone semester. As you progress through the pathway, you’ll discover many multimedia topics where you can personalize your entire curriculum. 

California Lutheran University

California Lutheran University

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia (hybrid)

California Lutheran University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia. Majoring in multimedia gives students the skills to turn their ideas into reality. Students will apply creative concepts to practical works across multiple mediums, preparing them for careers in various fields.

Whatever your passion is, you’ll be able to master it, whether it’s web design, digital media, animation, film, video games, or graphic design. 

The courses at CLU will allow you to develop your creative voice and express it through dynamic media in a supportive and engaging environment. Their renowned faculty will teach you how to develop a single premise into a creative concept and apply them to different settings like the web, films, animation, games, and other technologies. 

What’s Unique About The Program:

In your final year, depending on your concentration, you will assemble your professional portfolio by accumulating a solid body of work from your studies. Your technical expertise and skill in solving creative problems will be displayed in this portfolio. In addition, in your capstone course, you will participate and earn a place at the CLUFest exhibit.

Did You Know?

CLU is equipped with all the tools and facilities that multimedia students need. For instance, they boast the William Rolland Art Center, which features two floors of art studios, a lecture room, and multimedia laboratories. The building exhibits stunning natural light, high ceilings, and exposed ducts and has many environmental-friendly features.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Bachelor’s Degree in Web and Digital Design (online)

You can be proficient in web and digital design by enrolling in the University of Maryland Global Campus’s online bachelor’s degree in Web and Digital Design program. You can effectively create digital works by studying industry-standard software and design theory. 

There are many real-life experiential learning to be excited about in this program, such as:

  • Augmented reality
  • Game design
  • Virtual reality
  • Motion graphics
  • Graphic design
  • Animation
What’s Unique About The Program:

Upon completing this program, graduates acquire technical savviness. You’ll be able to create web and multimedia applications, test and implement them. By the end of the program, all the theories and practices studied will influence how you make websites and animations and use different platforms and mediums in digital design. 

Did You Know?

It is permissible to take more than one course at a time, up to your course load limit. However, the prerequisite course cannot be taken during the same session as the subsequent course. You will have a unique plan based on your credit transfer and other factors.

National University

National University

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design (hybrid)

Become a part of the modern world’s work, learning, communication, and entertainment and be equipped with mastery in digital media by studying an online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design at the National University. Digital media designers engage users and guide their experience in social networks, games, animations, and instructional content.

Students gain hands-on experience in the media arts workplace using the latest tools and technologies. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the latest business, entertainment, and marketing methodologies.

What’s Unique About The Program:

With a digital media design degree, you will learn how to create, edit, and create games in a transmedia, visually literate world.

Did You Know?
  • Throughout the admissions process, their dedicated admissions team will assist you in finding the program that best suits your career goals. Their application process has been simplified and streamlined for easy enrolment.
  • Founded by military veterans, they are a San Diego-based nonprofit. Adult learners have been receiving accessible, affordable higher education since 1971. And they now have gained 220,000 alums worldwide.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University - College of Media and Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design and Professional Communication (online)

Join Texas Tech University and earn a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design and Professional Communication online. Media and communications students acquire marketable skills through this online program. During the coursework, students acquire soft skills that can be transferred and applied to real-world work and personal settings. The program prepares students to complete master’s degrees or enter the workforce as multimedia experts and professionals. 

The University of Texas at Tech is a leading research institution renowned for innovative, creative teaching. In high-tech and liberal arts industries, the university prepares students to become ethical leaders. Students at the school are prepared for the challenges of a complex job market by creating a learning environment conducive to learning.

What’s Unique About The Program:

Graduates of this degree program will be equipped with marketable soft and technical skills in high demand by the media and communications industries. After graduation, you can efficiently contribute to any company through your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students receive training in navigating multicultural and intercultural issues.

Did You Know?
  • This online degree will train you to innovate and succeed in any industry or entrepreneurial endeavor with this DMPC major’s professional focus and training that crosses communication disciplines.
  • You’ll be able to analyze markets and audiences and use knowledge to solve problems faced by companies, industries, and audiences in the media and communication industry.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Literacy (online)

Arizona State University allows prospective students to enroll in their digital media literacy bachelor of arts degree. In a world where technology and information dominate, this online program prepares you to be a leader in digital media. This course explores digital media’s role in our daily lives and how it works. In addition to identifying misinformation, you’ll learn to create digital content and communicate effectively with businesses. 

Accessing, analyzing, creating, and using digital media are all elements of digital media literacy. This online study covers broad topics, from finding credible information online to communicating with digital media. Here are what you can expect in this online program:

  • Learn to use digital media technology
  • Devise digital copies and content
  • Detect false and untrue information
  • Analyze how media has impacted society, culture, and history
What’s Unique About The Program:

This degree differs from others in communication in that it emphasizes what happens after a piece of content has been created and distributed. A degree in digital media literacy teaches you how to analyze who sees the content, who trusts it, and what audiences do with it. This makes you a trustworthy and reputable multimedia and digital expert.

By acquiring the degree, you will become a professional communicator capable of measuring how digital content impacts your audience and their communities.

Did You Know?
  • In addition to award-winning professional journalists, the Walter Cronkite School attracts world-class media scholars. In fact, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the top journalism schools in the United States. 
  • The university’s students have won more national “Mark of Excellence” awards than any other university in the past 15 years. Five Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards have been awarded to student reporting projects on social justice issues – more than any other journalism school.

The University of Nebraska Kearney

The University of Nebraska Kearney

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia (hybrid)

The University of Nebraska Kearney offers their Bachelor of Science in Multimedia degree on campus, but some classes can be taken online. In this online degree, you’ll use technology to create unique visual communication pieces to bring stories to life.

By combining creativity with technical skills, you will make real-life outputs through different media mediums like photo, video, audio, and graphics. You’ll also benefit from individualized instruction from dedicated faculty members who believe in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

What’s Unique About The Program:

In this interdisciplinary major, students take communication, art, and computer science courses. With the completion of the program requirements, you will be prepared for careers that require a strong understanding of digital technology. Some defined employers of UNK multimedia graduates are Bosselman Enterprises, Hollman Media, Intellicom, and SCORR Marketing.

Did You Know?

Despite financial aid, UNK is one of the most affordable universities in Nebraska. There’s no one working harder than UNK to provide the best value for your education. You must research what financial aid options are available at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Granite State College

Granite State College

Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Design (hybrid)

At Granite State College, prospective students can enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Digital Communication Design. This online degree will help you use the Adobe Creative Cloud to convey messages effectively, apply sound design principles, and use marketing techniques strategically. You can concentrate your learning according to your professional interests.

Organizations across all industries have less time to capture their potential customer’s attention in a highly connected world. As a result, the quality of digital communications – from the visual elements to the written content – has become increasingly important.

Career opportunities in this dynamic field may be enjoyed by those who can align messages across all modes of communication, use technology strategically, and respond to technological advances.

What’s Unique About The Program:

As a result of your concentration, students can tailor their degree program to meet career objectives. To complete your degree program, you will complete your core degree requirements and enroll in specific courses associated with your chosen concentration area, like Graphic Design or Writing for Visual Media.

Did You Know?
  • Transfer students make up about 85% of the school’s student body. Hence, accepting transfer credits is one of their strengths. 
  • Every student and alum has access to career advising. This service is also available even to online students.
  • You’ll learn from subject matter experts who share their real-world experiences, enabling you to apply what you’ve learned to your career and personal goals.

Franklin University

Franklin University

Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design

Franklin University will help you attain your academic goals in multimedia through its online Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design degree program. With their IMD bachelor’s degree program, you can explore technical, artistic, and management careers in everything from gaming to mobile apps to websites. The degree-completion program will prepare you to deliver interactive solutions at every stage of the development cycle, from requirements analysis to deployment.

With Franklin’s online interactive media degree, you will be equipped to deliver interactive solutions throughout the entire development lifecycle. This online program combines design and technology expertise with mobile, graphic, rich media, web, and interaction design project management expertise.

What’s Unique About The Program:

The interactive media design program at Franklin University is specifically designed for transfer students. Students can transfer 90 credits, which includes 24 hours of technical credits, into their IMD majors. IMD programs at Franklin focus on hands-on, project-based learning and help you apply your technical skills to high-growth industries like education, advertising, and entertainment.

Did You Know?
  • During the practicum, you will act as an organizational leader, and your instructor will be the leader. Throughout the course, you will collaborate on designing and developing practical, real-world solutions.
  • You’ll graduate with a portfolio of client-created work and ample experience working with design teams. You can advance your career with Franklin’s education by working with big names in advertising agencies and web design firms.

California Baptist University

California Baptist University - Online

Bachelor of Arts – Graphic Design and Digital Media

The web-based Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media degree program at California Baptist University aims to help students find their voice and purpose. Working with industry-standard tools and software prepares students for careers in this high-demand industry by sharpening their design skills.

Some of the topics and areas that you can be an expert on are the following:

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Lighting
  • Workflow
  • Design Theory
  • Typography
  • Dreamweaver
  • Color theory
What’s Unique About The Program:

Design and web design are among the specific topics covered in the degree. Students emerge as well-rounded individuals who are well-versed in the principles of design, typography, photography, and web design. Design and Media topics are covered in depth through hands-on projects and portfolio building. The rigorous curriculum prepares students to be competitive in the workplace by teaching students skills in strategy and soft skills like critical thinking.

Did You Know?

This degree program guides students through a professional, personal, and spiritual journey through Graphic Design and Digital Media. The program will prepare graduates with the ethical standards of Christian heritage to address issues in a global context. In addition, students will gain skills such as self-reflection, critical thinking skills, leading and engaging others, and making effective decisions after graduating from the program.

Graphic Design vs. Multimedia Design

Multimedia and graphic design are primarily differentiated by the type of media they use and where they are to be used. When it comes to multimedia, this component uses all types of media and contributes to producing websites, films, songs, video games, television shows, and other media types.

A multimedia piece can be displayed on various platforms using animation, visuals, and audio. A multimedia design integrates many different elements using different types of media.

Conversely, graphic design creates a platform for visually displaying information. The key word here is “visuals.” For instance, a designer incorporates audio and visual elements when launching websites. The website can be designed so visitors can easily navigate the various pages and even talk to an online agent. A graphic designer creates a platform to display specific elements in an easy-to-view format.

It’s quite different from multimedia. Changing and adjusting are constant processes for a multimedia designer. Storytelling, plotting, and storylines can be moved from one phase to the next by multimedia artists. Presenting a concept to customers through multimedia rather than just graphic design is more interesting and unique.

Possible Careers After Graduating with an Online Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design

Numerous career opportunities are available to those who specialize in Multimedia Design. It is possible to find intriguing jobs as an art director or a project manager if you have a background in multimedia.

Here are some possible careers for you after graduating with an online Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design:

Film and Video Editor

The role of a film or video editor involves handling a film or video, managing edits, controlling sound effects and dialogue, and incorporating unique and special effects to make them interesting. Post-production skills play a crucial role in determining the quality and deliverability of the final product.

Digital Designer

The work of a Digital Designer encompasses a variety of responsibilities, including creating digital design copies, designing websites, social media accounts, email templates, brand campaigns, and devising digital forms.

Special Effects Artist And Animator

Most special effects artists and animators are adept in 2D and 3D animation. Television, films, video games, and other forms of media often need the help of special effects artists and animators.

Art Director

Art Directors develop and maintain creative visions that speak to readers, viewers, or users. They oversee creative teams who work on marketing, advertising, graphic design, and film projects.

Multimedia Designer

A multimedia artist creates digital media designs and effects using graphics technology software and tools. Most of them studied a technology-related or design-related discipline that prepared them to create illustrations, graphic designs, and computer animations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Multimedia Design bachelor’s degree?

Technology is used creatively in multimedia design degree programs. Besides web and graphic design, computer programming and digital photography are also included in this major. As a multimedia design student, you can learn various ways to communicate with the public.

Others create interactive content for platforms like mobile apps or television, while others create artistic content for platforms like television and video games.

How do you choose the best online Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design degree?

When choosing one of the many online multimedia degree programs, you should assess your aptitudes, professional goals, and interests. To enroll in the best online bachelor’s in multimedia design degree, you need to determine if they offer the concentration or specialization you want. While some online programs offer an accelerated route toward graduation, others allow part-time enrollment.

Also, you need to consider the cost of tuition fees and whether they offer financial aid and assistance options. Sometimes, it’s effective to compare schools’ prices. Lastly, some programs require a higher number of credits. You may gain more in-depth training from a longer program, while you may be able to complete the program faster if you choose a shorter one.

What do multimedia designers usually do?

Many multimedia designers create creative content for television and websites, among other platforms. Utilizing their graphic design and animation skills, they produce interactive and engaging content.

Multimedia designers collaborate with multiple departments to create digital animations or copies. At the same time, they ensure that project objectives and deadlines are met. 

Summary Points

  • Several industries and professions can benefit from multimedia design methods and practices. Future digital designers make use of digital tools and methods that are usually taught alongside traditional graphic design practices in coursework.
  • Graduates of multimedia design programs often become multimedia art specialists, special effects artists, graphic designers, animators, web development experts, or web designers.
  • A Multimedia Design online bachelor’s degree can be completed in four years but can be accelerated or delayed based on your credits per semester.  

Additional Resources:

5 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Film in 2023

Whether you’re a movie buff or your dream job is to be a part of the movie cast, enrolling in an online Bachelor’s in Film degree could be the first step toward achieving your life goals. Aside from learning all the technicalities that go into making films and video clips, Film Studies enable students to develop excellent communication, writing, and research skills, which prepare them for a wide range of careers and careers related to cinema.

Online Bachelor's in Film - fact

As the US movie industry has generated a $95.45 billion revenue to date, it’s safe to say that landing a job in this field is sustainable and stable. 

An online bachelor’s in film degree can teach you everything that goes into making a digital film, from start to finish. Many hands-on and experiential learning are integrated into this online degree. Television shows, news broadcasts, and mobile apps can also be studied regarding technology and processes. The collaborative nature of online film programs and online learning platforms facilitates student interaction and discussion. The key is to select the best online bachelor’s degree in film studies to kickstart your dream career.

The Lowdown

Film degree programs can hone your mastery in creating and editing movies, shows, and videos. And they also help you improve your soft skill sets, such as writing, time management, and analytical skills.

Upon completing their online degrees, graduates may choose to work for newspapers or magazines as writers, filmmaking as assistant directors, or go into producing projects in cinematography and theatrical plays.


Deciding to study for an online Film degree is easy. However, choosing the right online Film degree program is challenging.

We make the selection easy for you! Each of the five best recommended Online Bachelor’s in Art and Design – Film concentration on our list stands out because of these features:

  • Delivered 100% online or through a hybrid learning format, 
  • Covers core courses and general education courses integral to Film and Media Studies, including the latest trends and tools in filmmaking,
  • Allows online students to gain real-life experience through internships and helps them build a portfolio for entry into the film industry after graduation,
  • Prepares students for master’s degree studies to reinforce their learning and develop their competence further,
  • Exposes students to studying films and cinematography, which ranges from the past until modern times.
  • Enables students to communicate with professors through an efficient learning platform,
  • Taught by instructors who have extensive industry experience and track records in their respective fields,
  • Allows transfer credits and offers tuition discounts and financial aid to qualified online students,
  • Officially accredited by academic institutions.

Find more information on our Methodology page.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Film Degree Programs

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Film and Media Studies (online)

Arizona State University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies program specializing in critically analyzing films, television shows, video games, and modern media copies. In this online film degree, you’ll learn about the cultural and economic influences on film and media.

This program prepares students to enter the film industry for the first time or strengthen their technical filmmaking skills by learning interpretive and investigative skills. 

Some of the core courses that online students take are the following:

  • Screenwriting fundamentals
  • Television studies
  • Film and media history
  • Race and Gender in US Media
  • Emerging digital media
What Makes this Program Unique:

The ASU Film and Media Studies undergraduate program allows students to customize their educational experience. Graduates qualify for various filmmaking roles, including as a communication specialist, film editor, public relations specialist, talent agent, and TV program director.

Did You Know?
  • There are prestigious students and faculty members in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Some are Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel laureates, Fulbright American scholars, and Guggenheim and McArthur Fellows.
  • Even if you don’t get admitted into ASU initially, you can still gain admission through Earned Admission.

The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona - Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television (online)

With a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television taken online, you will be prepared for creative, academic, and business careers. And the University of Arizona will be your first partner in attaining that. A major objective of the program is to foster informed media consumers and creators by integrating historical and critical analysis with industry studies. 

Some of the courses integrated into this online bachelor’s film degree are:

  • Film and TV history
  • Intro to film production
  • Film and TV aesthetics
  • Intro to film and TV industries
What Makes this Program Unique:

This program culminates in a Practicum where you will apply your learnings to develop a project aligned with your career interests. Talented and experienced faculty will support your development into an outstanding artist, ready to conquer the movie industry.

Did You Know?
  • With the University of Arizona, you can expect the same professors, resources, and degrees but in a completely online format.
  • There are no differences in rates for in-state and out-of-state students of the Arizona Online program.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University

Online Bachelor of Science in Digital Film – Video Production (hybrid)

Those passionate about the arts and entertainment industry can benefit from a film production or video production degree from GCU. This BA in Digital Film degree in Video Production can be finished by acquiring 120 credits online or on-campus. Grand Canyon University offers a robust and interactive platform for prospective students.

Aside from developing professional communication skills, you also develop leadership qualities, critical reasoning skills, and ethical judgment skills.

Being part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences discipline, general education courses foster human understanding and creativity. University General Education Competencies are identified as knowledge, insight, and outcomes that can be gained through foundational knowledge courses. 

What Makes this Program Unique:
  • With a film degree, you can gain skills and connections that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to through other degrees or on your own. In addition to providing valuable experience, the curriculum takes advantage of GCU’s expertise in all areas of filmmaking. 
  • After reviewing your unofficial transcript, the school provides a cost estimate of the Film degree program. 
Did You Know?

There are many career advancement opportunities for candidates with an arts and entertainment background. Your knowledge will be applied to real-world situations through advanced projects. You will complete a professional-level, short digital film as part of your film or video production degree on-campus or online.

Maharishi International University

Maharishi International University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Cinematic Arts and New Media (online)

Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa offers a BA in Cinematic Arts and New Media. Online classes last between four and eight weeks. Student portfolios and internships are required for the program.

With this online BA in Cinematic Arts & New Media program, there is more to media production than technical skills. They will help you get in touch with your cinematic talents and skills.

These online classes are project-based and focused on building your portfolio. Creating your degree can be as easy as choosing classes and projects when enrolling in this online program. Maharishi International University also allows Film degree online students to spend one or more semesters on campus to utilize our specialized equipment and facilities.

It is also possible for on-campus students to study remotely and become online students for a semester or more. You have the liberty to change or shift formats as you wish.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This online program lets you start your career with internships and freelance projects. In addition to having impressive portfolios, graduates will know how to thrive in the media industry. One of the most effective teaching approaches in this art university and film school online is the Transcendental Meditation technique. This method improves creativity and reduces stress, which is helpful for you to focus on your cinematic classes.

Did You Know?
  • Each class is a creative and safe environment that makes you feel like a family member. Throughout the program, students are part of a creative community dedicated to inner growth and professional endeavors involving motion pictures.
  • They also pride themselves on our professors’ ability to keep up with industry trends. Students develop lasting bonds with their classmates through highly collaborative projects in the film and television industry.

Miami International University of Art and Design

Miami International University of Art and Design

Online Bachelor of Fine Arts – Digital Filmmaking and Video Production (online)

The Miami International University of Art and Design features an online BFA in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. Upon completing this online bachelor’s degree, 180 credits must have been met. All application materials must be submitted online, including transcripts or equivalency certificates.

All these areas are covered when learning this filmmaking and video production bachelor’s degree:

  • Sound design
  • Broadcast graphics
  • Editing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storytelling
  • Composting
  • Acting

In addition, you’ll learn theory, criticism, and the history of film and media, as well as other industry-related topics. You’ll gain insight from instructors with years of experience in the field while learning alongside students who share your passion for creativity. As a student, you’ll also undertake an internship to enhance your hands-on skills and resume.

What Makes this Program Unique:

You will be able to produce a digital film from start to finish. Upon graduation, you can find a job in broadcasting, news editing, video editing, or film production. After all, the online courses aim to prepare students for employment in the industry by providing them with the necessary tools and skills. Thankfully, you can curate standout portfolios with the help and support of your reputable faculty.

Did You Know?

Admissions may be applied for at any time by prospective students. Students are encouraged to apply before their intended start date so that admissions decisions can be made promptly.

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in Film Degree

Expect to study the following courses when you enroll in an online bachelor’s degree in film:


This course will require you to use your creativity in crafting dramas, scripts, and whatever form of stories. A story or narrative that evokes powerful emotions and insights is a story. In other words, a story vividly describes ideas, beliefs, personal experiences, and life lessons. You can learn all the techniques through this course.


During this course, you’ll learn how to write stories that can be adapted for film and television. In this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of screenwriting. Character development, dialogue, scene writing, script writing, and storytelling technique will be taught.

Digital Literacy

Learn how the Internet has affected entertainment and media distribution and how forms of entertainment and media are available online. Students will gain practical word processing experience through hands-on exercises in this course.


From story ideas to final editing and everything in between, this area of study focuses on the art of filmmaking. An introductory course can give students a basic understanding of film styles, genres and production principles. This is a basic foundational course for everyone who wants to enter the field of film and media.


In filmmaking, you will study directing others and coordinating a team’s effort. By taking directing courses, students can develop their professional portfolios, form relationships with film industry insiders, and potentially break into the industry. In addition to working as assistant directors, students can work in other roles on film crews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can graduates do upon completing their Bachelor’s in Film or Film concentration program?

Film majors have a knack for writing or producing stories, but they can also take on other similar career pathways. Between 2021 and 2031, the country’s Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees an 8% increase in the employment of producers and directors. A 12% growth is forecasted for film and video editors and camera operators.

How long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree in Film?

Those who enroll in a bachelor’s degree online program full-time typically graduate after four years, whereas those who enroll part-time in the online film school may take longer, depending on the courses enrolled per semester. 

How much do Film majors earn?

You can get a high-paying job in film production by finding your strengths, whether directing, filmmaking, screenwriting, or producing shows. The salary potential for professionals with bachelor’s degrees in film varies depending on the career they pursue and the state they live in.

According to data, a Film Production graduate with a bachelor’s degree would earn from $99,310 – $108,979 annually

Summary Points

  • A film graduate’s career options include film and video editing, marketing management, video production, and creative direction. In film settings, entry-level professionals may work in many roles too.
  • Students are expected to take courses in film technologies, filmmaking, directing, film theory and criticism, and screenwriting, which will prepare them for successful careers in the film industry after graduation.
  • Bachelor’s degrees in film equip students with the fundamentals and basic knowledge they need to work effectively in the industry.

Additional Resources:

10 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Game Design in 2023

The United States is not only the world’s largest gaming market but is also considered by many to have given birth to the concept of gaming. In fact, according to Statista, the US video game market is estimated at 97.67 billion dollars in 2022, breaking the previous record. Such data would tell you that this market will only continue to grow. Thus, many gaming companies will continue to expand and hire more game design specialists and professionals. 

Online Bachelor's in Game Design - fact

Having said that, the demand for qualified game designers has led colleges, technical schools, and universities to develop online degree programs. In order to enter this booming but competitive industry, it’s crucial to prepare with the right foundation in aspects of software development, graphic design, interactive animation, games development, and game programming. 

An online Game Design degree is well worth the investment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics presents various jobs in video game development. It’s safe to say that you’ll be able to land your dream job in the game sector as soon as you graduate. However, it’s important to choose an online bachelor’s in game design first. 

The Lowdown

For enthusiasts who want to make a name for themselves in the gaming industry, an online Bachelor in Game Design offers a multitude of opportunities. You can work in the fields of video games, software development, digital media, and application development.

It is important for game development and gaming companies to hire qualified individuals who are well-prepared and have completed comprehensive training in understanding the creative and artistic aspects of the field.

Aside from acquiring an online bachelor’s degree in Game Design, earning real-world experiences such as internships, participating in studio productions, and crafting your portfolio is equally important.


Because many online programs are offering online Game Design or Game Software Development programs, prospective students naturally feel confused about which to choose. We come up with a ranking list that includes the best combination of academic excellence, affordability, reputation, and good-quality instructors.

We research and select online Game Design degrees and colleges based on their ability to generate a return on investment. These considerations below were factored in for each online Game Design school or program:

  • Offered in 100% online classes, while some are a combination of on-campus and online learning,
  • Provides online students opportunities for real-life experiential learning, including internships to help students build their extensive portfolio of game designs,
  • Provides theoretical and practical training in the art and design of video games, game engine technology, and interactive game development,
  • Provides students with information on the latest and most innovative technologies used in today’s game design field,
  • Utilizes message boards, web seminars, and online discussions that allow students to interact with professors, as well as online resources and student support services,
  • Taught by seasoned instructors who are experts in their respective fields, with track records and experiences in working in large gaming companies,
  • Offers transfer credits, tuition discounts, and financial aid options for online students,
  • Helps students master the use of tools in Game Design such as Adobe, In-Design, 3D art software, illustration tools, and more,
  • Accredited by academic agencies that establish the quality standards of teaching,
  • Recognized by the Game Design industry as a producer of top-caliber graduates.

For more information, visit our Methodology page.

The Best Online Bachelor’s in Game Design Degree Programs

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Arts in Game Design (online)

Imagine yourself designing creatures from extraterrestrial planets or creatively creating virtual worlds. All these will be made possible when you enroll in an online Bachelor of Arts in Game Design offered at Southern New Hampshire University. One of the best online Game Design schools, its program focuses on front-end game design and can help you develop a game design portfolio, that will help you kickstart your career. 

As you learn and apply game design and game art principles such as rigging, lighting, texturing, 3D modeling, and character animation, you can brush up your knowledge and skills in 3D and 2D graphics software.

Students in this highly regarded undergraduate program develop creativity, critical thinking, and technical skills. Online courses from SNHU allow you to stay competitive and gain the skills you need in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing workplace.

What’s Unique About The Program:

As a leader in game art and design, SNHU offers a competitive edge by focusing on modern industry standards and building essential skills. There are many careers for you to choose from, whether you want to work in games or movies, in education, or in the military.

Did You Know?

  • From the day you enroll at SNHU to the day you graduate, you’ll receive support. The online classroom is available 24/7 and you will have constant access to helpful learning resources such as student support services, online library resources, and learning platforms.
  • With SNHU’s transfer policy, you can transfer up to 90 credits to your bachelor’s degree and 45 credits to your associate’s degree-saving you up to 75% on tuition. 
  • SNHU offers its students, alumni, and staff a powerful network to support them long after graduation.

Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University

Bachelor of Arts in Game Design (online)

An undergraduate degree in game design is available at Lindenwood University. The Game Design program prepares you for a career in many industries, such as the video game industry, interactive design, animation, and graphic design. Courses relating to projects and portfolios are woven throughout the curriculum to ensure a comprehensive and relevant curriculum.

 Students pursuing the game design degree will be able to explore key industry concepts, such as game economics, aesthetics, immersion, and usability, throughout their coursework. Storytelling and character development will also be covered. 

What’s Unique About The Program:

VR headsets and associated applications are required for this program, integrated with immersive reality technologies throughout the curriculum. Students can fully engage and understand the subjects they are learning through immersive realities, such as virtual reality.

By immersing themselves in a virtual environment, students will not only be able to engage with their topics, other students, and instructors but will also be able to understand their contexts better. Students will be prepared to use these technologies in their professions through these experiences that support the program’s learning outcomes.

Did You Know?

  • Lindenwood University’s Game Design faculty is among the best in the country. You can learn about the industry’s changing landscape from them due to their educational background and real-world professional skills.
  • Lindenwood University has eight campuses located in 40 states and 60 countries. Besides offering over 115 degree programs, it also offers evening and accelerated degree programs perfect for any kind of student.

Wilmington University

Wilmington University

BS in Game Design and Development (online)

Wilmington University offers a high-quality bachelor of science in game design and development degree program, which can be taken completely online. With this major, you can learn to design video games for various consoles and platforms. You’ll also master topics in 3D modeling, graphic design, interactive design, and video production. Video game designer degree programs at Wilmington University are among the few accredited four-year programs in the region.

What’s Unique About The Program:

Students can attend classes with actual lab and game studio simulations, which helps them to be more familiar with the advanced technologies needed to succeed in the game design industry. As a game developer, you can show off your creations and build your game design portfolio early by working on real-world projects. This online degree is surprisingly affordable, and they come in flexible class schedules which can be taken during the evening or on weekends.

Did You Know?

  • Your skills will be developed in a hands-on environment as you create a portfolio you can show potential employers.
  • In this program, you can take animation, 3D, graphic design, video and film production, and game development and design classes.
  • You’ll learn many soft skills during the course, including ethics, leadership problem-solving, collaboration, gaming trends, and how games are developed.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University

Bachelor of Science in Interactive Technology – Game Design (online)

A top program such as the online bachelor of science in interactive technology with a concentration in Game Design is offered at Full Sail University. Game development and prototyping are the main topics covered in this online program. Also, it focuses on two more aspects such as game mechanics and game balancing.

Students gain a deep understanding of the game development pipeline through high-level game design and production courses offered through the Interactive Technology Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Game Design.

What’s Unique About The Program:

Academic Advantage Scholarships offer up to $15,000 to qualified campus students. Many prospective students are attracted to this online bachelor’s degree due to their financial aid offering.

Did You Know?

  • The alumni at Full Sail University have created and contributed a lot to the entertainment industry through producing successful games, box-hit movies, and producing iconic albums. They have also designed environments and conceptualized ad campaigns.
  • Among their Hall of Fame inductees are Oscar winners, GRAMMY nominees, animators, entrepreneurs, and more. Annually, Full Sail hosts a weeklong celebration featuring live events, educational panels, and more.

Middle Georgia State University

Middle Georgia State University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Integrated Digital Media and Game Design (online)

The BS in Information Technology with Integrated Digital Media & Game Design concentration teaches students how to design and develop digital media and games for various IT applications. During the various courses, students will learn how to evaluate user needs and design, develop, and implement digital media products to meet those needs. This program provides students with various skills for designing and producing graphic materials, developing interfaces, and constructing interactive applications. 

After graduation, here are some careers you can pursue:

  • Game Developer
  • Digital Media Designer
  • Multimedia Specialist

What’s Unique About The Program:

As part of your curriculum, you will complete 42 credit hours in core courses, but you’ll also be able to choose and customize your electives. It is common for courses to last eight weeks and to be flexible in length. You can apply to MGA continuously, meaning you can enroll when the next term begins after admission. This program is very cost-effective, with 120 credits costing around $20,000, making it a very cost-effective option for undergraduates.

Did You Know?

  • Internships must be completed for a minimum of 45 hours per credit hour.
  • In addition to learning analysis and design skills, you will also learn graphic design in production and interactive application development.

University of Advancing Technology

University of Advancing Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Game Design (online)

At the University of Advancing Technology, you can earn an online Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. With UAT’s Game Design degree program, students have the opportunity to build and create complete game design projects with faculty and fellow students from across the game studies program.

As part of the game studies program family, students are able to work together with fellow students and faculty to build and create complete game projects. This program offers you the opportunity to learn and apply industry-standard tools, techniques, and production methods to create and implement game elements, systems, and play mechanics.

What’s Unique About The Program:

They educate the next generation of innovators using their faculty’s experience to mentor students as they lead innovations and solve technology challenges. In UAT’s Synchronic Learning model, students are prepared to become tomorrow’s innovators through an educational framework. Embraced by UAT, this model promotes demonstrated mastery and job readiness through methodologies, curricula, and community.

Did You Know?

  • In addition to producing graduates with top qualifications in game design, game programming, and animation, the program also aims to equip students with hands-on experience in these fields.
  • A student’s ability to succeed in the workplace is developed through internships, community projects, and apprenticeships.

George Mason University

George Mason University - Mason Online

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Computer Game Design (online)

The BFA in Computer Game Design is available online at George Mason University. Students can attain technical skills while focusing on the artistic aspects of computer game design through this online degree program. A required internship enhances students’ employability after graduation by providing practical experience. A new pedagogical environment based on revolving roles and project-based learning combines both sciences and arts.

The following courses are a must when you enroll in this online program:

  • Computer science
  • Humanities
  • Music
  • Visual Technology
  • Art

What’s Unique About The Program:

Mason Game and Technology Academy (MGTA) offers mentorship opportunities for Computer Game Design students (CGD). By offering challenging enrichment courses that combine STEM core competencies with immersion technology, the arts, and entrepreneurship, MGTA offers students the rare chance to engage with university professors and students. It prepares students to succeed in STEM fields of the future by inspiring them to pursue advanced studies in those fields.

Did You Know?

  • This degree program seeks to combine the arts and sciences in a collaborative, problem-solving environment. 
  • The “Pre-Internship Seminar” must be attended prior to the senior capstone and internship. 
  • The program is for students interested in combining computer science and technology with the artistic aspects of game design.
  • A US Serious Game Institute is housed in the Computer Game Design program, which conducts applied research and development into game-related applications.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – in Gaming Design (online)

Liberty University offers a bachelor of science in information technology with a concentration in gaming design. With these skills, you can enter the exciting and evolving field of game design. Various other creative and technical professionals can benefit from these skills as well. This rapidly growing job market offers so many opportunities that now is the perfect time to jump in.

Our society today relies heavily on the gaming industry, from classic video game systems to games on our phones. The video game designer degree is the degree for you if you want to pursue a high-impact career with unlimited creativity. 

What’s Unique About The Program:

Choosing Liberty is a great choice when it comes to video game design colleges. The future of gaming will bring several challenges, but you will be prepared for all of them through their online bachelor’s in game design degree. 

Did You Know?

  • Liberty prepares students for the fast-paced industry of online game design by using the latest tools and best practices – so you stay on top of current technology and trends. 
  • As a student in our information technology – video game design program, you will learn critical programming and design skills for your future career.
  • Their online community of future game designers can also help you develop technical skills. Increase your network and open doors to future career opportunities by connecting with like-minded students.

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University

Bachelor of Arts in Game Design (online)

The main objective of the Academy of Art University’s online Game Design bachelor’s degree is to future gaming industry professionals by equipping them with practical knowledge and technical skills. Because of this, they ensure that the course content is relevant and progressive through a dynamic learning environment. Whether you attend school online or on campus, you will receive the same quality education.

Similar to on-campus programs, they provide live workshops to online students. An internal resources page with helpful tutorials is constantly updated and covers a wide variety of interesting topics. When you join the program online, all of these resources are available to you. Their community is vibrant and creative, so you’ll definitely find your own place there. 

What’s Unique About The Program:

A range of coursework is offered by the Academy, including video productions, slideshows with narration, digital documents, expert interviews, livestreams, and more. With the Academy’s custom Learning Management System (LMS), you simply upload your assignments, and your instructor can mark them up, upload videos, and record audio feedback. The Academy of Art University offers web-based courses over 7.5 and 15 weeks.

Did You Know?

  • The Learning Management System at the Academy of Art University contains all student classes, ranks, profiles, news, and other information. These contribute to making learning more convenient.
  • Providing or receiving constructive feedback is as easy as posting work or exchanging thoughts. By supporting and pushing one another, you create long-lasting relationships that endure beyond the course. You will be closer to your online classmates, as you would when you attend on-campus.
  • You may submit artwork for evaluation, and instructors can provide detailed feedback.

Miami International University of Art and Design

Miami International University of Art and Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art & Design (online)

Miami International University of Art and Design designed their online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art & Design in a way to prepare you for a career in the gaming industry or any related field. Because it’s designed completely online, you can take the lessons from anywhere you wish. The course covers augmented and virtual reality as well as the economics of developing a marketable game. Students and instructors share their work and feedback with each other while using professional-grade technology and software. 

What’s Unique About The Program:

The courses prepare students for employment in the field by providing them with the necessary tools and skills. Faculty mentors will offer valuable guidance to students in creating a portfolio that stands out. Many of them are working in the industry or have worked there in the past.

Did You Know?

  • A Technology Fee is included with each degree program so you can use the latest technology during your program. This fee includes a provision of an iPad, an Apple pencil, and a keyboard.
  • The Technology Fee covers the cost of specialized software and tools you’ll need to complete coursework.
  • However, it is possible for students to choose not to pay the Introductory Technology Fee and to purchase all the necessary tech gadgets by themselves.

Common Courses in Online Bachelor’s in Game Design Degree

Principles of Programming

A variety of key programming topics are covered in an introductory programming course. A student learns how to write scripts, interact with programs, design software, and debug it. Students develop interactive websites, experiments, and online games in these classes, which are hands-on in nature.

Digital Arts

The elements of art, typography, design principles, composition, and color theory are some of the concepts students learn in digital art classes. This is where you can brush up on your Adobe Photoshop skills, as well as learn other illustration apps and tools.

Digital Communication

Creative professionals must communicate effectively in a digital environment. Students learn how to use diverse digital tools and interact with computers in digital communication courses. Through interactive media projects, websites, and social media applications, learners build their confidence in communicating and expressing themselves digitally.

Game Design

A course in Game Design falls under the Design category. Game design courses teach students how to design games for multiple platforms and consoles such as mobiles, TV, and computers. During the course, students learn how to design games technically.

Interactive Design

Interactive art and design are critical aspects of this course. Furthermore, students are encouraged to explore the breadth of interactive design through coursework. Hands-on projects help students develop their skills.

3D Animation

Graphic design, visual effects, character animation, and motion capture are just a few of the skills you’ll learn in a 3D animation course. The knowledge of 3D animation that you will gain from an undergraduate degree will be a good foundation. An industry expert will mentor you personally to teach you how to create life-like animation and CGI scenes using the latest tools and techniques.

Career Pathways for Online Bachelor’s in Game Design Graduates

Game Designer

As a game designer, you will develop the game’s mechanics, develop game structures, and write interactive narration. You will also add features, design, and maintain all about the game to make it user-friendly and suit the preferences of gamers.


By sequencing multiple frames together, an animator creates an illusion of movement which is referred to as animation. Models, puppets, and digital or hand-drawn pictures can be used to create the images. The majority of animators are involved in the creation of 2D, 3D models, stop-frame animation, or computer-generated animation.

Multimedia Expert

As a multimedia specialist, you’ll integrate text, audio, video, graphics, photography, and virtual reality to create multimedia products on TV, laptops, phones, and other gaming gadgets. Despite different media mixes, all projects have a computer component that integrates them all.

Graphic Designer

An experienced graphic designer will make eye-catching visuals for a wide range of products and activities, like posters, websites, ads, and games. A graphic designer must work with clients to understand their business goals and requirements, estimate the time needed to complete a project, and develop design briefs.

Software Engineer

Technology advances and the strategic direction of the company in which you work will constantly change the environment in which you work as a software engineer. As a systems analyst or architect, you will develop, maintain, audit, and enhance hard and software systems to meet particular needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a high demand for game designers?

As part of the broader category of multimedia artists and animators, the BLS includes video game designers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data predicts that special effects artists and animators’ employment opportunities will rise by about 5% in the next decade. This means that there will be approximately 6,700 openings for special effects artists and animators every year.

How long does it take to finish an online Bachelor’s in Game Design?

It typically takes four years full-time to complete a bachelor’s degree online. It may be possible for you to earn your degree faster if you take courses during the summer. A number of online programs allow part-time learning too. Studying part-time takes longer overall, but it’s a great option for working adults.

How do you start a career in game design?

Through this search for degree programs, you’ve already begun your path to becoming a game designer! Undergraduate degrees offer a lot more than just coursework in game design. Internships or apprenticeships may be required as part of some programs, giving you real-world experience. Your last semester or quarter of study may include a Capstone Project, which is a good way to build a portfolio that employers will appreciate.

As you learn about the Game Design profession, internships and apprenticeships are excellent opportunities for networking and partnering with working professionals. Networking is a concrete way to start a career in game design. 

Summary Points

  • Graduating from an online Bachelor’s in Video Game Design program commonly leads to careers in video game design, artists, and developers. It is highly competitive in this field for entry-level positions, so many aspiring professionals develop their own games to establish a portfolio and build networks.
  • Companies that develop games look for applicants who have had comprehensive training and preparation in the artistic and creative components of the field. Hence, it’s important to participate in many real-life opportunities that will hone your game design skills.
  • Some of the core courses you take in this online bachelor’s in game design include design, graphic design, project management, concept development, and story design. The majority of programs are project-based, and you may have to work with other students virtually.

Additional Resources:

The 10 Best Online Associate in Elementary Education Degrees in 2023

Studying for an associate degree in elementary education will help graduates for jobs as elementary school aides. This associate degree can also be the start to earning more education in this field.

Best Online Associates Degrees in Elementary Education - fact

Elementary school teachers are required to hold a bachelor’s degree in elementary education to gain teacher certification in most states in the US. This is the very reason why an associate’s education degree in elementary is not enough to provide aspiring teachers with the academic credentials they need to work as teachers in both public and private schools.

The Lowdown

There are still lots of community colleges that offer an associate elementary education degree. Although these schools can’t prepare students to become licensed teachers, these programs can prepare them for other possible opportunities.

An associate education degree program will still open doors to other careers aside from education. The coursework will introduce students to the various concepts in child development and elementary education, preparing them to be qualified to assist children in learning new skills and solving problems.


Our 15 best online Associates in Elementary Education programs were compiled based on these academic features of each of the schools:

  • Delivered as an online or hybrid associate program featuring Elementary Education courses that equip students with the competency for entry-level work or undergraduate pursuit,
  • It may or may not offer a Transfer Pathway for an easy associate-to-bachelor program transition,
  • Taught by well-credentialed faculty members with professional experience as elementary educators or contributors to the field,
  • Provides qualified students with a wealth of financial aid options, such as scholarships and federal assistance,
  • Features generous transfer credit policies and outstanding student services,
  • Offered a two-year community or a four-year college that is regionally accredited,
  • Positively reviewed by students, alumni, and stakeholders,

Read our Methodology page to learn how our ranking process works.

10 Best Online Associates in Elementary Education

Ohio State University

Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a public land-grant research university located in Columbus, Ohio. It offers more than 200 undergraduate majors, 278 graduate and professional programs, and 500-plus specializations to cater to one’s areas of interest and academic journey.

OSU also offers an online associate degree in early childhood education and development. Using the Canvas platform, this 60-credit program leads to associate licensure in pre-K education in Ohio.

  • Graduates in this online program are qualified to teach in licensed preschool and childcare programs and are eligible for the associate pre-kindergarten teacher licensure exam after completing and passing the OAE (Ohio Assessments for Educators) Pre-K1 and Pre-K2 tests.
  • Those who are interested in working their coursework towards a bachelor’s degree can also do so and earn a degree in Human Development and Family Science.

What Makes the Program Unique

Through this online associate degree, students will hone their skills and be knowledgeable in working with children from birth to 5 years of age in both private and public childcare and preschool settings. The degree also applies the latest research on the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development of early childhood education.

Did you know?

The Ohio State University is the online university in the entire nation that has the word “THE” as part of the official name of the school. And every year, all freshmen will take a class photo on the campus football field, forming a Block O, which will bring them together as they continue through the coming years together.

Northeast Community College Norfolk

Northeast Community College Norfolk

Northeast Community College is a public community college in northeast Nebraska. It has four campuses: O’Neill, Norfolk, South Sioux City, and West Point. The school offers different programs of study– whether you are looking for a certificate, an associate degree, a diploma, or other training programs.

Northeast Community College offers an online Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education.

  • The program prepares students to work in preschool settings, child care centers, family home care, head starts, before-and-after-school programs, and as classroom aides and nannies.
  • Students will learn more about real childcare settings from experienced professionals.
  • This is a 60-credit program that, when completed, students can start careers as teaching assistants, childcare workers, and preschool administrators. However, this degree does not grant a teaching license to associate degree holders.
  • Aside from general education courses, the curriculum of this online education program consists of courses like children with exceptionalities, expressive arts, and community and family relationships.
  • This elementary education degree online also teaches students to learn how to develop curricula that focus on parental engagement and inclusionary practices.

What Makes the Program Unique

Students of the online associate’s degrees at Northeast Community College are provided with merit-based waivers, financial aid, and institutional scholarships. All students can also take advantage of the dedicated career services that will help them explore jobs, create effective resumes, search for employment, and draft cover letters.

Did you know?

Northeast Community College believes it’s possible to earn higher education and balance high-quality academic and high-impact experiences. All the programs at Northeast Community as made in a way that they are more aligned with the realities of the future.

Saint Francis University

Saint Francis University

Saint Francis University is located in Loretto, Pennsylvania. This private Catholic university offers more than 60 academic majors and a wide selection of minors, providing students the chance to customize their education. This accredited school’s undergraduate, graduate, and continuing studies program will prepare students to become successful in their chosen fields.

SFU offers an online associate’s degree in early childhood education. This 63-credit associate of arts program can be completed online, although some online students can also take some on-campus courses.

  • Students in this online associate will experience real teaching experience– with practical experience connected with theory to practice.
  • This early child development online program is handled by experienced university faculty that collaborate with other pre-service teachers and school personnel to achieve the goals of this elementary education program.
  • The online associate program is suitable for those with few credits, as well as those with a CDA certificate or no prior college-level coursework.
  • Courses within this associate degree program will have easy transfer credits to the school’s bachelor’s degree programs in Early Childhood Education Degree (BA/BS).
  • Courses include special education, education psychology, physical education, and more.
  • Each graduate is prepared to become a teacher’s aide, a preschool teacher, or a daycare assistant.

What Makes the Program Unique

Saint Francis University accepts applications for their associate’s degrees on a rolling basis. These online programs have two start dates each semester. Associates in elementary education can also take advantage of the different financial aid opportunities, including state-funded TEACH scholarships.

Did you know?

Saint Francis University is the oldest Franciscan school of higher education in the US. The school has earned a notable reputation for creating innovative learning experiences where each student will grow and later on become someone that God calls them to become.

Chaminade University of Honolulu

Chaminade University of Honolulu

The Chaminade University of Honolulu is a private university located in Honolulu, Hawaii. This Marianist school offers associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in 23 fields of studies and five master’s degree programs.

Its School of Education and Behavioral Sciences offers an online associate of science in early childhood education track.

  • This is a 60-credit course for students who want to learn how to create practice-informed and positive learning experiences for children ages 2-6.
  • The curriculum includes core courses in music, art, child development, creative movement in classroom management, and health and family issues.
  • This is a preparatory elementary education program where students will learn about the fundamentals of elementary education.
  • This online associate education degree will provide students hands-on skills by completing a practicum.
  • Students who wish to proceed to a bachelor’s degree in education can take advantage of this online education program.

What Makes the Program Unique

The Early Childhood Education program of the Chaminade University of Honolulu is aligned with the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, as well as with state requirements. And since this associate education program is offered online, this allows students to fit the instruction into their busy schedules.

Did you know?

The Chaminade University of Honolulu is known for its diverse student body student. Students come from the mainland US, Hawaii, the Pacific Region, and beyond. All its class sizes are small, with a very low student-to-faculty ratio.

From an associate degree in elementary education programs to a bachelor’s degree education, students will professionally develop through research, service learning projects, and research and internship experiences.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Alaska Fairbanks

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a public land-grant research university located in College, Alaska, a modest suburb of Fairbanks. This is the flagship institution of the University of Alaska System. UAF has excellent colleges and academic schools and has over 190 different degree and certificate programs in more than 120 disciplines.

UAF’s online associate in applied science in early childhood education. This is a 60-credit program that cultivates the skills and knowledge students need to support the crucial development of the whole child– from the prenatal stages to age eight.

  • This online associate degree is perfect for aspiring elementary school teachers, first-timers, or those who are already educated in other areas but still want to train in this field.
  • Courses include educational psychology, curricular principles and practices, child and family ecology, special education, and nutrition and physical education.

What Makes the Program Unique

Students in this online associate in education for early childhood will apply their skills through a practical curriculum. This program also has fewer general education classes than most other programs of its kind, thus making it easier for students to transfer credits and transition to an elementary education bachelor’s degree.

Did you know?

The University of Alaska Fairbanks allows distance learners to enroll either in the spring, summer, or fall semesters. The school is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Schools Commission.

Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University is a public institution in Russellville, Arkansas, that offers programs for baccalaureate and graduate levels in different fields. Its Ozark Campus is a satellite campus that offers two-year associate programs and certificate education.

ATU’s online associate degree in early childhood education covers many topics, including child psychology, nutritional science, child growth and development, educational theory, and the theories of early childhood education.

  • The early education teaching degree online of this accredited school is structured to provide a smooth acquisition of academic requirements for different career levels in occupations related to early childhood and childcare.
  • This online associate also provides the basic academic requirements for meeting the assessment guideline for the CDA (Child Development Associate) Credential; and is also an excellent preparatory program for those who wish to proceed to a bachelor’s program in teacher education.
  • Associate degree holders of online programs from ATU will have multiple hands-on learning opportunities and field experience.
  • This program will also develop the understanding and knowledge of students about child development and learning and prepare them for earning an online elementary education degree.

What Makes the Program Unique

Students can stack their associate of arts in early childhood education in credentials with the following degrees: a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree in Child Development.

Did you know?

Arkansas Tech University is where you can find the first emergency management degree programs in the world accredited by the Foundation on Higher Education in Disaster/Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Concordia University, Saint Paul

Concordia University, Saint Paul

Concordia University, Saint Paul is part of the Concordia University System operated by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, this private university offers on-campus and online academic programs, ranging from associates to doctorates, so students can expand their career opportunities.

CSP’s online associate degree in early childhood education is the number one most affordable college in the twin cities.

  • Through this program, students will meet the stringent standards of the Child Development Associate National Credentialing program.
  • This associate is an excellent program to prepare students interested in proceeding to an elementary education online degree.
  • This associate in arts covers areas like children’s play and learning, language development and literacy, and the best teaching practices.
  • Students will delve further into the role of early childhood and elementary school teachers concerning professional ethics and cultural inclusivity.

What Makes the Program Unique

The program accepts applications with no application fees. Transfer credit evaluation is also free, and there are many financial aid and scholarships available.

Did you know?

Concordia University, Saint Paul, has a very high success rate, with 95% of its students receiving job offers right after graduation.

Allen Community College

Allen Community College

Allen Community College is a public community college with campuses in Iola (main campus) and Burlingame. The school offers both in-person and online courses across 60 academic and technical programs.

This community college can earn an online associate degree in education in different tracks: the early childhood education degree, the associate of applied science program, or the associate of arts in elementary education.

  • The Teacher Education: Elementary education program will prepare students to successfully transition to a bachelor’s degree in elementary education by giving them a firm foundation in general education studies.
  • This online associate’s degree follows a sequence of recommended courses that will meet the most education-focused degree requirements for the first years of study for Kansas Board of Regents universities.

What Makes the Program Unique

The degree in elementary education at ACC will allow students to focus on their career goals in teaching: either in coaching, special education, or para-education.

Did you know?

Allen Community College has maintained it’s being very accommodating and affordable with lots of educational programs. The resources at this school are extensive, plus the staff is very helpful and welcoming.

Community College of Aurora

Community College of Aurora

Community College of Aurora is a public community college located in Aurora, Colorado. The school offers more than 40 degrees and certificates in transfer and occupational education. Core classes at CCA are guaranteed to transfer to Colorado public colleges and universities.

The online Associate of Arts in Elementary Education program at Community College of Aurora is a transfer program designed for students who plan to transfer their credits to a four-year university or college.

  • This online program is designed for students to wish to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at CCA and later transfer to a university to complete their BA with licensure in Elementary Teacher Education.
  • This is a 60-credit online program– 35 credits for general education requirements and 25 credits for education requirements and electives.

What Makes the Program Unique

CCA has a statewide Teacher Education Transfer Agreement with other Colorado four-year institutions of higher education, including:

  • Adams State College
  • Colorado State University at Pueblo
  • Fort Lewis College
  • Mesa State College
  • Metropolitan State College of Denver
  • University of Colorado System (Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver)
  • University of Northern Colorado
  • University of Southern Colorado
  • Western State College

Did you know?

Community College of Aurora highly values safety and diversity. They make an effort to celebrate all cultures and make sure that every student knows that they are welcome at the School.

Northwest Mississippi Community College

Northwest Mississippi Community College

Northwest Mississippi Community College is a public community college based in Senatobia, Mississippi. The school offers the requirements students need to prepare for a four-year bachelor’s degree at any Mississippi college and university.

Like most elementary education programs, the associate of arts in elementary education at Northwest Mississippi Community College is designed to prepare students to transfer into a bachelor’s level degree program in Elementary education.

  • This online associate will prepare future elementary teachers to teach students a variety of subjects like math, language, arts, and social studies.
  • This program also leads to other educational programs that will help people learn how to teach subjects in an elementary education setting.

What Makes the Program Unique

This program is part of the school’s Academic Pathways – a mutual agreement between NMCC and all four-year public universities. Students who complete their Associate of Arts programs can expect all their classes to transfer in-state.

Did you know?

Northwest Mississippi Community College’s online eLearning programs were named one of the top online schools in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you earn an Associate in Education degree online?

Most associate in education degree programs takes two years to complete and need roughly 60 credits of coursework. However, the time it takes for a student to complete a program will largely depend on the student’s schedule, goals, and motivation. Those who work full-time and enroll part-time will need more than two years to graduate.

How credible are online Associates in Elementary education?

Earning an online degree in education is your stepping stone toward a more lucrative career in childcare and education. Graduates of two-year programs gain theoretical and foundational knowledge of the field, plus obtain field and classroom experience under the helm of a licensed teacher.

What is the demand for an Associate degree in Education?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions in the field are likely to grow by 5% between 2021 and 2031. For example, preschool teachers are said to increase by 15%.


  • The associate in elementary education degree is perfect for students who enjoy working with children.
  • Those who wish to become full-fledged licensed teachers can transition from an associate’s to a bachelor’s degree.
  • Most online associate programs last two years for full-timers.

Additional Information:

5 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Animation in 2023

If you have amazing creativity and are good at putting your imagination to reality, perhaps taking an online Bachelor’s in Animation is a suitable pathway to prepare for your career in this industry. Drawing, design, film, art, and illustration are all creative pursuits that you may find interesting, which is why an education in animation is your cup of tea. Nonetheless, a degree in this field prepares you for a thriving career in the arts and digital industry.

Online Bachelor's in Animation - fact

Animators create visual effects in films, television, and video games. The need for new, talented animators increases as the demand for traditional arts and design occupations declines. Did you know that the field of animation is expanding? Its estimated worth of US$18 billion is expected to grow by more than 50% by 2026!

Prepare for your dream job as you enroll in the best online Bachelors in Animation degree.  You can gain a competitive advantage over talented individuals without formal education by completing the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in computer animation online.

The Lowdown

An online bachelor’s degree in Animation is among the best educational pursuits for would-be animators and those wanting to enter this growing industry. As technology advances, prospective students can learn more about the tools, techniques, and software an efficient modern animator uses today.

As film and video game supply and demand rise actively, many employers worldwide hire new and talented animators. It’s time to get an online bachelor’s degree in animation designed to prepare you for a professional career in this field.


Many online schools offer Animation degrees online, enabling you to land a job in the animation industry. However, a few schools offer an online bachelor’s degree solely in the Animation field. Fortunately, we were able to include the best colleges and universities that match our ranking criteria.

On our list are the five schools, in random order, offering excellent undergraduate programs in Animation. Each recommended school meets the following criteria:

  • Offered 100% online or as a hybrid undergraduate Animation degree,
  • Highlight Animation-related courses to ensure the mastery of 2D and 3D art and technology, which are vital in the animation industry,
  • Prepares students for web content creation, multimedia design, video game animation, and computer graphics jobs, on top of developing their skills in creating 3D models,
  • Provides real-world experiential learning opportunities, capstone projects, and internships, enriching the student’s portfolio,
  • Utilizes effective and convenient online learning platforms,
  • Taught by Animation professionals who share real-world insights into the industry,
  • Allows transferable credits and come with financial aid and tuition assistance options.
  • Regionally accredited, such as by the SACSCOC-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

You can visit our Methodology page for more information about our rankings.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Animation Degree Programs

Full Sail University

Full Sail University

Online Bachelor of Science in Animation (Hybrid)

Among the degrees offered by Full Sail University is their famous online Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation. Whether it’s to create crowd scenes for a film, a commercial, or a video game, computer graphics are used almost everywhere today in the entertainment industry. This online degree from Full Sail University teaches all the skills needed for these activities.

Animation students in this degree program learn about production pipelines used in professional studios and workshops, including the following hard skills:

  • Visual development
  • Sketching
  • Stop motion
  • Storyboarding
What Makes this Program Unique:

As part of the Full Sail program, prospective students will have exposure to using their Project LaunchBoxTM, which provides students with powerful technology to help them create projects. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can access your files, multimedia creations, and coursework. 

Did You Know?

With accelerated programs, all books, and lab fees included in tuition, Full Sail takes a different approach to education. With this online bachelor’s in animation degree, you will be assured that the tuition is fixed. There will be no additional or hidden fees, which also means that book and other supplies expenses are already included. You can finish the program early and start an entry-level career as soon as you wish. 

Wilmington University

Wilmington University

Online Bachelor of Science in Animation and 3D (online)

WilmU’s Animation and 3D bachelor’s degree program include a lot of activities and mastery of skills. In this online program, you get to practice and brush up on your skills in animation, drawing, sketching, rigging, creating characters, morphing, lighting, and texturing. With Wilmington’s 100% online animation bachelor’s degree, you’ll be prepared for a career in this rapidly expanding field.

What Makes this Program Unique:

With tutoring from faculty with extensive industry experience, you’ll learn real-world animation concepts and practice professional workflows. A professional portfolio is ready for you to share with prospective employers after completing the course. You will also be adept at using Harmony ToonBoom and SideFX Houdini software, which are high in demand among modern animation employers today.

Did You Know?

With this bachelor’s degree program, you can earn a Dual-Credit Certificate® while earning your degree or accelerating into a master’s degree.

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Online Bachelor of Arts in Animation (online)

RMCAD offers an emphasis on 2D and 3D Animation online degrees. This Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation degree is designed to help students develop their artistic, creative, and unique sides. More importantly, online students can collaborate with talented animators from different backgrounds as they learn animation concepts and techniques.

What sets RMCAD from the rest is its renowned faculty of professional artists, designers, and liberal arts professionals.

Students pursuing this fine arts degree receive the support and skills that will enable them to flourish as artists and animators. This online degree focuses on teaching students how to be original animators and tell compelling stories.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The Online Animation Degree at RMCAD prepares students for successful careers. Many of their graduates have landed stable jobs at some of the most prestigious animation companies like Pixar, Nickelodeon, Blue Sky Studios, Lola VFX, and Cartoon Network.

If you dream of landing a job in any of these companies, you’ll have access to the same experience these current staff have. Their faculty staff will help and assist you every step of the way as you pursue an online bachelor’s in animation.

Did You Know?
  • With years of experience and insight, RMCAD’s faculty will guide you through your program. You will have access to some industry secrets that not all schools can have.
  • Students, alumni, and the broader community can continue to engage with each other through a variety of events. The entire RMCAD experience includes exhibitions, lectures, workshops on career development, and more. This means your network can grow more and more, even as you finish this online program.

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University

Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects

The Academy of Art University offers an online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects. Become a part of this exciting, growing industry by studying at the School of Animation & Visual Effects (VFX). In the heart of the animation industry, the Academy offers courses in visual effects, 2D animation, and storyboarding.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The only Animation & VFX school in the country that boasts an actual studio for learners to practice their animation talents. They have established their very own production studio which is called Studio X. It is a highly collaborative, in-house, and student-friendly environment for serious animators. The students from this setting worked on famous movies like Beasts of the Southern Wild and Fruitvale Station.

Did You Know?

Using their revolutionary online courses, students can get the same rigorous education on campus with more convenience. You also have the option to combine online and on-campus formats.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Arts and Design

Online Bachelor of Arts in Animation

In the SCAD Core, students develop critical thinking, communication, and foundational studies skills. But apart from these soft skills, the Savannah College of Art and Design offers an online BFA in Animation that will teach you all the hard skills required of animators. This can be completed by finishing all 180 credits, and students usually finish everything in four years.

Some of the core courses to take are the following:

  • Media Literacy Theory
  • Concept Development 
  • Principles of Screen Design, and Animation
What Makes this Program Unique:

You can succeed wherever you are with SCAD. There are more than 800 computers networked in Montgomery Hall, which lowers rendering times and reduces static electricity. A 60,000-square-foot facility houses a theater, studio environment, and green screen lab at SCAD Digital Media Center in Atlanta. You’d definitely enjoy the benefits from all these facilities even as an online student. 

Did You Know?
  • SCAD locations always have something going on, no matter where you go. Their signature events allow students to meet lauded guests, expand their networks, and gain press exposure.
  • During the largest student-run film festival in the world, you’ll take part in film screenings, conferences, discussions, and workshops that give students a chance to shine alongside today’s brightest minds.
  • Get a worldly perspective, add an international dimension to your résumé, and find inspiration in a new setting by spending a quarter abroad at SCAD Lacoste, the university’s international location
  • You can also take advantage of other study abroad trips available through SCAD.

Career Options to Pursue After Graduating from Online Animation degree programs

Storyboard Artist

Some people automatically relate animation to video games, but other work options are available if you don’t really want to work in this field. For one, you can become a storyboard artist. For television programs, movies, and commercials, you may outline a master plan with visual illustrations. Artists create storyboards for directors before filming begins. As a storyboard artist, you’ll have to decide on lighting, props, and camera angles. 

Video Game Developers

Game developers help turn concepts into playable games. In this modern tech-savviness, more and more people are turning to video games as their main entertainment. As a video game developer, you will need to code programming languages, visual elements, and other game features. A career in video game development can be extremely rewarding if you enjoy video games and computers.

Multimedia Designer

You’ll engage with multiple forms of media as a multimedia designer. You’ll be exposed to handling all media forms like art, design, and sound. There are many industries to work in like the social media or film industry. Your skills could be put to use in designing a 3D environment for a video game or creating an animated video that captures consumers’ attention.

In this job occupation, you’ll need to use a lot of creativity and animation skills to create audience-grabbing content.

Digital Designer

It is no secret that a great logo can make a big difference for your business! As a digital designer, you will need to ensure that brands make use of the right materials and assets. One digital asset that you need to master is the logo.

The task of a logo designer is to create a visual representation of your brand that is simple, smart, and memorable. The graphics or typographic treatments you design will be used by design firms, publishing houses, and advertising agencies.


Cartoonists draw still images for the purpose of entertaining, educating, and persuading the public. Aside from the younger generation, even adults continue to watch cartoons. According to Statista, over 60% of Cartoon Network viewers are adults between the ages of 18 and 49.

There are many uses for cartoons, including marketing, advertising, marketing materials, comic books, video games, and graphic novels.

Art Director

A campaign or project’s art director develops and manages its overall concept and themes. Assuring elements and collaborations come together as a cohesive whole may require them to work with animators, graphic designers, and advertising professionals.

Production Artist

Hands-on production tasks are assigned to the production artist on a daily basis. It provides you with an opportunity to apply your skills to the final stages of creative development, which is a great place to start for someone interested in a career in the field. All the art and media content you design will be sent out into the world, so you need a strong eye for details.

Your skills will also be honed through collaboration with team members like creative directors, web developers, copywriters, and videographers who can provide you with feedback.

Courses to Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Animation Degree

Figure Drawing

This course is the best fit for beginner and intermediate animation learners. Dynamic, shading, and environmental concepts can be incorporated into the reproduction of various forms found in nature. Through an online Computer Animation program, students learn how to draw figures and animate characters to be more realistic-looking. 

Body Mechanics and Locomotion

The topic of body mechanics is discussed by understanding different human movements. Through it, an animator can design more realistic animations that improve the realistic appeal of digital media copy.

Visual Culture

In visual culture, science, humanities, and social sciences are used to analyze a work. It permeates every aspect of our daily lives, whether it is advertising, art, movies, games, paintings, or anything that can be visualized by anyone.

Production, reception, intention, economics, social, and ideological aspects are all factors to consider when analyzing visual culture. This animation course analyzes how the visual aspect of the work influenced the culture of the work. 

Digital Character Design

Online Animation degree program students will learn how to design digital characters using a variety of applications and styles, including 2D and 3D models. Students examine how characters can be brought to life visually and narratively.

In this course, students learn character design principles, anatomy and proportions, gestures and expressions, color and texture, and animation. Using digital characters as a means of conveying emotion and personality, students will learn how to design and create compelling characters.

Stop Motion

Students of online Animation degrees learn about stop-motion animation in this course. This is one effective way to handle and control more motion for films and other animated media. Animation techniques are taught in stop-motion courses.

Students take stop-motion courses to gain skills in planning and developing storylines, creating characters and props, and using cameras and software.

Digital Communication

Several career paths are available in the Digital Communication discipline related to creating content for the web. In the digital communication course, you’ll cover topics such as SEO, social media, advertising, web design, and email marketing. 

History of Cinema

The History of Cinema course explores how cinema evolved as an art form and as a cultural phenomenon. In this animation course, students will learn all about films. There are opportunities to study specific movies, dissect their meanings, and learn about cinema’s influence on our worldview.

Animation Skills Needed for an Effective Animator Today

The ability to create animated graphics is very important as an animator. However, more skills are required other than these hard skills. In addition to artistic skills, computer knowledge and soft skills, they cover a variety of skill sets. Look at the following skills required for animators:

Computer Technical Skills

Animation today is largely digital, with computers used to model, color, and replicate images; skilled animators use specific computer animation skills daily. As animation technology evolves, animators need to keep up and update their computer technical skills.

Here are some tech skills that Computer Animation degree students should be keen about:

  • Rigging
  • Game design
  • Computer generation programs
  • Visual Effects
  • 3D rendering
  • Game art 
  • Motion capture software

Collaboration Skills

Studio or network animators often work in a team with storyboarders, writers, and other animators to complete projects. Collaboration skills are a must-skill set for anyone who wants to be in the animation industry. After all, communicating effectively and collaborating with other arts professionals are essential to a successful animator.

Time Management

Most animators work on multiple projects at once, often for clients with different needs. Whether you’re a freelance animator or working in an animation firm, you must have concrete time management skills to determine what tasks and projects need to be prioritized. This way, you can ensure high-quality content for each client and satisfy everyone.

Artistic and Creative Skills

An animator is usually an artist or designer with some combination of artistic training and industry experience. Modern animation requires both artistic talent and high-tech computer skills. As a result of their educational and professional backgrounds, animators should have developed creativity and artistic skills. 

Innovative Thinking Skills

The scope of your work may vary, from conceptual sketches through final editing, depending on the scope of your work. Aside from creativity and being artistic, you should have innovative thinking skills to decide how to produce high-quality work and improve outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn a bachelor’s degree in Animation entirely online?

With the schools offering online programs today, you will finish an online bachelor’s degree in animation. With the right skills, drive, and talent, you can become an animator by enrolling in the best online animation bachelor’s degree. Modern employers today perceive online programs with the same level of respect and consideration as in-person counterparts.

It is possible to enroll in a comprehensive course, a technical course, or a course that focuses on specific aspects of 3D animation. This will all depend on what your career goals are. 

How can a portfolio help you in your animation career?

The scope of work you had is an important consideration among employers. An animation portfolio may be required for you to get started in the industry. You should become exceptionally proficient during your online Bachelor’s in Animation degree program to showcase your best work to potential employers.

Fortunately, many online bachelor’s degree in Animation programs give you opportunities to start crafting your portfolio as early as possible. You can create a video to display your work using either still images or moving images. A solid and diverse portfolio will allow you to stay ahead of the competition, so it’s important to include them in your resume or CV when applying. 

How long does an online Bachelor’s in Animation take?

A bachelor’s degree in animation usually requires 120 credits to complete online. You can finish it in two and a half or four years, depending on how many credits you’ll take per semester. As a part-time student, though, it is expected to finish this online degree later. 

Summary Points

  • Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in animation will have access to many creative opportunities. 2D animation, 3D animation, character animation, graphic design, and 3D modeling are all covered in most animation degrees. Hence, mastering these topics is an advantage on your end.
  • Among the careers you can pursue with this degree are those related to the film industry, game development, art illustration, graphic design, web design, and digital media.
  • Animators have a huge impact on many sectors of digital media. As the entertainment industry and technology advances, animators should keep up with changes.

Additional Resources:

The 10 Best Online Associates in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degrees in 2023

Growing up, you probably have not heard of your peers talking about dreaming of becoming a logistician, let alone have the slightest idea what that is. However, the U.S. News & World Report has ranked logisticians number four in the list of the best business jobs.

Best Online Associates in Logistics and Supply Chain Management - fact

In today’s globalized world, logistics and global supply chain management play a vital role in ensuring the efficient flow of goods and services from production to consumption. The industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, with new technologies and innovations emerging regularly.

Pursuing an associate Logistics degree, as well as Supply Chain Management degree, can provide a solid foundation for a successful career as logisticians and supply chain managers.

The Lowdown

The best online associate degree in supply chain management prepares students for various roles within the industry, including warehouse operations, transportation management, and inventory control.

Students learn about Logistics and Supply Chain Management principles, procurement, materials management, supply chain software, and global logistics. They also gain valuable hands-on experience through internships or capstone projects, where they can apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

Graduates of these programs can expect to find employment opportunities in diverse fields, such as manufacturing, transportation, retail, and distribution. These positions include entry-level roles such as logistics coordinators, transportation planners, and warehouse supervisors.

However, the online associate degree is also an excellent stepping stone for students who wish to pursue further education, such as a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


To help you choose the best online associate degrees in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, we considered the following factors to ensure your desired outcome:

  • Accreditation: The Logistics and Supply Chain Management program must be offered by a regionally accredited institution, like the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.
  • Curriculum: The program needs to include courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, as well as other relevant topics, such as business, operations management, and information technology.
  • Faculty: The program should have experienced faculty members who hold relevant academic degrees and have practical industry experience.
  • Resources: The program must provide students access to online resources, such as libraries, tutoring, and career services.
  • Flexibility: The program has to offer flexible scheduling options, such as asynchronous courses or part-time enrollment, to accommodate the needs of working students.
  • Affordability: The program must also offer competitive tuition rates and financial aid options to make education accessible to a broader range of students.

10 Best Online Associates in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programs

Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University - Ozark Campus

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Logistic Management

Arkansas Tech University offers an Associate Degree in Logistic Management as a sequence of courses that focuses on the logistics of controlling, planning, and implementing the efficient and effective flow of products and services.

  • It covers the fundamentals of supply chain management, such as procurement, execution of global supply chains, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and transportation.
  • It teaches students about business management, communications, project management, computer fundamentals, data management, and the economics of supply and demand.
  • It demonstrates the necessary skills to be employed, including planning, problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, conflict resolution, and quality customer service skills.
  • It shows students how to perform demand management perform inventory control measures, optimizes warehouse layouts, and improve efficiency.
  • It explains the impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Management on an enterprise’s profitability to determine the necessary steps to purchase and evaluate a new product or service.
What Makes This Program Unique:

The Logistic Management degree program offered by Arkansas Tech University is recognized among the top 10 Associate Degrees. Students will need to complete 60 semester credit hours to graduate.

Did You Know?

Arkansas Tech University offers in-state tuition for those living in states bordering Arkansas through financial aid. Applicants must submit an application and additional information. Those who will enroll in online classes only will need to request an immunization waiver through the Office of Student Services.

Forsyth Tech Community College

Forsyth Tech Community College

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management with an Emphasis on Global Logistics Technology

Individuals who dream of landing a successful career in logistics, distribution, warehousing, supply chain, trucking operations, and manufacturing organizations should enroll in Forsyth Tech Community College’s Supply Chain Management-Global Logistics Technology, AAS.  

  • It teaches students about the international and domestic movement of goods, from sourcing raw materials through production.
  • Its coursework will include courses in finance and economics, inventory control, warehousing, transportation, supply chain operations, material handling, purchasing, computerization, safety regulations, and federal transportation.
  • It will help increase students’ chances of landing high-paying jobs in material management, warehousing, distribution, planning, transportation, inventory, international freight, logistics, and trucking operations.
  • It is a unique concentration under the Supply Chain Management curriculum designed to prepare individuals to become effective in manufacturing and service organizations and government agencies.
What Makes This Program Unique:

The entire associate’s degree will require students to complete all courses for a total of 65 credit hours. For students who will not be able to follow the recommended curriculum, they need to consult their academic advisor to know which courses to take to succeed in their endeavors.

Did You Know?

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges-accredited Forsyth Tech Community College offers grants, loans, and scholarships.

To be eligible for financial aid, students must attend classes. Those who stop attending courses before reaching the 60% point are required by the U.S. Department of Education to repay any “unearned” funds or go through the process called Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4).

Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University

Associate Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

With an Associate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management from Colorado Christian University, you’ll be able to develop a deep understanding of the backbone of business all over the world – supply chain management and global logistics.

  • Students will study the processes of physical supply and distribution in both domestic and international business settings, including warehousing, quality control, handling, inbound logistics, financial and inventory controls, procurement and purchase of raw materials, transportation, and sourcing.
  • Students will be taught in Christ-centered classes enabling them to perform optimally in the workplace and the real world.
What Makes This Program Unique:

This associate degree program will be your key to seeking further career advancement if you decide to complete a bachelor’s degree in a related field. All 60 credit hours of courses in your associate degree can be applied if you pursue a Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Classes are generally completed in five-week blocks.

Did You Know?

The Associate Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can be completed in two years or less, even if you don’t have any prior coursework. However, you can graduate from the program faster if you have military, technical, or college credits.

Vance-Granville Community College

Vance Granville Community College

Associate in Applied Science in Supply Chain Management with an Emphasis on Global Logistics Technology

Vance-Granville Community College offers a two-year Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management with an Emphasis on Global Logistics Technology to help interested individuals get started in their pursuit of becoming a leader in the field.

  • Students can identify the various segments of logistics and the proper use of industry jargon and terminologies.
  • Students become adept in interpreting governing regulations and identifying modes of transportation.
  • Students will know how to describe the role of distribution centers and warehouses, understand distribution productivity measures, and apply industry terminologies and principles.
  • Students earn the competency to determine supply chain units and clearly describe the materials management process.
  • Students are able to describe and apply terminologies and principles used in procurement, such as electronic data interchange services.
What Makes This Program Unique:

This associate degree program has related programs, which include:

  • Degree Level Option – Supply Chain Management – Trucking Operations Management
  • Certificate Level Option – Global Supply Chain
  • Certificate Level Option – Transportation Logistics
Did You Know?

Every student is required to complete 67-68 total semester hours. To apply for this associate degree program, you need to complete an application for admission, which should include your residency through their Residency Determine Service (RDS). Vance-Granville Community College offers financial aid in the form of scholarships and other sources.

Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management

To answer the increasing demand for Logistics and Supply Chain Management professionals, Fox Valley Technical College offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management.

  • Students are expected to be able to analyze logistic interfaces in a supply chain.
  • Students will learn to demonstrate operations management methodologies across different product and service industries.
  • Students will know how to implement best practices in supply chain management in an international setting.
  • Students will be able to evaluate techniques on demand management and customer service policies.
What Makes This Program Unique:

After earning your associate degree at Fox Valley Technical College, you will be allowed to transfer your credits to a four-year college or university of choice. This makes finishing a bachelor’s degree convenient, accessible, and affordable.

Did You Know?

Fox Valley Technical College only accepts applications for online classes at the start of the summer. Tuition and fees can cost around $4,746 but are subject to change without further notice. To apply, you must pass an academic skills assessment or a GPA of 2.75 or higher within the last ten years.

Davidson-Davie Community College

Davidson-Davie Community College

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management with an Emphasis on Global Logistics

The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management with an Emphasis on Global Logistics emphasizes courses in supply chain operations, inventory control, economics and finance, warehousing, transportation, purchasing, material handling, computerization, and safety regulations.

  • Students will be able to qualify for positions in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in manufacturing, service organizations, and government agencies.
  • Students will be able to evaluate the sociological, environmental, and economic impact of the transportation of materials and supplies locally and internationally.
  • Students should be able to apply contemporary practices in warehousing and distribution, as well as evaluate the flow of information and products through the supply chain.
  • Students will also know how to identify and procure materials or supplies in the proper time frame using a diverse base of customers and suppliers.
What Makes This Program Unique:

The Davidson-Davie Community College offers full-time and part-time schedules for students enrolling in the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management with an Emphasis on Global Logistics program. They can take advantage of the fully online program or a combination of traditional and online courses.

Did You Know?

Applicants for this associate degree need to demonstrate college readiness in mathematics and English through college-level math/English courses. They can also waive or complete credit for specific co-requisite courses. Those who finish this course may have the option to continue their education and pursue a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management at a four-year institution, specifically North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Lakeshore Technical College

Lakeshore Technical College

Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management

People in Wisconsin interested in being a part of the ever-changing and growing field of supply chain management can enroll in Lakeshore Technical College to take up the Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management. You need to complete 60 total credit hours to finish this program.

  • Students will learn how to route and expedite the movement of cargo and freight shipments in the train, airline, and trucking terminals.
  • Students will be able to analyze and coordinate a firm or organization’s ongoing logistical functions.
  • Students will be able to conduct organizational evaluations and studies, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, design procedures and systems, and prepare procedures and operations manuals to help management operate more effectively and efficiently.
  • Students will also know how to verify and maintain records on shipments involving inventory and prepare items for shipment.
What Makes This Program Unique:

Lakeshore Technical College’s Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management offers many program courses online, in a blended delivery, or in an accelerated form to allow students to limit their time on campus.

Did You Know?

Lakeshore Technical College lets high school students take coursework while still attending their high school. They also offer GED and High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) testing services and even have classes to help prepare students for the examinations. You are also eligible for transfer credits if you have prior learning experiences from dual-credit courses in high school, another college, or on-the-job training.

Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College

Associate’s Degree in Logistics Management

Georgia Military College offers an Associates Degree in Logistics Management (Associate of Arts and Associate of Science) to provide aspirants with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in the business environment.

  • Students will be able to analyze business information and participate in decision-making processes.
  • Students will know how to use accounting software like M.S. Excel to build and evaluate accounting data.
  • Students will be able to compare and analyze economic data.
  • Students will also learn how to formulate business communications that demonstrate ethics in the business environment.
What Makes This Program Unique:

One of the most significant benefits of taking an Associate’s Degree in Logistics Management at Georgia Military College is that graduates will have the opportunity to transfer credits to a four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program in Logistics Management or Business Administration.

Did You Know?

Georgia Military College offers some of the most affordable tuition rates in the country. Aside from that, this school offers courses that are common with the core requirements of other colleges and universities.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management

Once you graduate with an Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management, you will be well prepared to take on essential roles in any logistical activity involved in the flow of goods.

  • Students will learn about organizing and planning, continuous improvement, creating and controlling processes, leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving.
  • Students will have increased chances of excelling in the field as a claims analyst, manager, dispatcher, customer service representative, inventory analyst, inventory control specialist, materials planner, inventory control specialist, master production scheduler, logistics technician, shipping and receiving specialist, purchasing assistant, warehouse specialist, transportation coordinator, or international logistics technician.
  • Students will be able to apply ethical and legal standards of procurement, construct a global supply chain management perspective, and plan a product with enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes.
  • Students will learn how to demonstrate their knowledge of supply chain management concepts, responsibilities, and roles and apply inventory management, warehousing, and demand management techniques.
What Makes This Program Unique:

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College offers the Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management to full-time or part-time students in-campus or online. The College 101 course is listed in the Institutional Eligibility and Administrative Requirements for graduation, which you must pass with a grade of C or higher.

Did You Know?

College of Business degree programs at NWTC are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). This accreditation focuses on a continuous improvement model, student learning outcomes, and teaching excellence. NWTC also has International Programs staff that helps students travel for educational experiences.

Shoreline Community College

Shoreline Community College

Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

With an associate degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management at Shoreline Community College, you can guarantee that you’ll get training for employment as a supply chain associate, logistics specialist, supply manager, or buyer.

  • Students can apply the necessary skills to collaborate across an organization, adapt to the work environment, and understand and support an organization’s policies.
  • Students will be able to apply mathematical concepts to perform cost analyses and make informed supply chain decisions.
  • Students should know how to utilize supply chain vocabulary and concepts related to quality, sourcing, transportation, storage, production, and negotiation to successfully procure, store, and move goods and services.
  • Students will learn how to apply contract and materials management principles, as well as principles of accounting, logistics, finance, international business, economics, and business law, to supply chain and purchasing activities.
What Makes This Program Unique:

What makes Shoreline Community College’s Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management unique is that graduates of this degree program will gain knowledge and skills not only in supply chain management but also in accounting, business, and operations. Also, this program is Quality Matters certified, meaning it has been “evaluated by a team of experts and met [our] rigorous standards of quality.”

Did You Know?

Students are offered flexible scheduling with four fully online options. The length of this associate degree will be 93 to 96 credit hours, depending on the courses you choose to take. Students are also required to have a grade of 2.0 or higher for each business course and an overall 2.0 GPA or higher. There are also several ways to pay for your education, including grants, scholarships, and federal aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online Associate’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

An online associate’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a popular option for those looking to pursue a career in the field. This two-year program provides students with the foundational knowledge and skills required to succeed in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The curriculum of an online associates degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management typically covers a range of topics, including inventory management, transportation, procurement, warehousing, and distribution. Students can expect to learn about the processes involved in getting products from manufacturers to consumers, as well as the technologies and strategies used to optimize these processes.

One of the significant benefits of pursuing an online associate’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the flexibility it provides. Online programs allow students to study at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes, making it easier to balance work, family, and other responsibilities.

In addition to flexibility, online associate degree programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management are often more affordable than traditional on-campus programs. This is because online programs do not have the same overhead costs as traditional programs, such as campus facilities and maintenance.

What should I consider when choosing an online Associate’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

When choosing an online associate degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, evaluate the school or program in terms of accreditation, curriculum, faculty, support services, and cost or tuition rates.

Are credit transfers from an online Associate’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management applicable to a four-year program?

Yes, many online associate degree programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management are designed to transfer seamlessly to a four-year program. However, it is essential to check with the four-year institution to ensure that the credits will transfer.

What job opportunities are available with an online Associate’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Graduates of an online associates degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can pursue various job opportunities, including:

  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Transportation Planner
  • Inventory Control Specialist
  • Purchasing Agent

Summary Points

  • Online associates in Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree programs provide students with the foundational skills for pursuing the career.
  • Consider the curriculum and ensure the program covers essential topics, such as inventory management, transportation, procurement, warehousing, and distribution.
  • Look for a flexible program schedule that allows you to study at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.
  • Consider support services such as academic advising, career counseling, and networking opportunities.
  • Read reviews and ratings from current and former students to gain an understanding of the program’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Use a methodology when researching online associate degrees in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, including defining your goals, identifying accredited programs, comparing curriculums and costs, researching job opportunities, exploring support services, and reading reviews and ratings.

Additional Information:

The 10 Best Online Associate in Fashion Merchandising Degrees in 2023

What’s fashion merchandising worth? The fashion industry is so huge that the global revenue in 2022 alone amounted to 1.53 trillion U.S. dollars. While store windows and styling are the more noticeable elements in this business, the art and science behind it are driven by fashion merchandising.

Prospective students who want to start a successful career in this field may want to consider earning an associate in fashion merchandising. This degree program will equip them with visual merchandising knowledge and skills to become effective fashion merchandisers.

Best Online Associate in Fashion Merchandising - fact

They will be able to work with retail stores, designers, and fashion labels to attract window shoppers by building store displays that showcase products and entice buyers. Their work often encompasses retail sales promotion and fashion merchandising management.

Fashion merchandising students also develop campaigns promoting new products and collections. They are taught to learn how to evaluate trends, buy patterns, and demographics of the target market to be more effective at their job. This knowledge will help brands gain exposure and in turn, will increase their revenue.

The Lowdown

The best associate in online fashion merchandising degree programs gives a good foundation to interested students who want to begin their formal training and open a wealth of opportunities in a dynamic, ever-growing field.

The online associate degree program often combines a passion for style and trend-watching along with a business-focused education. Students are well-prepared to take on fashion and related industries.


When choosing from these fire science degree programs, you must determine whether their program of study, student outcomes, and costs are in your favor. The best online associate in fire science degree meets your current needs and contributes to the achievement of your career goals!

The top Fashion Merchandising associate degree programs on our list were selected based on these criteria:

  • Offered by a regionally accredited community college or university,
  • Features blended or online Fashion Merchandising courses that introduce students to the basics of the discipline and the profession, including store operations, product development, styling, customer service, and retail merchandising,
  • Features faculty personnel with the right educational credentials and professional experience,
  • May offer an Associate-to-Bachelor Transfer Pathway option to students for an easier transition to the bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising,
  • Provides financial assistance, generous transfer credit programs, and comprehensive support services,
  • Receives stellar reviews and feedback from students or alumni and is esteemed by industry groups

Please visit our Methodology page and take a look at our detailed ranking process.

Best Associate in Fashion Merchandising Degree Online

Madison Area Technical College

Madison Area Technical College

Associate Degree in Fashion Marketing

Madison College offers an associate degree program in fashion marketing. This program is designed for those who have a creative flair and interest in fashion and retail businesses.

The focus of the program is equipping students with ample knowledge of the various aspects of the passion industry, encompassing technical design, social media marketing, and retailing.

  • Students will learn how to develop and promote fashion products and services and apply fashion marketing principles in real-world businesses.
  • Attending and participating in guest lectures and seminars are part of the curriculum.
  • The program is available full-time and part-time and can be completed online.
  • Some of the fashion merchandising courses that one can expect in the program include Fashion Analysis, Apparel Marketing, Fashion Merchandising Theory, Retail Management, Textiles, Store Operations, and Merchandise Plan, among others.  
  • Students can usually finish the 59-credit degree in two years.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Working with known area businesses, this program gives students the opportunity to take part in internships or receive employment offers from companies such as Bag Borrow Steal, Loud Treads, Kohl’s. Fair Indigo, Levi’s, Land’s End, and so much more.

Did You Know?

The community college has agreements with UW System Schools, Wisconsin Private Schools, and even some out-of-state schools.

LIM College

LIM College

AAS in Fashion Merchandising & Management

Students interested in learning the world of fashion merchandising may want to consider earning an Associate of Applied Science in Fashion in Merchandising and Management from LIM College.

This program teaches students how the various aspects of the fashion industry come together, from basic business courses to those which focus on real-world applications. 

  • This online program equips students with knowledge and skills to help them develop and sell fashion products and services.
  • Some courses in the associate program curriculum include Applied Concepts in Merchandising, Digital Tools for Fashion Presentations, Product and Development and Merchandising, Fabric for Fashion, Sustainability and the Future of Fashion, and Visual Communication, among others.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program requires students to take part in a fashion merchandising internship to provide them with priceless experience. Some of the brands they interned with include MAC Cosmetics, Michael Kors, Nickelodeon, Vera Wang, Rebecca Minkoff, and more.

Did You Know?

According to, LIM College is included in the Top 10 Fashion Merchandising Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Associate of Science in Fashion Merchandising

Southern New Hampshire University, a private, nonprofit institution based in Manchester and Hooksett, New Hampshire, offers an Associate of Science in Fashion Merchandising program, which covers key knowledge areas of Fashion Merchandising, as well as crucial foundational business knowledge that cuts across many industries in its applicability.

  • The program contains a total of 60 credit hours and has no SAT/ACT score requirements. There is also no application fee.  
  • The program curriculum includes retailing, marketing, color theory, textiles, and more. The program’s General Education component also teaches crucial soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and analysis.
  • The program is delivered asynchronously, which lets students complete their coursework at their most convenient time. Course materials are also accessible 24/7.

What Makes This Program Unique:

SNHU offers some of the lowest rates in the country for online education. Students can also save further by transferring up to 45 credit hours toward their Associate degree.  

Did You Know?

SNHU is recognized by the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE), and the AS in Fashion Merchandising program is, in turn, approved by the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs).

Berkeley College

Berkeley College

AAS in Fashion Merchandising and Management

Berkeley College, a private, for-profit college with physical campuses in New York and New Jersey, offers an Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising and Management degree program, which has a unique industry-side approach and is located right within one of the world’s fashion meccas.

  • Berkeley College’s AAS degree design focuses on the business side of the fashion industry and features all aspects of the fashion industry’s global supply chain.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in unique learning opportunities such as tours of fashion houses and taking part in the New York Fashion Week, aside from other hands-on learning experiences.
  • The program contains a total of 60 credit hours. Courses are offered both online and onsite, encompassing various subject areas such as fashion business management and future fashion trends.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Berkeley College prides itself on faculty that has extensive experience in the fashion industry and has an advantageous location, being at the heart of one of the world’s fashion capitals.

Did You Know?

For those seeking a similar 4-year degree, Berkeley also offers Fashion Merchandising and Management as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program.

Miami International University of Art & Design

Miami International University of Art & Design

AA in Fashion Merchandising

The Miami International University of Art and Design, a private, for-profit art school, offers an Associate of Arts in Fashion Merchandising degree program, which is a unique blend of style and substance that sees a wide range of applicability toward careers in the fashion industry.

  • The program is offered online, introducing students to the full ins and outs of the fashion industry.
  • Major content areas in the program include Marketing, Management, Styling, Fashion Trends, Advertising, and Public Relations. 
  • Credits earned in the program are transferrable to their online Fashion Merchandising Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Arts).

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program features an Introductory Technology fee that covers industry-relevant tools and specialized software needed for coursework, including an iPad, Apple Pencil, and smart keyboard. Students can, however, opt out of the fee ad purchase these at their expense.

Did You Know?

The online education offered by Miami International University of Art & Design is backed by its vibrant community of fashion creatives, whose experience and innovative strategies are integrated into its delivery.

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College

AS in Fashion Merchandising

Miami Dade College, a public college, offers an Associate of Science in Fashion Merchandising, a program designed to nurture creativity and train students in practical skills in the context of the fashion business industry.

  • The program contains a total of 60 credit hours and takes around two years to complete.
  • The program includes the study areas of Contemporary Retailing, Fashion Forecasting Research, Fashion Merchandising Strategies, Textile, Apparel and Retail Analysis, Textile Science, and Portfolio Collection Development.
  • This associate degree program is primarily aimed at preparing students to take up careers in the fashion industry as creative professionals and emphasizes design, technology, and retail and merchandising practice.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Miami Dade College offers a range of learning format options to cater to student’s needs, including live virtual classes via MDC LIVE and the self-paced MDC Online option.

Did You Know?

This online associate in fashion merchandising degree program serves as the pathway to the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision & Management and Supply Chain Management.

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University

AA in Fashion Merchandising

The Academy of Art University, a private for-profit art school in San Francisco, California, offers an Associate of Arts in Fashion Merchandising degree program, which features a well-rounded preparation for students to enter the fashion industry, providing solid theoretical knowledge as well as a range of crucial skills.

  • The program contains a total of 60 credit hours.
  • The program’s curriculum includes courses in Composition, Fabric and Fiber Technology, Fashion History, Color Science, and more.
  • This associate degree program can also be used as a stepping stone to pursuing their Bachelor of Fine Arts.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Aside from providing firm fundamentals in the field of fashion merchandising, this associate degree program also addresses the need for students to be professionally ready for their job search after graduation, particularly in developing their body of work.

Did You Know?

The Academy of Art University also offers the following fashion industry-related associate degree programs: AA in Fashion Product Development, AA in Fashion Styling, and AA in Fashion journalism, among others.

Houston Community College

Houston Community College

AAS in Fashion Merchandising

The Associate of Science in Fashion Merchandising at Houston Community College prepares students for a rewarding career in fashion retailing and wholesale operations. They are taught basic training in merchandising techniques along with creative development.

  • This program allows students to learn how to analyze collections based on target consumers, markets, size, and retail price categories.
  • Students are expected to communicate design concepts at different stages of development through basic knowledge of clothing production, drawing skills, and appropriate software.
  • Students should also be able to utilize a broad fashion vocabulary that demonstrates their knowledge of fashion, textile, and knitwear terminology.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This program accepts all the courses earned in the Fashion Merchandising certificates, allowing students with prior knowledge to earn the degree faster.

Did You Know?

The Houston Community College is approved by the National Association of Schools of Art & Design, an accrediting organization of colleges, schools, and universities in the country.

SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology

SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology

One-year AAS in Fashion Merchandising

The SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in Fashion Merchandising, which can be earned online. Students are given the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in the fashion business.

  • The program teaches students all about retailing, merchandise planning, buying, fashion forecasting, the business of styling, and product development.
  • This degree adapts to the changing field by incorporating the latest trends and technology into the curriculum.
  • The online degree program can be completed in two years, with schedules available in the evening and on weekends, along with an online option.

What Makes This Program Unique:

To broaden students’ global perspective, the program requires them to identify and evaluate various global issues and how they will affect the fashion business.

Did You Know?

High school graduates cannot directly apply to the school’s fashion merchandising bachelor’s degree program. They are encouraged to earn the Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising first before they can proceed.

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College

AAS in Fashion Design & Merchandising: Fashion Merchandising Emphasis

Salt Lake Community College provides students with quality education. One of the program offerings is the Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Design & Merchandising.

  • This program is available online, lending students the flexibility of an online learning experience.
  • Students will gain practical skills that will help them prepare and advance in the fashion industry or continue their education at four-year institutions.
  • Apart from Fashion Merchandising, students can also specialize in fashion design and technical apparel design.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program features a hands-on curriculum based on human factors, ergonomics, business practices, and strategic design development.

Did You Know?

Salt Lake Community College helps thousands of students reach their learning goals anytime and anywhere with their online programs that number around 200 courses across 50 academic disciplines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can an online Fashion Merchandising degree be completed?

Most of the time, associates in fashion merchandising programs take two years to complete. However, this usually depends on whether students are enrolled full-time or part-time. Some students are designed to be friendly to working students and professionals, so they are given the flexibility to take the fashion merchandising courses at their own pace.

Other online Fashion Merchandising degree programs have accelerated options, allowing students to finish the course quicker than their counterparts.

What are the common admission requirements for Fashion Merchandising programs?

Most associates in fashion merchandising programs are not strict regarding the admission process. The common requirements often include the completion of the application, a high school diploma, prior transcripts, and, in some cases, test scores. The latter is not always required.

There might be instances where students may be required to complete developmental coursework as needed, often by completing appropriate English and mathematics courses.

What can undergraduates do with a Fashion Merchandising online degree?

There is a wealth of opportunities for those who have successfully earned the online associate in fashion merchandising program. Some do on to work in retail, and others go into art and design. Many choose to become buyers and merchandisers in the fashion industry. Some of the careers they may take part in include:

  • Fashion buyers
  • Fashion designers
  • Fashion editors
  • Fashion event coordinators
  • Market researchers
  • Marketing representatives
  • Merchandise managers
  • Merchandising displayers
  • Social media brand ambassadors
  • Showroom assistants
  • Purchasing agents
  • Retail sales managers
  • Manufacturing sales representatives

Those who want to further their education may opt to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program. This will give them a better understanding of fashion merchandising that can help enhance their credentials.

Many universities that offer associate degree programs in fashion merchandising also offer a bachelor’s degree version of the program. Others have strong partnerships with four-year universities, making it easier for students to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree.

What are some standard courses for an Associate in Fashion Merchandising?

In keeping with the structure of typical associate degrees, these programs necessarily contain a General Education component, which includes writing, mathematics skills, and other electives. With regard to major course content, common courses in Fashion Merchandising Associate Degree programs contain the following thematic areas:

Fashion History details the progression of trends and styles that form the history and context of the modern fashion industries.

Fashion Trends/Fashion Forecasting is another one of the major thematic areas in the discipline. Fashion involves not only looking at its history but also being able to anticipate and predict fashion trends, as this impacts significant decisions related to management.

These programs also include a course/courses dedicated to the principles of Advertising, as this is involved in a significant part of the major activities of fashion merchandising professionals. This involves the major content areas of consumer behavior, sales promotion and sales strategies, and more.

Courses in Styling are also typically included in Fashion Merchandising degree programs, as this is considered one of the major skills required of industry professionals.

Retail Buying involves many major sub-activities related to the fashion cycle, which include merchandise planning, consumer research, marketing strategies, retail sales promotion, and others.

These programs also offer a course/courses on Textiles/Materials, as well as Color Theory.

Some fashion merchandising degree programs may also include courses related to digital design, as fashion design continues to incorporate digital tools and design spaces in its core set of design methodologies.

Lastly, Fashion Merchandising involves the business side of the fashion industry. As such, fashion merchandising associate degree programs also typically include business management and financial accounting courses.

How much do associate degrees in Fashion Merchandising typically cost?

It largely depends on the structure of the university/college offering the degree, as for-profit institutions typically cost more than community colleges and private nonprofit institutions.

Some for-profit institutions may have a per-credit hour cost that hovers around the $500 mark, while other institutions may have it lower at around $300 per credit hour for the most affordable ones.

Given their shorter duration, these associate degrees typically cost less than four-year degrees, and while these are only estimates, students can expect the total cost to be around the $10,000 mark.

In the end, it is best to consult directly with particular universities/colleges to get the most exact cost figures, as well as get informed on any financial aid options available to offset the cost even further.

Is there available financial aid for online programs in Fashion Merchandising?

Online fashion merchandising programs often offer financial aid options to interested students. However, the choices vary from school to school.

Some colleges allow eligible students to apply for financial aid, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). There are also scholarships that may be offered on a need-based or merit-based basis. Students may need to demonstrate a strong academic performance or participate in certain activities in order to qualify.

Some scholarships may come from professional associations, community groups, and other organizations. This financial aid does not have to be paid back, which is quite helpful to students who are struggling financially. Other financial aid options include grants and awards.

Summary Points

Fashion Merchandising degree programs are focused on the business side of the fashion industry, which includes the major tasks of purchasing, sales, marketing, and advertising, to name a few.

Associate degrees in Fashion Merchandising feature not only business-related courses but also courses that are concerned with visual art and design.

An Associate in Fashion Merchandising can be used to launch entry-level fashion merchandising careers upon graduation or be used as a stepping stone toward earning a four-year bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, Fine Arts, or other related degrees.

Additional Resources:

The 15 Best Online Associate in Environmental Science Degrees in 2023

Some of the best online associates in environmental science programs in the country seek to analyze the issues relating to the environment, from climate change and overpopulation to biodiversity. It is a good choice for students who are passionate about becoming stewards of the planet to gain a strong foundation in natural and physical sciences along with hands-on experiences to prepare them for a rewarding journey in the field of environmental science.

Best Online Associate in Environmental Science - fact

Students in online Environmental Science degrees, which are closely related to Natural Resource Management, will learn a variety of things, including finding practical solutions to environmental problems, understanding the interaction between the human and natural world, and designing and executing scientific projects, among many others.

The Lowdown

The field of environmental science is growing more and more relevant. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job of environmental scientists is expected to grow by 5%. Many Environmental Science programs are available online, lending flexibility and convenience to working students and professionals.


The online Environmental Science associate programs featured on our list of the best programs were picked with these factors in mind:

  • Delivered by a college or university that is regionally accredited by academic agencies,
  • Taught in online or hybrid formats, featuring Environmental Science courses that prepare students for an important career in this field,
  • Offers teaching personnel with the right academic credentials and relevant experience in Environmental Science,
  • Features the Transfer Pathway program for ease of transition to a bachelor’s degree after completing the associate program,
  • Offers qualified online learners financial assistance programs in the form of private scholarships and federal aid,
  • Provides transfer credit programs and comprehensive student support.

Visit our Methodology page to learn about the details of our ranking process.

Best Online Associate in Environmental Science Degree Programs

Columbia College

Columbia College

AS in Environmental Studies

The Associate of Science in Environmental Studies offered by Columbia College helps students gain a better understanding of the impact of humans’ social, political, and economic activities on natural systems. This online program gives students several concentration options, including agriculture, environmental conservation, sustainability, and more.

  • Students in this program will delve deep into environmental history and literature to get a good grasp of the cultural and scientific significance of environmental science.
  • A total of 60 credits are required to be completed in order for students to earn the associate’s degree program.
  • Some of the courses in the program curriculum include geography, ecology, biology, environmental history, environmental science, and so much more.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The associate’s degree program is designed to give students the opportunity to work in several career paths, including field technicians, environmental education assistants, sustainability coordinators, and nonprofit support staff.

Did You Know?

Columbia College accepts transfer credits for most courses with a “C” grade or higher as long as students come from a regionally accredited institution.

Great Bay Community College

Great Bay Community College

Associate of Science in Environmental Science

Great Bay Community College, a public community college out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, offers an Associate of Science in Environmental Science, which is ideal for eventual transfer to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or other related fields. 

  • The program contains a total of around 61-63 credit hours.
  • The program design focuses on the interactions between the physical, chemical, and biological elements of the environment.
  • Great Bay Community College offers flexible course options for students, including online and hybrid delivery formats.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Great Bay Community College has articulation agreements with various colleges and universities across New England.

Did You Know?

Around 70% of full-time students at Great Bay receive financial aid.

Seminole State College

Seminole State College

AA in Environmental Studies

Seminole State College offers an Associate of Arts in Environmental Studies, which is designed primarily for transfer to upper-division public colleges or universities within the state of Florida in pursuit of careers in environmental planning, resource management, environmental law, and policy.

  • The program contains a total of 60 credit hours.
  • Courses are offered both in-person and online to maximize flexibility.
  • Students who earn their AA can opt to stay within Seminole State to continue their progress toward a bachelor’s degree.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students who earn their Associate’s at Seminole State can also take advantage of guaranteed admission to the University of Central Florida or another of Florida’s state universities to pursue their bachelor’s degree.

Did You Know?

Seminole State prides itself on having highly affordable degrees that are only half the cost of other state universities.

Community College of Vermont

Community College of Vermont

Associate of Science in Environmental Science

The Community College of Vermont, based in Montpelier, offers an Associate of Science in Environmental Science, which prepares students for careers in areas of the environment upon graduation, or for transferring to a four-year institution for a bachelor’s degree.

  • The program contains 63 credit hours in total and can be completed fully online.
  • The degree program is interdisciplinary, letting students gain an understanding of environmental problems and equipping them to be able to develop solutions.
  • The program has a required Professional Field Experience course at the end of the degree program that lets students connect with local environmental agencies and other potential employers.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This degree program is designed with seamless transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in mind, and CCV has agreements and 2+2 pathways within the Vermont State College Systems and others within Vermont and throughout the region.

Did You Know?

Students at CCV may also choose to pursue a certificate in STEM Studies while obtaining their degree.

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Northwest Arkansas Community College

AAS in Safety Health and Hazardous Materials

Northwest Arkansas Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Safety Health and Hazardous Materials, part of their AAS in Environmental and Regulatory Science program. While it may differ from the traditional environmental science degree program, it does have significant overlap in areas of concern, being focused on the safety, compliance, and regulatory side of the environment.

  • The program contains a total of around 60-61 credit hours.
  • There are three academic pathways to the AAS program, with the AAS in Safety Health and Hazardous Materials path being offered as an online program.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The degree program is designed for easy transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or a health-related field.

Did You Know?

Aside from the online AAS, Northwest Arkansas Community College also offers related Certificates of Proficiency and Technical Certificate programs.

Cape Cod Community College

Cape Cod Community College

Associate of Arts, Environmental Studies Concentration

Cape Cod Community College offers an Associate of Arts degree program with a Concentration in Environmental Studies. The program is ideal for students who are eventually aiming for a four-year undergraduate program in Environmental Studies.

  • The program is delivered in a 50% online format.
  • The program curriculum contains natural science and mathematics coursework, aside from a variety of environmental electives that students choose from.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program provides solid foundations for further studies in environmental studies, environmental engineering, environmental education, environmental management, and natural resources management.

Did You Know?

Cape Cod Community College also offers a related Associate of Science in Environmental Technology degree program.

Lee College

Lee College

AS in Environmental Science

Lee College, a public community college in Baytown, Texas, offers an Associate of Science in Environmental Science. This degree program is designed as a good preparatory for eventual transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science or a related field.

  • Coursework can be completed online, with Lee College offering a variety of Distance Education modalities.
  • Along with the necessary theoretical foundations, the program prepares students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are crucial to the environmental science professions.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program curriculum has a number of Specialization areas that students can choose from Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physical Geology specializations.

Did You Know?

Aside from eventual 4-year transfer, Lee College’s AS in Environmental Science also provides good foundational preparation to let students take up entry-level technical or assistant positions upon graduation, particularly in educational or laboratory environments.

Ocean County College

Ocean County College

AS Environmental Studies

A public community college in Ocean County, New Jersey, Ocean County College offers an Associate of Science in Environmental Studies, which provides good preparation for a variety of technical, educational, and research careers in the environmental sciences, including within the ecotourism industry.

  • The program contains a total of 60 credit hours, which can be earned entirely online.
  • For their last semester in the program, students undertake a Field Experience/Practicum that is worth 3 credit hours.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program provides students with a strong background in the natural sciences, preparing them to work in a variety of careers in both government agencies, educational and research institutions, or with private industries.

Did You Know?

Ocean County College also offers a Certificate of Completion (CC) in Environmental Sustainability.

Florida Gateway College

Florida Gateway College

AS in Environmental Science Technology

A public college in Lake City, Florida Gateway College offers an Associate of Science in Environmental Science Technology, a uniquely focused program that prepares students with knowledge in the subject areas of water resources, including hydrology, pollution control, wastewater treatment, and more. 

  • The program is offered 100% online.
  • Students in the program who have current water and wastewater treatment operator licenses can instead choose to articulate their experiential learning to earn college credits.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This degree program has a specialized focus on water resource management and its many associated processes and topic areas/disciplines.

Did You Know?

Florida Gateway College also offers an Environmental Science Technician College Credit Certificate (CCC), which is designed for experienced industry workers and those who wish to enter the water resource management industry.

College of the Rockies

College of the Rockies

AS in Environmental Science

The College of the Rockies offers an Associate of Science in Environmental Science. This online program provides prospective students with a great foundation for further education while opening a wealth of education and career opportunities.

  • Students will get to explore a range of courses that allow them to discover their specific areas of interest.
  • The program features cross-disciplinary studies in areas relating to the local and global environment.
  • Some of the courses students learn in the program include Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Biology, Introduction to Microbiology, and Genetics, among others.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The Associate of Science in Environmental Science online degree program can be considered as the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, which means students can save money and tuition by completing the first half of their degree mostly online.

Did You Know?

The College of the Rockies often keeps the class sizes small so each student can receive personalized attention and guidance from instructors. This is a huge help to students who want to successfully earn the degree program.

Community College of Denver

Community College of Denver

AS in Environmental Science

The Associate of Science in Environmental Science degree program at the Community College of Denver is available online. It is designed to help students meet entry-level requirements for conservation, agricultural science, teaching, and research careers.

  • The courses students can expect in the curriculum include Natural Disasters, Environmental Science with Lab, Special Topics, and more.
  • Students who successfully finish this associate’s degree will be able to transfer to a four-year college and pursue a bachelor’s degree.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Students in this program can expect spacious labs and modern equipment to help them successfully complete the degree. They can also experience hands-on classroom learning where class sizes are kept small to give students an equal chance for guidance and mentoring.

Did You Know?

The associate’s in environmental science program is eligible for federal financial aid. Students can simply connect with the Financial Aid Office to find out how they can easily afford to go to college.

Delta College

Delta College

AS in Environmental Technology

Delta College gives interested students a chance to enter the field of environmental science with the offer of an Associate of Science in Environmental Science online program.

  • In this program, students learn lab sampling techniques and write technical and field reports along with compliance knowledge when it comes to federal, state, and local environmental health and safety regulations.
  • Students can also expect to understand the interrelation of environmental issues.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program’s classes are designed to provide students with high-quality instructors and courses. Students can expect interactive lectures, activities, and hands-on lab sessions, on top of available online courses.

Did You Know?

Delta College is a good place to start one’s pursuit of higher education while saving thousands of dollars to earn the degree program. Students who want to transfer credits to any public institution in Michigan state will be able to transfer 30 credits under the Michigan Transfer Agreement.

Broward College

Broward College

AS in Environmental Science Technology

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), Broward College offers an Associate of Science in Environmental Science Technology program to help students gain knowledge and skills integral to saving distressed natural resources.

  • Students will take part in project-based learning with hands-on research activities complementing the type of research they choose.
  • The course materials in the program involve areas of study such as native plants, conservation of natural resources, and proper wetlands management.
  • The program offers day, evening, and online classes for convenience.  

What Makes This Program Unique:

Students can expect to learn with the help of state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. This can train them for lab and field work better as they have the best tools at their disposal.

Did You Know?

Students who successfully earn this degree will be able to work in a wide range of environmental science positions. They are expected to learn how to collect air, water, and soil samples along with the proper monitoring of compliance with environmental regulations.

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

AAS in Environmental, Health and Safety

Students who want to prepare for careers such as safety and environmental technicians may want to consider earning an AAS in Environmental, Health, and Safety degree program. In this program, they are expected to apply the principles of disciplines such as math, science, economics, and engineering.

  • To earn the associate degree program, students must complete a total of 64 credit hours, 32 hours of which are allocated to the legal aspects of occupational safety and health.
  • Some courses included in the curriculum are Introduction to General Chemistry, Industrial Processes, Waste and Remediation, and Characteristics of Hazardous Materials, among others.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The degree program helps students prepare for their future careers, such as assisting an organization in managing hazardous materials and wastes, protecting workers and the environment, and minimizing the organization’s Worker’s Compensation.

Did You Know?

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offers this online associate’s degree at an affordable cost. In fact, the $157 per credit hour cost is one of the lowest in the country.

Southern Arkansas University Tech

Southern Arkansas University Tech

Associate of Professional Studies (APS) in Environmental Management

The Southern Arkansas University Tech offers an Associate of Professional Studies degree with an emphasis on Environmental Management. It is designed for students who want to enter management-level positions in wastewater and solid waste disposal facilities.

  • Students in this program are expected to demonstrate the technical, regulatory, operational, and administrative aspects of their knowledge of environmental science.
  • They must be able to develop solutions to the common problems encountered in the environmental field.

What Makes This Program Unique:

The program’s emphasis is offered entirely online, which gives students the flexibility and convenience they need to earn the degree and save money on transportation and lodging costs.

Did You Know?

The program aims to prepare students for starting positions within the fields of water treatment, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements to online Environmental Science programs?

Admission requirements usually vary from school to school. In many cases, however, universities and colleges require students the following to get admitted into the environmental science program:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Accomplished application form
  • Personal statement
  • Official transcript of record

What are the common career paths for graduates of online Environmental Science programs?

There is a wealth of opportunities for associate in environmental science graduates. This includes meaningful environmental science careers, such as environmental scientists, agricultural scientists, environmental consultants, air pollution analysts, natural resource managers, and more.

Some graduates of this online environmental science degree choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree instead to enhance their credentials.

What are some of the standard courses in Associate Degree in Environmental Science programs?

Associate’s degrees in Environmental Sciences are necessarily interdisciplinary in nature, as environmental issues have a variety of inextricable and interconnected nuances and topic areas. Being associate’s degrees, they tend to have a preparatory structure, and their curriculums invariably contain a significant general education component, such as writing and communication, aside from mathematics coursework.

With regard to core content, the names of subjects may vary, but they revolve around a number of common thematic areas. First in the curriculum would be a set of preparatory/fundamental subjects that lay the theoretical groundwork for the discipline, such as key concepts in ecology and biology. Also, part of the preparatory set of courses would be discussions on current trends in the industry and/or current environmental issues that are being faced, as these form the landscape that students eventually enter as environmental science professionals.

These degree programs may also contain discussions on environmental laws and policy, covering local, state, and federal levels that students will conceivably be working on in their future careers. Also, these programs may also contain courses in research methods and relevant tools, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which form the backbone of many environmental undertakings of research and regulatory functions.

Lastly, colleges and institutions that offer these degree programs may also include a number of special environmental courses that are relevant to the immediate areas they serve, such as biome-specific ecology courses (e.g, freshwater, marine, urban environment, etc.).

Summary Points

Associate degrees in Environmental Science programs are interdisciplinary in structure, with coursework that covers various aspects of the environment, including the physical sciences, relevant tools and research methods, and policy.

While many of these Associate Degree programs are designed for eventual transfer to four-year bachelor’s degree programs, they nevertheless provide adequate preparation for immediate entry into a number of entry-level positions related to the environment.

Additional Information:

10 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Web Design in 2023

With almost 70% of the world it has invaded, almost five billion daily users, and more than 576,000 new websites launched daily, the internet has made the world smaller by the day. It has revolutionized how we consume information and even influenced our behavior as product and service end users.

Online Bachelor's in Web Design - fact

This glaring knowledge is a clear and direct message that having the skill and technical knowledge to build and maintain websites is a lucrative career.

In the United States, web development and web design are rapidly growing professions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that career opportunities for skilled web developers will increase by 23% from 2021 to 2031. To date, web developers are earning an average annual salary of almost $80,000.

Web designers and developers build websites. The responsibility for ensuring the performance, appearance, and ease of use of websites is in their hands. Hence, the primary curriculum of web development and web design education consists of graphic design and web development courses, and multimedia tools.

Web developers and designers play a crucial role in the creation of efficient websites and software applications in the market.  

If you love solving problems in systematic ways, have a keen interest in web technology, and manifest an innate sense for design and visual solutions, a degree in web design and development may provide you with a rewarding career.

If work, family, and other responsibilities prevent you from attending brick-and-mortar schools, you should look for colleges or universities that offer affordable online degree programs in web design and development.

A bachelor’s in web design and development is a degree that allows you to not only earn from your programming skills but makes you a cut above the rest in this talent-centered society.

The Lowdown

As a student in online Web Design and Development, you will be immersed in the latest programming technologies and techniques, especially in the field of website construction and optimization. A Bachelor’s in Web Design and Development can qualify you for several roles in different sectors including government, business, education, science, and health.

Completing a Web Design and Development degree will provide you with adequate and systematic web design and development training from an accredited institution. When you choose an online program, you will get the benefit of learning at your own pace and earning the same degree as the students who attend traditional web design degree programs.

Earning a Web Development bachelor’s degree prepares you for a professionally and financially rewarding career. Apart from its capability to build stunning websites, it also helps you to develop useful business knowledge and skills like communication, writing, statistics, and project management. It will make you stand out from people who skip school to learn web design through free online resources.  


Our list of top online undergraduate degree programs for aspiring web designers is centered on schools that offer a quality remote bachelor of science and bachelor of applied science in web design and/or web development programs.

We produced this list to give you an idea of which online school offering bachelor’s degrees in web design and development is most suitable for you based on your financial capability, schedule, and need for flexibility. We base our selection on these factors:

  • Online Availability. The program is available either in a fully online or hybrid format. It should be able to provide flexibility to online students to allow them to learn at their own pace.
  • Academic Direction. The program offers online coursework designed to develop and hone the student’s knowledge and skills in web design and development, computer programming, cybersecurity, and project management. It should be able to prepare students for careers in web design and development, mobile application development, database administration, etc.
  • Accreditation. The schools offering online web design degree programs are accredited regionally or nationally by a Department of Education-recognized accrediting agency. A school’s compliance with the standards of an accrediting body is an indication of the quality of its academic programs. It also makes the school eligible to provide Federal Student Aid services.  
  • Transfer-Friendliness. We do not consider this element a hard rule in our selection process, but we appreciate schools that honor credits earned by students from other accredited schools.
  • Availability of Financial Assistance Options. The school should be able to provide financial assistance opportunities to qualified students through Federal Student Aid, grants, loans, scholarships, and tuition waivers.

Get more information about our ranking process. Read our Methodology.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Web Design Degree Programs

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Online Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Internet and Web Development

Arizona State University offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in Internet and Web Development program designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the principles of web design.

  • ASU’s Bachelor of Applied Science and Web Development program is designed for individuals who hold an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in a related discipline from an accredited school, such as an AAS in Web Design or media arts.
  • The program allows you to explore effective ways your website can connect with an audience, and learn to use tools to materialize your web design concepts.
  • It prepares you for a career in web design and development. It is a growing field that allows businesses, nonprofits, the government, and other organizations to get added audience and market exposure.
  • The skills you learn from the program can help any enterprise or organization establish a web presence. It is a major element that helps them build brand awareness, create converting leads, and establish relationships with their audience.
  • ASU is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission to offer online academic programs nationwide. It also offers financial assistance options to qualified students. The university’s online web development degree program is valued at $700 per credit hour.
What Makes this Program Unique?

ASU’s BAS in Internet and Web Development is designed to add more to the existing knowledge and skills you gained from a related Associate of Applied Science degree.

Did You Know?

ASU is consistently listed as one of the top 25% of the country’s accredited engineering programs.

Baker College

Baker College

BS in Information Systems – Web Development Concentration

The online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with a Concentration in Web Development at Baker College is designed to provide you with the knowledge and technical skills in information systems and web development.

  • The program allows you to experience real-world information systems and web development work as its curriculum consists of a course that requires the completion of a work experience and several web development projects.
  • Baker College is Higher Learning Commission-accredited. It offers financial aid options via Federal Student Aid, grants, loans, campus work, and scholarships. The cost of its undergraduate courses is $435 per credit hour.
What Makes this Program Unique?

Baker College offers a flexible learning format where students are allowed to control their learning based on their preferences, learning styles, and personal schedules.

Did You Know?

Baker College has an Academic Resource Center that provides several valuable services including a 24/7-accessible online library, virtual tutoring, and free lifetime employment assistance.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University

Bachelor of Science in Web Development

Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science in Web Development degree is an accelerated cohort program. It intends to provide busy students with a simplified and manageable study experience.

  • Bellevue University implemented its BS in Web Development program with leaders in the web development industry to guarantee your success as a professional web developer.
  • The university’s web development curriculum is manned by expert faculty. They focus on real-world projects that allow students to earn practical experience in web development. It also immerses them in online courses that can help to provide them with programming and web development skills using these web applications:
    • JavaScript
    • DevOps
    • Agile Methodologies
    • API Development
    • Container Technologies
    • Angular
    • TypeScript
  • Bellevue University’s academic programs are compliant with the standards of the Higher Learning Commission. It offers several financial aid options including federal and state grants, institutional grants, scholarships, and loans. Its online undergraduate web development courses cost $449 per credit hour.
What Makes this Program Unique?

Bellevue University’s online Bachelor’s in Web Design and Development program encourages students to register at the start of the program. The program administrators assign enrollees to a group until the completion of the program. It will allow students to share collaborative experiences and enable them to graduate with a solid network of web design professionals.

Did You Know?

Bellevue University has been designated the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense between 2022 and 2027 by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

Champlain College Online

Champlain College Online - Online

Online BS in Web Design and Development

The Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development online program at Champlain College is designed for working adults and to address the increasing demand for website construction specialists.

  • Chaplain’s online web development degree program is dedicated to providing you with the ability and tools you need to perform web design and development tasks.
  • The program immerses you in a comprehensive study of web design, development, and programming. It also helps you to learn more than 30 applications and programming languages, and communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Champlain College is the New England Commission of Higher Education-recognized. It offers financial assistance to qualified students through federal and state grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs. The cost of its online web design and development undergraduate degree program is $335 per credit hour.
What Makes this Program Unique?

Champlain’s online bachelor’s degree program in web design and development allows you to choose a specialization either in web design or web development and earn a certificate for it, aside from the diploma that you will earn after completing the program.

Did You Know?

Champlain College’s online web design and development degree program comes with the “Fast Start Formula Career Bundle”. It is a suite of career tips and offerings consisting of online career coaching, live webinars, and an ebook that provides information on how recruiters work. This career bundle is designed to help you find and land a job you’ll love.

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

BS In Information Networking and Telecommunications, Concentration: Web and Mobile Application Development

Fort Hays University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Networking and Telecommunications with a Concentration in Web and Mobile Application Development is designed to equip you with design, coding, and animation skills that you can apply on websites and mobile devices.

  • FHSU’s academic quality is exceptional, but its cost per credit is incredibly low.
  • FHSU is a leader in quality online education and student support resources for decades. It provides the flexibility you need to live a real life while pursuing your academic and career goals.
  • FHSU’s web and mobile application development concentration provides you with a comprehensive understanding of electronic media, databases, software, and web tools to allow you to make a career in web design, development, and information technology fields.
  • At $250.59 per credit hour, FHSU offers one of the cheapest online bachelor’s degree programs in the Web Development realm.
  • Fort Hays State University is Higher Learning Commission-approved. Financial aid options are available at the university.
What Makes this Program Unique?

FHSU’s web design and development degree program is built on the idea of media convergence or the interconnection of computer networks, media content, and information and communications technologies. It prepares you for the Oracle Certified Associate and Certified Web Designer Apprentice (CWDSA) certifications.

Did You Know?

FHSU is consistently listed as one of the top universities in the American Midwest. Ninety-five percent of FHSU graduates get employed after graduation.

Franklin University

Franklin University

Online Bachelor of Science in Web Development

Franklin University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Web Development is a comprehensive program that aims to expose you to several disciplines involved in the construction of functional enterprise-level websites.

Pursuing a web development degree program at Franklin University:

  • Provides you with knowledge and skills to manage the web development process. This includes supervising contractors or internal developers or collaborating with other teams.
  • Allows you to experience using industry-standard applications, databases, and tools including PhotoShop and Flash.
  • You may qualify for the university’s financial assistance program. Franklin University provides Federal and State aid, scholarships, institutional aid, and loans to qualified applicants. It offers its online web development degree program at $398 per credit hour.

Franklin University’s academic programs are recognized by the Higher Learning Commission.

What Makes this Program Unique?

Franklin University’s online web development courses are taught by experienced web design specialists. It allows you to earn practical web development experience using industry-standard tools and provides you with the skills you need to build efficient next-generation websites.

Did You Know?

Franklin University allows students to lock in their tuition rate from their first day in school until graduation.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University

Online BS in Web Design and Development

Full Sail University offers an online BS degree program in web design and development designed to provide you with knowledge and understanding of the design, creation, and launching of modern websites and web applications.

  • FSU’s web design and development online program teaches you to design and build websites using industry-standard tools including database systems, client-side and server-side languages, and modern web development software.
  • Full Sail University is accredited as an institution of higher education by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). It offers financial aid through grants, loans, work-study programs, and scholarships. Its online bachelor’s degree program in web design and development is valued at $733 per credit hour.
What Makes this Program Unique?

FSU’s approach to education differs from typical universities. It immerses students in a fast-paced yet relevant learning experience. The university guarantees that their training offers multiple benefits to students.

Did You Know?

FSU has a program called Project LaunchBox. It aims to provide students with the technology they need to create projects. It also allows students to store and access their files, coursework, and multimedia creations 24/7.

Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis-Clark State College

BAS in Web Design and Development

Lewis-Clark State College tailors its Bachelor of Applied Science in Web Design and Development for individuals who have earned an associate degree in applied science. The BAS degree is intended for persons who aspire to attain higher education which is the key to career advancement.

  • Completing Lewis-Clarke State College’s Associate of Applied Science Degree in Web Design & Development provides you with web design, development, and management skills. It makes you eligible to work in web development teams and pursue a bachelor’s of applied science in web design and development degree.
  • Online students of LC State’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Web Design and Development gain actual work experience through a capstone project or by completing an internship.
  • Lewis-Clark State College Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities-approved. It offers financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans. LCSC’s tuition for part-time students is $358 per credit hour.
What Makes this Program Unique?

The BAS is designed for individuals who have completed an Associate of Applied Science degree from a regionally accredited school.

Did You Know?

Lewis-Clark State College is dedicated to providing opportunities for higher education to people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is one of the most diverse institutions in the country.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

BS in Information Technology Web & Mobile Programming

Liberty University’s BS in Information Technology – Web and Mobile Programming is designed for individuals who want to embark on a career of creating websites to impact the lives of people in the modern world.

  • LU’s BSIT in web and mobile programming curriculum consists of courses that provide you with knowledge and skills in developing websites that work efficiently on mobile, desktop, and other computing and communication devices.
  • An online information technology degree from Liberty University can help to develop you into an expert in programming and web development, as you will be trained by expert professors with years of experience in IT, programming, and web design and development.
  • Liberty University is Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)-approved. It offers financial aid through grants, scholarships, and loans. Its undergraduate tuition rate is $815 per credit hour.
What Makes this Program Unique?

LU’s online bachelor’s degree in web design and development program has multiple start dates to make education more accessible and more flexible, especially for individuals who can’t attend traditional on-campus classes due to work, family, and other responsibilities.

Did You Know?

Liberty University is a Christian academy. Earning a degree from a Christian institution like Liberty University will allow you to learn from expert Christian professors.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Web & Digital Design

The University of Maryland Global Campus offers an online Bachelor of Science in Web & Digital Design. The program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to perform digital works using industry-standard tools, design theories, and structured workflows.

  • UMGC’s online bachelor’s degree program in web and digital design immerses you in coursework in major web and digital technology subjects including web development, graphics design, animation, game design, user experience, augmented reality, and virtual reality.
  • The university’s online web and digital design curriculum consists of courses that allow you to explore digital strategies and develop your skills in the use of emerging technologies in designing, developing, and managing digital media.
  • The University of Maryland Global is regionally accredited as an institution of learning by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It offers financial aid to qualified online students.
  • It values its web design and development courses at $318 per credit hour.
What Makes this Program Unique?

UMGC’s online undergraduate degree program in web and digital design provides online students with the opportunity to develop their web design and related skills through lessons provided only by an expert and experienced faculty.

Did You Know?

UMGC is the 2022 top “Best for Vets” in Primarily Online Education. The university is a consistent provider of higher education to working adults since 1948.

Common Courses in Online Bachelor’s in Web Design Programs

Each Bachelor’s in Web Design and Development program has a unique curriculum. But many of them offer similar courses, especially the technical and creative subjects that enable students to understand the concepts, aesthetics, and functionality in web design and development.

Some core courses common to online web design programs include:

Introduction to Programming. As its title suggests, this course introduces students to the concepts, purpose, applications, and languages of computer programs. Students in this course learn to create flowcharts and write simple programs using web design software such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

Visual Design. This course teaches students about web design and develops their ability to conceive and create visually compelling web layouts. Topics covered in this course include imaging, color theory, workflow techniques, typography, and branding.

Digital Graphic Design for the Web. This course focuses on teaching online students about designing digital images for the web. It provides learners with a thorough understanding of the differences in design for desktop computers, mobile applications, and tablets. It also teaches students HTML and CSS and makes them understand and value of user experience.

Writing for the Web. This course covers the differences among the design strategies of different applications. Students get acquainted with HTML, CSS, and UX. They create a website by the end of the course.

Interactive Web Script. This course will make students learn and understand web scripting languages. A script is a short program that enables interactivity on a website. It can also refer to a programming language programmers use to customize, manipulate, or automate the facilities of an existing website.

Possible Careers for Graduates of Online Bachelor’s in Web Design and Development

As stated earlier in this article, the career opportunities for web design and development professionals will grow by 23% from 2021 to 2031. As a graduate of an online web development bachelor’s degree, you can be one of the beneficiaries of this growth especially if you have accumulated sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience in web design and related jobs.

These are the possible careers that you can make in the information technology and web development fields:

Web Designer. A web designer conceptualizes and creates the visual design of websites and their pages. They are also responsible for the layout, color, typography, and branding of their creation. As a general rule, web designers are expected to create fast, easy-to-use, user-friendly, and visually appealing websites and web page design both on desktop and mobile phones.

Average Annual Salary (May 2023): $65,940.00

Web Developer. Web developers are programmers who build websites and bring them to life through coding and programming. They are responsible for the functionality of the websites including their speed and capacity for traffic.

Average Annual Salary (May 2023): $76,265.00

Mobile Application Developer. As its name suggests, mobile application developers are programmers who are mainly responsible for creating mobile apps. They specialize in writing application programs for Google’s Android operating system or Apple’s iOS. They test the apps for bugs and problems before their official release. Like web designers and web developers, UX designers test newly constructed websites before making them accessible to the public.

Average Annual Salary (May 2023): $101,842.00

User Experience (UX) Designer. In the web technology field, a UX designer is a person whose main responsibility is to ensure that a website is fast, efficient, and easy to navigate. One of their main responsibilities is to understand their brand and its users and identify the users’ wants and pain points. The UX designer then maps out the final appearance and functionality of the website.  

Average Annual Salary (May 2023): $102,450.00

Graphic Designer. Graphic designers are responsible for the creation and supply of graphics, photos, and illustrations for a website. Their primary role is to ensure that a website is not only visually appealing but able to communicate the brand’s message to its target audience.

Average Annual Salary (May 2023): $102,366.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Bachelor in Web Design and Software Development program?

If you hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, then you are eligible for enrollment in this program.

How long does it usually take to earn an online Bachelor’s in Web design and Development degree?

Most undergraduate online web design and development programs consist of 120 to 124 credit hours which can be completed in four years.

Are web designers and developers in demand in the current job market?

Yes. The demand for web designers and web or software developers is so much higher than the average for all occupations. Earning a bachelor’s degree in web design and development degree will assure you of a rewarding career and a positive professional and financial future.

Summary Points

Pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in web design and development is an excellent way to secure a stable and rewarding career. It only takes a high school diploma and some minor requirements for you to qualify for admission. But you need to be sure that the degree is aligned with your interests and capabilities.

Conducting thorough research on the available online bachelor’s in web design and development programs can help you to make a sound and informed decision, especially in selecting the school that suits your financial capability, subjects of interest, location, and schedule.

The best for someone else may not be the best for you. The reason we provide you with the best features of each institution is to allow you to find the school that can provide what you need.

Many of the programs listed offer affordable costs per credit hour. Yet they offer quality education like their pricey counterparts.

Additional Resources:

Political Science Career Guide – Jobs, Salary, and Degree Information

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But Political Science goes beyond these elements. It is also about analyzing essential issues that affect our lives daily and predicting the outcomes of our leaders’ current political moves and decisions.

Political Science can get itself involved in many significant issues, including the economy, globalization, business, terrorism, civil rights, diplomacy, climate change, etc.

It studies the governments, political systems,  public policies, and political behavior of every country, including the United States. 

Political Science Career Guide - fact on political scientists methods, tools, and approaches

Why Study Political Science?

If you are interested in American politics, global affairs, public policy, terrorism, and similar subjects, a degree and career in Political Science may be the best for you.

It is a branch of study that can open your doors to a piece of knowledge about social science that uses humanistic viewpoints combined with scientific skills to delve into and gain knowledge about governments, political behavior, and public policies.  

A graduate degree in Political Science from any of the best Political Science colleges in the U.S. will be an excellent preparation if you plan to take an online master’s in Political Science. As a Political Science major, you can refine your writing, analytical, communication, and research skills.

Furthermore, your training in this discipline will further develop your ability to think independently and critically, as it helps broaden your knowledge of the state’s various issues and affairs. Political Science will also teach you to respect different points of view – including the ridiculous ones. 

If you are pursuing a career in the legal arena, a degree in Political Science would be an excellent foundation. And if you want to obtain a graduate degree in public policy, public administration, or other closely related fields, majoring in Political Science can certainly serve you best!

A Political Science major can be your best asset to qualify for a career in journalism, law, education, international affairs, and positions in the government and private sector.

Lastly, a degree in Political Science can equip you with the knowledge and outlook to choose to become an effective and intelligent citizen of the United States!

Is there a demand for graduates with a Political Science degree?

Yes, there is a demand for graduates with a Political Science degree. Political Science graduates can find employment in various fields, such as government, international relations, law, public policy, education, journalism, business, and consulting. Between 2021 and 2031, careers in political science are projected to grow 6%.

Skills Required for A Career in Political Science

When aspiring for a career in Political Science, you should have that innate desire to ask questions and an ultimate goal to know the truth through objective research based on evidence and sound reasoning.

On top of inquisitive behavior, there are other skills you need to equip yourself with to earn a fruitful career in Political Science. These, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are:

Analytical Skills. It refers to a person’s ability to collect and analyze information and use the results to solve problems and make decisions. Individuals who possess this skill can play an important role in identifying and solving problems and improving processes.

Communication Skills. It is the ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels of an organization or society. It is an aggregate of different skills, including oral and written communication, listening, friendliness, feedback, open-mindedness, and understanding body language, and similar non-verbal communication methods. Knowledge of modern communication, like email and communicating through phone or social media, is also highly important.

Creative Thinking.  Creative thinkers tend to offer unorthodox solutions, which other people may find unsettling at first. Yet, creative thinkers are the ones who can discover new ideas or solutions because of their knack for innovation and solving problems.  

Creative thinking is about thinking differently or seeing an issue from a new perspective. This often allows you to find a new solution or see that the problem does not necessarily need a solution.

Critical Thinking Skills. It refers to a person’s ability to analyze problems systematically and devise new ways to solve them. It could be an improvement to a procedure, a better approach to a problem, or an additional process to check and prevent errors. People with the ability to think critically play a good role in improving methods, reducing costs, and enhancing processes to achieve better results.     

Intellectual Curiosity. It refers to a person’s persistent desire to know and understand. It is the primary component of continuous improvement. Intellectually curious individuals tend to challenge the status quo. They advocate experimentation to test the boundaries of possibilities.

They desire to discover breakthroughs that cut loose from the stereotypical thinking that persists in all levels of society up to this day.

Political Science Career Guide - fact 1 - employment growth

Online vs. Traditional Political Science Degrees

Traditional, face-to-face classes were the only means for students to earn a college degree, as online education was unheard of back then. This is a challenge for working students, professionals, and individuals with complicated schedules who want to pursue their studies to boost their career opportunities.

The advent of advanced technology has made things easier for people to find an education program that offers flexibility – as many colleges and universities are now offering three methods of instruction: traditional face-to-face or in-person classes, online learning, and a combination of both.

The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly reduced college enrollment by about 4.5%, including in Political Science programs. It led to a major decline in traditional classes and prompted many colleges and universities to launch an aggressive campaign for their online courses.

As a current or incoming college student, you may be wondering which class structure is the best, online or traditional classes? 

If you have experienced online learning at the height of the outbreak, for sure, you have an idea of its advantages and challenges, such as learning in the comfort of your own home, time management issues, self-motivation struggles, and missing on-campus experience.    

Both traditional and online classes give students different experiences, and every student is expected to have their preference as to which method of learning would suit their needs the best. 

Each method has benefits and disadvantages. But for purposes of clarification and to give you some guidance,  we will reveal to you certain differences between the two and what people think about the matter. 

A recent survey found that 77% of college and university leaders believe that online education is equal to or better than on-campus learning. Moreover, almost 70 percent of chief officers of academies think that online learning is an important element of long-term educational strategies.

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These findings would have made it easier for you to believe in online classes as an effective way to earn a degree in Political Science. But since everyone has unique schedules and learning needs, you should know the most important things to consider when choosing between an online Political Science course and a traditional on-campus Political Science degree.

1. Class Flexibility

Online learning has pros and cons, but flexibility is a primary benefit. It allows you to work, manage your household, and take your classes at the same time. Online classes are centered on assignments associated with deadlines, but they can give you more flexibility to juggle your daily activities. It gives you the freedom to study, listen to lectures, and complete assignments any time you want.  

Contrary to online classes, the traditional face-to-face format lacks flexibility. It requires your presence in classes and ties you to a fixed schedule. 

2. Self-Discipline

Taking an online Political Science course makes you independent and gives you more control over your education. It could be a plus factor for you as long as you exercise self-discipline and you can motivate yourself, which is a primary requirement for the prompt completion of your assignments.

When taking online Political Science education, you must manage your time with a commitment to finish assigned tasks promptly.

The traditional Political Science class requires self-discipline, but it doesn’t require the same magnitude and degree of independence and self-control online education demands. 

If you can work independently or manage your activities effectively, you’ll certainly do well with your online Political Science classes. But if you think you can’t work by yourself or you need an extra push to get something done, you may consider the traditional setting.    

3. Social Interactions

People are social by nature, and we love company, especially from people we share things in common with. It’s one of the reasons many students want to experience traditional college life.

In traditional face-to-face classes, you can meet your professors, classmates, and campus friends in person and may even fare better academically. If this setup suits you well, you are a social learner, and traditional Political Science classes are for you.

Many people believe that online classes don’t involve interaction. It is a sheer misconception because, contrary to what many people think, you’re working with your peers and professors when taking online lessons.

Like traditional classes, online classes encourage interaction, regular communication, and collaboration with the use of video conferencing and other tools that help make learning easier.

With the above elements in mind, it would now be easier for you to evaluate yourself and determine which of the two learning methods fits your schedule, personality, and way of life. Whichever you pick, one thing is for sure: both online and traditional Political Science courses can give you the same quality and degree of education.

At the end of the day, what you get from it depends on the efforts you put into it, your dedication, commitment to yourself, and your desire to succeed. The opportunities are there for you to take.

Specializations of Political Science Degrees

Many of the best Political Science colleges and universities in the United States offer various cutting-edge specializations in Political Science.

These are focused on the research and study of American political institutions and processes, international relations, public policy, etc. These are the most popular field of specialization in Political Science offered in U.S. colleges and universities:

American Politics

It is the specialization that focuses on the study of American political behavior and institutions. It is one of the most popular specializations based on the number of students. It covers many topics, including state politics, electoral rules, political behavior, the politics of race and ethnicity, and voting.

Comparative Politics

Comparative politics covers a broad geographic scope. It takes up a lot of topics, including:

  • An analysis of types of the government of other countries and their welfare policies
  • The influence of political institutions in the economic development of a nation
  • Conditions that allow ethnic identities to become relevant politically

International Relations

International relations are typically composed of two major fields, international security, which refers to the study of war, peace, conflict, etc., and international political economy, which refers to trade, international finance, foreign direct investment, etc. It also touches on certain areas of international concern, including human rights, global warming, and the environment, and international law.  

Political Theory

This field of specialization is the study of the foundations of the American political system and the factors that are shaping it. It also reflects on the principles of current politicians or political parties and issues critiques to make the people aware of the present political reality of the country.

Political Economy

This specialization studies the different economic and political systems like capitalism, communism, and socialism and how each of them works in the real world. It has something in common with two other Political Science specializations – international relations and comparative politics.    

Political Methodology

Political Methodology has a broad definition, but it generally refers to the study of statistical techniques and new methods to determine the effectiveness and practicality of political data. Primarily, the purpose is to help you understand or develop effective ways to analyze data and test political theories.  

Public Administration

Public administration is a specialization in Political Science that prepares and equips you with the right skills and knowledge to become an effective government decision-maker and a good leader in serving communities. This course hones your capability to promote the common good and implement positive change. It can help to mold you into an efficient public administrator and manager of public programs.   

Public Policy

As its name implies, a course in public policy refers to the study of different fields. Students acquire the capability to analyze policy issues and public concerns effectively. As a student in public policy, you’ll learn to examine public programs and find solutions to issues that affect or change society. It is focused on the study of policy areas such as conflict resolution, mediation, reconciliation, international relations, foreign policy, human rights, health care, and poverty.  

This degree enables you to have an impact on people’s everyday lives. It is typically offered as a master’s degree in colleges and universities in the U.S.

Financing Your Political Science Education

A Political Science degree program costs anywhere between $37,000 and $48,000, excluding room and board.

If you have sufficient financial support from your parents, perhaps, or you’re an academic scholar, there’s no need for you to worry about finances for your education. However, if you don’t have many financial resources to follow your dream, finance your education through these strategies::

1. Obtain Financial Aid for College

College financial aid is money granted by federal, state, schools, or private sources to help pay for the college education of approved applicants. It covers tuition fees, books, supplies, transportation, and room and board.

Numerous types of college financial aid are available for students pursuing a Political Science education. File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may start filling out the form as early as October 1 for the next academic year. The deadline for filing the same is set at June 30 for the federal 

2. Get a Political Science Scholarship

You can get a Political Science scholarship for a few thousand dollars, which can help sustain your study costs. Many students are not aware of the availability of scholarship programs because most of these aren’t advertised. But there are lots of them.

With that said, you must research to find several scholarships you can qualify and apply for. Use the internet, ask friends, Political Science teachers, and other school personnel to know about Political Science scholarships.

Here’s a tip: All legit scholarships come with criteria to determine the qualification of applicants. Knowing these should be your first task to avoid waste of time.

Secondly, learn to write scholarship essays as it is a requirement for almost all scholarships. Find an opportunity to read winning essays written by previous applicants. This should give you insights into how successful applicants were able to impress scholarship committees.

3. Work and Study Simultaneously

Many people can finish college by working to finance their education. It is quite challenging, but you will have a good chance of making it to the finish line with self-motivation and determination. The availability of online Political Science courses will make your goal even closer. To succeed in this respect, you must:

  • Learn good time management
  • Keep yourself motivated
  • Set goals – and reward yourself when you attain them
  • Avoid distractions
  • Take time to play   

How to Start Your Political Science Career

While those with an associate degree in political science may work as a legal assistant or legislative aide, those with a bachelor’s degree may begin careers as journalists, paralegals, or public relations professionals. Graduates with a master’s degree can find jobs in research and policy, including intriguing professions such as diplomat or intelligence analyst.

Associate Degree in Political Science

Associate degrees in political science introduce students to the core duties of political scientists, such as document analysis, persuasive argument writing, and research. Graduates holding an associate degree in political science pursue employment in government and business, such as office managers, call-center representatives, or administrative coordinators.

Graduates can rise to supervisory jobs with experience. This employment frequently offers the opportunity to continue working while pursuing a bachelor’s degree for career progression.

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science

Bachelor’s degree programs educate graduates for entry-level political science employment in business, municipal and state government, and the federal government.

During a bachelor’s degree program, students develop analytical and writing abilities that will prepare them for professions in various fields. Administrative assistant positions are also available as entry-level positions for political science majors, where graduates receive essential business experience.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in political science can also work as high school teachers, specializing in civics, social sciences, or U.S. government.

Master’s Degree in Political Science

Graduates of a master’s degree in political science are prepared for various careers, including political scientist, business analyst, and program coordinator. Graduates can find work in government agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Doctoral Degree in Political Science

Graduate students in political science doctoral programs take specialized courses, pass exams, and write a dissertation. Original research, a thorough written report of the doctoral student’s findings, and a dissertation defense in front of a committee of professors are all required for the dissertation.

Graduates can pursue professions as teachers, higher education administrators, and academic researchers after getting their Ph.D. They can also work for the government or in the commercial sector.

Political Science Career Guide - fact 2 on employment options

Political Science Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of Political Science professionals is projected to increase by 6% from 2021 to 2031. An increase in the demand for public policy analysis is seen in government, and non-government organizations are also predicted, and holders of Political Science degrees make ideal candidates.

A job in politics or any related field is a possible target a young graduate of Political Science can consider. But being a politician is not your sole and ultimate direction for choosing a course in Political Science.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities for jobs with a Political Science degree are currently on the rise.

5 Top Political Science Careers

Public Policy Analyst

Public Policy Analyst Salary: $69,614 – $125,500 per year

Public policy analysts deal with existing public policies and propose changes, if necessary. They work to improve certain processes and optimize the utilization of resources for the good of the majority. They use spreadsheets and rely on statistics to monitor and support their projects and achieve their goals.

They’re responsible for developing innovative strategies, writing proposals, creating budgets, and presenting these for approval by policymakers.

Public policy analysts are expected to provide policymakers with surveys, case studies, recent facts, and other necessary data to allow the latter to make sound, well-informed decisions. 

Public policy analysts can function effectively in other areas such as health care, education, homeland security, social work, and national defense and tackle issues that involve public policy concerns like hunger, crime, violence, pollution, terrorism, and social discrimination.

A degree in Political Science and strong analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills are some of the most important qualifications you should possess to become a public policy analyst.

Political Science - Divider

Legislative Assistant

Legislative Assistant Salary: $83,424 – $133,000 per year

Legislative assistants provide support to legislators who draft laws and perform administrative duties for their district. They write legal memos, review and edit legislative resolutions, and analyze drafts to ensure that they conform to legislative standards.

Legal assistants are responsible for conducting policy and legal research, tracking bills, and monitoring issues specific to the legislator’s district.

They also perform administrative duties, including handling constituent inquiries and managing schedules.  They act as liaisons between the legislator and his constituents, the media, and other policymakers. Legal assistants are treated with the same professional courtesy given to a legislator because they are the gatekeepers who can give people access to their legislator.

Political Science - Divider

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialist Salary: $58,540 – $79,071 per year

Public Relations specialists create and nurture a pleasing image in favor of the entity or organization they represent. They do it to influence public opinion. Public relations specialists handle and represent their client’s relationship with the public, including reporters, investors, and other media specialists.

They draft captivating press releases, organize press conferences and develop programs on social media to influence the public’s perception of their organization and make it more aware of its work, advocacy, and goals.

Public relations specialists play a big role in shaping the public’s opinion about an entity or organization. They can build or destroy someone’s public image.

A degree in Political Science, excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills are the primary qualifications needed to become an effective public relations specialist.

Political Science - Divider

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager Salary: $56,928 – $90,929 per year

Many people have now recognized the role of social media in politics and marketing – as social media is increasingly involved in shaping public opinion.

It’s one of the main reasons businesses, political parties, government offices, and interest groups need social media managers to keep their social media accounts up-to-date. They want somebody to monitor how the public see them as a brand, organization, or leader.

Social media managers are well-versed with different social media platforms. Through relevant content published on various social media sites, social media managers work to shape or influence people’s views of their brand.

Social media managers oversee a team tasked to produce content for their clients. They see that all of their client’s social media accounts are updated to ensure a positive online presence.

Mastery of different social media applications, creative writing, and editing skills, and strong customer service or community engagement skills are among the top qualifications of a social media manager.

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Marketing Research Analyst

Marketing Research Analyst Salary: $63,279 – $75,254 per year

Marketing Research analysts analyze consumer preferences and assess consumer responses to products or services. They help organizations formulate ways to shape and market their brand.

Market research analysts often conduct surveys to gauge consumer reactions and opinions, and they are expected to present these findings to clients and make recommendations that are backed with factual data.

Advanced knowledge of computer applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, statistical software platforms, multitasking, math, and analytical skills are among the most sought-after qualifications of a marketing research analyst.

A course in Political Science will awaken you to the realities of our present political system. Sometimes, it can make us realize how weak we were to succumb to empty promises based on frail political beliefs.

The knowledge and understanding of Political Science give you help to make you a wiser and better citizen. Through these, you influence people to make better choices for the good of this country’s present and future generations.


How to Advance Your Political Science Career

Those with either a political science associate or bachelor’s degree can pursue several steps to advance their careers. Some professionals pursue advanced degrees, while others focus on certification or networking.

Continuing Education

Continuing education can take several forms in political science, including certificate programs, free online courses, and fellowships. Many schools and universities have certificate programs available both online and in person.

Free online courses offered by organizations like Coursera and edX have also grown in popularity in recent years.

Finally, fellowships and apprenticeships provide hands-on experience for professionals seeking specific information or abilities.

Next Steps

Professional certificates frequently necessitate a certain number of continuing education units to be renewed. Continuing education, on the other hand, is essential for all political science practitioners. Continuing education allows professionals to develop new skills and improve on those they already have.

Creating networks with other professionals in the field can lead to new prospects for career and professional development. Joining a professional organization can lead to mentorships, opportunities to join local chapters, and conference admission.

How to Switch Your Political Science Career

Some professionals study in a separate discipline before deciding to pursue a career in political science. Law and media professionals may find it easier to transition into political science than professionals from other fields. However, any career changer who is ready to obtain the necessary education can pursue a job in political science.

Career changers may opt to work in law or government, depending on their prior education and experience. Former nurses, for example, may decide to advocate for better healthcare law and governance.

Before shifting occupations, talk to current political science professionals to learn about their paths and seek professional advice on proceeding. Some professionals may find it helpful to speak with a program director or admissions counselor at a college to learn more about certificate and degree programs.


A degree in Political Science can help to prepare you for a better life.

Deepen your understanding of politics – the most influential force that impacts every human being on the planet. Study Political Science now and make yourself ready for a great career ahead!

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Your Definitive Guide To College Degrees And Majors

Respiratory Therapy Career Guide – Jobs, Salary and Degree Information

First and foremost, students should contemplate choosing an occupation before enrolling in college. Healthcare careers are, in particular, challenging and stressful, so it is recommended to inquire and search thoroughly about all of its considerations before making a decision.

Let’s take respiratory therapy, for example. These practitioners work in both traditional and non-traditional settings. There are specific requirements set before successfully landing a job as a respiratory therapist.

Respiratory Therapy Career Guide fact 1

A projected 14 percent increase in employment for respiratory therapists is projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the period between 2021 and 2031, higher than the 4% average for all occupations during this period.

Increasing numbers of middle-aged people and older persons are expected to contribute to a higher incidence of respiratory diseases like COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia. Lung damage from these respiratory disorders or restriction of lung function can be permanent.

A respiratory therapist should consider the following factors when deciding where to study and what to do as a career:

  • personal preferences and attributes,
  • school considerations,
  • professional obligations,
  • employment environment,
  • licensure and credentials,
  • and career outlook.

The following information about respiratory therapy may be helpful for students pursuing a career in this field.

What Is A Respiratory Therapist?

As a certified medical professional, a respiratory therapist specializes in delivering medical care to your lungs. High-tech medical equipment, including mechanical ventilators, is the domain of their expertise.

Physicians and nurses cooperate with respiratory therapists. Medical facilities with which they practice include emergency rooms, hospitals, maternity departments, and therapy institutions. There’s also an option to open a private clinic as a respiratory therapist.

Respiratory therapists can improve efficacy and outcomes for people with lung conditions such as emphysema, asthma, pneumonia, and other illnesses. Therapists can make individualized breathing recommendations, provide exercises, and assist patients’ improvement.

How do I Become A Respiratory Therapist?

Complete Your Degree in Respiratory Care

The first step to becoming a respiratory therapist is to earn a degree in respiratory care. Consider completing the coursework required in a bachelor’s degree program in respiratory care to provide the best career opportunities.

The bachelor’s degree curriculum covers clinical respiratory care, procedures, pharmacology, pathophysiology, mechanical ventilation, and advanced respiratory theory.

Many programs require a competency assessment to demonstrate the skills and characteristics necessary for success in the respiratory care field. You will also need to complete clinical hours to gain practical experience in this important medical field.

Choosing a university program that the Commission has accredited on Accreditation of Respiratory Care will provide you with the most options once you have completed your respiratory therapist education.

Respiratory therapists are qualified to work as bedside clinicians, pulmonary rehabilitation specialists, neonatal/pediatric/adult critical care specialists, patient educators and advocates, and in management positions in hospitals and alternative care settings after graduation.

Keep in mind that continuing education is frequently required to ensure the ongoing competency and quality of care for patients seeking medical treatment for breathing problems.

Pass the Credentialing Examinations

The next step in learning how to become a respiratory therapist is to become a Certified Respiratory Therapist. For this, The National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) administers the exam.

Apply for and Obtain a State License

Except for Alaska, every state in the US requires respiratory care practitioners to be licensed. To be eligible for licensure in these 49 states, students must have an associate’s degree. Most states conduct background checks for licensure applicants, and some even provide trainee licenses to students enrolled in an accredited respiratory care program.

Start Your Job Search!

While starting a job search in respiratory therapy may seem daunting, we have some pointers to help you get your first job in the field. 

  • Before you interview for any available positions, you should prioritize the development of your resume. Include any academic achievements, clinical experience, or volunteer work you have done in your community in your resume. 
  • It would help if you also practiced interviews so that you are ready to answer questions about your experience or knowledge of respiratory therapy

What are the educational requirements for a Respiratory Therapist?

Applicants for respiratory therapist positions must have an associate’s degree, although employers may prefer candidates with Bachelor’s degrees. Institutions of higher learning, vocational institutes, and the Armed Forces provide these educational programs.

To become licensed, you may have to complete a training program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. How long is respiratory therapist school? Well, it depends on the program.

The courses which are typically encountered in respiratory therapy programs include:

  • biology,
  • chemistry,
  • human anatomy,
  • psychology,
  • physiology,
  • math,
  • physics,
  • microbiology,
  • and pharmacology.

Respiratory therapy programs also deal with studies about patients, therapeutic and diagnostic tests, and training about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

There are clinical components essential for students’ learning, like gaining practical and supervised experience while handling patients in existing medical facilities.

High school students should brush up on their skills and knowledge about health, science, math, chemistry, biology, and mathematics if they wish to partake in the career path toward respiratory therapy.

Credential Examinations

The NBRC administers two national exams that must be challenged by graduates of a respiratory therapy program to gain access to the workforce. A low and a high passing score can be obtained in the first test, called the Therapist Multiple Choice Exam (TMC).

Although the student has a relatively low score, she or he will be awarded the Certified Respiratory Therapist national credential. She or he can apply for a CRT license if the state now grants this license.

The candidate will qualify to take the Clinical Simulator Exam (CSSE) with a high score, which will then apply for the national certification of Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT).

Therapy licenses are issued based on credentials earned at national conferences. The State of Alaska is the only one that does not require a state license. Some universities and colleges are accredited to award Bachelor’s degree, Associate’s, and Master’s degree programs that are statewide recognized all over the U.S.

What are the skills required to be a Respiratory Therapist?

The Holland Code framework indicates that respiratory therapists have interests in the Building, Helping, and Thinking concern areas. Making or fixing practical things is one focus of the Building interest area.

Research and investigations into natural laws are the primary focus of the Thinking interest area. Those with a Helping interest area tend to help, serve, counsel, and teach others.

Take a career test to see if you fit a career as a respiratory therapist. Suppose you don’t know which of these following Interest Areas is suitable for you.

Respiratory therapists should possess the following specific skills:

A compassionate attitude

Patients undergoing treatment need respiratory therapists that can give emotional support and sympathize with their needs.

Problem solver 

Respiratory therapists need solid problem-solving skills. They are responsible for assessing patients’ symptoms, consulting with other health professionals, and then recommending and administering appropriate treatments.

Particularly keen on detail

An eye for detail is essential for respiratory therapists to give patients the right treatments and medications and keep a close eye on various aspects of patient care.


The respiratory therapist may work long hours with patients who require extra care. You should have the patience to withstand the different behaviors of your diverse patients. 

Adept communication and interpersonal skills

Respiratory therapists must be keen on following the instructions of a supervising physician. You must be able to communicate openly while discerning the proper protocols implemented by your team. 

Skilled in math and the sciences

To determine the correct medicine dose for a patient, respiratory therapists must know anatomy, physiology, and other sciences.

Respiratory Therapy Career Guide fact 2

What are the Respiratory Therapist’s duties & responsibilities?

In general, respiratory therapists must be able to:

  • Medications and equipment should be taught to patients.
  • Check equipment and patients regularly
  • Manage respiratory therapy technicians​
  • Work with people of all ages, including infants and the elderly.
  • Develop and modify patient care plans with physicians and other healthcare personnel.
  • Care for patients requiring intensive care in hospitals. This involves performing complex therapy requiring independent judgment, like caring for patients who are on life support.
  • Examine patients, perform limited physical exams, and conduct diagnostic tests, such as checking lung capacity and checking the blood’s content for acid or alkaline.
  • Patients with COPD or pulmonary fibrosis can be treated using breathing treatments, chest physiotherapy, and aerosols.
  • Put patients in need of pressurized oxygen into ventilators that deliver the liquid into their lungs.

A respiratory therapist will develop a therapy plan for a patient based on their interview and examination and consultation with a doctor. The patient’s mouth or nose may be cleaned and a breathing tube inserted into his windpipe and connected to an oxygen machine.

A respiratory therapist can also provide emergency care to people suffering from heart attacks, accidental drowning, and even shock. Some traveling respiratory therapists work in-home care settings to install respiratory equipment and instruct caretakers in its application.

What are the benefits of earning your Respiratory Therapy degree online?

A respiratory care therapist employed in the field alongside those aspiring to one can benefit from an online degree program.

Some colleges and universities prepare professional Certified Respiratory therapists and Registered Respiratory Therapists by offering career advancement programs. There are management opportunities, advanced clinical practice opportunities, and graduate school programs provided too. 

You can elevate your current status and skills by enrolling in a robust curriculum geared towards advancing respiratory therapy practice and research. You can develop a deeper and more grounded understanding and know-how about healthcare operations, leadership, technology, project management, and logistics.

All these and more are attained through online programs. And you will have the flexibility of completing the required number of hours for courses at your pace while being employed in your full-time work. 

How long does it take to become a Respiratory Therapist?

It generally takes about two years to meet the modern requirements for an R.T., such as an R.A. degree and a state license. A variety of flexible and accelerated programs are available. Aspiring Respiratory Therapists who can commit more time to school have Bachelor’s degree options as well.

Is there a demand for Respiratory Therapists?

Yes, there is a demand for Respiratory Therapists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects there will be a 14% increase in job opportunities for Respiratory Therapists between 2021 and 2031. This growth is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Types of Respiratory Therapist Degrees

R.T.s can specialize in any one of several different types of respiratory therapy.

nurse puts oxygen mask on elderly woman patient lying in the hospital room bed, wearing protective gloves and visor medical mask, coronavirus covid 19 protection concept

Adult Respiratory Therapy

A hospital, outpatient, or home setting is usually the setting for adult respiratory therapy. Routine care for chronic diseases, including cystic fibrosis, may be provided by an R.T. The treatment of emphysema is often included in respiratory therapy for adults. Sometimes R.T.s direct programs for adults to help them quit smoking.

When the lungs recover from surgery or a traumatic event, pulmonary rehabilitation helps restore breathing capacity. Treatment may be provided by a community-based therapist (RT) outside of the hospital. Also, they spend time and work in sleep labs to diagnose and treat sleep apnea.

Young female physician caring about elderly disabled woman sit on couch using stethoscope listen sounds by heart or lungs, health test of older generation, medical insurance nursing eldercare concept

Geriatric Respiratory Therapy

Our lungs also age as we do. Older people often benefit from respiratory therapy because it helps them breathe more efficiently. People over 65 are likely to encounter respiratory tract infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and bronchial pneumonia. Geriatric respiratory therapy takes place in hospitals, daycare centers, or at the patient’s home.

Emergency Respiratory Therapy

Emergency Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapy like this is usually provided in hospitals. They help patients recover from heart surgery and lung failure, as well as with emergency room cases. In addition to performing complicated surgeries, some R.T.s treat the pneumonia of patients. A big part of EMR requires ventilators. R.T.s must be able to administer life support to patients who need it.

Woman doctor listening with stethoscope little girl in clinic. Diagnostics of diseases of cardiovascular system in children concept

Pediatric Respiratory Therapy

R.T.s who specialize in pediatric cardiopulmonary care focus on newborns and young children. Sometimes they work in hospitals where they look after patients in intensive care units, including newborn babies. Children and adolescents who have asthma can seek outpatient care from some pediatric respiratory therapists.

Children or newborns are often transported by ambulance or helicopter by pediatric emergency transport teams at hospitals. Respiratory Therapists and Registered Nurses typically make up these teams.

Concentrations of Specializations of Respiratory Therapist Degrees

Pulmonary Diagnostics

A respirator specializing in lung function testing may enjoy the diagnostic aspects of respiratory healthcare. A pulmonary function laboratory or physician’s office employs therapists to measure lung function and assist physicians in determining whether a person has a lung disease and, if so, what kind.

Many therapists in this area hold certifications in pulmonary diagnostics and certifications in respiratory therapy and respiratory therapy. 

You might be able to obtain a Certified Pulmonary Function Technician or Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist credential, for example. 


Many respiratory therapists rise to the ranks to fill managerial positions in their departments. Staffing management, budget preparation, and hospital policies and procedures are just a few of the duties of respiratory care managers. 

Most managers enter the field after working as staff therapists for numerous years. This is a promotional opportunity for existing R.T. in medical or other institutions. Some of them have earned the Advanced level RRT license, and many have a bachelor’s degree in business or health care administration.

Home Care

Some patients with respiratory diseases such as emphysema receive health care from respiratory therapists in their homes. Therapists provide home care equipment to people at home, usually through companies or hospitals that can support such devices. It is beneficial for R.T.s to get out into the community and observe patients in their homes.

Many home care therapists need experience working in hospitals or other healthcare settings since the field requires deciding and responding quickly to emergencies. Most home care agencies prefer that you hold the advanced level of the RRT credential. 


Respiratory therapists are increasingly being requested to specialize in sleep medicine technology, which has evolved into a complex healthcare field over the past 30 years. Sleep R.T.s usually work for sleep laboratories, during which time they often perform the night shift. 

Although general respiratory therapists can move into polysomnography, they will need additional education and training to learn the 77 diagnoses and symptoms and use the polysomnographic equipment safely and effectively. 

Individuals who enter sleep hold the Certified Resuscitation Technician (CRT) and Registered Resuscitation Technologist (RRT) credentials but may also desire to earn the Registered Polysomnographic Technician (RPSGT) credential.


Not only must respiratory therapy educators educate future practitioners, but also provide educational resources to practicing therapists. A respiratory therapy educator instructs or teaches courses at community colleges, universities, and hospitals and is employed as a continuing education coordinator for respiratory therapy departments at hospitals.

Nearly all respiratory therapist educators entering the specialty will have held the advanced level RRT credential as a respiratory therapist in the past. Teachers who hold advanced degrees in education are typically considered favored candidates for promotion in many schools.

Case Management

The transition of a hospitalized patient to a home healthcare setting usually is taken care of by R.T.s. These R.T. case managers coordinate all aspects of the patient’s medical needs to recover at home more effectively. In addition to the RRT credential, many therapists hold case management credentials, such as the Certified Case Manager (CCM) credential. 

Critical Care

Many R.T.s choose the extreme care units due to the fast pace and complex care delivered there. The most advanced equipment and the sickest patients belong to a critical care respiratory therapist.   Most therapists working in the intensive care unit have advanced-level credentials in RRT. 

Financing Your Respiratory Therapist Education

Get started on your college funding procedures by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, called the FAFSA. These federal funds provide the most student financial aid in the country, giving out more than $100 billion a year to more than 15 million students in federal grants, loans, and work-study.

The respiratory care profession’s philanthropic arm will likely allow you to apply for scholarships as well. There are three scholarships organized by the American Respiratory Care Foundation, which undergraduate students can take advantage of.

And as for advanced degree students, there are also two scholarship programs offered for existing respiratory therapists who have finished a B.S. program.

The American Association for Respiratory Care provides scholarships:

Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Morton B. Duggan, Jr. Memorial Education Recognition Award

-eligible for anyone in any state (preferably from Georgia and South Carolina)

-amounting to $1000

  1. NBRC/AMP Robert M. Lawrence, MD Education Recognition Award

-Offered to students in their 3rd or 4th year of an accredited respiratory care degree program 

-amounting to $2500