Best Online Sports Psychology Master’s Programs

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Are you planning to pursue an online master’s in sports psychology? With too many online programs available, picking the right option can be hectic and time-consuming. Teams in various sports need highly qualified sports psychologists who can help athletes manage stress and motivate them to perform well.

We have discovered the best online sports psychology master’s programs to help you upskill yourself and effectively integrate psychological theories into your professional life.

Best Online Sports Psychology Master’s Programs

Here are our top picks of online sports psychology master’s degrees from different universities, which you can choose as per your preference. 

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Walden University

Walden University is a reputable educational institution that has served learners for more than four decades. It is one of the first universities that pioneered online education, and currently, thousands of students are enrolled in its online programs.

The psychology department of Walden University offers a master’s of science in psychology for twelve different specializations. Each of these specializations focuses on psychological principles and leadership development theories. 

Enrolling in this program will help you grasp relevant sports psychology concepts and develop leadership skills. It will help you learn how you can excel in the sports industry and improve the efficacy of coaches and physical education instructors. The total tuition cost of this program is $510.

John F. Kennedy University

John F. Kennedy University offers an online master of arts in sports psychology program. Their core curriculum is composed of the latest sports science practices and performance-enhancement techniques. Furthermore, it involves workshops, research, and hands-on fieldwork that helps students to harness relevant skills.

The program is designed to prepare students to earn the certification by AASP (Association for Applied Sports Psychology). Earning this certification can make an invaluable addition to the professional profile of students. 

The program also allows students to complete two research projects and four internships. These field research projects and internships help students gain research experience and build a professional network. It can help you create a marketable resume, making you eligible for rewarding positions. The total tuition cost of this program is $665.

California Southern University

Another top educational institution that you can consider for a Master’s in Sports Psychology is California Southern University. Their online programs are highly accessible and provide students with the flexibility to pursue a degree from anywhere. 

In this master of science in sports counseling program, students get a chance to learn from seasoned faculty members and researchers who have real-world experience. Most of the courses in this program are related to motivation, athletic performance, psychology of coaching, and other relevant areas. 

You can also opt for the dual degree, as this master’s program can also convert into a doctoral degree in sports psychology. The total tuition cost of this master’s degree is $425.

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University of Missouri

The University of Missouri was founded in 1839, and it is one of the most prestigious educational institutions. Their top-quality master’s of counseling psychology program with a positive coaching specialty helps students broaden their expertise.

The curriculum is designed to help those students who want to get a coaching role and build a successful career in it. It will help you learn the dynamic aspects of sports psychology and create a marketable and solid professional profile. The total tuition cost of this program is $352.

Ohio University

If you want to enroll in a high-value online master’s program in sports psychology for coaches, then you must consider Ohio University. The program is designed to teach students how to use team building and coaching to improve the performance of athletes. 

This program was restructured in 2020 according to the national standards for sports coaching. The courses in this degree are related to leadership and management in sports, analysis of performance for coaches, and psychology of coaching.

You can complete this degree in around two years, and the flexible modality of the program allows you to fulfill your professional and personal obligations efficiently. If you are a working professional, then this program can be the perfect fit for you as there are no non-residency requirements. The average annual tuition fee of the program is $9,444. 

University of Western States

If you are tight on budget and want to enroll in a low-cost and quality sports psychology master’s program, then consider the University of Western States. Students get the opportunity to learn from the seasoned faculty with extensive teaching and professional practice experience. 

The courses offer hands-on learning for students and provide the best possible mentorship experiences. It prepares students to effectively apply their skills in real-world settings. It can take you around 18 months to complete the program. 

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Lock Haven University

Lock Haven University offers an online master’s of science sport and exercise psychology degree. It’s a 30-credit-hour program that can take around just one year to complete. 

This program is designed to help students learn various psychological factors that can impact the performance of athletes. It also helps students understand the connection between psychological well-being and sport. 

Courses in this program are related to stress management, psychology of athletic injury, and sport and exercise psychology for performance improvement. After earning this degree, you can also serve in the relevant non-sport settings. 

Skills Required to Be a Sports Psychologist

Apart from earning high-level qualifications, you also have to acquire a particular set of skills to become a competent sports psychologist. It can positively impact your professional career growth and help you excel in the sports industry. The skills and qualities that you must focus on are:

While pursuing a master’s degree in sports psychology, you will get many opportunities to develop these skills in different courses.

Best Jobs For Sports Psychologists

Here are some rewarding and high-paying jobs that you must consider as a sports psychologist. These jobs can also give you practical experience to advance your career.

Sports Rehabilitation Director

The primary responsibilities of a sports rehabilitation director are:

The average annual salary of a sports rehabilitation director is $151,063.

Several cyclists racing in a competitive race

Sports Psychiatrist

The primary responsibilities of sports psychiatrists are:

The average annual salary of a sports psychiatrist is $259,497

Clinical Sports Psychologist

The primary duties of the clinical sports psychologist are:

The average annual salary of a clinical sports psychologist is $109,894.

Performance Psychologist

The primary responsibilities of the performance psychologist are:

The average annual salary of a performance psychologist is $81,684.

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Here are some common questions that each individual who wants to pursue a master’s degree in sports psychology has in their minds. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make informed decisions during your academic and professional career.

What Is the Best Major for a Sports Psychologist?

You can consider earning a master’s or doctoral degree in sports psychology, sports medicine, or physiology, or make a career in sports management. These are some of the best options that you can consider as an aspiring sports psychologist that will make you eligible for lucrative career opportunities in this field. 

Which Country Is Best for Sports Psychology?

There is no best country to study sports psychology. Different reputable institutions across the planet offer well-structured sports psychology programs that you can consider according to your choice. You also have to consider the modality and cost of the program before making the final decision. 

Which Country Has the Highest Demand for Psychologists?

Psychology graduates are in huge demand in the USA. There is a wide range of career opportunities available in the USA for individuals in sports and non-sports settings. You can work as a psychologist or as a researcher in the relevant position to create new psychological theories and implement them practically in different fields.


Earning a master’s of psychology in sports can make you eligible for high-paying jobs that can play a key role in your professional growth. As a sports psychologist, harnessing relevant skills and developing the required qualities for career advancement is also important. It will make you stand out from others.