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Let’s face it; everyone wants to live a long life, so it is crucial to prioritize health! If your calling is to promote good health to the public, now’s the time to enter the Public Health sector. The importance of public health lies in its premise to prevent health issues and promote healthy and safe living conditions.

Online Degrees in Public Health - fact

Health promotion, disease prevention, and empowerment of individuals are all vital functions of public health. These are all made possible through awareness campaigns and different channels for promoting such programs. Developing and promoting new health policies is also an important part of the job.

With an undergraduate degree that blends research and action, Public Health graduates can create and help implement innovative, long-lasting solutions that, ultimately, improve the quality of life.

The Lowdown

An undergraduate online Public Health program focuses on improving people’s health and promoting safety and well-being. Students earn the skills to detect health issues early and respond appropriately to prevent diseases from developing. They can fill the growing demand for public health professionals whose work can make a real difference in people’s lives.


The first step towards a successful public health career is to enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Public Health! The following factors were taken into account when choosing each of the five best online undergraduate programs on our list:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Bachelor’s in Public Health Online Programs

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

The online Bachelor of Science – Public Health combines rigorous coursework with experiential learning. Public health principles and practices are covered in the curriculum. Fieldwork prepares students for future careers in public health by integrating classroom learning into practice.

Getting an emphasis will add 12 credits to your degree. Your chosen emphasis area can be customized to meet your interests, aspirations, and future goals. Here are the specialization options that you can choose from:

What’s Unique About this Program:

An online BS in Public Health will help you hone essential skills such as data analysis, policy advocacy, collaboration, critical thinking, and community engagement skills. This online program has an integrated internship program for gaining practical experience and broadening their professional network.

Did You Know?

University of Arizona’s BS in Public Health is the only undergraduate program of its kind in the state that is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health, and the is the one.

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

The University of Cincinnati’s BS in Public Health can be finished in four years and is offered online. Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in public health acquire the knowledge and abilities to become leaders in the medical field and contribute to enhancing individual and societal health. 

They study the public health care system in the United States and overseas, as well as newly developing public health issues, including pandemic infectious illness and new environmental dangers, through studying in a setting beyond coursework and class discussions.

In Public Health, professionals strive to reduce harm to individuals and communities. Unlike nursing and pre-medicine, public health students examine potential issues impacting communities upstream rather than downstream. University of Cincinnati students develop health improvement and quality-of-life prevention programs using this approach.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Did You Know?

University of Cincinnati Public Health students have access to many opportunities in the growing and evolving field of public health. Many pursue careers in health education, occupational health, biostatistics, and epidemiology.

Walden University

Walden University

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

For those whose passion is to help others live healthier lives, Walden University has developed a Bachelor of Science in Public Health program to help you get there. With a BS in Public Health, you will learn skills that can be applied across various settings to work toward community wellness and health equity.

Walden University understands that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all learning style. The program accommodates all learners, emphasizing convenience, flexibility, and adaptability.

Public Health challenges are currently spread widely through all states in America. And the need for health advocates and educators is growing more than ever before. After all, these workers educate the population about behaviors that promote wellness, prevent illness, and enhance the quality of life. 

Upon earning the degree, graduates:

What’s Unique About this Program:

Public Health challenges, from chronic disease to the opioid crisis, are a persistent national focus. The BS in Public Health degree at Walden University emphasizes information that can be used in various contexts to advance social justice and healthier communities. Investigate the issues currently affecting population health and healthcare delivery—and acquire knowledge that may help you land a new job.

Did You Know?

Earning a degree has never been easier at Walden Undergraduate Academy. Before starting your online bachelor’s program, this dedicated learning experience helps you develop your academic skills and confidence. Students are also offered savings plans to help them pay for their bachelor’s degree.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University Ecampus

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Oregon State University offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, and they’ve been good at what they do for over a century. Put yourself on a route to assisting in enhancing the well-being of families, communities, and individuals.

By managing the business or clinical components of health care and human services or evidence-based behavioral programs, you will take a comprehensive approach to promoting health across the lifespan and in various contexts as part of this undergraduate degree. 

In this online degree, you can acquire the information and skills necessary to protect and promote health, as well as an understanding of health disparities and the social and behavioral factors that affect health.

The online courses in Oregon State’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health program best suit anyone interested in addressing social justice and health disparity issues. 

What’s Unique About this Program:

OSU’s world-class faculty develops all classes, and their expertise, research, and innovation are known worldwide. Thanks to the Public Health program, you can promote laws that promote well-being and let people live to their fullest potential.

The program’s academic members are adept researchers in public policy, public health, and health management. And they’re ready to share their learnings with you. On-campus and eCampus students at OSU receive the same diploma.

Did You Know?

You can work with teachers on research projects, finish a thorough thesis experience, and participate in co-curricular activities by earning this esteemed online public health degree.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

It is possible to make your community healthier by applying your learnings and experiences from Louisiana State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Public Health. In this online program, you will complete prerequisite coursework at another institution for two years before completing the rest of the degree requirements at LSU Health New Orleans for two years.

Graduates of online public health programs will be equipped to communicate critical information to various audiences, including lawmakers, community stakeholders, and scientific colleagues. Federal agencies, insurance firms, healthcare delivery systems, non-governmental groups, research institutions, and pharmaceutical firms are just a few potential future employment for this online degree.

What’s Unique About this Program:

To promote health and wellness, the Bachelor of Science in Public Health trains students to learn how to deal with challenges, including health equality, ethnic biases, and gaps in marginalized communities.

Numerous opportunities await students, particularly in public health research. Students are trained through in-class projects, collaboration with faculty, and as a component of their public health practice. LSU’s BS in Public Health degree gives students practical training that addresses pressing community issues.

Did You Know?

LSU will provide you with a personal advisor who can be with you throughout your public health degree journey. Delta Omega honors students, faculty, and alums who excel in public health, which benefits your future career and connections.

University of West Florida

University of West Florida - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

The University of West Florida offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health degree program. This perfect online degree will prepare you to address contemporary public health problems practically and innovatively. As global public health needs grow, so does the demand for qualified and well-trained public health professionals.

Students are taught to assess and analyze health equality issues and disparities across populations. They obtain the skills required for employment at the local, state, national, and global levels.

What’s Unique About this Program:

As you enroll and graduate from this online degree, you’ll be able to identify public health problems and critically address them for the benefit of the community. You’ll learn how to manage public health projects aimed at achieving community health outcomes through team collaboration. Lastly, you can work to improve population health through public health initiatives that use public health information.

Did You Know?

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Start helping anyone by entering the public health industry. One solid step is to enroll in Southern New Hampshire University’s online BS in Public Health degree program. Globally, everyone has witnessed that in 2020, public health professionals worked hard to organize public health systems and processes to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global pandemic highlighted public health’s incredible complexity. Despite its complexity and challenges, it provided a significant opportunity for public health professionals to understand global pandemics and ultimately prevent their recurrence. SNHU’s public health degree aims to produce graduates who are ready and able to overcome such unprecedented situations to save populations.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Students learn to assess, plan, and evaluate programs through evidence-based approaches. Additionally, they will gain a solid understanding of the biological and social sciences. Students will study ways to stop disease, extend life, and improve population health. After earning your bachelor’s in public health at SNHU, you can also earn an online Master’s of Public Health degree – either general or global health-focused.

Did You Know?

SNHU academic advisors can help you get the necessary professional experience, such as internships or projects that allow for experiential learning that you may list on your resume. They can assist you in all aspects of your job hunt, including applications and interviews. Their services are offered anytime you need them, from the first day of school until after graduation.

San Diego State University

San Diego State University - Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

San Diego State University is another highly reputable university that offers an online Bachelor of Public Health program. This online degree will prepare candidates for entry-level and mid-level positions in the public and private sectors. You’ll be able to execute equity-based improvements within your organization and community, from hospitals and health clinics to business groups and governmental entities, and make suggestions regarding healthcare.

The modern, busy professional is the target audience for this program. You will learn in the curriculum how to collaborate with public health organizations, academics, and different populations to accomplish a range of public health objectives, from controlling infectious outbreaks to creating healthcare infrastructure and programs in underprivileged areas.

Gathering, applying, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data will teach you how to comprehend and address population-level health issues. You’ll look at the fundamental legal, moral, financial, and governmental aspects of health care and health policy.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Through interactive courses taught by healthcare professionals, students stand out in a competitive employment market. Additionally, you’ll learn how to treat every community member with respect and dignity, particularly in underprivileged and resource-poor neighborhoods. You won’t have to put your life on hold to get your degree because you can take all your classes online.

Did You Know?

Delaware State University

Delaware State University - Wesley College of Health and Behavioral Sciences

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

An online BS in Public Health degree is offered at Delaware State University. This online program provides knowledge and skills in health science.

Courses include:

Students majoring in public health graduate with the information, abilities, character traits, and dispositions needed to work in various public and community health career settings.

Public Health majors use science, theory, and practice to improve the community’s health. Students majoring in public health take part in academic and practical training in management, policy analysis, program development and implementation, and assessment.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Students who choose this degree will have a solid basis for jobs in the public and private sectors, notably in business and industry, non-profit organizations, and public health organizations.

Students can learn skills in needs analysis, program design, implementation, administration, program evaluation, advocacy, and service coordination for health education and health promotion.

Did You Know?

It’s important to note that an in-depth practicum worth twelve credits counts as the Public Health capstone project.  Students must write a lengthy report and present their work orally as part of their final grade, regardless of their major or specialty.

California Baptist University

California Baptist University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

An online BS in Public Health degree program is offered by California Baptist University. This online degree prepares students to assume leadership roles in health care that are effective and ethical. 

Some of the major topics discussed in this program are the following:

The issues that practitioners of public health face globally are both well-known and recently emerging.  Obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease continue to be the primary morbidity and mortality causes in the US and globally.

People still practice harmful habits like using tobacco and abusing drugs, endangering their own and the general population’s health and well-being.  All these health issues will be tackled during your online bachelor’s in public health.

What’s Unique About this Program:

California Baptist University offers an online bachelor’s degree in public health that focuses on training students in the following aspects:

Graduating students and those interested in advanced education will be well-prepared to achieve their goals and contribute to society.

Did You Know?

Upon graduation, graduates will possess a population-based perspective on wellness, backed by a rigorous academic background that explores the relationships between environmental, physical, psychological, economic, social, and spiritual aspects of health with an impact on individual and population well-being.

Reasons to Study Public Health

A strong public health strategy is a reliable defense against unanticipated health emergencies that can endanger our way of life. Here are some reasons to pursue a public health degree.

Help solve problems.

Problem-solvers, by nature, and public health professionals frequently come up with answers and solutions to local and global health problems. Public health professionals love the challenges of eradicating diseases and creating preventative measures.

By being engaged and interactive, these public health professionals recognize health problems and start a plan to address them. They assess a community’s requirements based on individual encounters and statistical information. They then develop plans for correcting the problems using this information and ethical concerns for the community members.

Contribute to research and innovations in healthcare.

The work you undertake in the lab or the library as a graduate student in public health has real-world applications and has the potential to save millions of lives. If your calling is to help people’s lives, you will do so by contributing to research and innovations in healthcare and other related studies.

Help others become healthy.

It’s not enough for you to be health-conscious alone; it’s always best to live within a community of like-minded individuals regarding health. On that note, improving other people’s and communities’ health and well-being attracts many public health professionals to this career.

In the long run, knowing that you are helping to improve society is one of the most satisfying aspects of working in public health. Many public health professionals are actively involved in their local communities and can immediately observe the results of their efforts. They are in charge of informing the public and raising awareness of health issues in local communities.

Get exposed to other fields.

Medical disciplines from many different fields are incorporated into public health. When you study or enter the public health sector, many doors and windows of opportunities open for you. You can pursue medicine or nursing or major in other allied health fields. You may also go into the academe or research sector.

Address health issues.

Unfortunately, the world has evolved to become unhealthier as people prioritize convenience over health. Students who want to concentrate on certain diseases or populations can do so since public health is versatile.

Make a difference everywhere.

Public Health professionals improve the lives of underrepresented people. People look to public health organizations for information and guidance on how to keep safe during a disease outbreak. Some of these organizations operate on a nationwide scale. As a public health professional, you can collaborate with health organizations worldwide to make a difference anywhere.

Enter into the medical world easily.

Earning an online bachelor’s in public health is a solid foundation for entering the medical field. You can use it as a preparatory degree to pursue higher education in the medical sector.

Promote healthier lives.

Future generations will struggle to lead healthier lives without public health promoters. Students who study public health have the chance to change the world.

Become a first responder to health issues.

If you pursue a public health degree, you can respond to public health concerns immediately. In case of epidemic or disease outbreaks, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to mediate and prevent them from spreading. You may work alongside non-profits and health organizations to provide first aid.

Get opportunities for career development.

There are numerous prospects for growth if you enter into public health. You are, therefore, more likely to advance into management or positions of growing responsibility with more experience.

Tips to Prepare for a Career in Public Health

A career in public health is gratifying and dynamic, with much potential to significantly improve people’s lives and communities. The primary goals of this interdisciplinary field are disease prevention, health promotion, and enhancement of general well-being.

If you want to start a rewarding career in public health, here are some invaluable tips to guide you:

Learn the many job opportunities.

Almost everything you can imagine directly or indirectly relates to public health. To succeed and thrive in public health, exposing yourself to different job opportunities is best. For example, you can enter into healthcare services, health education, government agencies, research, and environmental health. And the list could go on forever.

Gain hands-on experience.

Gaining practical experience is essential to building the abilities and knowledge required for a successful career in public health. Look for internships, volunteer positions, or part-time jobs with organizations relevant to you. This real-world experience will improve your résumé and aid in developing your professional network. Local health agencies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and community health centers are a few examples of organizations to consider.

Be open-minded and flexible.

The field of public health is quite dynamic, so it’s necessary to be open-minded and flexible. Treat every subject and discipline with the same zeal and rigor since you can never entirely predict the difficulties and opportunities you may face as a public health professional.

Specialize and continue learning.

Public health is a broad field with various specializations and career options. Decide on a specific area of expertise based on your interests and career goals. You will stand out in the job market and be able to concentrate on issues that matter to you if you specialize in one field.

Build networks.

After carefully considering the type of work or specialization you are interested in, you need to network constantly. Making connections and establishing relationships with persons working in the public health industry is called networking. To narrow down your job search, ask for advice, increase awareness, become more exposed to the job market, and produce recommendations, networking is a good idea.

Develop a genuine passion for helping others.

One critical element to succeed in public health is to prepare your heart to be passionate and committed to helping others. For instance, the health and welfare of people who are underprivileged in different communities, such as members of racial or ethnic minorities and immigrants, older adults, and those with poor mental health and physical disabilities, should be of great concern to individuals who are engaged in public health.

Enroll in the Best Online Bachelor’s in Public Health.

Education involves the decision process, of which you can find the best online bachelor’s in public health. This undergraduate degree is an excellent first step and is frequently necessary for employment in the field at the entry level. You might wish to think about an alternative if you have a particular area of interest. Also, you should consider proceeding to a master’s degree or other higher education options. 

Develop the essential skills.

A specific set of abilities is necessary for a successful career in public health. Become more adept in problem-solving, communication, and analysis because these skills are essential for navigating the complexities of public health. As public health practitioners frequently work in multidisciplinary teams and require effective collaboration to address health concerns, you should develop your leadership and teamwork skills. Develop your cultural sensitivity since public health practitioners must be aware of various groups’ requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do students learn in an online Bachelor of Science in Public Health?

You will discover how people’s health outcomes are influenced by the environments in which they live, work, or learn when you enroll in a public health degree program. You’ll discover how public health specialists work together to identify these diseases and develop treatments to treat them.

Your coursework usually examines a variety of topics, depending on your interests and passions, including the science behind disease transmission and prevention, the effects of the environment on human health, the power of data and policy to improve population health, and how diet and nutrition affect behavioral health.

What can you do with an online Bachelor’s in Public Health?

You might work as a community health worker or health educator by earning your Bachelor’s in Public Health online. The government sector frequently has these positions available. You may also work for a company to support staff members’ health and safety at work and home or assist hospitals with community outreach.

Another position available to you with a bachelor’s degree in public health is going into emergency management. For this position, municipal administrations frequently hire.

Can you find an affordable online Bachelor’s in Public Health degree?

Fortunately, online bachelor’s degrees in public health are usually priced more reasonably than traditional programs. You ought to be able to choose an affordable college program! The price per credit hour for many online public health degrees ranges from $300 to $600. To graduate, you’ll generally need about 120 credits.

You may be able to pay for college through financial aid from the government and private scholarships. A public university in your home state or one that charges all students in-state tuition could help you save money.

Summary Points

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