The 9 Best Online Bachelor’s in Christian Psychology Degrees in 2023

Psychology is an integral part of society. It is through psychology that humans have come to a better understanding of why people act the way they do and aid them in achieving good mental health.

Students interested in pursuing a career in this field may want to consider earning a bachelor’s degree in Christian Psychology. Like Christian Counseling programs, many bachelor’s of Christian psychology degree programs seek to understand human beings through a Christian worldview. This degree program will lead to rewarding careers in the field, such as that of Christian counselors.

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Christian psychology, in a nutshell, utilizes Biblical views to construct a complete understanding of people and what they need to overcome, how they heal, and what their purpose in life is. This discipline combines psychology and theology. At the core of psychology is the adherence to the counseling practices and teachings of Christianity in an effort to make sense of the human mind and behavior.

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The Lowdown

Many universities and colleges in the country offer an online psychology degree. Most online Christian colleges teach the essence of psychology but emphasize a Christian perspective. This means prospective students will be able to learn how to incorporate Christianity into various therapies, often involving the art of Christian counseling.


With the use of Christian psychology, many Christian counselors include their clients’ religious perspectives to create a unique, individualized form of treatment. After all, understanding the human mind requires both psychological and spiritual knowledge and skills!

We picked the best online Bachelor of Christian Psychology programs based on these factors:

  • Offered as a Bachelor of Christian Psychology program by a regionally accredited college,
  • Recognized by or affiliated with organizations to prove the program’s adherence to faith-based principles for professional practice,
  • Delivered as an online or hybrid program and awarded solely as a Christian Psychology degree or as a specialization of a Christian Ministry or Christian Counseling program,
  • Features rigorous coursework that integrates the theories of Christianity and Psychology, enabling students to understand the concepts of and address the issues concerning emotional and mental health, as well as behavioral health, from a Christian perspective
  • Employs faculty personnel with the proper credentials and professional experiences,
  • Offers financial aid options, favorable transfer credit policies, and satisfactory student support services

Read our Methodology for our ranking process details.

9 Best Online Bachelor’s in Christian Psychology Programs

Crown College

Crown College

Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Counseling

Crown College, known for constantly innovating Christian higher education, has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Counseling degree program for students who wish to pursue a successful career in the areas of ministry, counseling, and management. This bachelor’s degree program is available online, allowing students to earn their degrees without compromising their careers.

This bachelor’s degree in psychology equips students with foundational knowledge and techniques that they can easily apply in the real world, whether they choose to further their education by pursuing a graduate degree or joining the workforce in a number of professions, such as Christian counselors, career counselors, and more.

  • Prospective students are prepared to work in dynamic fields where an understanding of human behavior and thought is required, from business and ministry to social work.
  • It is also part of the program curriculum to prepare students for a master’s degree in counseling and social work.
  • This online degree program is Chris-centered, with various undergraduate courses that blend psychology and Christian perspectives. There are also general education courses.
  • Some of the courses in the online bachelor of science degree program include Biblical Studies, Alcohol + Drug Counseling, Care Ministries, Community Development, Counseling, Human Services, Psychology Counseling, and more.
What Makes This Program Unique:

This program is available in an accelerated format, which means students can finish the degree in a shortened time frame while earning a master of arts in counseling. To avail of this option, qualified students may apply for an accelerated degree program. This will allow them to get a master’s degree in two years.

Did You Know?

Crown College features a virtual campus that lets students complete their coursework anytime and anywhere. All they need to do is to log into their virtual classroom.

San Diego Christian College

San Diego Christian College

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

A nationally ranked Christian college in Southern California, San Diego Christian College gives students an unrivaled educational experience. One of the online programs they offer is the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. This online psychology degree provides students with valuable insights into human behavior and motivations. They can apply this knowledge and specialized counseling skills in various fields, including business, education, management, and social services. Like other online bachelor’s degrees, this program can be completed 100% online.

  • Students can expect to learn the essential psychology and research methods focusing on biological, cognitive, and social behavior.
  • This program stands out from its counterpart as it delves into the spiritual underpinnings of human behavior, along with the biblical teachings about human life and development.
  • The degree requires the completion of 123 credit hours, with students having the opportunity to engage in research, program evaluation, and service learning, among others.
  • Students will need to know how to evaluate interactions of the different aspects of human behavior, including biological, cognitive, social, and spiritual.
What Makes This Program Unique:

This bachelor’s degree allows students to enhance their credentials by taking an emphasis or minor. Their options encompass in-demand fields such as business, education, communication, and leadership.

Did You Know?

The Bachelor of Arts program at SDCC integrates a biblical worldview and includes courses that can be applied to career fields with a biblical framework. It also gives them opportunities for hands-on research and experience.

Grace Christian University

Grace Christian University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Believing in biblical higher education, Grace Christian University offers a BS in Psychology degree program that is available online. Students in this program will learn the ethical use of research in improving people’s lives with respect to family, employment, and recreation.

  • This program approaches psychology from a biblical worldview, empowering students to support psychological findings in God’s general revelation.
  • Students can expect experiential learning that prepares them to pursue various vocations or continue their education in graduate school.
  • Some of the courses in the program include Introduction to Online Studies and Personal Discipleship, Christian Theology I, Organizational Leadership, Organizational Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Family Counseling, and Basic Counseling, among others.
What Makes This Program Unique:

This psychology degree program can lead students to several career opportunities, including jobs as case managers, research assistants, probation officers, and health educators.

Did You Know?

Grace Christian University offers one of the most affordable tuition rates among private universities in West Michigan. This means students can pursue their higher education without going into debt.

Faulkner University

Faulkner University

Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology offered at Faulkner University is taught with a biblical worldview. Students who successfully earn the program will be able to find various roles in human resources, ministry, hospitality, marketing, and advocacy. The degree program is offered on all four of the university’s campuses, namely Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile. It is also available in an online learning format.

  • Students are required to complete 121 course hours, with choices for specializations according to one’s interests.
  • The program gives students a good foundation, especially if they plan to pursue a master’s degree in social work.
  • The courses in the curriculum include Biblical Worldview, Understanding Biblical Literature, Information and Communication Literacy, and more.
What Makes This Program Unique:

In this program, students don’t only learn the general principles of psychology. They are also encouraged to explore is subspecialties. Students can take part in an internship and complete a capstone project.

Did You Know?

Faulkner University is accredited to award associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctorate degrees by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Central Christian College of Kansas

Central Christian College of Kansas

Bachelor of Science in Psychology Online

Students who wish to cultivate a broad understanding of fascinating social sciences may consider earning a BS in Psychology. This will give them an idea of how faith and science can work together to form a person’s existence.

  • The program utilizes a Christian-centered teaching model to prepare students for a range of career paths where religious morals and principles unite.
  • This online Christian Psychology degree provides students an opportunity to pursue graduate study that can help them enhance their credentials and serve as a prerequisite for licensed positions.
  • The courses in this program can be completed in six-week increments and are available in an asynchronous format.
What Makes This Program Unique:

One of the highlights of this program is training students to facilitate APA guidelines for the ethical treatment of research participants, along with expressing their thoughts, ideas, findings, and more in accordance with APA standards.

Did You Know?

Students can earn the degree faster by transferring previous college credits to this program. The generous transfer credit arrangement allows them to save time and money.

Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Ohio Christian University is a private non-profit Christian college based in Circleville, Ohio. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree that it offers may not bear the Christian approach in its name, but it does so as it is designed to integrate a biblical worldview. The program is delivered both online and on campus.

  • The program lets students gain a broad theoretical foundation in Psychology that sees applicability in a range of fields, including Ministry work.
  • The core Psychology component of the program’s curriculum adds up to a total of 39 credit hours, including significant coursework, a Psychology elective, and the final output.
  • For the final output, students can choose between an Integrative Research Seminar, an Undergraduate Thesis, or fulfilling a Psychology Practicum.
What Makes This Program Unique:

The program trains students to see and integrate the connection between the Bible and psychological principles, which they can apply to their respective professional contexts. It is a program that is rooted in traditional psychology but has an added dimension based on Scripture and spirituality.

Did You Know?

Ohio Christian University also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries, which is also offered both on-campus and online.  

Kansas Christian College

Kansas Christian College

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

A private, four-year Christian College in Overland Park, Kansas Christian College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology that is enhanced by a Biblical approach, preparing students not only for a wide range of careers after they earn their degree but especially for church and ministry work. The program is offered online.

  • The program contains a total of 120 credit hours and can be completed within 2-4 years.
  • Among the degree programs included are Marriage and Family, Survival Psychology, Psychopathology, and Developmental Psychology, among others.
  • The program also has Bible and Theology courses, as well as 30 credit hours worth of General Electives.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This Christian Psychology degree program is ideal for a wide range of career paths open to Psychology graduates. Still, it is also suitable for Church and Ministry-related roles, including counseling and well-being and becoming a Pastor. The program can also be taken further with graduate-level education.

Did You Know?

Kansas Christian College also offers a more specialized BA in Leadership and Ministry (Pastoral Ministry) degree program, which is also delivered online.

Mid-America Christian University

Mid-America Christian University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Christian Ministries

Mid-America Christian University is a private Christian university based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, that has an optional Christian Ministries concentration area. The program blends traditional Psychology coursework with Biblical principles to prepare graduates with a well-rounded and ethical approach to their professional practice.

  • The program contains two optional concentration areas: Christian Ministries and Criminal Justice.
  • The program curriculum includes the following major courses and electives: Stress Management, Pastoral Counseling, Personality Development, and Multicultural Psychology, among others. The program also consists of a required Field Experience/Internship capstone.
  • MACU earned accreditation from the HLC-Higher Learning Commission – North Central Association of Colleges & Schools.
What Makes This Program Unique:

Middle America Christian University recognizes the importance of trust as the foundation upon which Psychology is built. Their answer to providing the most solid basis for belief and developing students’ professional approaches that answer this need is a Christ-centered education, which reflects in the program’s design and outcomes.

Did You Know?

Middle America Christian University also offers a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries and a Master of Science in Counseling among its online degrees on offer.

Grace College

Grace College - Online

Bachelor of Psychology

Grace College, a private evangelical Christian College, offers a Bachelor of Psychology degree program that places the traditional Psychology degree into the context of a Christian worldview that informs and shapes students’ learning experience in the program. The program is delivered 100% online.

  • The program contains 60 credit hours. Students are, however, expected to have accumulated 60 credit hours beforehand through other college credit, which includes up to 24 credit hours of Experiential Learning credit.
  • Among the program’s courses are Addictive Treatment, Biblical Psychology, Victimology, Psychology of Religion, Substance Abuse, and more.
What Makes This Program Unique:

Grace College recognizes College Experiential Learning credit that can go into the student’s total amount of required credits to earn the degree. This includes documented life experiences after high school, such as workplace learning and personal activities. Grace College also assists students in discovering and documenting these to help students earn credit.

Did You Know?

Grace College also offers Bachelor’s degrees in Ministry Leadership and Human Services, both of which are also delivered online.

Differentiating Christian Psychology and Christian Counseling Degree Programs

Differentiating Christian Psychology and Christian Counseling Degree Programs

Potential students may have noticed that Christian Psychology degree programs may be indistinguishable from bachelor’s in Christian Counseling programs, which are often offered by the same institutions, i.e., private institutions that sometimes have affiliations with churches or religious organizations.

These degree programs share some similarities indeed. Christian Counseling is sometimes offered as a specialization area of a Christian Psychology degree program. These programs are also founded on traditional psychology, and graduates are expected to be able to take up the same career paths after they earn their degree as other Psychology graduates.

A key difference between these programs, meanwhile, lies in their focus areas. Some colleges or universities may offer standalone, specialized Christian Counseling degrees, and these programs take a particular focus on counseling as a practice, often within church and ministry contexts. As such, these programs may have curriculums that include psychological theories, methods, and strategies specific to counseling practice on top of the special Christian approach to the program design.

Meanwhile, a way of looking at Christian Psychology programs is on how they are designed more like a typical Psychology bachelor’s degree program that is guided/enhanced by integrating a Biblical/Christian perspective, resulting in a degree program that has its own unique way of looking at the human person, the human mind, and human behavior.

Differentiating Christian Psychology and Christian Counseling Degree Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my degree diploma say “online” on it?

In most cases, the answer is no. Colleges and universities that offer online degrees design their programs to be the same in all key aspects regardless of delivery format. They tend not to focus on the delivery format but on the degree itself in the diploma. For schools and colleges that offer online and on-campus formats of the same degree programs, these tend to be designed based on a single program curriculum and are taught by the same set of faculty.

How long does it take to complete a Christian Psychology program?

Typically, a bachelor’s degree can take four years or more to accomplish. The program duration depends on a variety of factors. For example, students who enrolled full-time will be able to earn an online psychology degree within a four-year period. However, part-time students may need to render a few years more before they can fully earn the degree. The coursework that students take can affect the time required to earn a psychology degree.

Many online psychology programs also offer flexibility to cater to the needs of working adults. This means students have the freedom to complete the coursework at their own pace. Some psychology degree programs are also available in accelerated formats, which allow students to finish the degree faster.

What are the most common admission requirements in Christian Psychology degree programs?

In general, admission requirements to most online bachelor’s programs tend to be the same across various disciplines. There are online Christian colleges that may require a minimum GPA or submit test scores. The following are the most common admission requirements:

  • Official transcript of record
  • High school diploma
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement

Summary Points

Bachelor’s in Christian Psychology degree programs integrate the traditional Psychology undergraduate curriculum with a unique approach of a Biblical/Christian perspective, that is, viewing the human person through the lens of their relationship with God and how they are created in the His image.

These degree programs are almost invariably offered by private colleges and universities, as these are the only venues for higher education that adopt a more limited worldview that informs theoretical bases.

As these are primarily Psychology degrees, graduates of Christian Psychology degree programs can take on typical career paths and further studies open to Psychology graduates; however, the Christian perspective built into these Psychology degree programs makes them suited for careers and roles in religious ministries.

Additional Information: