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Gain extensive knowledge of human health and the diverse physical activities necessary to maintain a long and healthy life by studying Kinesiology. This is a growing field that seeks to address the growing cases of obesity and chronic diseases caused by poor lifestyle choices.

In the US alone, approximately $173 billion in healthcare costs are attributed to obesity, which affects 100.1 million adults and 14.7 million children!

Online Associates in Kinesiology - fact

You can jump-start your career in Kinesiology with an associate degree. Associates in Kinesiology prepare you for entry-level careers in sports medicine, nutrition, and exercise, focusing on mobility and rehabilitation, as well as strength and conditioning.

The Labor Statistics Bureau is forecasting a 10% job growth for exercise physiologists in the next decade. Many more opportunities are at your perusal upon completing your online associate program.

The Lowdown

A Kinesiology associate degree online will prepare you for an entry-level career, as well as for further study in the field at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. If you want to specialize in particular branches of exercise and fitness, Kinesiology offers many concentration options.

As the focus of Kinesiology is studying human mobility, performance, and function, you can expect to study courses like physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, and biomechanics in an online associate program.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Take the First Step Toward a Career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

A degree in kinesiology online is the first step to paving your career in this field. During these two years, a solid foundation will be laid in kinesiology, as online students get exposed to the vital courses. Prepare yourself for this in-demand career by partaking in the core, general education, and elective courses of their programs. 

Associate in Kinesiology online programs include courses like:

There are also options for you to use some associate programs as a pathway if you intend to proceed to a bachelor’s degree and other higher education. Working online with your peers gives you the opportunity to develop teamwork, analytical, problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills.

A successful online associate program is one that meets your objectives and goals. It’s paramount that you first think deeply about what your academic and career goals are. After graduation, there are many work settings that offer jobs in Kinesiology. You may work as a fitness trainer, exercise physiologist, gym manager, coach, or fitness manager.


Knowing what aligns with your goals will make picking an online associate’s degree in kinesiology easier. Here are some of the accredited online associate of kinesiology programs available across the country, each of which was handpicked based on the following important variables:

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10 Best Online Colleges with Online Associates in Kinesiology

Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College comes with an online Associate of Science Degree in Kinesiology program. By providing students with basic knowledge of this field, this online degree prepares them for further studies in almost all accredited colleges and universities that offer bachelor’s or master’s degrees in kinesiology.

Some courses that they cover in this associate program are as follows:

It is essential for students to gain knowledge in these areas in order to prepare for a career in kinesiology. Through the completion of this program, students will demonstrate a basic understanding of biomechanical principles and musculoskeletal anatomy.

In addition to knowledge of energy systems and bioenergetics, students will demonstrate knowledge of metabolic regulation and exercise adaptations. Graduates of this program will be capable of designing and implementing health and fitness programs for various populations, including seemingly healthy individuals, athletes, or those with other special needs.

Furthermore, students in this Kinesiology online degree program will learn to mitigate risks when it comes to injuries and illnesses. They can teach their clients or patients how to minimize these risks. With this degree, students can become athletic trainers, fitness instructors, or personal trainers. And it’s a sturdy pathway to proceed to higher studies in the field of human health and wellness.

Upon completing the online associate degree, Kinesiology students can pursue a bachelor’s degree to qualify them for physical therapist, sports psychologist, occupational therapist, college professor, or rehabilitation specialist roles. 

University of the Cumberlands

University of the Cumberlands

Improve the community’s health and fitness with a sports science degree at the associate’s level. The University of the Cumberlands can partner with you on this goal when you enroll in their online Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Sport and Exercise Science program.

They feature credible professors with track records in the field of sport and exercise science so they can effectively assist you in attaining an academic foundation in the field of sport and exercise science. You will learn about anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology as well as the field of health, exercise, and sports science with this online sports science degree.

Students gain a better understanding of exercise physiology concepts as well as the impact of issues in sports history on people’s health and performance in sports. The skills you learn in this degree will help you help others live a healthier lifestyle. With the right education, an exercise science professional can find many jobs in the industry.

After completing the associate’s degree program, graduates become qualified for entry-level work in sports science, including fitness center trainer, personal trainer, or coach. Consider earning an advanced degree in fitness and sport management, coaching, or exercise science as well. 

Exercise Science leads to a multitude of career choices. To stand out in a competitive field, earning an associate degree, especially from the University of the Cumberlands, is the way to go. This online associate degree program develops specific industry skills and can be completed in a shorter time than a bachelor’s degree, enabling students to enter the field more quickly and more economically.

Nevertheless, a bachelor’s degree allows you to develop professional skills that apply to any career field and provides a deeper understanding of the field.

In this associate degree, the following sample courses are included:

Finger Lakes Community College

Finger Lakes Community College

Finger Lakes Community College is a SUNY community college that offers the online Associate of Science in Kinesiology and Human Performance. Prepare for transfer into a four-year sports medicine program, including athletic training or physical therapy. This associate degree is the best preparation that you can choose. 

Your studies in this program will encompass health, physiology, nutrition, and a wide range of other topics. It readies students for an advanced degree in a specialty area within this field after obtaining a solid grounding in injury rehabilitation, anatomy, health and wellness, and sports performance improvement.

In an associate degree program, students usually study for two years, preparing them for employment or transferring to a four-year university for a bachelor’s degree. Since this associate degree can be taken entirely online, campus attendance is not required.

You will have the same faculty as on-campus classes. Students learn from the same faculty who teach online classes and you can have your personal concierge, who can guide you with your program from start to finish.

Lastly, they have many learning opportunities to offer, such as internships and clinical placements. You can gain credits from your work experience and use them in this associate degree.

Austin Community College

Austin Community College

Austin Community College offers an online Associate of Science degree in Kinesiology degree. A two-year degree in Kinesiology prepares students for transferring to a four-year college or university after completing the first two years of coursework.

Specifically, it includes coursework relevant to individual academic interests and those that are helpful and valuable if they ever think of pursuing higher studies. Austin Community College is a transfer-friendly school so you can reach out to your academic advisor for more details.

This Associate in Kinesiology program prepares students for careers in many disciplines and industries, such as coaching, fitness instruction, sports management, and rehabilitation. This is the best program to further study in fields like physical therapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, exercise science, or sports psychology.

An associate’s degree from the Department of Health and Kinesiology supports and exemplifies your dedication to assisting people in leading healthier lifestyles, whether you intend to transfer to a four-year university or seek entry-level employment.

Many employers look up to those who have a bachelor’s degree in this field. However, employers would find you appealing if they are searching for someone to promote employee health and wellness initiatives in their company.

The degree can lead to such type of employment in fitness gyms, educational establishments, health care facilities, public or private schools, rehabilitation centers, recreation centers, amateur or professional sports, and sports training centers.

Here are some courses included in this associate degree:

University of North Georgia

University of North Georgia

The Associate of Science in Kinesiology Pathway from the University of North Georgia serves as a core curriculum with Kinesiology-related pathway courses. This online degree is the gateway to pursuing further study in health and physical education at a four-year institution in order to become a teacher in the public school system. A student who studies health and physical education acquires the cognitive skills necessary for success at all levels of school. Besides anatomy and physiology, health and wellness concepts are also part of the Kinesiology curriculum.

During your first and sophomore years of college, you complete your core curriculum classes. When you select a pathway, you enroll in courses in that field to fulfill your core curriculum requirements. This gives you the chance to pursue your interests while advancing toward your objective of earning a degree in a field you are enthusiastic about and want to pursue as a career.

You can obtain a degree in Associate of Arts or Associate of Science in Core Curriculum after finishing all of your pathway requirements. After that, you have the option of going into the workforce or smoothly enrolling in a bachelor’s program at the University of North Georgia.

Courses include:

Central Texas College

Central Texas College

Central Texas College’s Kinesiology Department offers an online Associate of Science in Kinesiology program featuring self-improvement and recreation courses.

Central Texas College is a two-year institution with open enrollment, that provides a range of local and international student populations with inexpensive educational opportunities. This associate degree is offered completely online.

With a diverse student population, Central Texas College provides quality educational opportunities for all students. An online learner can expect to have engaging and advanced instruction and be a part of an international community and network

Here are the courses to expect in this program:

After graduation, you can fulfill roles in coaching, personal training, teaching, adaptive physical education, recreation, and athletic training.

San Bernardino Valley College

San Bernardino Valley College

Human movement is a primary focus of the Associate in Arts in Kinesiology for Transfer at San Bernardino Valley College. This online degree, which studies mechanics and anatomy, offers the Exercise of Science, Pedagogy, and Health and Human Performance coursework. IT is the most ideal transfer degree in Kinesiology if you want to proceed to a bachelor’s degree upon graduation.

This associate degree makes it easier for students to study higher education in Kinesiology on campus. Whether you decide to major in Kinesiology or study a bachelor’s degree in a related field, you will have a guaranteed admission.

The key is to ensure that you meet all prerequisites for transfer. A counselor should be consulted regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements if a student plans to major in Kinesiology at a baccalaureate institution.

Study the following courses for this associate degree:

South Seattle College

South Seattle College

South Seattle College offers an online Associate of Arts in Kinesiology, Sports, & Exercise Science. You will be prepared to seamlessly transfer to a four-year institution at the junior level when you complete this pre-major pathway.

A degree in this area can help you gain a deeper comprehension of motor function, anatomy, body movement, Physiology, and well-being practices. You will be prepared for a variety of job opportunities with this study, such as athletic training, coaching, physical therapy, education, sports medicine, physical education, rehabilitation, and occupational therapy. A career in orthopedics or sports medicine might be possible if you continue your education.

With four-year colleges all around Washington State, including the University of Washington, Washington State University, and Seattle University, South Seattle College has direct transfer arrangements. Graduates from the South have also transferred to universities located outside of the state.

Here are the courses that you can study in this associate program:

Lionel University

Lionel University offers an Associate Degree in Exercise Science with an Emphasis on Personal Training. The goal of their curriculum is to provide students with the opportunity to obtain entry-level jobs as personal trainers while preparing them for advanced degrees.

The program is designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of personal training concepts and skills that allow them to contribute and create solutions for a wide range of clients. Health is also an important aspect of these skills for many students.

If students successfully complete the program requirements, they become adept at applying exercise science, management, business, psychology, and communication to meet clients’ needs.

By the end of this program, students can acquire the key competencies for lifelong professional development in exercise science. They can apply analytical and critical thinking skills to real-world problems.

They also build an academic foundation for higher education beyond their associate’s degree. Finally, they can lay out the groundwork for facilitating lifelong professional development with knowledge and skills.

Here are the courses you’ll study in this Kinesiology associate degree:

Bronx Community College

Bronx Community College - CUNY

Bronx Community College offers an Associate of Science in Exercise Science and Kinesiology program which can be taken online. In this degree program, students prepare for certification as personal trainers and admission to four-year colleges in exercise science, kinesiology, or other related fields. A foundational course will introduce students to the process of behavioral change and disease prevention strategies. 

The foundation of exercise science and kinesiology is the study of human movement and the connection between physical activity and prevention, maintenance, and health treatment. There is a wide reach of job opportunities that await you. You can work in the health and fitness business, community settings, health centers, medical settings, governmental organizations, or educational institutions. 

Experts in the field of exercise science are skilled in identifying risk factors and healthy behaviors, assessing fitness, recommending the best exercises, and motivating people to give up unhealthy habits.

Future developments indicate that the exercise specialist should be a member of a multidisciplinary team that is knowledgeable in both individual health behaviors and the social variables that affect health status. It is intended to transfer to the City University of New York (CUNY) system or to other four-year colleges with degree programs in exercise science.

7 Job Opportunities for Graduates of Online Associate in Kinesiology

While a bachelor’s degree is the most commonly accepted basic educational requirement for Kinesiology jobs, many employers accept associate degree holders. Our list below features the opportunities for online Associates in Kinesiology graduates, as well as those that they have greater access to upon pursuing a bachelor’s program:

1. Kinesiologist

Exercise regimens or programs are developed by exercise physiologists or kinesiologists to aid patients in recovering from illness or injury. While certified kinesiologists usually require licenses, you can gain an entry-level position for this with your associate degree.

Many kinesiologists work for hospitals and other healthcare organizations, but many also choose to be self-employed. Patients or clients work closely with them to improve muscle or fat loss, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

2. Dietician

Another promising job in the kinesiology field is to be a dietitian. They teach people how to plan and prepare meals that support their objectives as well as how to eat healthfully. Some nutritionists or dietitians focus on particular areas, such as weight loss or athletic performance, or become certified health education specialists after earning the required degree. In fact, a bachelor’s degree and typically a professional license from the state are prerequisites for becoming a dietician.

3. Personal Trainer

A high school education is sufficient for personal trainers to become certified, but an associate’s degree can improve their employability. Personal trainers assist people in setting and achieving fitness objectives by working for gyms, sports facilities, or as independent contractors.

This involves meeting with customers to talk about their current exercise objectives and creating a fitness routine to help them achieve their goals for weight loss, muscle gain, or strength training.

4. Head Coach

No matter what sport, there are head coaches who assist the team in training and playing the game. These game coaches are sports professionals who decide and guide the team for game strategies and tactics against rivalries. They create training programs and recruit the best team players.  

5. Fitness Instructor

Anyone who needs to have a healthy lifestyle would first approach a fitness instructor. Although some of them might not have a degree, they can gain knowledge from an associate degree in a field like fitness and health to create workout routines using a variety of equipment.

Fitness instructors can offer a wide range of classes in gyms or studios. These include, for instance, weight lifting, kickboxing, yoga, aerobics, Zumba, and cycling. To avoid injuries and achieve the best outcomes, fitness instructors may also provide their clients with advice on how to improve their techniques.

6. Fitness Manager

Health clubs, gyms, and other similar facilities employ these managers to direct the activities of employees. Additionally, they formulate ideas and implement strategies for revenue growth, manage crises, and in certain circumstances give prospective clients tours of the gym.

7. Health Club Manager

Health club and gym managers often design the services offered and direct employee activities at their clubs. They also ensure the safety and cleanliness of the club and ensure that the daily operations are successful and seamless. They have the authority to train, manage employees, and decide on what health programs to offer to club members.  

4 Benefits of Earning an Associate in Kinesiology

1. Diverse job opportunities

With an associate degree in kinesiology, graduates have a wide range of career opportunities. Students must complete coursework that solidifies their foundation in the field of kinesiology. As a result, kinesiology graduates can either land an entry-level job or use this two-year degree to proceed to higher studies. Some of the job opportunities after graduation include fitness instructor, gym manager, fitness instructor, and many more. 

2. Foundation to proceed to a bachelor’s degree

If you are unsure and not ready to get a bachelor’s degree right away, an associate degree in kinesiology is the best degree for you to proceed later. It’s also a sound decision if you intend to pursue higher education.

Indeed, you must obtain a master’s or a doctorate if you want to work in professions like physical therapy or clinical dietetics. You can use what you’ve learned in order to proceed to medicine if this is your ultimate plan.

3. Employability and high demand

Jobs in the kinesiology field are vast and growing. Salaries vary depending on the type of job. For instance, for exercise physiologists, there are projected to be 1,200 openings per year, on average, over the next ten years.

4. Fast-Growing

A sizable number of senior individuals who desire to stay healthy and maintain active lifestyles has emerged as a result of the aging Baby Boomer generation and advancements in medical technology. The expanding healthcare industry needs skilled individuals to work in disciplines that will enable seniors to continue working and living actively, in addition to jobs as doctors. Hence, entering the kinesiology field is promising.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Kinesiology?

With an associate in kinesiology degree, you might start a fulfilling job using exercise methods to enhance people’s lives. Consider obtaining a degree in kinesiology if have a passion for fitness and would want a job in the health sciences.

Kinesiology is about studying human movements and motion. Kinesiology professionals assist patients in regaining their mobility and enhancing their lives via exercise by drawing on their understanding of human physiology and movement.

Students who major in kinesiology in college learn about the foundations of human movement as well as a number of other topics that prepare them for careers in research, fitness education, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and other fields.

What can graduates do with an online associate degree in Kinesiology?

Graduates qualify for entry-level positions in the fitness, health, and wellness industries by enrolling in a two-year Associate degree in kinesiology. Some of the work you can have are personal trainer, sports coach, rehabilitation specialist, health coach, fitness center director, fitness trainer, or exercise instructor. You may also use this associate degree to proceed to an online bachelor’s degree or other higher studies.

Why study Kinesiology and health?

One of the most crucial things a person can do is adopt a healthy lifestyle. It has a tremendous influence to assist others in doing the same. Understanding the physics of human movement and the advantages of a healthy society can change lives in a culture where health is very important and valued.

Key Takeaways

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