40 Best Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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Before the Civil War, there were no means of education intended for young Black people in the United States.  Some public rulings and policies hindered the upliftment of African-American people at that time.

It was in 1837 when finally, the first school for Blacks was established in Cheyney, Pennsylvania. The Institute of the Colored Youth was founded before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Former US President George Bush has commended the achievement of Historically Black Colleges and Universities as the schools that provided an opportunity for higher education to Black Americans when many other schools have closed their doors.

By April 28, 1989, he also issued executive order 12677, in which federal agencies should enhance and improve the quality of education among HBCUs and provide them assistance and more opportunities to participate in federal programs.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities
College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

What is HBCU exactly?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities in America primarily sustain higher education for the African-American community in the United States. The Higher Education Act of 1965 defined HBCU as “a historically Black college or university whose mission is to educate Black American learners.”

HBCUs must be accredited and recognized by the Department of Education to qualify for education and academic training. These educational institutions refine and prepare learners to be potential entrepreneurs and society contributors, both in the public and private sectors.

Although being admitted to an HBCU is an honor and privilege, you may not be immune to experiencing some roadblocks way ahead of your college learning journey.

One of which, of course, is the education cost. And even if HBCUs are known for making higher education accessible for a lower price than other schools, you will still need to explore opportunities for financial grants, scholarships, and assistance.

You should not get in a fluster because HBCU scholarships 2020 are available and have been offered by several HBCUs as listed in the 2020 Competitiveness Scholars guide of the US Department of Education.

Importance of HBCU

Historically, HBCUs played an important role. They continue to benefit Black students today due to lower tuition rates, a thriving community, and a higher number of STEM graduates. This section explains why historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) appeal to students and offer advantages over other schools.

Lower Tuition Rates

At the end of 2020, total student loan debt in the United States would have surpassed $1.7 trillion. Black students have significantly more student loan debt than white students. Black borrowers also default on student loans at a higher rate. Due to higher student loans and less family wealth, black bachelor’s degree holders default at five times the rate of white graduates.

Tuition at HBCUs is lower, which helps students limit their borrowing. Even the most expensive HBCUs charge less intuitively than the national average. Many public HBCUs provide in-state tuition discounts to students. In addition, HBCU students receive more financial aid than the national average.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap

The racial wealth gap begins in childhood and continues through college. Black college graduates owe more in student loans than white graduates, and the racial student loan gap only grows after graduation. The problem is exacerbated for college students who take out loans but never graduate.

HBCUs contribute to closing the racial wealth gap. HBCUs awarded 26 percent of all bachelor’s degrees to Black students in 2016, despite accounting for only 9 percent of four-year institutions.

These schools increase the earning potential of graduates by assisting Black students in obtaining a degree. The difference in lifetime wages between college and high school graduates is $1 million. HBCUs also have a higher graduation rate for Black students.

A rise in the Number of Minorities in STEM Fields

Black professionals are underrepresented in STEM fields, but HBCUs are helping to close that gap. In 2019, HBCU degrees were obtained by 27 percent of all Black STEM graduates.

Between 1995 and 2004, 46 percent of Black female STEM degree holders attended an HBCU. Nearly 30 percent of Black graduates with a doctorate in science or engineering attended an HBCU at the doctoral level.

Howard University and North Carolina A&T State University are among the top HBCUs for STEM degrees. The Department of Education has committed $3.9 million in grants for STEM programs at HBCUs in 2020.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Thriving Supportive Community

HBCUs provide a vibrant, supportive community. Compared to their experiences at predominantly white institutions, black students report a stronger sense of belonging (PWI).

Students attending Black colleges reported a much higher sense that their professors cared about them. Compared to Black students at PWIs, they felt more supported and found mentors more frequently.

HBCUs may even improve students’ mental health outcomes due to fewer microaggressions and outright racism. HBCUs invest in developing a shared experience and culture for their students, which results in a better learning environment.

HBCUs provide alumni networks, a more significant number of Black faculty members, and more internship opportunities.

35 Best Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This list consolidates the 35 Best Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the country. Each of these HBCUs is recognized for its top features and demonstrates academic quality! Learn more about them and select the best match for you.

Xavier University of Louisiana

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Xavier University of Louisiana is the only historically Catholic black college in the US, and Saint Katharine Drexel founded it. With a student-faculty ratio of 14:1, it boasts popular majors in the fields of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Psychology, and Physical Sciences.

The school prepares students to become great leaders and contributors to global society.  Xavier University of Louisiana offers a variety of student services like placement and health services, health insurance, and even tutoring support.

The school opens its arms wide to all students of every creed and race, initiating the elevation for diversity. 25% of the number of students are male, while 75% are female. Currently, 71% of Xavier University’s enrollees are African-American, and 19% are Catholic.

Lesser than 50% of the students reside in Louisiana, some students represent the 40 other states in the US, and international students come from 16 different countries worldwide.

In terms of rankings and distinctions, Xavier stands out! It is a national leader in the field of Sciences and Liberal Arts. According to AAMC data in 2018-2019, Xavier ranks the second-highest in the number of medical school applicants.

Hampton University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Consistently placed among the top rankings for college listings in US News and World Report and the Princeton Review, Hampton University is referred to as the “school for tradition, family values, and excellent education.” They are mainly known for their emphasis on STEM programs and MBA programs as well.

Founded in 1868, it also houses the Hampton University Museum, which displays the African Diaspora in the US and is considered as the oldest African-American museum.

Instructors and professors in this school have been deemed by students to provide one-on-one assistance and are often approachable. Students are inspired because they are provided with a plethora of resources for research. Roughly 90% of the university’s students are identified as Black, and 30% live in Virginia.

Hampton’s average learner is an African- American go-getter who is self-sufficient and ambitious. The school’s campus is located in a National Historic Landmark District, so there are older buildings nearby.

Students could focus more on their education since there is nothing much else to do around town. One great perk, though, is that students can sharpen their social skills by building connections with other fellow students.

Spelman College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Previously named the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary in 1881, their name was changed to Spelman College in 1924. This school is a pioneer and a global leader in female education of African descent.

Currently, diverse students coming from 43 states of America and ten other countries in the world have enrolled in various excellent programs at the school. They are known for their efforts of women empowerment, honing the skills of the students to contribute and impact social changes through service.

At Spelman college, 81% of their students receive need-based financial assistance. Their average scholarship or grant award amounts to $14,611. Spelman boasts its high percentage of graduation rate, which is currently at 76%. This Liberal Arts and Sciences school also features outstanding access to and engagement with a strong global network.

In the fall of 2019, Spelman started admitting transgender students, underscoring awareness and gender equality. They have become the second all-women historically Black College and university to contrive such change.

Tuskegee University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Offering over 64 online and offline degree programs, Tuskegee University is a historically Black college and university located in Tuskegee, Alabama.

They are quite selective and have an admission rate of 52%. Some of the popular majors and degree programs students take at Tuskegee include Aerospace, Aeronautical and Space Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Agricultural Business Operations. This university is ranked as the country’s leading producer of aerospace science engineers representing the African-American society.

The principal mission of this school is to provide higher education for Black learners and to help serve the Black community. This school’s percentage of Black enrollees is 72.6%. The majority of their students enrolled in undergraduate programs are female, with 62.8%.

Interested in signing up for a geographically diverse school? One-third of the total student population at Tuskegee University resides in Alabama, while the others are from different states and ten other countries in the world.

Howard University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Located in Washington, DC, Howard University was founded in 1867 and has become a private historically Black university. They have a total number of 13 colleges and schools all over America. Leading in the STEM field of study, Howard has already been awarded 120,000 degrees related to arts, sciences, and humanities.

The National Science Foundation ranks Howard as the top producer of African-American students who have also acquired doctorates in the field of sciences and engineering.

As for its College of Medicine, they have become a national leader in the research of health disparities among different races in America. The College is also involved in producing hard-working and devoted women surgeons.

Howard University’s acceptance rate is 32%, which is relatively more selective than most universities. Their student-faculty ratio is 8:1, and the freshmen retention rate is reasonably high at 89 percent.

Howard is an institution that seeks to build and create leaders. You will be able to build your confidence if you choose to enroll in this school. You have numerous opportunities to grow not only as a student but as an independent person.

North Carolina Central University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This small urban campus is a public and coeducational historically Black university founded in 1910. It started its operations as a private school, but it was later on purchased by the General Assembly of North Carolina and was then publicized by the year 1923.

The school covers 26 different areas of education, reaching from aerospace studies and sciences to math and history. Graduate programs have been made available, and students could learn on different flexible schedules such as weekends, evening classes, or distance learning too.

Students at this university feel like they are part of a supportive family. They offer an on-campus life that enables you to live in a nest for growth, experience, and learning. Campus safety is a priority, and a resource called Stay Safe is made available for all the students and members of the campus community.

If you want to pursue Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Human Sciences, Social Sciences, and Psychology, then you might consider this school.

If you are concerned about applying for financial aid or need-based scholarships, it won’t be a challenge for you to become one of the 81% of the undergraduates who are currently receiving some sort of need-based educational assistance.

Delaware State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

With the main campus located in Dover, Delaware, there are two satellite campuses located in Wilmington and Georgetown. Delaware State University is a public HBCU that was established by the Delaware General Assembly way back in 1891. They have had several name changes in the past.

The university boasts of being one of the first land-grant educational institutions in the United States. The current population of the school is 63% African-American students, but there is an increasing number of representatives coming from different races.

The school stresses its innovations in the field of medicine, military defense, and agriculture. They offer about 42 undergraduate programs, 18 master’s degree programs, and five doctoral programs. 82% of their total number of freshmen students live on-campus, and they have 5,054 students currently enrolled in the university.

Suppose you prefer a serene place for learning, head on to their campus located in the historic city of Dover. You can pay attention to your studies minus any form of distractions from urban life.

However, it would only take you 1.5 hours to get to nearby major cities. Do you need a change in the atmosphere? Delaware State University is one of your best options!

Jackson State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Considered one of the largest historically Black universities in the United States, Jackson State University is also classified as the fourth largest university in Mississippi. It has a rich history and has undergone changing names seven times. At Jackson State, students will be nurtured to become prospective leaders and contributors to society.

With their state-of-the-art and advanced technological involvement in research and collaborations, they are determined to serve the global community.

Offering baccalaureate, master’s, specialists, and doctoral levels of education to a variety of diverse students, Jackson State University has always been determined to apply its mission, by which it can raise global leaders who are competitive, ethical, and critical thinkers. Their motto is “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”

If you share the same perspective and goals, then try to enroll at Jackson State University. It is located in Jackson, Mississippi. If you research their system of education well enough, you may have probably found your match.

Lincoln University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Ranked as # 19 in 2020 best historically Black universities and colleges reported by US News, Lincoln University is one that does not disappoint. It has been found that 90% of the total number of full-time undergraduates are recipients of need-based financial assistance, and the grant award equals about $7,366.

That being said, this public school is generously offering feather-bedded education to almost everyone. The university was named after President Abraham Lincoln, and it is America’s first degree-granting Historically Black college or university.

With specialties in liberal arts and sciences, the school offers an assortment of programs for diverse students who represent different races and cultures around the world. Perhaps the most significant achievement of the university is to have been able to produce 20% of the nation’s Black physicians and 10% of the Black attorneys too.

At Lincoln University, you will find that most of their alumni have taken different career interests and if you are equally eager to be successful as the rest of their graduates, then join this university. 

Morgan State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

A perfect place to build connections and network, Morgan State University might just be the right College for you. It is a university that offers an extensive scope of education majors and degrees, from bachelor to doctorate programs; they deliver a total of 125 degree programs.

Applying intensive community-level studies and discovering solutions, Morgan State envisions assisting the needs of the civic society as a whole. The school uses innovative and modern systems of learning and boasts state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland.

Some of their popular degree programs include Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Business. As a public university, this school has established a reliable and long history of educating Black Americans. reports that 92% of the total graduates get employed within two years after graduation, and 81% of the students agree that their alumni network is very supportive and helpful.

To establish an outstanding balance between life and studies, the school also promotes off-campus opportunities and activities. Thus, there are civic engagements and community projects that you can join in, taking advantage of gaining more experience while contributing to society.

Morehouse College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

At Morehouse College, their mission has stood through the test of time. They deliberately focus on producing academically wise and morally mindful leaders. They emphasize that a leader, in its broad sense, should not only be well-educated but should also acquire characteristics like integrity, civility, and compassion.

Morehouse is very conscious of training their students well; that is why they send them overseas to promote an awareness of the complexities of the global community.

Ranked as # 21 of the most innovative schools in America, Morehouse College has an acceptance rate of 58% and a student-faculty ratio of 14:1. They are a private college located in Atlanta, Georgia, and live by their slogan, which is the “Morehouse Mystique.”

Morehouse claims to have produced more Black men and women than any other HBCUs in the country. Thus, this slogan refers to a representation of a brotherhood of some sort.

Being part of the minority in a nation where you might feel you don’t belong, Morehouse College is capable of providing you a home and not just a college.

Florida A&M University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University opened its doors in 1887 and is the only public historically Black university in the state. It is specifically located in the city of Tallahassee. It was also recognized as one of the world’s best national universities by the US News and World Report.

It has taken the seventh spot among the best historically Black universities and colleges. If you are looking for a well-diverse school with students coming from around the globe, consider this school! You will meet students from everywhere in the US and in 70 different countries, too!

Whatever field of interest you want to pursue, Florida A&M has something to offer you. Some of their popular undergraduate programs include Criminal Justice, Biology, Business Administration, and Allied Health.

With almost 100 degree programs offered, ranging from bachelor’s to doctorate degrees, this university could potentially be where you can hone and develop your career journey in.

Virginia State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Virginia State University (VSU) is the nation’s first state-supported Historically Black University (HBCU). Founded in 1882, VSU is one of Virginia’s two land-grant institutions. The VSU campus is located on 236 acres of rolling landscape overlooking the Appomattox River in the Village of Ettrick in Chesterfield County, about 30 miles south of Richmond.

VSU offers 36 undergraduate, 16 graduate, two doctoral degree programs, and eight certificate programs. The University offers a competitive academic program and a vibrant on-campus experience.

The student body of the University is composed of a balanced population of female and male students. 91% are identified as African-American. VSU touts itself as an opportunity university offering world-class education to those selective students who choose VSU.

Virginia State University produces lifelong learners who are well-educated, competitive, and ethical professionals who can contribute to their communities.

Attend an award-winning and history-rich University that takes pride in its quality education, worthy and notable alumni, outstanding athletic record, and prominent role in serving as a land-grant institution within the Commonwealth of Virginia.*

* text provided by the featured university

Bowie State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

“We Protect Our Own” is what you would first read and come across when you visit the page of this university. This slogan alone speaks volumes, and it sure attracts prospective students who want to belong to a family and have an experience that goes beyond education. Located in the northern part of Bowie, Maryland, this university is the oldest historically Black university in the state.

They offer a diverse field of education in many areas, such as Computer Science, Nursing, Education, and Human Resource Development. And they also have an Honors Program available for brilliant and go-getting undergraduate students.

Many of the students at Bowie state represents different ethnicity and races all over the United States and the world. They ensure to offer excellent quality education at a reasonable cost and are focused on creating young leaders in society who are not afraid to stand out and make a difference in the league.

They believe that educational fees should not be a hindrance for any Black student to acquire higher education. And so, 86% of the total students in the university have qualified for educational funding assistance.

Oakwood University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

As a private historically Black seventh-day Adventist University, Oakwood University aims to produce graduates who have a strong background of integrity and a far-sightedness for excellence.

They instill and ensure their students grab opportunities where they can learn in a Christ-centered service learning. Innovations and collaborations among the students are one of the most crucial emphases of the university.

The very core foundation of all the teachings at Oakwood is that God should come first. Everyone in the university strives to prioritize God before anything else. If you share the same faith, this place is where you can continue to nurture your relationship with God and build everlasting relationships with like-minded people.   

University of the District of Columbia

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Being the only public university in the city of Washington DC and the only land grant in the urban part of the nation, the University of the District of Columbia built its flagship campus at Van Ness in the Northwest part of the city.

They have several branches of schools around the same town, and these include Bertie Backus Campus, Union Station Campus, Congress Heights Campus, and the UDC Firebird Farm.

Community service, education, and research are the top three priorities of this university. They are dedicated to serving the needs of the community, and they opt to deliver and produce graduates who can potentially be transformative leaders in a variety of industries and diverse sectors of society.

With a combined historical and modern culture, you will be able to learn a lot of things from this university, starting with values such as integrity, innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and excellence. The US News and World Report place the University of the District of Columbia at number 12 in the top performers in social mobility.

The school performs pretty well in terms of advancing social mobility by financially assisting economically disadvantaged students.

Kentucky State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Intended for colored students, this public historically Black university is found in Frankfort, Kentucky. During the 1957 commencement ceremonies, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech, and it was one of the most remarkable histories of the school.

Ranked as number 2 in the Best Value Schools of the US News Best Colleges Ranking, it is said that this university offers an excellent quality education at a reasonable cost. So if you want value for your money, you know this institution offers an above-average academic service.

They have a student-faculty ratio of 10:1, and their most popular majors include Nursing, Business Administration, Health and Physical Education, and Mass Communication. If you are interested in any of these fields, then enroll in this high-graded education facility.

You can also expect a supportive embodiment of faculty and family at this university. They have passionate and committed instructors that will patiently train and guide you as a lifelong learner.

Talladega College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Considered to be one of the schools in Alabama that could admit students representing any race or ethnicity, Talladega College paved its fame for its liberal arts programs. It is a private, historical university that sits in the city of Talladega.

There are many historic landmarks near to this school, and it is far from the commotion and fast pace lifestyle in the urban cities. You would be able to focus on your degree and college dream if you were studying in such a location. However, convenient shopping and dining also await you in some nearby cities to Talladega if you’re free on weekends.

With 40 student organizations on campus, you can select and be active in any one of them. Serving the community through these programs will hone your skills more and allow you to belong to a broader and factual background of organizations.

Talladega College aspires to produce intellectual and global-minded graduates of liberal arts. Here, students are prioritized and are considered one of the school’s central core values.

Fort Valley State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

With 90% of the student population of African-American descent, Fort Valley State University seems like a big family to its students, the Wildcats. This school is a great learning institution to join if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by a large campus.

Boundless opportunities for personal and professional growth, innovation, and intellectual excellence are just some of the benefits that you can earn in your college journey with Fort Valley State.

This state university is very active in the field of sports because they believe that balancing education and extracurricular systems is of value for any student. You will find your sports, join the team, and become a member of a more intimate circle as well.

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, Fort Valley State urges and invites talented students who want to excel more and become brilliant. Their motto is to “empower the impossible.” They have a track record of leveraging excellence through their systems and programs that go way back to 1895.

West Virginia State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Offering online and brick-and-mortar styles of teaching, West Virginia State University is known for majors such as Engineering, Business Management, Social Sciences, Journalism, Health Professions, and related programs. As a public learning institution founded in 1867, this historically Black university has a high acceptance rate of 82%.

Female and male students are almost equal in number at this school. It was in 2004 when this school turned into a university. From its old name, West Virginia State College, it became West Virginia State University. And they started offering graduate degrees in the field of Biotechnology and Media Studies. West Virginia State has referred to itself as a “living laboratory for human relations.”

Through innovations and applied research, this institution wishes to provide the highest academic excellence for its students so that it can also impact the economic development of the nation.

Now, if you are looking for a university that can appreciate you for your sports talents, come and join the athletic team of this university and be a part of the Yellow Jackets. They have a variety of sports offered to students who are sports enthusiasts.

Clark Atlanta University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Clark Atlanta University is the first historically Black university in the Southern part of the United States, three months post the civil war. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this school has a principal mission of educating and servicing the Black community.

82.7% of the total population of students in this university are African-American. Hence, they are ranked #2,290 in terms of ethnic diversity among colleges and universities all over America.

If you are up for a unique and fun way to get to know more about your new university, enroll and participate in the mandatory 5-day “CAU experience,” in which you will get a full acquaintance and understanding of the legacy, customs and community of the university.

Moreover, if you want to participate and join any of the nine fraternities and sororities listed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council, you’ll have a variety of choices here.

Claflin University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Claflin University looks for visionaries to come and join them! About 150 years ago, Claflin University broke the boundaries for all races to acquire higher education in the state of South Carolina. They are on a mission for exemplary students to embody changes, not only in their own lives but to whoever and whatever they can influence and impact.

The school believes that leaders are made and not born, and so they will challenge you to delve into your inner self and make better versions of visionary leaders.

Offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you may choose to take up your degree programs online or at their campus, which is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Claflin is a third-placer in the list of Best Colleges for Veterans, dynamically helping both veterans and active service members to pay for their tuition.

With numerous notable alumni, 50 student organizations, and nine listed sororities and fraternities to join, it sure is hard not to say yes to this enchanting historically Black university.

Alcorn State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Their site is currently down

With a track record of producing successful contributors in the field of medicine, law, education, and athletics, Alcorn State University prioritizes the students by letting them thrive and providing them with all-encompassing support and guidance from the faculty and staff.

Here, you will be able to develop your leadership skills as you build relationships and get to belong in the Alcorn campus community.

Learn to be independent and accountable as you go through challenges and unending learning. While provided with the integration of resources, cultural programs, and applied and basic research, you will finally soon be a well-rounded product of this institution. You will be listed among those who bring honor to the name of the school.

Alcorn State is not so selective in terms of its admissions since they have an 89% acceptance rate. Among the list of popular degree programs include Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business Management, Humanities, and Education.

Currently, the university is geared towards being student-centered, diverse, professional, engaged in the community, innovative, and resourceful. Join the university and experience all these first hands!

Tennessee State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This university calls its students tiger strong, courageous, and invincible. As a student in this historically Black university, you will be trained to be innovative and transformative. The school promotes itself as an institution that can mold students who can make a change and transform the city, state, or world.

With its rich history and being the only state-funded university in Tennessee, this learning institution aspires to compete and participate in the national and global sense of providing education that can result in global leaders.

“Think. Work. Serve.” is Tennessee State University’s maxim. You get a myriad of opportunities to excel in your chosen degree program because of the school’s state-of-the-art learning and research facilities, approachable and focused faculty, and sophisticated degree programs. Its 520 acres size of campus is located in the downtown area of Nashville.

If you are a Black learner planning to take up an undergraduate program, this school offers you 40 choices of them. Some of their notable alumni include the famous host Oprah Winfrey, inventor Jesse Russell, and field star Wilma Rudolph.

Bennett College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

As a private historically Black college situated in Greensboro, North Carolina, Bennett College started as a co-ed learning institution way back in 1873. Later on, it became an all-woman four-year college in the year of 1926.

It is now one of the only two HBCUs in the United States that caters exclusively to female students. The college may be small, but it offers students opportunities that address their academic goals.

As you go into your journey for higher education, the school believes and expects you to do your part as they hone and support you to succeed. You will have a side-by-side opportunity to work and learn from faculty and staff. You will become who you aim to be with the support of this College.

Since it is a small community college for women, the student-faculty ratio is at 7:1. They offer global studies programs and have already sent 200 students to study overseas. They also house sophisticated TV and photography studios. Women of color can indulge in improving their skills and talents through their liberal arts education.

Although academic excellence is prioritized in this institution, extracurricular activities are also encouraged and invigorated among women students.

Central State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

With the main campus located in Wilberforce and a branch campus in Dayton, Central State University caters to 2,099 undergraduate students, with 60% females and 40% males. It was established initially as Wilberforce University, which was named after abolitionist William Wilberforce.

Although there were changes in the historical record and journey of the school, one thing has never changed. And that is their provision of affordable and the best quality higher education at a lower cost.

They have been ranked as #14 in the Top Performers on Social Mobility because they are one of the most active schools in advancing social mobility by providing education to disadvantaged students.

Thinking about joining student organizations? Lucky for you, this university offers six categories as Special Interest, Business, Academic, Religions, Honorary, and Greek-letter organizations. You can nurture different connections and relationships with people with whom you share the same interest.

Some of their famous degree programs include Business Management, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Related Protective Services, Psychology, and Journalism. At Central State, you can finish your college degree at a lower cost than at other universities.

Texas Southern University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Whether you are planning to attend your College on campus or just attend classes online, these are all possible at Texas Southern University. With their sophisticated offering of 100 undergraduate programs in itself, you will enjoy the wide selection. This university is one of the largest historically Black universities in America, and it is located in Houston, Texas.

Being a graduate of this institution will provide you with a link to the alumni network of successful people in the local, national, and international context. They have been heralded as a mighty pioneer in producing highly educated African-American graduates.

The overall number of students in this public historically Black university is around 10,000. They have approximately 45 buildings on their campus, and they have tried to maintain and increase the number of trees inside the school.

You can be part of this institution, which is one of the most comprehensive schools for Black students, if you want to belong to a larger family of diverse students. The school’s vision is geared towards continuous improvement and becoming one of the most outstanding metropolitan universities in the nation.

Grambling State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

DataUsa shows us that Grambling State University has about 90.4% of African-American students in undergraduate and advanced educational programs.

This historically Black university was founded in 1901 and was named after Judson H. Grambling. He was a white sawmill owner who donated a portion of this land so that African-American farmers could establish a school for their race.

Their student body is currently comprised of over 5,000 students, which is considered the second-largest population of historically Black universities in the state of Louisiana.

Grambling State will prepare you for your career, which eventually leads to your life’s success. With 40 certificates and undergraduate and graduate programs offered, education is administered in a serene and positive environment. This school shows how vital its students are; that is why its motto is: “Where Everybody is Somebody.”

They have produced a lot of accomplished African-American students in the past until now. And in the specific field of Computer Information Science, Grambling State has made the most graduates in Louisiana.  So, join this community of blacks and continue to bring honor to society with your new family.

Stillman College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Ever since 2007, Stillman College has been a leader in Technology and Online course delivery. Should you wish to partake in that path, consider this learning institution among your choices for college learning. Stillman College is a protestant private historically Black college that specializes in liberal arts programs.

They have three academic schools, such as Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, and Education. Aside from their focus on providing academic excellence, they also concern themselves with other student activities like athletics, choir, band, fraternities, and sororities, and campus queens association. Here, you can enjoy an outstanding balance of education and extracurricular events.

Stillman College is committed to providing opportunities to foster students to become influential leaders, and they are encouraged to join community service. Incorporating the principles of faith and ethical integrity, the school pursues to produce students who can contribute to the advancement of modern society. You can expect to be on a winning streak when you join this institution.

You will be well-disciplined, nurture your faith, be logical-minded, and be well-versed in independent research. If you wish to join a Christian family that is compatible with your personal beliefs, Stillman College wants nothing more than to welcome you.

Langston University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Langston University is the only historically Black university in Oklahoma. In July 1892, Black citizens petitioned in front of the Oklahoma Industrial School and College Commission to allow Langston to have a college.

With a challenging and inspiring past, they were able to overcome it, so they now offer 29 undergraduate programs and six graduate degree programs.

According to Princeton Review, Langston University has a diverse population of students despite it being a historically Black university. It seems that about 43% of Black students and 53% of white students. Some students represent other nationalities and ethnicities.

Aside from the main campus located in Langston, there are also two others in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. One of the university’s pride is its marching band called the “Langston University Marching Pride.” They are considered an ambassador that supports all the athletic and sports events in the school.

This is also an organization for musically talented and inclined students who want to pursue their careers in music. If you have a great deal of passion for music, you might want to check this out.

Bluefield State College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

At Bluefield State College, your success is their story. It was established in 1895, and ever since, they have continued supporting students in creating better lives in and out of their region.

As a part of West Virginia’s public education system, Bluefield State is the only non-residential College in the state where that offers four-year degree programs.

Bluefield Colored Institute was the former name of this College. And it started with providing four-year programs in education, arts and sciences, and engineering technology. Later on, it expanded into providing 2-year technical associate programs to answer the needs of the locals.

Affordability and accessibility for quality education are the primary mission of Bluefield State. They commit to honing the overall growth of the student in aspects such as community involvement, informed citizenship, graduate studies, personal and cultural development, and public service. The school has always devoted itself to becoming a regional leader in higher education.

Albany State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Just recently, in 2017, Albany State University and Darton State College consolidated each other and became one entity. This public historically Black university is situated in Albany, Georgia. The university credits itself for contributing as a catalyst for the economic growth of Southwest Georgia.

They have produced famous professional athletes as their alumni. Their approach to delivering their educational programs is flexibly modern and up-to-date, applying innovative methods that could adapt to the current generation.

A broad array of baccalaureate, graduate, associate, and certificate degree programs are provided in their main campus, satellite campuses, and through distance learning set up too. Some of their popular majors include health professions, law enforcement, business and management, education, and homeland security.

If your concern is about the educational cost, aside from their selective honors program, they also offer need-based financial assistance for disadvantaged students.

St. Augustine’s University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This private historically Black university sits on the beautiful rural side of Downtown Raleigh. It’s a four-year liberal arts university that had begun its operations in 1867, intending to educate freed slaves. It is presently offering more than 20 undergraduate programs and has a total number of about 1,000 students.

Knowing how complex and diverse the world is, St. Augustine’s priority is to establish a learning community that prepares and trains students to be leaders in aspects of social, academic, and spiritual.

The university bids itself to be known for its determined faculty who have committed to producing socially active graduates who can change society on both a national and global scale, and there is no doubt that you will be able to fulfill your life goals with the support of this university.

Arkansas Baptist College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Originally named the Minister’s Institute, it was in the year 1884 when the Colored Baptists of Arkansas founded this College. Currently, it is one of the most inexpensive colleges in the state. They have pledged to the student-first service system and are open arms to anyone who wants to study even after taking an extended break from higher education.

Its small size catalyzes the pursuit of a customized teaching approach by dedicated faculty and instructors. Here, you will learn a combination of both academic and spiritual values and principles that can nurture you as a whole person.

If you want to pursue a four-year or a two-year degree in majors like Business Administration, Human Services, Religious Studies, or Criminal Justice, then come and join the small family of this College. They can be depended on to provide support every step of the way. As you finish your college degree, you will become a well-rounded person.

LeMoyne-Owen College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

With a rich history dating to 1862, it all started when the American Missionary Association decided to create a school at Camp Shiloh, Tennessee, to educate escaped Black slaves. As time went by, the College experienced several changes, including its name, and it also expanded and grew until finally, in 1968, LeMoyne-Owen College was born through the merger between LeMoyne College and Owen College.

Located in Memphis, LeMoyne-Owen is where students with rich dreams should come and join this private, historically Black college. They are the only HBCU located in Memphis.

The learning environment at this College will give you that “home away from home” vibe, and you will find yourself belonging in an institution that feels more like a family than a college.

You will have many opportunities to not only branch out friendships but build and nurture them into lifetime relationships and connections. With the lower enrollment rate and a single campus only, you will be able to experience all these and more.

Carver College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Carver College offers an array of resources and tools to equip you for your next calling, whether you are 19 or 59, a man or woman, or pursuing a certificate in Biblical Studies or a four-year bachelor’s degree to become a pastor or manager of a non-profit. As a Historically Black College serving the Atlanta community since 1943, Carver is open to people from all backgrounds. 

If you are interested in starting or continuing your education, Carver University is the perfect place. The Scripture comes alive at Carver College as Christ-centered faculty members develop His servants.

Training their students for a lifetime of ministry is a priority for them. Training at Carver first transforms students’ hearts, then equips them to transform others’ hearts. Those who are interested in receiving this type of training should consider Carver College.

By educating students to become biblically minded, competent professionals of character, Carver College hopes to glorify God by reaching the world for Christ. They have active women’s basketball team that you can join as an extra-curricular activity.

American Baptist College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

As an HBC with a liberal arts emphasis, American Baptist College educates, graduates, and prepares students for leadership, service, and social justice in the world.

ABC was founded in 1924, by black and white Baptists, with the vision of providing educational opportunities to gifted students with limited academic experiences and resources but unlimited leadership potential. Today, the school remains committed to promoting higher education and a Christ-centered worldview for underserved students.

Persons of all ages, classes, ethnicities, genders, and races are educated in an environment that empowers them to become active learners, servant-leaders, and moral citizens.

In a national survey conducted by the US Department of Education, American Baptist College was listed as the most affordable college in Tennessee, based on data from colleges and universities across the country. The entire faculty and staff at the College strive to provide students with the best education possible.

Despite being a challenging college, American Baptist College is small enough to care about and address each student’s learning style. 

Chicago State University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

There are more than 7000 students at CSU, representing a variety of ages, states, countries, and cultures. It is common for classes to have 19 students only. The most competitive level of NCAA competition is Division I, which is for men and women. 

CSU hosts the only public research library in the far south of Chicago. Several research centers are located at CSU. In select majors, CSU consistently ranks among the top producers of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Black Issues in Higher Education, which places it in elite company with just 10% of all American universities.

In the Chicagoland region, approximately 35,000 CSU graduates live and work. The school has produced philanthropic leaders, teachers, small business owners, journalists, entertainment stars, business executives, and researchers, among other notable alumni. 

Clinton College

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

The Liberal Arts tradition is strong at Clinton College, a historically black, private institution. Black descendants of enslaved people who lacked access to higher education founded the College in 1894. Today, the institution is open to all, regardless of academic achievement or potential.

The College continues to offer a rich educational environment to foster academic achievement, positive moral and spiritual development, and academic achievement. Students are encouraged to be good citizens who can contribute to a global society in an environment that fosters leadership qualities.

In addition to business administration, early childhood development, liberal arts, natural sciences, and religious studies, Clinton College offers several associate degree programs. Biology, business administration, and religious studies are now offered as four-year programs at the college.

With its 120-year academic tradition, Clinton College fosters spiritual, moral, and ethical growth in addition to intellectual growth. As a Christian College with a proud heritage, they strive to prepare men and women for lifelong learning, active citizenship, and good citizenship.

Dillard University

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Union Normal School and Straight University were originally founded in 1869. Their names were changed to Straight College and New Orleans University, respectively. Dillard University was formed through the merger of these two institutes in 1930. 

The oldest historically Black college in Louisiana, Dillard University offers four years of liberal arts education. They offer 22 bachelor’s degrees in the fields of STEM, Business, Social Sciences, Health and Wellness, Nursing, and Humanities. There are 33 states and 12 countries represented among our diverse student body.

Basketball, cross country, track and field, and volleyball are among the sports that Dillard University students participate in. Blue Devils is the nickname given to the teams.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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